Say. " O Allah. The key-holder of sovereignty. You confer the sovereignty on whom you want, and you snatch the sovereignty from whom you want. In your possession lies the good. Indeed you are dominant over every thing. You induct the night in the day and induct the day in the night. and provide whom you want with no limitation."


On par with the day and night rotation, the supremacy also has its rotative share in world nations. It is needless to remind you of the long cherished civilizations of Babylon and Egypt how they were undermined after they reached the pinnacle of fame and celebrity. The East was, at some time, an effervescent center of civilization which subsequently made its way to west while Greek. Afterward, Greek itself was split in so many small counties to meet its tragic end, then it was the turn of Rome where the civilization flourished by leaps and bounds and covered all occidental belts. After some duration, Iran had its civilizational break through, which lasted till the advent of Islam which irrigated all the oriental and occidental areas through its perennial water ways of profound knowledge and erudition.


And when, very tragic to admit, Muslims lost their identity and tarnished their milky-white character, the convoy of civilization retraced towards the west. The present traumatic situation is that the backward nations are a pathetic semblance of deterioration and disgrace. The bankruptcy of the Muslim nation may be easily appreciated through this bitter fact that they have not achieved even their economic sufficiency apart from arts and science. A nation that was implementing the Quranic decrees and injunctions on everyone, reached today the Lowest edge of economic paucity, covering the vistas of their minds with unpeneterable curtains. A misery like interest has made the Muslims an unathoritative nation, so helpless that they do not brace themselves up even to declare a fact fearlessly.


Allah says :


"O believers fear Allah and discard the remaining interest if you are real believers. If you do not comply with this, then beware of a war from Allah and His Prophet".


All the Muslims perform prayers. observe fast, go on pilgrimage, and pay out the religious tax (Zakath), but much to our intauration and chagrin, how the prayer of God's enemy be construed valid? and how he may be benefitted with the blessings of fast while he is in a war state with Allah, and how those, whom Allah has declared openly His enemies, make  the round of Kaba and enlighten themselves with the luminous facets of Kaba.


 The history itself stands as a irrefutable witness of the fact that any nation, which made a mockery of Divine rule, was driven to a precipitous down fall.


 Is the time not ripe for us to check our internal and external functions?


Water is defined scientifically as H2+O1, and if you bring about even a marginal change in its quantity, it shall turn to be a deadly poison. Even if these two components are kept in equal quantity, they shall form some toxic and fatal mixture. Indeed, hydrogen and oxygen are two toxic and deadly gases, and with slight differences in their weights, you can prepare millions of toxic compounds, but, quite strangely, when they are kept in the proportion of H2O they yield water which is an inevitable source of life for all that available in the Universe. Hence Allah says.


"We have conferred life on every thing through Water".


"We have created every thing in a calculated measure".


"We do have the stocks of every thing but we send down only in them some stipulated quantity".


Glory be to Allah: How many portents He has set for true thinkers.

Lemon and black pepper are made of 10 and 20 proportions of hydrogen and carbon respectively, but the disparity in their appropriate quantities diversifies their shapes, colors, sizes and effects. Likewise, the coal and diamond are the products of carbon but the difference of quantity makes one of them extremely black and the other gleamy white. Apart from this one of them is easily crushable and cheap, and the other is adamantive and quite costly. One confers on the man a new life while the other is used in the rings for decorative purposes.


Allah, the Lord of Universes, have created the man with love and solidarity, and by the virtue of same love and solidarity He wants the man to hold the rein of this Universe to impose the Divine order upon the inhabitants of the Universe to fulfill the right of being the viceroy of Allah.





Dedicated to those scientists, who are inching towards the cognizance of the facts, spotlighted by Allah Almighty, in the wake of their intelligent observation for the top vertex of scientific achievement, which is not other than the "Disastrous end of the Universe". And this is probably during 15th century of Lunar calendar.