May June-2020-Fixed Proportions


God is one but the creatures are many. Despite this, there is no collision between the creatures because not only are their proportions fixed, but their Creator is also One. The creations interact with each other, however, their fixed proportions do not allow them to change their respective identities.

"Thou causest the night to pass into the day, and Thou causest the day to pass into the night. And Thou bringest forth the living from the dead, and Thou bringest forth the dead from the living." (Quran, 3:27)

Night and day, and life and death are integral units of the universal system. Day and night are defined as senses, however, both life and death are transitions of one moment into another moment, one era into another era, and one realm into another realm. When life enters the next realm, people do not see the departed soul in physical form anymore but it stays alive in their memories. This means that even after departing from this realm, one's life record does not cease to exist.

The senses of day and night are classified as the conscious and subconscious respectively. At night, the tendency of light is in the negative stage and during the day, it enters the positive stage. Negative implies the contraction, while positive refers to the expansion of space. When the senses of night evolve into the senses of day, it dominates the subconscious mind, and when day becomes night, the consciousness goes in the backdrop. Similarly, the positive stage progresses towards the negative, and the negative goes back to the positive. This is how life moves on and spatiotemporal distances are formed. However, the point where both day and night meet during transition, is called the neutral point.

'Neutral' is a point where both positive and negative become one.

Dear readers, please reflect individually and collectively on the underlined words.

When senses are in the positive stage, we divide its mechanism to different body parts. For example, we say that we hear through the ears, see with the aid of eyes, understand by means of our brain, feel because of our heart and speak using our tongue. However, this division is annulled as soon as the senses reach the negative stage and converge as one. Understand the division and unison of senses through the states of dream and wakefulness. The realm of dreams tells us that the division of senses in the body parts during wakefulness is an illusion. In both states, we hear, see, understand, feel and speak through the inner eye.

People are commonly aware of the five basic senses. What they do not know is, that though apparently these senses are divided into five, they are united as one on the inner plane. Understand it through the following interpretation.

Interpretation: Vision does not form when one's sense of hearing ceases to work. As a result, one does not feel and understand an object. Since they do not hear, they cannot explain what they saw. You may say, what if a person has not heard a voice? They can still see, touch and feel an object, or they may look at it to find out what it is. The answer is, one does not hear only through their ears it is the voice within which echoes and informs us of what we are seeing and hearing. The voice inside arises in the form of a thought and steers us to fulfil our needs. Thought is in itself a voice, and therefore, one should understand that the five basic senses are in actuality condensed into one sense, that is, the sense of hearing or the 'voice'.

When a thought in the form of a voice transmits and disperses onto the screen of a mind, it stimulates the senses. A voice or the faculty of hearing allows us to see, gather, process, feel and speak. Therefore, it is not a different sense to any of them.

Every sense or faculty is a dimension and dimensions are features.

When dimensions lay dormant in the subconscious mind, its features become invisible. Invisibility does not mean that the features have perished, rather it reflects that the foundation on which these dimensions are erected have become prominent and we are unable to see the dimensions.

The earth is one but it looks different because of a wide range of constructions upon it. It has mountains, plains, lush green fields, gardens, quicksand, dry rocky lands, seas, tall buildings, and small and big houses.

In order to construct something, the ground is dug up to form a cavity to lay a strong foundation. It is then levelled before construction takes place. While looking at the levelled ground, if a person becomes unaware of themselves, the difference in dimensions such as north, south, east, west, up and down are nullified.

Experiment: Stand on a vast plane or field and fix your gaze on the ground. You will see the ground as long as you feel your presence. However, if you disregard yourself, not only will the dimensions efface, but the ground will also disappear from your sight.

Sweet and salt are two dimensions which keep the conscious and subconscious minds in balance. They are not seen, but we feel their proportions in every meal. Both taste different and seem to be polar opposites but at the same time, they are actually present in each other. If they were not, then referring to something salty as 'salty', or something sweet as 'sweet' would be out of the question. In spirituality, both salt and sweet are considered as information. Therefore, if information regarding salt does not descend, information related to sweetness will also cease to descend.

Mankind is dominated by the senses of day. In other words, they are inclined towards the positive charge or the consciousness. With the aid of these senses, they see salt as a negative charge that activates the sub-consciousness. As one intends to know the negative charge, they acquaint themselves with something that is different to their consciousness. For a healthy mind and body, both sweet and salt intakes should be in balanced proportions. This is because, the increase in proportion of salt exerts a heaviness on the consciousness and leads to the domination of the subconsciousness. If it is increased without the instruction of a spiritual master, it will adversely affect one's consciousness.

As mentioned before, it is important to have fixed proportions of sweet and salt in the body, because sweetness stabilises the consciousness and salt reduces the gravity. When the consciousness of a person is unable to sustain fluctuation of salt in the body, it results in high or low blood pressure.

In this world, whatever we consume has a high ratio of sweetness in comparison to saltiness. Since characteristics of salt are influenced by the subconsciousness, its increment exerts pressure on one's mind. This decreases the proportions of the consciousness while merging them into the proportions of the subconsciousness, for which one's body is unprepared. This happens because the body works in the frame of dimensions, and salt, despite having a dimension, is free of its bound.

When one is bounded by dimension, they see everything in shape and form. Such a mind concentrates on the apparent features, but overlooks the foundation of things which is free of dimensions. Like everything, the earth is laid upon a dimensionless foundation. Why do we only concentrate on dimensions while looking at the earth but overlook what lies beneath? Because our mind is aware of dimensions but is unaware of its foundation. We see what the mind sees. That is why, dimensions are not on the earth, they are in the mind.

Dividing something into many, and then considering them to be different, restricts one's mind. Such a person does not only see themselves as different from others, but is also incapable in finding similarity between senses. If one contemplates the mechanism of vision, they will realise that we see only when we negate our dimension while entering the dimension of others. Irrespective of dimensions, the foundation of everything is Noor (a stage of Divine Light). Noor is uniform and dimensionless. If one wishes to break the shackles of dimensions, they should learn the knowledge of Noor.


May God protect you,

*Please read last paragraph five times.






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