We are aware that day and night are the two aspects of life. By two aspects we mean that the effects of whatever one does during the day appears through the night, and what appears through one’s night is a summary of their day and night. Though the action in both aspects is one, they are demonstrated differently, and hence life is divided into day and night.

1. If one is in the state of fear and grief, and their mind has sought refuge in illusions, their dreams look confusing, and they do not remember the sequence of events. As their focus shifts rapidly, their mind remains divided. In the language of dreams, this demonstrates an unhappy life.

2. When one attempts to get out of the grip of illusions, the universal laws are revealed upon them through dreams; they meet enlightened people, travel to places as beautiful as paradise, taste juicy fruits, smell the subtle scents of flowers, and the residents of these places offer them gifts. If their search for truth persists, they are able to remember the sequence of events in their dreams. This demonstrates that they are accustomed to the time and space of that world.

Analysis: If the mind is entrapped in the web of fear, the impressions of fear appear in the dreams too. If one is engaged in the search of truth, the world of dreams reflects the phases of this journey. This is to say that life is one but the individual sees the same things twice, because of day and night.


Conventional knowledge refers to light as day and darkness as night. However, the beam of light hidden inside the cover of darkness introduces us to those layers through which space is subdued, helping us attain the “Knowledge of Time”.

From a spiritual point of view, darkness is also light, that is, only light exists and there is no darkness. When light enters a subtle state and our eyes cannot see it, we call this state “darkness”, and attribute this darkness to night, instead of referring to it as the viewer’s ignorance.

The inner eye sees that the day and night are not light and darkness, instead they are the two aspects of the senses. By senses we mean, hearing, seeing, understanding, feeling, speaking through words, and conversing through the language of the waves. These functions are confined to space in one form of life, but in the other form, it is space that is subdued. The points to contemplate are:

· An individual is one, their circumstances are one, and their life is one too, what then is this repetition of the impressions of the night in the senses of the day, and the impressions of the day in the senses of the night?

· Is seeing these impressions in two different ways not a division of the mind?

· Why is the mind divided? Which part of the mind is seeing the truth and which part is seeing the illusion?

· What is the formula that slows down the speed of life in the senses of the day, and increases the speed in the senses of the night?

· Though an individual is one, why do they not travel in the state of wakefulness as they do in their dream state?


Tasawwuf (spirituality) reveals that humans are made up of a collection of thousands of layers, out of which 11,000 are known and the rest are unseen. Awareness of these 11,000 layers is the knowledge of the abilities of these layers. Those who are enlightened know that the status of each of these layers is that they are bodies, and their speed of movement differs from one another. The layer that is dominant in the senses of the day, is a manifestation of colours present in dust, which we refer to as aadmi (man/mankind) and their world. When one sleeps, they fulfil their needs through the second layer made of light which is within them. Through it, they walk and move around, eat and drink, laugh and speak, listen and observe, contemplate and invent. When something bites them, they open their eyes with discomfort and the effects appear on the body. One observes the abilities of the garment of dust, while the speed of light is observed in dreams, thoughts, and visions. We must bring our attention to the fact that, be it day or night, life continues through different garments in every zone. The question is, who is it that sleeps then?*


When the mind enters into a sleep state from the state of wakefulness, the layer of dust is dominated by sleep. One is unaware that they are an assemblage of layers, and hence think that they are confined to the attributes of dust, and declare that they are sleeping. Ponder on the following example. Someone says that they were sleeping and yet describe their dream with the following, “I saw a dream in which a noble man approached me and took me along with him. We both ate food at a certain junction through the journey. I had many questions in my mind that I could not ask and yet while departing the noble person assured me that everything would be okay and then my eyes opened.”

When their eyes open they see themselves on their bed, however, the experiences they had through the dream makes its presence felt through their feelings. One is certain that all the events that they had witnessed through the dream had indeed taken place with them, and yet, they say that they were asleep. If they were sleeping, who met the noble person, what was the journey that they undertook, from where did the food arrive, who ate the food, how did the problems they faced in the wakeful state enter their dream for the noble person to give an assurance that everything would be okay, and who related these circumstances? Focus and let us know, where do the world of dreams and the garments of that world disappear to once we wake up?


Human beings are a combination of the body and soul. The body is made up of a multifold of thousands of layers, while the soul is one. The soul is neither overpowered nor subdued, rather, it is the garment (body – layer) that changes as per the destination. Be it the body of dust or light, it has no movement of its own. The movement is of the soul, and it keeps an individual connected to the various layers, despite the changes that take place through the states of wakefulness and sleep. This is the very reason why one remembers their dream in the wakeful state as well as the events of the wakeful state through their dreams. The Divine draws our attention to the fact that the status of the body in both the states of wakefulness and sleep is of a dead body. That which generates movements in both zones is something else, and its movements correspond to the abilities of these layers. (Read this paragraph again)

Secondly, when the same events repeat themselves in different ways in both the worlds - dreams and wakefulness, it draws one’s attention to their inner layers so that they remain aware of the fact that they are both the person who lives life within the limited senses, and the person who enters the realm of unlimited senses. The space between the layers in our minds is because of our ignorance. If this space ceased to exist, life would stop functioning as dual and become one, that is, the events of the sleep and wakeful state will not recur, rather, the journey between the zones would be covered.

Read the “Message of The Day” thrice. By reading, the content within the article will be illuminated, by the will of God Almighty.

May God protect you. 

*  Respected readers, please ponder over this sentence.




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