Allah says:


"He is who sent down water from the sky where from you have your drink and where from are those trees wherein you drive your cattles to pasture. Thereby He grows for you the crops the olive, the palm trees, the grapes and all sorts of fruits.  Of course, it bears portents for these people who muse."


The sky becomes clear after down pour and the clouds are driven by the winds, neither the rain continues to come down nor the sky remains cloudless. These two conditions occur alternately. If the rain continues to come down, all the food-stuffs like vegetables and grains, which are considered the essential commodities, shall be reduced to ashes, and the traffic shall be blocked and the life activities shall be hampered. On the contrary, if the rain permanently discontinues, and the sky remains cloudless, the water of streams and lakes shell be polluted and be evaporated, and the air shall be laden with toxic elements, and the epidemic shall be rampant in every nook and corner of this globe. All the pastures shall burn and all the greenaries shall dry up. So the bees will not be in a position to suck the honey from the flowers and their production of honey, which is a panacea to mankind, shall come to an end. Therefore Allah says:


"But He supplies in certain quantity according to His discretion. Indeed He is Well-conversant with and cognizant of His bondsmen".


The life of every animal being is pendent on the air. If it comes to an standstill, even for some fraction of second, all the animals shall face death. This very air plays a very vital role in driving the water-borne clouds from the Sky to the earth. The air, in the initial phase, evaporates the water, in co-ordination with the solar heat. Then the air drives the evaporated water to the sky and breaks it to form the clouds. Then the air roams with those clouds hither and thither in the sky. Then these clouds come down heavily on the earth in the shape of down pour.


Imam Ghazali says :


"The Easterlies move the clouds upward, and the Northers assemble the wandering pieces of the clouds, and the southerns make them leaky while the westerlies rain the earth in the shape of drops".


Allah says :


"We dispatched the winds as stimulators, so we sent down water from the sky and fetched you to drink and you are not supposed to store it".


It is the air which drives the clouds to different places, so the farmers capitalize on them by growing the crops on the earth. If there would not be the air, the clouds could have stayed laden with water, in one place, and the earth could have been deprived of their water. The credit goes to the air for the movement of the ships. The air flows them from one country to another and provides the mankind with their life-needs.

Thus the people of one place are benefitted with the products of the another place. If there would be no air, the benefit of the national products could have been restricted to the Local populace only.


The air causes purity and cleanliness, and drives the filth and squalidity. The air also takes the dust and sand to the gardens to be a source of energy and power for the trees.


When the air flows over the oceanic surface. the water, with the collaboration of the air, sidelines on the shore so many  things. All these are due to sagacious administration of Allah which controls the system of the universe.


Allah is greatest!


It is quite strange that every bit of this universe taken up  charismatic jobs while the man, the noblest creature,  goes driftless for his life and livelihood.


O man:

Think: in how many ways you are going to gainsay the Divine bounties and benediction.





Dedicated to those scientists, who are inching towards the cognizance of the facts, spotlighted by Allah Almighty, in the wake of their intelligent observation for the top vertex of scientific achievement, which is not other than the "Disastrous end of the Universe". And this is probably during 15th century of Lunar calendar.