When Allah wanted to create the Universe, its control system also came under discussion, as it was highly impossible to run nature's factory without some comprehensive rules and regulations. Allah says in the Holy Quran:


"His order, when he intends to create some thing, is that He says: Be and that thing verily comes into existence".


So the Holy Quran tends with the Human Being to this ideology that a system requires for its implementation some operators.


It is our perspicuous observation that the universe barely means a collection of Nature's materialistic, electrical magnetic and scientific rules, and that those rules absolutely dominate all the natural outlooks and cosmic sceneries. and that everything in the universe is inter-connected and is acquainted with each other, and that no unit of the universe may be kept disjointed from other one.


So all the spectacular sceneries, which are instrumental to run universe, are construed by Allah as Divine Hall-marks, and all the perspicious members of Human Family are unexceptionally invited to behold with their bare eyes all the Global views and miens and embark on to in-depth study of them, because Allah wants from His true bondsmen not to live insensitively just as silent spectators, but to be in constant exploitational touch with their instinctive abilities, conferred on them by Allah, for thinking and contemplation.


" Say (0 Muhammad) : Look at what do the skies and earth have: "


"Don't you discern?"

"Don't you think? "

"Don't you ponder? "


"The worst creatures in the view of Allah are those who remain dumb, deaf and insensitive".


"The skies and earth are laden with numerous guidelines for Believers, and your creation and the live-stocks, scattered by Allah, do provide guide lines for those who believe".


"You don't notice in the creatures of Allah any shortcoming. See repeatedly! do you find any split. Again repeat your glance, your eye shall come back to you with utter fiasco and lassitude".


"He is who made the sun a source of glaring light and the Moon a source of cool light, and set for it some phases so that you can workout the numbers of years and accounts. This was created by Allah with a true intention. He elucidates the verses for those who have knowledge".


The Quranic sermons regarding the subjection of Universe provide a clear-cut Divine Dispensation that the man should go through the rules, responsible for the creation of universe, so meticulously that the Divine Craft and high handiness behind every creation becomes to his eyes as clear as the Sun in broad day light. When student of the creational Recipe reaches the culmination of his travails, he finds himself capable to unmask such science which starts right from universalism and unlimitedness, as such a student, or inquisitor, is not confined to the contents of the books alone, and he does not remain counting the bricks of the threshold, erected by his predecessors. But, he jumps, through his analytical parameters, to the conclusion that the gases-mixture, available in the open space, is responsible for the life of the earth, of late,  observation of rains, winds, oxygen etc. turns for him to be a Common phenomenon. Apart from this, he also knows that the size of the Globe strictly conforms to some stipulated quantity. For granted, if the size had been slightly augmented, compared to the present one, the increase in the specific gravity could have led the air (Carbon Dioxide) to cling with the outer surface of the earth, instead of spreading over the space, and thus destroying the human perspiratory system. On the contrary, if the size of the Globe would have come shorter than the present one, the specific Gravity could have played havoc with every animate by dispatching the oxygen off in the remote space.


It is not far away from the usual observation that the distance of the earth from the Sun and Moon is too well calculated. If the distance of the earth from the Sun had been increased more, all the Globe could certainly have turned to be icy and frozen, and this world would have been reduced to thick icebergs. If the case would have been inverse, the parching solar rays could have reduced the bumper harvests of the earth to ashes, Likewise, if the stipulated distance between the earth and moon is interrupted, the ebb and tide shall constitute such boisterous waves which may inundate every part and parcel of this globe.


The inquisitive student of the spiritual science, on the strength of his observation and analysis, becomes conversant with the cardinal objective of the universe and that an injudicious consciousness has nothing to do with the composition, assortment, integrity, administration, sourcefulness and orientation of the universal elements, and that there is a super power which has been dictating this universal system from the word "go", and that all these elements, constituents, and cosmic views are precisely kept to a certain quantity, co-ordinated and inter-linked.


"Glorify the name of your supreme Lord, who created then balanced, appreciated then guided".





Dedicated to those scientists, who are inching towards the cognizance of the facts, spotlighted by Allah Almighty, in the wake of their intelligent observation for the top vertex of scientific achievement, which is not other than the "Disastrous end of the Universe". And this is probably during 15th century of Lunar calendar.