An artist fancied to sketch out a picture of VIRTUE. He remained roaming around towns and villages for many a year. Eventually his eyes caught a child of extreme beauty, having white colour, broad and pensive eyes, smart and tender body, broad and bright forehead and soft limbs. He burst into cheers and yelled: " I got : I got the picture of virtue "He hung the picture of that child in his studio and wrote down it in superscription: " THE PICTURE OF VIRTUE".


Subsequently he made-up his mind to draw a picture of vice too. Once again he left his house in the quest of that fancied picture. During his itinerary, continued to one score of years, he came across millions of faces. the best ones and the worst ones alike, but not to his total content. At last he beheld a highly typical face which filled him with a gust of hatred and despite. Once again he screamed: "I got: I got the picture of vice".


This picture too was placed in his studio along with the old one. The studio was frequently visited by the interested persons. One day a person came and stood dumbfounded before those two pictures. Then he told the artist while tears were streaking his face: "Both these pictures are mine" and trekked back.


And this is Allah, in the Holy Quran, has said very categorically:


"One who perpetrates a pinchful of good, he has to face it, and (likewise) one who perpetrates smallest sin, he has to face it".


"What apprised you what was SIJEEN? A written record".


"What apprised you what was ILLIYEEN? A written record".


This denotes that all the major or minor works, done by a man, is recorded in film reels. In other words every human motion is picturised synchronizingly.


Allah also says with some details.


"For those who have done good is the choicest dividend and some additional reward, and their faces will be tarnished neither by gloomy dust nor by subjugation. They are the occupants of the paradise. They shall be therein for good. And those who have perpetrated sins, their one sin will be requited by the similar one, and they  will be marred by subjugation. None can protect them from (the wrath of) Allah, as if their faces had been pasted with a bit of gloomy night: They are the dwellers of the hell. They shall be therein for good".


If you go through these verses thoughtfully they will show you very obviously that the faces are the veracious indicators of human good deeds and misdeeds. The nature of the work, done by a bondsman, gets its impression on his facial plate.


The psychologists are fully cognizant of the fact that man is composed of lights and these light-waves spread over from the human personality insensibly. Therefore we feel sometimes attracted  and Cheered to a face when it comes in front of us. On the contrary, we sometimes come across such a face which makes us disgusted of it due to the repellent waves coming out of it, and we badly opt for its disappearance from the range of our eye-sight.


The people whose hearts harbor Divine love, and their minds are laden with sincerity, sacrifice for others, austerity and philanthropy, their faces generally appear picturesque, innocent and dustless, and they have such a magnetic power which attracts everyone to them. On the contrary, the people who are indulged in guilty consciousness and hypertension, you will clearly observe on their faces the ominous portents of rigidity, dryness, in quietude, rudeness and repugnance. These portents require the visitor to keep himself away from such ugly faces.


Let us cast glance at our own picture how does it appear? Before going to your bed room, and after getting free from all the occupations, you should stand VIS-A-VIS the mirror and close your eyes for some movements and think that all your life records are kept with yourself and that you are witnessing those records or the film, picturised within yourself. Then you should open your eyes and cast a thorough Glance at the mirror before you. If you find your face cheerful, luminous and with smiling profiles, then be confidant that you are picture of virtue. On the contrary, if you find your face dejected, dry and with negative impressions, so as to abhor your face, then be sure that you are a picture of vice.


It is a Natural phenomenon that every movement of the man is picturised and this picture is displayed on the screen of his own face. So the film, produced by Divine Record Officers, goes on playing on the human face. Haven't you seen that the face of a panic-stricken and baffled person is indicative of all the dejected impressions. No doubt, you would have seen a depressed and sad person, when he makes his entry into a jocund gathering, all turn to be depressed and sad. Even though, the world is not vacant from Ascetic and puritan persons whose presence confers on the people a high beam of ecstasy and spiritual rapture as Allah says in Surah "ALE IMRAN":


"The day when some faces blossom and some faces wither. Those whose faces withered, will be addressed: Did you turn to disbelief? So face the torture in retaliation of your disbelief. And those whose faces blossom will find themselves amidst the boons of Allah where they utilize an eternal life".





Dedicated to those scientists, who are inching towards the cognizance of the facts, spotlighted by Allah Almighty, in the wake of their intelligent observation for the top vertex of scientific achievement, which is not other than the "Disastrous end of the Universe". And this is probably during 15th century of Lunar calendar.