Sight observes the void in the sky, the clouds in that void, the presence of water in the clouds, the various colours in the water, the colourful hues of the earth, the vegetation that is upon earth, the subterraneous minerals, and the benefits in the minerals, due to the distance between sight and those objects. If there is no distance, 'sight' is unable to see. What did you comprehend from this?

Sight sees only after it gauges distance, which means, sightsees what distance sees. If distance ceases to exist, one's existence comes to an end.

One sees the earth and the sky as different from each other due to the distance that is between them, while in reality there is no such distance because the edges of the earth and sky meet with each other. When we look up at the sky from the earth, at first, we notice the distance between them, and hence, our sight is overpowered by limitedness and is unable to see the sky. This is because the sky is dominated by the attributes of time. Time travels in waves. The 25 years of age covered over the span of 25 years is the dominance of space. The ability to envisage the period of 25 years is a journey through time.

The earth and the sky, day and night, water and clouds, particles and mountains, seeds and trees, life and death, and death and life, all appear as individual entities due to the distance between them. It is the glory of the Almighty God, that He has laid the foundation of the universe on pillars that have distance, and yet, there is no distance between them.

The Creator of the universe has guided us through an example, so that we may understand the system prevalent in the heavens and earth.

“God is the Light of the heavens and the earth. The similitude of His light is as a niche wherein is a lamp. The lamp is in a glass. The glass is as it were a shining star. (This lamp is) kindled from a blessed tree, an olive neither of the East nor of the West, whose oil would almost glow forth (of itself) though no fire touched it. Light upon light. God guideth unto His light whom He will. And God  speaketh to mankind in allegories, for God is Knower of all things.” (Quran, 24:35)

Apparent: The niche, the flame, the lamp, the pearl, the star-are all the structures of bodies. The lamp shimmering like the stars is the effect of the carbon that is present within the body and is also the mechanism of movement in the conscious world. It is worthy to note that the stars shimmer and their glow continuously shrinks and expands; in this way, the process of diminishing and growth is sustained. The star is a metaphoric representation of the garment of the creatures. The distance is created due to the shrinking and expansion of the garment. Every creation is earth (space) made out of a blend of colours and lights, and every earth is a star.

“And whatsoever He hath created for you in the earth of diverse hues, lo! therein is indeed a portent for people who take heed.” (Quran, 16:13)

Hidden: There is oil within a seed, and the seed turns into a tree. When oil is extracted from the tree, the wood is reduced to sawdust and the leaves crumble. There is carbon in the oil and the characteristic of carbon is that it aids combustion. When something burns, it emits smoke and smoke is a dense entity. Due to the density, the light which is the base of everything is subdued and the dimensions become predominant; as a result, boundaries are formed and distance begins to dominate. Contrary to this, in the subtle. form of things, the dimensions are subdued and the light is dominant. One who is aware of the subtle senses is not trapped in the illusory senses.

Draw a circle and fill it with four difference colours, such that the circle is divided into four parts. As the circle is filled with colours, you will notice four triangles, Your sight will now observe the colours instead of the circle. The colours are the 'triangles. Though there is distance between each triangle, the circle is one from all directions.

The Holy Quran has elaborated on Noor (a stage of Divine light), through the example of olive oil, There are no traces of carbon in pure olive oil. When this oil is burnt, the smoke that appears is so subtle that it is not visible and is evenly distributed in all directions. Those things that are the sane everywhere, are not visible to those with limited sight. Sight only sees that in which there is change. God Almighty elaborates His words through examples, and what reality is-God Almighty knows.

Both heaven and earth seem to be two different entities, however, their base is. Noor. In the existing state of creations as individuals, the universe is comprised of dimensions(distance), however, on the other side which is dominated by Noor, these distances are absent. Due to the absence of distance, mankind is unable to see Noor; though it dominates everything and is the source of connection between all creatures. We are unaware of the mechanism of the connection within the universe, and hence, this ignorance has become the distance.

Distance is vital for the consciousness; else the identification of things will not be possible. However, it is also mandatory for the consciousness to be aware of the foundation of everything and the connection that is between them. When awareness is achieved, individuality becomes secondary and the ability to travel through time is activated Ears, eyes, noses, cheeks, and lips are the salient features of the face; we see each of these features separate from one another due to the distance between them. If this distance were to disappear, the features would vanish too.

Dear readers, let us know what is of importance then, the features or the distance?


When we look at the wall, there is a void between us and the wall. We see the void and through it, we see the wall, due to this we are overpowered by limitedness. The other aspect of this is that sight has the ability to subdue distance and reach the other end, however, this ability is being expressed unintentionally at the moment. The subconscious measures the space between the wall and the individual in such a way that, the light of the wall neither remains separated from the mind nor does it enter the surface of the mind. This is the very reason why we are able to see the wall. The light retains individuality while scattering on the screen of the mind. If this does not happen then it is worthy to contemplate the existence of a person and a wall.

The body is sustained due to the void(distance). Light travels through the void light is waves. If there was no void in the body, how would the waves circulate through it and how would one's existence be maintained? If the waves stop circulating in the voi1, the structure of the body would collapse, and over time there would be no sign of it.

Law: The more solid an object appears, the more the void within it.

The spiritual eye sees large holes in every brick and large caves in the mountains. When they look at mountains, it seems as though they are floating like clouds. That is to say that the mountain that looks solid has innumerable voids within it, and it is these voids that have held this voluminous mountain.

Respected friends, in the '"Message of The Day", we have elaborated upon connection, distance, and void. Everything visible at a distance is due to the connection between sight, and an object. Think! What is "distance” then?


May God protect you.




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