It is a common sight that when we disseminate the seeds of a particular tree or plant in the earth, it ejects them from inside. This tree or plant has two separate delicate layers on its tiny branch. It shows that the seed, sowed by us, splits into two parts, which stick to the branch. When the root becomes firm, these two layers fall down, and a new sprout emanates there. This progress goes a long way until that tiny seed turns a towering tree and stands a perennial source of provision and nourishment.


Have we ever allowed our mind some room to think that the belly of mother has no Fructious tree or full fledged pantry. Despite this minus point, the child continues to be nurtured and progressive, in some appreciable balance, within the dark dungeon of mother's belly with the passage of seconds, minutes. hours, days and months, pursuant to some rules and regulations, as soon as he opens his eyes in this world, he finds  two effervescent fountains, brimming with pure milk, to secure his nutritional requirements. When the infant proceeds two steps ahead in attaining nutritional self-reliance, those two gushing fountains turn dried up, and the mother, who was earnestly willing to keep her infant abreast to milk him, now resorts to a break-through in his nutritional device. At this juncture, Allah, who is more benevolent than seventy mothers, for the solace of the mother, appoints the earth as mother, and this new mother provides him all the things to which he is badly needed. Now we should think what is the secret behind all these, and why the nature is so liberally engaged with our provision?


Because the nature wants us to ponder over the cosmic paragons and lead a pious life for the piety is the best craft of the nature, and the desire of Allah is that his craft should remain unblemished and impeccable. He says in the Surah of Younus.


"For the benefactors there is best reward and supererogatory, Neither black dust nor ignominy mar their faces. They are the sole proprietors of the paradise where they shall be living for good".


"And the perpetrators of misdeeds, single misdeed will be requited with the like thereof, and the ignominy marks them. They have no savior from Allah as if their faces were painted with dark spots of the night. They are the occupants of the Hell where they shall be living for good".


The piety of a bondsman is to identify his Lord, and those who are bereft of the cognizance of their Lord, are badly unfortunate. The cognizance of the Lord depends upon  cognizance of one self, and the cognizance of one self is to discern the Divine light, latent in all the animates.





Dedicated to those scientists, who are inching towards the cognizance of the facts, spotlighted by Allah Almighty, in the wake of their intelligent observation for the top vertex of scientific achievement, which is not other than the "Disastrous end of the Universe". And this is probably during 15th century of Lunar calendar.