Be always optimistic about the mercy of Allah and be confident that whatever may be the enormity of your sins, the mercy of Allah is more enormous. If there is a person whose enormity of sins beats the meerschaum, and he falls on the threshold of Divine Abode with all his contrition, Allah responds positively to the call of such a man also and covers him with His endless mercy.


If any feeling of contrition emanates in you in any stage of life, it should be regarded by you as Divine Inspiration. At this juncture you can ascertain that the door of penitence is yet open in front of you.


Allah says:


"Say: O my bondsmen who have committed excess to themselves: don't be desperate of Divine mercy. Verily Allah forgives all the sins. He is the forgiving, the benevolent. Turn to Him repentently and surrender to Him before the arrival of the Torment to you. Then you can not be rescued".


Having indulged in penitence, you should brace up to consolidate the same, and should concentrate, day and night, all your mental attentions on the redemption of the pledge, you have entered with Allah. Despite all your sincere efforts, if you swerve from the line and undergo some mishaps, please do not allow any chance to disappointment, but seek asylum in Divine mercy till you reoccupy that place where a man turns to be human. In this context, please don't forget that your disappointment from the mercy of Allah is akin to not having belief in Him. Allah has very categorically said:


"Don't give up hope of the mercy of Allah".





Dedicated to those scientists, who are inching towards the cognizance of the facts, spotlighted by Allah Almighty, in the wake of their intelligent observation for the top vertex of scientific achievement, which is not other than the "Disastrous end of the Universe". And this is probably during 15th century of Lunar calendar.