This history of mankind cries on us vociferously that only those nations, who contemplated the divine marks rampant in every nook and corner, procured the judiciousness and erudition, and only those persons, who exploited the knowledge, granted by Allah, and bedecked themselves with knowledge and sapience, held the reins of this world.  One should think about the water- streams, gushing out from the bottom of the Earth, if they disappear who shall bring them DENOVA ?

 To whom goes the credit for the panoramic view of the space, the life- saving lights, novelties of gases, starry blue sky, the moon, dispelling the dark cover of night, the sun, providing glaring daylight, the aromatic gust of morning breeze, the trees, glorifying Allah, singing of the birds, twittering of the nightingales and cry of the cuckoos? Do we have any intervention in all these? If they cease to remain under a well-coordinated system, do we own any mechanism to restore them.

If we admit our ideological vacuity saying that these things are pertaining to the Divine Glory and sovereignty, can we, as such, loose the sight of multifarious systems, plying our body with miraculous precision? 

Please makeup your mind:

How the hairs are adherent to the external wall of the body? What is the root-cause behind that the Masculine Gender has a bearded face while the face of feminine Gender is tender and devoid of any hair? does such a system not evoke in us any consideration?

The bearded face is the Masculine beauty while the tender and hair-less face is the Feminine beauty. The hairs, growing on the face of the man, do not find their way to the face of the women only because the blood density comes to an end in case of the women, owing to a certain system. The hairs are, in fact, the chemical reaction of blood density. At this juncture, the thing which invites our attention is how the Nature has transformed the density into the hairs and pitched them on our facial parts along with head and body? If you venture pioneering in the optical Machinery of the man, you shall find out, to your utter consternation, that there are thousands of muscles, assembled in the optical camera, originated by Allah. In addition to it, if you ponder over the phrenological performance you may observe, through your internal micro-view, billions of cells in the brain, and that every cell is responsible for a particular "sense" in the man, and that these are the cells which keep our mental battery fully charged. Above all, the sophisticated cardiac machinery remains operational, under one order, one balance and one program. Indeed, the heart is just like an engine which keeps the human cells moving, and marshaled by a non-human will.

 Have you thought of:

 How your constitutional developments took place in the gloomy dungeon of your mother's belly, and how you turned to be a Beckon light when you made your exit from that dark tight corner? Can you rule out that Eve might have given birth to a snake or monkey in lieu of a human? Undoubtedly this universe remains uninterruptedly moving under a well-coordinated and fully planned system, recognized as "THE DIVINE SYSTEM".

Please think for a while what could have been the outcome of this Universe if Allah had stretched the night tenure to the course of Doomsday? Was there any power other than Allah to eschew such extension? Likewise, if Allah had prolonged the DAY so as to make it confluent with the Dooms day, was there any power other than Allah to provide you with the Luscious and somniferous quietude of the night? When the rain pours down on a parched parcel of some arid soils, you see the vineyards and palm trees growing from the beneath of the earth. Is it not quite fantastic that those fruit-trees are starkly different from each other in the term of coluor, flavour and taste though they are totally water-based? The same water makes its way to different dyes and constitutes different colours, flavours and tastes. Why our mind is not triggered to think what for the Mangoes do not grow on Mulberry trees and what for the Mango trees do not yield the peach.

Why the earth is enshrouded with an unpeneterable cover of darkness though there are thousand Suns in Galaxies? The Science tells you the story of earth rotation around the Sun, and the burning of fire gutters in the Solar tablet, but the science does not discover the master hand controlling the rotation of those Galaxies. Let us know why so highly veteran Scientists are reduced to death? Why a heart-transplanter faces the traumatic end of his life by cardiac-arrest.

"Recast your Glance: Do you perceive any shortcoming"

The episode of (Ayub) Job (A.S) in the old Testament reads as follows:

 "Who chalked out the course for the torrential rains and streak for thunder-bolts? Is it possible for you to ask the clouds downpour upon you and to invoke the lightning? Where from the heart harbors the sagacity and clairvoyance? and who conferred on the dears the liberty of movement?"





Dedicated to those scientists, who are inching towards the cognizance of the facts, spotlighted by Allah Almighty, in the wake of their intelligent observation for the top vertex of scientific achievement, which is not other than the "Disastrous end of the Universe". And this is probably during 15th century of Lunar calendar.