"And he it is who sends the winds as a harbinger to escort His blessing, and we poured from the sky pure water so as to resuscitate through it a dead town and we supply it for drinking purpose to the cattle and mankind whom we created, and we have distributed it among them to be a reminder. but bulk of the people stuck to ingratitude".


Water is a compound and a plain substance and even a drop of it does not cease to be When it is simply evaporated from the river, transformed into the clouds and from there when it came down in the desert, it made its way again into space. When it rained on the gardens, it penetrated in the case of the fruits in the form of dew, and thence in our stomachs where either it lasted in the body as its part or went out through kidneys, and if it falls over the sea, it is just like its repatriation.


To sum up. the drop any how remains in one form or another. So when water lasts while it is compound, the soul also shall last rather because it is simple. As the sun-rays trace out the water, fallen on the arid deserts, and take back to the remote sky, likewise all the life drops, fallen on the vital organs of the human bodies, return ultimately to non-locational venues.


"About what they are questioning each other? About that stupendous news in regard of which they are badly divided. Nay! Soon they shall know. Again Nay! Soon they shall know. Have we not made the earth a foot hold?"


The Sun confers on us the light, and the water-borne clouds and the fruit-laden trees provide us with energy and vitality, After a short duration of utilization, we make our way from this world to another world. So as the destination of a bird is somewhere beyond its nest, likewise our Final Destination too is beyond this materialistic world. Really we have not lodged here in this world but just to pass some tough time.


Quran has exhorted quite emphatically to go deep into to the Divine landmarks of the universe where it says :


"He it is who made for you the stars so as to forge ahead in gloomy cover of land and sea. We have detailed the verses for those who possess some knowledge".


"Among His portents are the creation of skies and earth and diversity of your languages and colours. These have certain indicatives for the mankind".


"Don't you see that Allah rained down water from the sky, so we brought through it so many multi-colored fruits, and likewise the mountains have the white and red streaks of different types and some of them are extremely black, and on the same pattern, the mankind, cattle and live-stocks are of various colours ".


"The cattle provide you with some lesson. We give you to drink what comes out of their bellies from betwixt their refuse and the blood, pure milk, delicious to the drinkers. and the fruits of palm trees and grapes, out of which you extract drink and good provision. This has indicative for those who are sensible. And your Lord communicated the bee to synthise houses in the mountains and trees and the thatches, erected by the people, then eat all the fruits and tread the path of your Lord gently. Their bellies yield multi-coloured drink which has remedial effects over the people. It has an indicative for those who think deep".





Dedicated to those scientists, who are inching towards the cognizance of the facts, spotlighted by Allah Almighty, in the wake of their intelligent observation for the top vertex of scientific achievement, which is not other than the "Disastrous end of the Universe". And this is probably during 15th century of Lunar calendar.