The structure of this Universe tells us unequivocally, that every object IN ESSE, has been established somewhere else much earlier, and that the past and present of every thing are interlinked. When we make a mention of past, we implicitly acknowledge the family and race of some particular thing. If it was possible for us to exchange a talk with the almond tree, it could have narrated to us very eloquently its pedigree in the same fashion in which a human gives the details of his genealogical tree, while accounting for his family dignity and prestige.  We can't gainsay that the sheep species too are standing on their specified measures and natural requirements. So as the families, species and creatures have their genealogical columns, likewise "the good and bad" have no exception in this regard. A "Good" also has a family or a tree, and when this tree is established, it has the ramification process of countless branches, flowers and leaves and all these become so extensive that a tree turns to be a Luxuriant shadow for its family, race and progeny.


More often we attach no importance to a certain misdeed, but this tiny and ostensibly trivial misdeed develops a seed and turns a lofty tree to the chagrin of all its species due to its thorns, ugly-looking flowers, black, dry and rough leaves and the fad and withered branches. Then this chagrin, through qualm of conscience, gives berth to such a fatal range of diseases that prove unavoidable or indomitable to the man despite all his defensive outworks. We want not to ignore the reality and to adopt the thinking habit, than it is absolutely necessary for us to know that all the phases of "good and bad" are alive and mobile like all the members of a family. Hence you can presage that the tree of good showers the blessing and boom while the tree of misdeed causes for mankind all sorts of fear, scare, trouble and grief.


Every person is well cognizant of the fact that the members of the family occupy a pretty position as long as live with mutual understanding and sentimental solidarity. They enjoy a collective voice and a collective force. If the sticks of a sweeper is disjointed, and a particular object is hit by every individual stick, it will prove of no account though the number of sticks may rise to thousands. On the contrary, if we hit some one by a joint and strongly-tied up sweeper, it may leave the body of target darkish-blue.


Therefore, The Quran invites our attention towards our unity and integrity, and directs us as one family, one nation and one gigantic tree to come forth untidily and tighten our grip over the rope of Allah and end their divisibility. This Quranic guidance requires us in a very articulate words to get united on one platform regardless of our juristic schools, and to mop up our differences by holding, with a collective spirit, the rope of Allah in sheer accordance with Quranic guidance, but what a deplorable pity that we face.


Our grim tragedy is that we unfortunately are not of an unanimous approach to Quran in the term of its exegesis. Only one verse has several explanatory adages, contradicting each other. So it is beyond the capacity of a layman to take a decisive stand by going through commentaries as the commentators have no criteria to single out the true exegesis from the dud one. This feature resulted in the in thensification of the difference which to-day has caught whole nation while previously it was restricted to a handful of persons.


When we search out our predecessors' era and the conditions prevalent there, we find out, with no iota of doubt, that they maintained their unity and did not face any difficulty in the perception of Quranic Terse expressions and delicate secrets. When the collective spirits of Muslims ceased to exist, and the tree of misdeed occupied the place of tree of good, they were badly divided in so many hands and faction, and got devoid of all Quranic gems and Divine benedictions.


Allah very categorically says:


"Hold the rope of Allah firmly and be not disjoined".

It goes without saying that all the Universe, in addition to the mankind, is the creature of Allah. Likewise, the children of a mother, numbering, say, to seven, or nine, or twelve, may broadly termed as her creature, and no mother likes her children fight each other, but her maternal instinct demands them for holding their maternal rope and be united so that the central gravity of the mother may not come to an end. Figuratively a mother may be likened to Allah the divinity of Allah, His love and affection towards the mankind, all these require that all the human being, being members of the human race, should live happily as the happiness of the creature is undoubtedly the happiness of Allah, the Lord of Universes.





Dedicated to those scientists, who are inching towards the cognizance of the facts, spotlighted by Allah Almighty, in the wake of their intelligent observation for the top vertex of scientific achievement, which is not other than the "Disastrous end of the Universe". And this is probably during 15th century of Lunar calendar.