"Allah has created all reptiles with water. Some of them walk on their belly. some walk on two legs while some others walk on four. Allah creates what he wills. Verily Allah is omnipotent".


On this earth, Allah has created multifarious animals. If we try our level best to count down them, to our utter consternation, we will find that these animals have millions of kinds, and if we try to count its individuals, they may sour to billions. Each kind is specialized with some color and mood, and the shape and mood of the billions of individuals of one kind are different from those of another kind.


The same case can be applicable to the plants and minerals. Some insects have so micro-scopic size that if we want to seize a glance of them by picking up them with the tips of the finger, they are totally disjointed and reduced to some invisible particles. Even though, their body comprises the kidney, bones, lung, gastro-enteric system. brain. eyes, wings, legs, and what not !


The day-night routines of different animals are different pursuant to their circumstances. Some of them enjoy day-sleep and night vigilance and some others are habituated vice-versa. There are some animals who continue for several months to live in their hideouts within the roofs of the houses in extreme summers and  winters, despite the fact that they ostensibly are not provided with air, nutrients and light.


The nature has assigned to the air the nutritional charge of the trees. This is why they in no solitary case require to walk over. Please make your mind what an IMBROGLIO or confusion can prevail on the earth if the trees start to walk hither and thither like the animals ,or start to fly in the space like the birds? can the universal System, as such. remain unaffected:


The pearls float on the surface of water. swinging in the oyster-canoes. This oyster- the scientists are quoted to have said - has many a mouth, each mouth consisting of four lips.


Some birds have only the sense of touch. Some have some more senses while some have five senses barring the sight. As far as the animals with five senses are concerned, every one of us is well-conversant with. The dexterous craftsmanship of the nature can be seen through the fact that every creature, either with three senses or less or more, is completely devoid of any physical deficiency or constitutional deformity.


Apart from all these, there are certain animals who roll on the earth instead of walking. There are some insects which only can creep while some others walk on their bellies or gallop. Some birds fly over with two wings and some others with four. Likewise, some animals have two legs and, some others four or six or more upto thousand. Therefore Allah diverts our attention towards some extraordinary creatures where He says:


"Do they not look upon the camels, how they are created and upon the sky, how it is raised? and upon the hills, how they were pitched in? and upon the earth how it is paved up. So remind them as you are but a remembrance".


Several mineral water streams gush out from the mountains to irrigate the farms. The mountainous summits nurture the colossal trees of pine and cedar. It is the mountain which is fully pregnant with coal, chalk, limestone, copper. gold. iron and other minerals. These mountains lay over billion years of time in the depth of the sea, and when they grew young, they appeared on the surface of this earth with all the mineral wealth, latent in their bosom. Therefore, Allah, the absolute sovereign, and the true originator says:


"And we made every living thing from the water".


Man is the most charismatic portent of the nature. The experts have unmasked this fact that billions of cells are operational in the creation of the man, to begin with, it is a single cell, than it is multiplied in two, four, eight and so forth to constitute the human body. Some cells play a vital role in the formation of nose, some in the formation of ear, some in the formation of eyes and some others in the formation of other organs. What a wonder that these cells in no single case formed the ears in the place of nose, or eyes in the fixture of the ear. Why it is so unfallingly because the ever vigil eye of Allah supervises every single  process, and because this supervision is eternal, not provisional or Sporadic.


"What that is in the skies and earth is but for Allah".





Dedicated to those scientists, who are inching towards the cognizance of the facts, spotlighted by Allah Almighty, in the wake of their intelligent observation for the top vertex of scientific achievement, which is not other than the "Disastrous end of the Universe". And this is probably during 15th century of Lunar calendar.