JAN 2018-Allah is the Light of the Heavens and the Earth


All beings of Allah narrate their thoughts in words. These words implicitly reflect expressions of beauty, love, despise, happiness, sadness and humility. Thoughts are comprised of waves, which leave their impression on the face of speaker. A peaceful thought reflects a serenity on the face of an individual; whereas hatred and despise in thoughts render pride, fear, sorrow, insensitivity and indifference to other beings. More or less every individual being exhibits the expressions of action and reaction. When an individual develops attachment with Allah, he deems every act of life 'care of Allah'. This attachment enables in him a free-will life, independent of his-self. On the other hand, one who is entrapped by his-self, lives life in agony, anger, hatred and arrogance.


Abdal e Haq Huzoor Qalandar Baba Auliya (RA) said:

There are two categories of human being, Adami and Insan. The mind of Adami works in two states. The states of conscious and unconscious are active during awakening and asleep respectively. The sensation of time and space is negligible during the state of unconsciousness. Our breath completes its cycle in conscious and unconscious. Conscious lacks in information contained in unconsciousness. The mechanism of knowledge allows information to flow from unconscious to consciousness. The state of consciousness enables the phenomenal appearance of information; eventually completes the cycle of knowledge flow. A breath begins like a circle, in unconsciousness, reflects its embedded information in consciousness and completes back in the unconsciousness. Any discontinuity in circle results in death of a being.

Ascetics who hold breath for unusually long time, maintain breath cycle in unconsciousness. It means that stream of thoughts is overlapped onto one thought. Each though reflects a proportion of a consciousness. But if the cycle of knowledge flow is concentrated on one point or thought, it enables the dominance of unconsciousness state over the conscious living. Deeper the breath, stronger would be the state of unconsciousness. Despite the presence of consciousness, a profound thought enables one into a deeper state of unconsciousness.

Our dreams emerge from subconscious. Deeper the sleep, vivid would be the minutiae of dreams on our memory. Subconscious activity plays key role in remembering our dreams. A close acquaintance between the conscious and subconscious increases the chances to recall contents of any dream.


What is subconscious?

We can elaborate this, taking into account mechanism of essay writing. When a writer intends to write on a topic, in the beginning he has only a title in his mind. Neither the paras, nor the contents exist in his mind. But, the moment he starts focusing on the topic, all trivial details begin to reveal on him. In other words, the minutiae of the article surface to his conscious from his subconscious gradually. At the end, thoughts are shaped into words on a paper.

Subconscious is a conscious of Loh e Mahfooz (an archetype of Universe), it binds together all beings. Loh e Mahfooz consists of entities of whole Universe, their structural details, spatio-temporal states, and the dynamics of their phenomenal existence. Their collective existence is called subconscious.

The profile of individual being and all beings is a written record. The Past, Present and Future are concealed in the Universal subconscious. Allah said,

"Indeed the record of deeds of the sinners is in Sijjin. And what may let you know what Sijjin is? A register, inscribed."

(Quran, 83:7-9)

"The record of deeds of the righteous is in Illiyyun. And what may let you know what Illiyyun is ? A register inscribed."

(Quran, 83: 18-20)

Unconscious is disguised from the conscious, this curtain can be removed with individual effort. The intentional activation of one's own unconscious can be strengthened by the love of Allah. Allah said, "Som (fasting) is for Me and I am the Reward".

One can strengthen his unconscious by adapting Taqwa (that is seeing Allah and considering Him present everywhere). Spiritual individuals always adapt Taqwa to achieve nearness to Allah. Without Taqwa, life of an individual is void of Allah. Aforementioned saying of Prophet (PBUH) emphasizes on importance of Taqwa. Anyone who strives to get close to Allah, eventually they are blessed with nearness to Allah.

Sleep is a curtain, which veils an individual under a cover. When an individual is in state of awakening, he is in fact disguised in the cloak of sleep. Under the curtain of sleep, we perform all activities of daily life pretending as if we are awakening. This curtain can be unveiled with continuous awakening.

In simple words, we can say that we sleep with and without closing eyes. When we sleep with open eyes, that state is called awakening. While the other state of sleep with closed eyes is our common perception as an individual human being. You must notice that during both states our desires or needs and their fulfilment are exactly similar, for example eating, drinking, talking, hearing etc. Even our emotional expressions are same, such as being happy, angry, sad etc. The difference between the experiences in two states is their coherence. During awakening, somehow we have learned to connect the series of different events. While we never learn the context of events experienced during dream due to lack of such practices in contemporary society. We merely ignore the activities in dream and never consider them important as we do in state of awakening. In short, a man dreams either open eyes while awakening or close eyes while asleep. Living age without knowing unconscious is a dream.

Life is a dream without any perception of time. Human being terms a quantity 'Time', is in fact human percept of change in space. Space changes over every second, as growth of any being is measured in time. Whereas growth is merely a change in shape (space) of any object. What we term as time is implicitly connected with the space, that is, each space has its own unit of time.


Scientists term 'space' ---a place void of gravitational force. One must carefully consider the fact, gravity does not subject to Earth ability to pull object. Though ability to breath can be associated with the gravity, but there are large number of abilities which are independent of gravity. E.g., whims, thoughts, perception, sensation etc. Even though a man appears breathing while asleep, but his intellect is free of any gravity pull. He travels and experiences through variety of situations. His response and expression while dreaming also become record in his mind as during awakening. You may observe these responses and expressions are independent of gravity. Therefore, considering 'space' a place void of gravity is not true.


Human being is itself a thought, perception or an intention. In other words, a human is composed of senses. Whether on Earth or in upper atmosphere, being a sensation human is independent of gravity. That is if we consider his dependence on gravity, he would never be able to transfer from one zone to another zone, as he does when dies.

In spiritual world, space is not limited to atmosphere or distant heavenly objects. Rather every object-self is a space. Four spaces are formed on screen of our mind, they are:

Space formed in the darkness and behind the darkness, also space formed in brightness and behind the brightness.

One can learn to observe these spaces before and beyond the darkness or brightness. All four spaces are revealed by the blessing of Allah, after continuous awakening. These spaces appear into many non-coherent pieces, but gradually one can learn the connectivity between the segments. Often these spaces reveal events to be occurred in future. Four spaces reflected on the mind screen not only provide awareness to five senses, but also lead an individual to sixth sense.

Cells in brain are vacant in their self                                خانے جو ہیں دماغ کے وہ خالی ہیں سب

Phenomenon we observe are illusion in self                     چیزیں جو نظر آتی ہیں جعلی ہیں سب

Every moment manifests a physical world                                 ہرلمحہ بدلتا ہے جہاں کا منظر

Visual perception of eyes are whimsy in self                    سب نظارے بھی آنکھوں کے خیال ہیں سب




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