"He has chosen you and has not implicated you, with religious viewpoint, in any inconvenience. It is the creed of your father Abraham, He had designated you as Muslims before, and in this regard the prophet must be witness for you and you must be witnesses for the mankind".


"We have appointed you a moderate Nation so that you all be witnesses for the Mankind and the prophet be a witness for you".


He (Allah) enacted for you such a religion which He commended in Noah, and which we revealed to you ( O Mohammad), and which we commended Abraham, Mosses and Jesus, ordaining to maintain the religion and be not disintegrated therein.


"You are the best Nation, brought on to the Mankind, you enjoin the established norms and dissuade indecency and believe in Allah".


"One who prefers other than Islam as his religion, it will not be accepted by Allah, and in the life hereafter, he will among those who shall concede the horrible loss".


"The true religion to Allah is only Islam".


So you should enlighten yourself with Islamic teachings and be confident that the only religion, in view of Allah, is the religion of peace and truth, and that any procedure of service-offering (or servitude) other than of Islam shall be construed by Allah null and void. So the true and Zero-defect religion to Allah is the religion, the Salient Features of which very explicitly have been spelt out in the Holy Quran, and a total semblance of which was the life of our Prophet (P.B.U.H). Hence Allah wished the Prophet of Islam (P.B.U.H) to declare unequivocally:


"This is my way. I call to Allah perspecariously, supported by my followers, Allah be glorified! I am nothing to do with those who are polytheists".


So please be strictly adherent to the principles of Islam in view of their significance and this was the uphill Task, for the completion of which the Messengers were sent by Allah regularly, and this is the largess to remain an asset for dignity and sublimate in both the worlds.





Dedicated to those scientists, who are inching towards the cognizance of the facts, spotlighted by Allah Almighty, in the wake of their intelligent observation for the top vertex of scientific achievement, which is not other than the "Disastrous end of the Universe". And this is probably during 15th century of Lunar calendar.