Time and space bear the record of everything that came into form since the inception of this universe. Things that we see and do not see, are all inscribed in space, and they become visible when one attempts to see them. If an individual does not try to observe, things remain undiscovered across time and cease to exist for unobservant despite their presence.

What does it mean to see and not see? Seeing is to accept the presence of something, however, not being able to see something does not negate its existence. The affirmation or negation is itself an assertion of a being. For the sight to grasp anything, it is pertinent that the dimensions (features) of an object are dominant. No matter how vast the scope of sight is, the eye detects things only when the features latent in the subconsciousness descend into the space of consciousness to a certain extent.

One cannot claim to have seen the sky by looking towards it. As we are accustomed to seeing things in dimensions and dimensions are masked in the sky, when we look up, our eyes capture the void that exists between us and the sky. In the same vein, when the lens of an eye or a camera is maximised to its full potential, the scene appears blur. Blurriness is also a form of vision that acts as a veil between the viewer and the view.

The earth is the opposite facet of the sky, but despite being a symbol of finitude, it is infinite in its bounds. If one stands in the middle of a vast plain with no structure around, they cannot discern directions. Buildings placed on the land give birth to directions, which we have named East, West, North, and South.

A restricted person sees the earth divided in units. They think of the distance between two houses, or the space between four walls as earth. However, this is not an accurate definition of the earth, because they have only seen a portion of it and remain oblivious to its true nature.

Finitude is the only aspect that the conscious mind is aware of, therefore, it also sees the infinite through the limited lens of the consciousness. People tend to observe things in perspective of other things. That is to say, while understanding one thing through another, they perceive two dimensions simultaneously. However, to see one facet with the help of its opposite facet, is not the correct way to see things.

Example: Male and female are two dimensions in all creatures. They are known through their opposites. When one looks at a man, the awareness of a woman is at the back of their mind, and when a woman is before them, there is an awareness of a man in the viewer's mind. When something is seen in the light of the other, this does not amount to seeing. In this scenario, the viewer has not tried to figure out what a man is or what a woman is, rather they have identified them through their opposites. We see everything through preconceived notions, which hide the reality.

If an object is seen in dimensions, its identity becomes ambiguous. In the life of paradise, when Adam and Eve remained distant from the prohibited tree, they were screened from doubt. Upon nearing the tree, they witnessed the phenomenon of changing colours in it. This made them uncertain about the tree's identity, and hence shrouded their senses with doubt. As a result, the presence of the tree diminished and the alternation of colours took its place in their mind. Since colours have an inborn attribute of alternation, the phenomenon of alternation became their sight.

Explanation: The material body originates from a sperm and sperm is a form of water. When sperm solidifies, it turns into a clot, which further transmutes into flesh, bones and muscles. After forming into a baby, the body transfers from one zone to another. With every passing day, the body goes through subsequent changes until it eventually reaches the point where the proportions of life assigned for the individual in this world are exhausted. After dispersion, the body of flesh and bones dissolves into water and finally evaporates. However, the deceased remains in the memory of those who knew them. When their loved ones think of them, their image surfaces in their minds. This fact shows us that the individual has not ceased to exist, rather, the colours in which they were present in the material world have been concealed.

Generally, the image of the deceased person in their mind appears similar to how the loved ones knew them in the material world. This is because the relatives are unfamiliar with the attire of the other zone, and therefore see the departed soul through the coloured filters of this world.

The Creator of the universe says,

"Has there (not) come upon man a period (dahar) of time when he was not a thing (even) mentioned? Indeed, We created man from a sperm-drop mixture that We may try him; and We made him hearing and seeing. Indeed, We guided him to the way, be he grateful or be he ungrateful." (Quran, 76:1-3)

This verse explains that prior to the existence of the universe, there was a span of time where space was dormant. However, when the universe came into being, the dormant space rose to dominance. Space can also be defined as colour which expresses itself in time.

The universe prior to its creation: Human+ Period+ Time

+ Thing + Unmentioned

The universe after its creation: Human+ Imshaaj (Mixture)

+ Sperm+ Creation+ Test+ Hearing+ Speech+ Path+ Guidance + Gratefulness + Ungratefulness

Life and time are common elements in the above equations, however, the difference between the two equations is of the senses. The word Imshaaj signifies the presence of colours and their alternation. Colour and alternation can be comprehended as an attribute of recurrence and remoteness.

God has stated dahar a plane that is beyond this universe. This plane is also called timelessness. When the programme of the universe manifested from formless into form, time came into being. We, the creatures, see this time in the form of a void. The void is not visible to the restricted senses, and yet the foundation of everything is erected upon it. A sperm is a drop that acts as a shell or cover. Every shell has a void. When senses are activated in this void, one is able to see and hear. Each shell contains impressions that undergo different phases, and then transmute into different things like an elephant, a grain or a man. In other words, imprints prior to their descent are in a disarray, and take form only when they descend.

Let us re-read the 'Message of the Day' with contemplation.

When God intended to manifest the universe, He commanded, "Kun". The programme concealed in His will manifested. This proclamation reveals that God is addressing something that already exists. His words stirred motion in the creatures who were unaware of their existence before then. From this we uncover a law that things become worthy of mention only when they receive information of their presence. Once they are noticeable, they become a small part of a larger programme. However, this small part encapsulates everything the larger part contains. To elucidate, it is like an atom in the universe and a universe present in an atom, or the formulae of creation present in water and the presence of water found in all the creations.

Manifestation is the demonstration of space or dimensions. When dimensions firmly establish themselves in materiality, time goes into the background. If an object remains in time, and its features do not surface, it remains non-existent or unmentionable for that particular observer. The conscious mind understands time only if it is explained through the medium of space.

There has come upon Insan (humans), a period of time where Insan was merely a sketch - a sketch devoid of features. When God intended to activate senses in the creations, the features related to those senses developed on the sketch i.e. eyes, nose, ears, limbs, etc. These features became a source of identification between all creations.

God facilitated the creatures with the senses to live in the countless worlds. There is a commonality and coordination in these senses, but in this coordination lays a secret, that the power to exercise authority is a dwelling of two bodies in a single body. The knowledge of the will of God is known to one, and the other body is merely an illusion. In other words, every creation consists of two units out of which one is dependent. The person who is aware of the knowledge of the other unit is known as Insan (human), a being that is different to an aadmi (man).

The Lord of all the worlds says that the creation of man is comprised of filth, sounding clay, and mud. However, an Insan, as per the words of the Lord, is Ahsan-e-Taqweem. Ahsan-e-Taqweem is a status of Khalifat al-Arz - the Vicegerent on Earth with distinct powers given by God. The term Khalifat al-Arz shows us that Aadmi and Insan are two dimensions. The sphere of an A admi is equivalent to that of animals, whereas an Insan is the best of all creations.

Read this secret with full concentration. God has graced all creatures with authority, but this authority has two dimensions. One of the dimensions fuels life and propels movement in the body. The divine books describe this dimension of life as Vicegerency. When the children of Adam are distant from the reality, they restrict themselves to being an aadmi. In contrast, when they associate themselves with the reality, they elevate to the rank of an Insan. Distance from reality is the domination of space, whereas nearness to reality is the dominion of time.

"Surely We created man of the best stature. Then We reduced him to the lowest of the low." (Quran, 95:4-5)

May God protect you.





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