It is narrated that a man came to the Prophet (P.B.U.H) and complained against his father that he takes what he wants from his assets. The father was called for by the prophet(P.B.U.H.). He came leaning on the stick as he was very languid and decrepit. The Prophet(P.B.U.H.) narrated on him what was complained by his son. The father simply told  "O Prophet of Allah peace be upon you: We lived up a time when my this child was very weak and good for nothing, and I was strong and wealthy, I did not frustrate him to take any thing from my wealth. Today, when the case is fortunately or unfortunately reverse, I am being denied his wealth".


This dolorous comment filled the eyes of the Prophet(P.B.U.H.) With tears, and he said, turning to the complaint maker, " You and your assets are under the disposal of your father ".


Even when the parents are disbelievers, you are enjoined by Islam to behave with them kindly, respect them and render your services for them except when you are disconcerted by them to be polytheist and to disobey Allah, as Allah Says in Surah Luqman :


"If they (parents) pressurize you to make for Allah a partner about whom you do not have any bit of knowledge, don't concede to their pressure and be associated with them kindly in this world".


Imam Bukhari has narrated through Hazrat Asma (R.A.) that she said : "In the regime of Quresh, when they entered an agreement with Prophet (P.B.U.H.), my mother visited me, and yet she had not embraced Islam. Inquiring in this matter, I asked Prophet (P.B.U.H), "My mother has come to me while she is willing to embrace Islam. Can I maintain my relation with her", The Prophet (P.B.U.H.) replied affirmatively; "Yes, you can".


It is quite  incontrovertial that the sacrifices, made by the mother are more in comparison to those of the father, therefore the emphasis on showing kindness has been laid more in favor of mother, as Allah says,


"We have directed the human to do favour with his parents. His mother carried him arduously and delivered him arduously, and the period of his carrying and weaning ( by her ) is thirty months".


In recognition of the yeoman services, rendered by the parents and commemoration of their ample benefactions, you should pray to Allah for them with full devotion and sincerity, as Allah says imperatively.


"And say : O my Lord : bless them as they brought me up when I was infant".


The implications of this prayer are; "O my Lord! requite them with the same benevolence, benediction and mercy, which were showered by them upon me round the clock, and now, when they have reached the phase of senility and their bones  have become weak, they are in need of mercy and benevolence more than any body else, and I am not in the position of repaying their services, so O Lord: you patronize them on my behalf and shower upon them your choicest mercies".





Dedicated to those scientists, who are inching towards the cognizance of the facts, spotlighted by Allah Almighty, in the wake of their intelligent observation for the top vertex of scientific achievement, which is not other than the "Disastrous end of the Universe". And this is probably during 15th century of Lunar calendar.