One of our friends, Haji Sahib, by name, was covering the road with extraordinarily quick pace. He was looking immensely dejected and his eyes were bathed in tears: I saluted him and inquired him about his speedy pace as well as his depression. He apprised me of the demise of his friend Haji Ramzan. I consoled him reciting the verse "every animate is to succumb to death". I added: "This final phase is inevitably to be faced by every person, and we both have stepped to such crucial stage of life where the life stream tends to flow towards the Basin of Death. Today Haji Ramzan has departed this world and tomorrow we shall be having our own turn. This is a cycle of a continuous phenomenon which remains operational since the Primitive Day up to the Final Day". Haji Saheb was man of fine temperament. He responded to my speech-like talk: "I am not so concerned with the cause of my friend's death. But the real problem is that the bereaved family has blocked the way of valedictory Journey. Haji Ramzan was survived by four daughters and one son and by exorbitant cash and kind which are really unassessed. His four daughters with their husbands, and other relatives have rushed to the Palace to attend the Funeral Ceremony, but they are now adamantly obdurate not to allow the Funeral till the distribution of his leftovers is over. I am his intimate friend and a super-annuated man, and I tried my level best to convince them to go ahead with the burial of dead body and defer the matter of distribution to due course of time, but none could lend me an ear. What is going now there that the legal solicitors from both sides are occupying the seats in the Drawing Room and are busy with the work of cataloging all the ornaments, jewelry and other assets, available in the house. They have unanimously decided not to conduct the interment till the job of distribution is accomplished. This biased gesture has resulted in the liquefaction of the cadaver of Haji Ramzan. The room is piled up with the ice-blocks. These blocks are melting and flowing on one hand, and the fats, accrued in the body of the Deceased, are coming out with all the rotten ingredients on the other hand. Haji Ramzan was my friend and it goes without saying that such desecration of a friend is no more tolerable to another friend. Therefore I am extremely baffled and depressed, and I am so sad as if I had lost my heart, and I did not find the courage to trace out what the outcome of Haji Ramzan and when his interment took place?


This incident really sent shock wave to my heart and when I pondered over this heinous situation, the following verse was large writ on my mental plate:


"Those who stock the gold and silver, then do not spend them in the way of Allah, they should be communicated by you about the severe torture".


When the implication of this verse crossed to my mind, the door was open to think and believe that to salt away the wealth is always conducive to dire consequences, and such avaricious and mammonish persons play havoc with their health and fall prone to heart and liver problems apart from diabetic, inflammation, venereal disease, renal colic, peptic ulcer, stone in gall bladder, dysentery and what not. Such persons always suffer from insomnia, hypertension and deprivation of love from others. No due respect are given to them by one and all. If they are loved or respected by some one, the impetus being to snatch their wealth through sycophancy. It is a common observation that the fate of such person is highly drastic. Their young Survivors become infatuated in love and bid adieu to all their education and intellect and rush recklessly to the sex-Bonanza. More often it also happens that the son, a last resort of the old parents, if they fortunately or unfortunately are alive, resorts to those ignominious and notorious hide-outs where are found the inlet and outlet of all the evils in the world. They admonish gracefully and implore their son to shun his misdeeds, and always shed tears for this grim concern, and pass their whole night anxiously awaiting for their son but all their efforts run into snag. The case being so, is there any body who can profess that such children and such wealth may yield any bit of Joy in man's life always never;


No doubt: such selfish children and such perfidious wealth are by no mean less than a drastic torment. The wealth has two faces. One is that it reduces the man to ashes through its infernal impact and the other face is that it keeps the heart and mind fraught with colorful gaiety, joy, frolic and satisfaction. The owner of wealth with this latter face, steps forward to build shelters for widows and orphans and becomes a source of salvation for others by emancipating them from the shackles of multifarious climates and catastrophes. He does not turn to be a mere animal. He bedecks his heart's piazza with twinkling bulbs, and he does not remain mentally emberile and optically blind. He weans himself away from brutality and adopts an attitude which is akin to that of Allah:


My preceptor says that he was bewildered to see Muslims that every one of them is propels to be a wealthy, and none of them is ready to be Othman (R.A). Such typical persons have been threatened by the following verse of Taubah Surah:


"Be not puzzled with their wealth and children: Allah intends to frazzle them this way in this worldly life, and they shall breath last while they are disbelievers".


The biographic profiles of our Prophet (P.B.U.H) discloses for us that he never opted to accumulate the wealth. One can appreciate the stand of our Prophet (P.B.U.H) and his followers (R.A) against the wealth from the treasures, latent in Roman and Persian Empires, were gushing out to them, but these votaries, though they were reigning an approximate area of 2.5 millions sq. miles continued to feed their family members with their own labor and drudgery, and spend in the way of Allah what was spared out.


There is no insidious and elusive thing more than the wealth. It never showed loyalty to any one. The wealth is perfidious. The wealth is a Flabby Identity and ruins the plutotaters, and quite contrarily, the person who kicks out the wealth and attaches no significance to it he is greeted by the wealth from all the directions. Allah has categorically said in Holy Quran:


"We have brought forth every thing in a well measured quantity".


These well-measured quantities afford the identity. It is by virtue of the well-measured  quantity that one man is expressly absorbed to another man, and  both remain separated though there is no distance between them as  much of a millimeter. Hence the law was framed that the appropriation of the  quantities is akin to establish identity and individuality, and none can contravene this law. As the man has perception, likewise the wealth also has perception. Therefore when a man escapes the identity of the wealth, the law of appropriation becomes active, and he is chased by the wealth so that the balance as per the appropriation can be maintained. On the contrary, when a man chases the wealth, it plays with him the shifty tricks eluding him and poising him for a concomitant torture.





Dedicated to those scientists, who are inching towards the cognizance of the facts, spotlighted by Allah Almighty, in the wake of their intelligent observation for the top vertex of scientific achievement, which is not other than the "Disastrous end of the Universe". And this is probably during 15th century of Lunar calendar.