"How many townships, not complied with the ordinance of their Lord and His Messengers, they were chased by us to a rigorous impeachment and were excruciated heavily. So they experienced the bitter outcome of their attitude, and the consequence of their attitude was a heavy loss. Allah has prepared for them an insufferable torture, so fear Allah O clairvoyants!".


As such, the common populace, who go away with the commandment of Allah, and remain solicitous of plutolatry in lieu of Divine Worship, they are ultimately pounded by Allah into the precipices of subjugation and humility. This is not a mere tale to be narrated, but every nook and corner of this earth holds the testimony thereof. There were how many emperors, who dictated extensively and erect splendid edifices, but these splendid and stately edifices have not been reduced to some relics or debris.


"Haven't they made a round of the earth so as to witness what was the outcome of those who precedes them. They were more in numbers and stronger in power and landmarks. But what they earned, did not come for their rescue".


The trivial errors are generally excused by Allah until and unless the system, beckoned to, by Allah, remains uninterrupted. But the blatant errors of the wrong-goers exasperate Allah, and make His true bondsmen feel pinch for the currency of such circumstances, then the retaliation system becomes operational and Allah vents His sewer wrath on the people. The Divine Rule deprives such people of their domination and supremacy and they are destined to be obsequious and subjugated, because the people themselves preferred to be captive of an ephemeral thing when they hankered after the accretion of the wealth by hook or crook.


Our this contemporary age is undoubtedly an age of Mammononish Trend, who can claim for any discrepancy between the plutolatry and idolatry. To worship a lethal object and to worship the Gold are same by any parameter, stipulated thereto, because the idols too, are made of the stone and soil and both are the creature of Allah, and likewise, the Gold and silver too are a transformed shape of the soil. It is quite dolorous that the people go on buying spree for the Gold and other precious stones so blindly that the wealth has overrun all the human values, and the Family devour, hereditary nobility and national traditions are reduced to a debris, and the belief in resurrection has vanished away, and every one has become an unequivocal annotation of Mammonism. The extermination of spiritual values gives rise to the moral cavities, and the following commandment of Allah is transgressed unscrupulously:


"Hold the rope of Allah firmly and be not disjointed".


And when the true bondsmen of Allah raise their voice against this rampant evil the whole community insert their fingers deep into their ears and remain unmoved. So the righteous people shed profuse tears while Satan explodes into laughters, lured by his provisional success.


"We caught one and all by their sin. To some of them we directed the Tornado. Some of them were surprised by the Blaring yell, and some ones were guttered down the earth, and some others were inundated, and Allah was not to tyrannize them but they were tyrannizing themselves".


The man of this age has construed the wealth A DESIDERATUM of his life, and has taken for his privilege to construct soaring structures, without giving his mind a room to think about those monarchs who were also lusting after the construction of superb and spectacular palaces, and the whole world was reeling under their shifty maneuvers, their despotic attitude, their glamorous way of life and their superiority complex, when they fell at last under the invincible grip of Divine Wrath they got no more excused and pardoned, they all become a part of the soil which is regularly trodden by our foot-soles.


How many gardens, amenities, forms, fine stations and bounties, for their utilization, were left by them and inherited by us to another community.


And how many deterrent punishments arrayed before us, following the infringement to the Divine Laws?


We notice a Brazen invasion of modern excruciating complications. One is prone to financial paucity though he is having every thing. Either the children are incompetent or the parents are adjugated to be incompetent. Whole the nation is devoid of perception and conception. The mental complications today are pervasive more than any other fraction of  time. The interment has turned to an entertainment. As soon as the heart begins to throb a little more heavily, the man bids adieu to this world. The insecurity has climbed to such a delicate point that heart jumps out of the thoracic wall with the slightest movement of the leaves. The persistent skirmishes between the wife and husband, make the new generation realize the matrimonial bound as an insufferable burden, the financial strait has grown narrower notwithstanding the influx of sources and resources.


Who swerved from chanting my name, shall have a, penurious livelihood, and he will be congregated blind on the Dooms day".





Dedicated to those scientists, who are inching towards the cognizance of the facts, spotlighted by Allah Almighty, in the wake of their intelligent observation for the top vertex of scientific achievement, which is not other than the "Disastrous end of the Universe". And this is probably during 15th century of Lunar calendar.