"And He is who sends down water from the sky and through which we brought forth the plant of every thing, then we brought forth the green blade from which we bring forth the piled up grain, and from the palm tree, from the pollen thereof spring pendant bunches, and the vineyards, the olive and the pomegranates, resembling each other and not resembling. Look upon the fruit thereupon when they yield fruits and upon its ripening. Of course, this bears portents for those people who believe."


"And Allah is who sends the winds and they raise some clouds, then we drive them towards a dry land and through which we resuscitate the earth after it is dead".


Who is not cognizant of the fact that the life of every thing in this universe is stringed with the food. The humans cater to their need with meat, lentils, salt, wheat and other food-stuffs. Some animals live on grass and the beast on the flesh. The birds pickup the grains while the insects lick the soil.


Nitrogen, lime, potash and hydrogen serve the nutritional needs of the plants while the earth is nurtured with fallen leaves, bones, droppings, blood and hairs. In order to infuse energy and power in this globe, stretching over 25000 miles in length and breadth, the nature has established a very meticulous and sagacious system through solar rays. This is why when active solar rays fall on the oceanic turf, the vapours go up and up on the aeroshoalders. Then all the earth turns to be a water pond and the creational frames rise to their culmination.


Allah says:


"And of His portents is (that) He shows you the lightning in pessimism and optimism, and sends down water from the sky and thereby He resuscitates the earth after its death. Of course, it bears the portents for those people who comprehend".


Allah also says:

"Did you not see that Allah sent down water from the sky and drove it as water-spring in the earth. Then He shall bring forth multi-color crops".


He says in another place of Holy Quran :


" You notice the earth lifeless, but as soon as we send down water thereupon, it thrills and thrives and grows every Colorful kind of crops".


According to the notion of spiritual scientists, the trees too exchange their views and talk, consume their foodstuffs respire, grow and beget like human. Moreover, they are indulged in life struggle and fight with each others with stupendous military maneuvers and meticulous strategic outworks as the mankind involved in.


The earth is a rich herbarium. Some herbs have their seeds twenty times smaller than the poppy seeds. The nature has assembled within them two conjuncted leaves, a root which penetrates in the earth, and a knot which turns to be a brand root. This knot, before the process of turning to a root, reserves there its food for some days. So intellectuals! muse and think and go deep in this Universe and appreciate that when a miniature seed is brought with so huge life restoring stuffs, then what not would be latent in the man, the divine viceroy?





Dedicated to those scientists, who are inching towards the cognizance of the facts, spotlighted by Allah Almighty, in the wake of their intelligent observation for the top vertex of scientific achievement, which is not other than the "Disastrous end of the Universe". And this is probably during 15th century of Lunar calendar.