JUN 2013-Policy of Qalandar Shaoor


The readers with unfettered Shaoor, Asslamualaikum


Qalandar Shaoor Monthly has marked the journey of an unfettered and open mind. This journey is limitless; each end of which, in fact, unlocks a new and unexplored expanse before astonished travellers. They must possess matching maturity and depth to explore new profundities.

The world is now wiser than before. With progress in human conscious, limited knowledge of this limitless world has been disclosed to man. He has entered outer space in search of answers to his many question. But what is his search about? Where will it end?

If we think about this ceaseless search and explore its depths we are led to the fact that quest for human welfare and comforts accompany insatiable desire to wreak havoc with this earth and devastate life. Today's development indicates maturity of human wisdom. With this maturity, however, comes strengthening of bonds of materialism.

We all know individuals and species are moving towards their end. Utilization of material resources is recommended since earth produces these resources for man to enhance his comfort and welfare. Earth, in fact, is mother of all resources. Mother earth desires humans to live happily and be happy at the happiness of each other. It is sad and anxious at the destructive activities of a each other. It is sad and anxious at the destructive activities of a group of its children. Among many children of a mother, only a few could empathize with her and understand and feel her internal pains.

One day kind and merciful mother “earth” said to one of her sons: "Son, a few of your brothers want to ruin my womb. They want to deprive me of my green fields, beautiful trees, flowers of different colors, mountains, waterfalls and fountains. O my son, the time is very short; try your best to protect me since with my death no one will be left to take care of my children

The message of mother earth evoked emotions of love, affection and sympathy in one of her children. Under these emotions, the journey of unfettered and open mind was embarked upon. This journey is difficult and complicated. But prayers of mother earth are with me and my companions and sympathizers. Our mother, Earth advises us that man can surmount every difficulty and challenge with his determination and resolve. Repeated efforts trigger energy which leads one to success.

Man is today restless and worried like never before. This age of materialism, the noise of light and heavy machinery, smoke and carbon dioxide discharging from countless vehicles and industries, harmful radiation and pollution by various equipments, depression, depravity and decadence are the factors which have shrouded peace and tranquility with restiveness, anxiety and disquiet. By shrouding I mean that, consciously or unconsciously, man is struggling hard to bury himself alive.

Adam says he wants to decorate earth, and make it as peaceful as paradise. But his own children are trying to bring destruction to it. Efforts are underway to conquer other planets. At the same time destructive weapons are also being piled up.

Recipes to ruin earth have been put together. Interestingly, when it was considered that fatal inventions could sufficiently destroy this earth, man looked towards moon. Desolation of moon led to exploration of other planets. Is it wise to set your clean and beautiful home on fire and embark on the search of a new home? The discovery of new moons and planets will have no meaning when this home is ruined and its dwellers gone. It is only wise to protect this beautiful home and think about the signs of Allah on earth. This universe has been decorated with stars, planets and moons. Its mysteries must be understood and earth's womb must not be ruined.

We desire comfort and peace. But through our actions we want to destroy our peace. And the compensation for this devastation is few silver coins produced by our earth to aid humans in efforts to enhance their welfare and comfort. But these coins are piled up to produce means for human destruction. This dichotomy cannot bring peace and tranquillity. Waves of peace and tranquility are not hidden in atomic weapon. These waves are emotions of love, and brotherhood for near and dear ones and others as well as desire to protect one's country and mother earth. Love, affections, solidarity and sincerity introduce human beings to the secret which holds the key of the closed doors of mind. Science is God’s gifted capability of contemplation, observation, research and scrutiny.

 It is important that observation of and research on Allah's signs should lead to inventions which benefit His creatures instead of doing any harm. Allah declares in the Divine Books as well as in the Holy Quran that He created heavens and earth and these have arrangements for welfare and goodness. No divine scripture declares that Allah desires death and devastation.

Monthly Qalandar Shaoor was issued to open closed and frozen minds. It is our policy is to share with all that restlessness, agitation, worries, anxiety, tension and mental confusion do not exist in life. In human inner: in his soul there is nothing but peace and tranquility. When he gets acquainted with himself, his life is filled with peace.

We are printing your impressions and comments in this issue and awaiting your suggestions and advice.


Allah Hafiz




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