Ozair (A.S.) happened once to pass through the outskirts of Jerusalem. The devastated township triggered his mind to a certain question: can this ruined and secluded place be rehabilitated?  Can the inhabitants, who were razed to the earth with all their belongings, restore the hustle and hustle to it? Absorbed in his fancies, he lent his back to the earth for a while and he was overtaken by such a sound sleep that continued uninterruptedly, to one century. He was resuscitated by Allah who advised him saying: "Look at your donkey, and (we have done all these) so that we can make you a paragon for the people, and look at the bones, how we resuscitate them and cover them with Flesh. "When every thing became clear for him he declared: I know that Allah is dominant over every thing".


When a man goes ahead with cosmography, the streaks of belief and confidence keep glaring in himself, and his heart gets enlightened as Allah Almighty has said:


"When our verses are recited over them; their belief is augmented".


To get out from the precipices of the gloom, and to emancipate yourself from the yokes of grief and monotony, to hold the rein of the world, to laminate the heart and mind with Divine philosophy, and to comprehend the Divine rule, it is obligatory on your part to go deep in every micro-detail of this  universe. Indeed, Quran incorporates every micro-detail because Quran is a Holy Writ, and takes to every nation the message of life, as Quran is a documentary asset for the formulae of Universe subjection. It is also an extensive constitution for human life. This Document leads to the ways, walking over which, shall secure transformation of our humanity into dignity, our defeat into victory, our languor into energy, our misery into weal, and our diversity into unity. The Divine code is comprehensive one, and as the man prepares a certain object from a patent recipe, likewise he can put his finger on a certain point when he goes through the Divine Guide-book.


It is highly regrettable that Muslims allowed the pattern of conception flee somewhere, and that they have been compelled mentally, ideologically and basically, to follow such a track where the channels of thought are choked out. A particular faction of Muslims has led them to a meandering, uneven and perilous track of failure and dissatisfaction only to secure its monopoly over them. The Holy Writ encourages us to explore the treasures, latent in the bottom of the ground and ocean, and fervently calls us to dig out and unearthed the mineral wealth to benefit ourselves, but we have preferred to remain a silent spectator, and have sealed our hearts, ears and eyes. Hence the nation, Which was appointed as the custodian of the recipes of the Universe subjection, has been thrown in the precipices of privation and misfortune.


On the contrary, when Non-Muslims embarked on the deliberate study of the rules and regulation, the formulae and recipes, contained in the holy writ, they became the prestigious, and occupied a prominent place in the field of arts and science. Today they are hovering in the sky and sailing on their ships, streaking the surface of the oceanic water, as if they were dictating the space and ocean alike, and the treasures of the earth were dancing to their tune. They have got accustomed to hear a very remote sound of overseas inhabitants within the least fraction of time. All these became possible because the Non-Muslims have made obligatory on their part to study the universe and all the things, available therein, and to find out the skeleton-key behind all of them, and because they are not oblivious to the creative science, they have kept the development under their absolute domination.

What a poignant tragedy is that every development is heading towards Non-Muslims, and all the devastation, ignominy and contempt have become the fate of Muslims? Reason? because the consciousness, awareness and ideology are being hampered by the vested interests of so-called Muslim leaders and thinkers. Allah says addressing His Prophet:


"Tell (them): travel in the world and see how he (Allah) has initiated the creation".


Allah also says inviting the human to think:


"Do they not look at the camels how they were created, and at the sky how it was paved high, and at the mountains how they were pitched up, and at the earth how it was evenly leveled?"





Dedicated to those scientists, who are inching towards the cognizance of the facts, spotlighted by Allah Almighty, in the wake of their intelligent observation for the top vertex of scientific achievement, which is not other than the "Disastrous end of the Universe". And this is probably during 15th century of Lunar calendar.