The absolute authority over all the materialistic and spiritual creatures is Allah alone. We incessantly observe the Divine law in the materialistic objects while in the context of spiritual things we require some remination and contemplation, beyond the reach of senses.


Spiritually, when our feeling moves, under the hegemony of the wisdom and consciousness, the reality of this universe becomes an open secret for the man.


The clairvoyance, or discernment. goes functional first of all human senses. As such, we first observe this universe, and the observation, in its turn, invites the man to ponder over, and thence the human thinking takes a new turn.


All that is brought in by the creator of the universe is matchless. If you go on thinking in every cosmic object right from the grey earth to the blue sky, you will be eventually led to the fact that only one law is prevalent in solo-entity of Allah, the one, the law being interpreted as the Bondsman ship.


This vast land somewhere has souring mountains with ice studded peaks, and somewhere the greenaries with the trees, laden with fruits and flowers, while some parts are the around tropics where you shall find nothing save the sandy turfs.


This whole world has never seen such a painter or scenario writer who opted to propound a quite virgin idea other than these panoramic views of this universe. This provides an ample evidence that the charming views on the universal canvas do not create even the slightest monotony to the viewers. These views exude that fragrance of bondsman ship which is latent in human nature from the very existence of this world.


Allah covers all from the earth to the sky. In Quranic parlance, his chair has encircled all the skies and earth. This is why all the things right from the humans to all the animates, botanical plants and minerals are busy in chanting His Hymn as it has been very explicitly mentioned in the Suras of Anbia, Saba and Sad :


"We have subjected for Dawood the mountains and birds to chant His hymn and we were to do so".


"We conferred on Dawood our grace, (We ordered) O "Mountains and birds: be chorister with him".


"We subjected for him the mountains, chanting His hymn at dusk and dawn, and the birds in herds. They all glorify with him".


A deep study in these verses unmasks to us the fact that all the animals, birds and mountains chant His hymn through their mute expressions, as if the existence and setup of every thing witnessed that Allah alone was the creator. and that what we name as "glorification and Exaltation of Allah".


Allah Says in one more place of the Holy Quran i.e. Surah Bani Israel:

"The seven skies, the earth, inclusive of their occupants, do chant His hymn. and if there is any thing, it chants His hymn, but you do not comprehend their hymn".


In these verses, the two significant points invite our attention. First that every thing in the universe chant His hymn. Second that the same is beyond the comprehension of the humans and jinn.


Allah has described His glorification to every thing, available in this universe, inclusive of animals, plants and inorganic bodies. The second paragraph is applicable theme that the glorification. supra, is beyond the comprehension of the humans and jinn. Here are only the humans who are caught by this perversity of the polytheism, otherwise, everything in this universe is engaged with His glorification. and ward off all sorts of polytheism from Allah but it is a human pity that they do not catch the above glorification.





Dedicated to those scientists, who are inching towards the cognizance of the facts, spotlighted by Allah Almighty, in the wake of their intelligent observation for the top vertex of scientific achievement, which is not other than the "Disastrous end of the Universe". And this is probably during 15th century of Lunar calendar.