Since the very beginning, the man has been pretending that all his gains and achievements are the direct results of his own capabilities and his sturdy muscles. As such, he is the sole proprietor of his wealth, and he is the only authority to disburse it according to his will and volition, and none is allowed to poke his nose in his private affairs. Quran very truly has projected "QAROON" as a representative of such despotic and devilish ideology of capitalism and has quoted him as saying:


"What I have earned is due to my professional knowledge".


The penetration of this ideology on collective and individual levels is mainly caused by the capitalist mentality. The man has been lusting after the wealth and luxuries and has remained obsessed with the idea of salting away the money because he has designated as his life's cardinal objective to raise the exorbitant monetary balance by hook or crook, so he runs unleashed after the accretion of the wealth since the age of his maturity till the throes of his demise.


Allah depicts this mammonism with the following glib words:


"The accumulation race distracted you (from the path of Allah ) till you visited the cemeteries".


The craze for wealth, in the individual limits, sticks like a leach, to the ego and entity of the man and remains licking out his human traits and rusting the talents, conferred on him by Allah, and the human interior begins to nurture a Satanic chaos. As the time goes ticking by, this chaos applies a firm grip over that man who eventually pays out his overall creative faculties for the procurement and protection of his wealth. It may not be gainsaid that when a mammonish epidemic is rampant in the society, the honorable members of the society turn CANNIBALS to each other. These ferocious cannibals in human skins seize every single opportunity to hunt their opponents. They sucked out the blood of down trodden through the imposition of multifarious biased rules and rituals while the Natural Law is starkly against the capitalism and avarice, and it kicks down such a society in the dire precipices of the slavery, subjugation and bankruptcy.


Quran strikes hard the premier pretension of the capitalists that their earning is the direct outcome of their professional dexterity. Quran unequivocally refutes the idea that the obtainment of the provisions is linked with the muscle power, but on the contrary, it is the nature and natural resources that fetch you very systematically and regularly all that you need. So we observe every now and then that the water goes up from the sea to the sky in the shape of vapors and pours down on the earth and revivifies its dormant capabilities to be resourceful and productive. The earth, by its multifarious products, nurtures the man and fetches him all his life sustenance. Meanwhile the Solar Rays, together with many other factors, play an active part to cultivate the harvests and render their service to the man in-gratis, confining the job of the man, in connection of the procurement of the provision and resources, to the mere stretching of his hands and nothing else.





Dedicated to those scientists, who are inching towards the cognizance of the facts, spotlighted by Allah Almighty, in the wake of their intelligent observation for the top vertex of scientific achievement, which is not other than the "Disastrous end of the Universe". And this is probably during 15th century of Lunar calendar.