The Holy Quran has made obligatory on the part of every Muslim to think and research. So it is the duty of a conscious Muslim to be conversant with the Universal mechanism because it is akin to the contemplation on the Divine verses. Of course, the observation of the Scientific facts, following the contemplation of Divine verses, leads the thinker to believe in Allah. The following traditions lay a good deal of emphasis on the knowledge and research:


1.   Obtain the knowledge whenever you find it.


2.   A Clairvoyant saying is the lost asset of a believer, so he should take it wherever it is  available.


3.   Contemplation of one hour is better than the hardship of six decades.


4.     The quest of knowledge is the best service to God.      


5.     The knowledge is the life of Islam and pillar of religion.


6.     lt. is the duty of every male and female Muslim to acquire the knowledge, so you should seek the knowledge though it is in China.


Hence, one who wants to dip his hands in worldly benefits, he should seek the knowledge, and, one Who want to secure the boons of the life hereafter, he too should seek the knowledge.


The judicious and sagacious instructions of the Prophet (P.B.U.H.) had a very positive impact on his followers (R.A.) they thoroughly applied themselves for the obtainment of knowledge and erudition and got them from all the possible hideouts. Their superiority in the knowledge made them the pioneers of science and Arts. The Muslims did not lay the foundation of their knowledge on superstitions or the erroneous presumptions or speculations, but they produced the latest scientific research in every field, based on their vast experience and keen observation. This resulted that in Muslim families were born so many physicians and astrologists and other scientists, the prominents among them are Jaber Al-farabi, Zakriya Al-Razi, Avecenna, Khuworzami, Omer Khayyam, Naseeruddin Toosi, Abdul Hassan, Ibn Mohammed Al-Qazweeni, Fakhruddin Razi, abul Qasim Al-Bairooni, Ibn Khaldoun, Imam Ghazali etc. They added new chapters to Science and Arts with their onerous dedication. All these correspond to the period when whole Europe was enshrouded in superstitions. The credit goes to the Muslim Scientists for the invention of Mariner's Compass, gun powder and paper. They were the first to attempt to aviate and shine the stones to a mirror. They were inventors of telescope and watermill in addition to the Braille to enable the blinds to read, Algebra, geometry and trigonometry. They prepared the list of stars and their shape and charts. they did the menstruation of all degrees of the Globe and discovered its circumference. Likewise they designed Aqua-solar watches and invented the pendulum to measure the time. They introduced the printing technology and brought about a revolution in Medicine and surgery and allied branches.


The sapient instructions of the Prophet (P.B.U.H.) were etched so deep in the hearth of the Muslims that they counted the knowledge their asset and property and used to acquire it wherever it was possible. Thousands of Muslim experts added new dimensions to the knowledge balance of the mankind. Going through the writings of those eminent authors, every educated person of this Century catches one distinct mark, and it is non availability of any contradiction to the Islam teaching throughout their scientific research, and no conflict is noticeable there. When the fame of these versatile Muslim authors spread all over the World, it came as an impetus for the establishment of Universities in the countries far away from the Muslim Countries. The qualified Circles in Paris, Oxford, Italy and western Europe were highly impressed by the Arab Scientists.


To-day when the unbiased thinner ponders over the creation of the Universe and the secrets, latent therein, and links the thread of his thinking to the verses of the Holy Quran, he is faced by only one fact that science is a characteristic of the man by birth, and indeed when a thinker determines the correct position of science, he becomes cognizant of the fact that science is actually an undoubted link-road to the realities of creation and domination, life and death and all the relevant secrets. The Holy Quran has very clearly mentioned that Allah made Adam His viceroy and taught him all the science. Here viceroy ship means the utilization of special Divine Authorities. The question of such utilization  does not arise till the cognizance of the rules and regulations regarding the utilization of these authorities. the purpose behind teaching Adam Science (The Names) was to train him how the authorities are to be used. To sum up, Adam was made cognizant of science of universe Domination or subjection so that this Special Cognizance may be instrumental for him to control the universe. From scientific viewpoint, the knowledge of Science is the knowledge of the universe (cosmography). The cardinal object of the Science is the knowledge is to make a search about and their quantities, all of them moving very systematically, and it is the movement which keeps a thing alive. From the scientific viewpoint, the function of science is to conquer all powers of the universe and to utilize the treasures of earth and skies. In the Holy Quran Allah said that he brought down the iron, which has lot of benefits for the people. When we think about the scientific benefits of the iron for human being, we conclude that every scientific invention has direct or indirect relevance to the iron.   The iron has emerged a very important component in railways, airplanes, wireless system and in every scientific break-through. Thus the man is benefiting himself a lot through the iron as declared by Allah.  When we think about the conscious angles right from Adam till now, we are convinced to see that every function of the man is more or less a science and that the scientific function guarantees the accomplishment of all human needs. All the human trades like industries, handicrafts, construction and machines are the result of a scientific function (research and development). The study in the holy Quran provides us with the fact that the practical science has reached us through several things. For instance, we learnt the farming and cultivation through Adam, the ship building through Noah, the iron industries through Dawood, the medicine through Christ and the wireless system through Solomon (Peace be upon all of them).


Once Europe was bereft of knowledge, and was thickly covered under the darkness of illiteracy, and because the Muslims were strictly adherent to the teachings of their last Prophet (P.B.U.H.), they distinguished themselves as a nation. On the contrary , as soon as they swerved from the path of research and development in the light of their Prophet's teachings, they immersed individually and collectively in the deep trench of illiteracy, while the nation, which adhered to the acquisition of knowledge and scientific development, they topped all the nations. And this is the Divine Law as Allah says in the Holy Quran! Allah does not bring a change to the condition of the nation until they bring change to what they are involved in.


So it is the crying need of the time that we should change ourselves from remaining idiot and good-for-nothing children to righteous and wordy ones and enable ourselves for the heritage, left by our predecessors so that we can salvage ourselves from the precipices of the gloom. Our Prophet (P.B.U.H.) has truly said that the contemplation of one hour is better than the worship of six decades, and that it was the duty of every male and female Muslim to acquire the knowledge, so you should seek the knowledge though it is in china.





Dedicated to those scientists, who are inching towards the cognizance of the facts, spotlighted by Allah Almighty, in the wake of their intelligent observation for the top vertex of scientific achievement, which is not other than the "Disastrous end of the Universe". And this is probably during 15th century of Lunar calendar.