Allah in Surah Anaam Says :


"There is not an animal in the earth nor flying creature flying on two wings. but they are people like you".


The birds, animals and insects are not affected by catarrh. cold or malaria and other diseases such as cough and consumption. Have you ever heard that a bird or pigeon suffered from cancer? The experiments of the scientists have no example for that a beast, living in the dense jungle, faced any psychical problem. No evidence can be produced to show that the Valve of a bird or animal choked. Seldom we observe the decrepitude in any animal family. Neither their teeth fall nor the lenses are fitted to their eyes. They remain active brisk till their end. Have we ever unleashed the rein of our thought to look into the cause?. Because this creature of Allah, having kinds and their members, out numbering the Human statistics, maintain a balanced diet, pure and unadulterated. They also have regular physical exercises which are linked to their life directly. All these kinds are bound to a certain system of life, liable to certain changes and amendments as the predicaments require, Allah says:


"Have you not seen that Allah is glorified by those who are in the skies and earth, and by the birds, arrayed. All have known their service and chanting".


Those birds and animals are ill-fated who live in human meleiu because they are attacked by many a disease and malady due to the uncleanness and environmental pollution. The man, who is proud of being "The most honorable creature" has reached such a heinous point that he spits repeatedly where he wants, and keeps his surroundings permeated by garbage. Men's houses are squalid and in their lanes emanates the storm of filth. If you talk to them a gust of bad odour will welcome you. and if you have a physical contact with them the bad smell of the sweat shall penetrate your mind. The dry faced and dry hairs, which are the hot bed of the lices, provide all the evidence to their least concern to cleanness and decency.


O man. Look at the wild creatures. How clean and neat are their nests and hideouts. The cat digs the earth and gutters its filth there invisibly, thus this cat, co-existing our meleiu, imparts a lesson to maintain cleanliness and decency.


Allah say: "And Shun the pollution".


It is the identity of the living nations that they strictly adhere to the hygienic principles. On the contrary, those nations who are indifferent with the cleanliness and decency, they remain bereft of the consciousness of purity itself. They cease to have the whiteness of the birds' wings, the beauty of the animals' bodies and the gleam of their eyes. They turn colossal like rhinoceros, ugly like vulture and dormant and scared like owl.


Allah addressed His Prophet saying:


"O the decorer of the body with the cloak. Standup and warn (your people against the results of uncleanness). And magnify your Lord and clean and purify your costumes. And shun the pollution ( of all kinds )".


As far as our stand is concerned, we are confident that our salvation is confined to the five-times prayers, and that we have nothing to do with other thousand religious orders as if they were not obligatory.


O Muslim: See what a lowest ebb has reached the hygienic standard of the whole Muslim Nation due to the squalors, you disseminate. Each member of the nation appears sick. The faces of the innocent kids appear pale and dry. The squalid houses and the sick mentality have abated the prestige of Muslim Nation, and we are playing as tools in the hands of others and are subjugated to them as we deserted our social and cultural broad venues.


How far we are subjugated due to our reluctance to the orders of Islam with regard to health and hygiene. So why we do not think that our Prophet came in order to purify us from all the physical and spiritual impurities.

Allah says:


"(O Prophet:) This book is revealed to you so that you can pullout the people from the darkness ( of the worldly squalors) to the light ( of purity and decency )".





Dedicated to those scientists, who are inching towards the cognizance of the facts, spotlighted by Allah Almighty, in the wake of their intelligent observation for the top vertex of scientific achievement, which is not other than the "Disastrous end of the Universe". And this is probably during 15th century of Lunar calendar.