If you lend your ears to those commandments, enjoined by me to-day and abide by them. your Lord shall keep you dominant over all the folks of the world, and all the blessings will be heading towards you. You shall remain auspicious in the town and auspicious in the field too. You will remain auspicious while making your entry in the house and you will remain auspicious while making your exit from the house too. Your enemies shall be heinously vanquished in front of you. They shall launch their attack in one way and shall run away in seven ways. Your fruits shall have bumper harvest, and his Pure treasures will be kept under your disposal. The Sky shall rain upon you without any procrastination. You shall lend to others and shall not borrow.


But, on the contrary, if you do not lend your ears to the commandments of your Lord, contravening them, you shall be hit by all His curses. You shall remain cursed in the town and cursed in the field too. You shall remain cursed while making your entry and exit from the house. You shall receive from the Allah the curse, the confusion and the wrath until you perish. The epidemic shall remain concomitant to you. Tuberculosis, Pyorrhea, allergy, inflammation, drought and simian shall strike you from Allah. Your sky shall be of copper and your earth shall be of iron. The sky shall pour upon you the dust and soil instead of rain. You shall launch attack on your enemies in one way and run away in seven ways. Allah shall hit you with frenzy, blindness and scare and you shall remain groping in broad day-light as a night blind gropes in the darkness. Your sons and daughters shall be captured by others before your eyes and shall undergo all strains, waiting for them. Your hands shall be of no use, and the fruits of your drudgery shall be consumed by some align community" (Bible).


You can't bring forth any example for that a tyrant remained not retaliated for his despotism sooner or later. This fact also may not be gainsaid that a wicked or fornicator is always miles away from mental peace and tranquillity. The Law of Retaliation or Requital provides very imperatively for that a man can't breath his last to bid adieu to this picturesque world unless and until he pays the penance against the sin, he has perpetrated. This pretension is highly impossible from any quarter that the treachery and embezzlement have added some new dimensions to his joy and delight. Can any body get rid of the disease, complication and confusion after having consumed some putrid and rotten meal. Can a man, preferring a heinous and shrewd life, be expected to record, in his programs and projects, a success that may be interpreted as a true, grand and everlasting success? No doubt, all these questionnaires provide with only one verdict i.e. the good deed always leads to a good consequence and the bad one always causes the bad outcome. At this crucial point, we have to admit reluctantly or irreluctantly this maxim that the human salvation lies in good deeds, and that the misdeeds are always conducive to disaster. This is the law of social and collective life. In case, a society is collectively immersed in the brook of ill-deeds, they have to face a collective and total disaster. It is no more an undecoded secret that Muslims, as a nation, are leading a backward life to a shocking extent. Yesterday they were dictating the world but today every thing has gone topsy-turvy for them as they are looking for their livelihood at those who were living at their financial mercy.


All the Holy scriptures and all the Messengers of Allah have spoken out very conspicuously to the Mankind that the veracity, rectitude and admittance of the fact are the pinnacle of the human life. When a nation arrives at this pinnacle, their hearts feel quiet and calm. The cardiac quietude is such a condition, the availability of which is responsible for the emanation of billions of cells, dormant in the human body. It is very fantastic to note that the creative faculties of a nation become operational proportionate to the emanation of their dormant cells. You will be highly surprised to identify these faculties. Yes, these faculties are not other than the Divine Traits and attributes from which you can decode this message that Allah has granted the man a sovereign authority over the earth and sky, and that His low is beyond any iota of doubt, and that the nations in whom the qualifications, granted by Allah, (which also may be termed as the human talents), emanate, they Govern the every nook and corner of the world. On the contrast, a nation, not employing these talents, are physically and mentally yoked to others.


This era has been witnessing a nation pent-up under the yokes of subjection, captivity and dishonor. This is because the Divine Law prevailed over them. This law very categorically provides that those energetic and enthusiastic nations, in whose veins the blood of life keeps rushing tumultuously, and who are fully engaged in exploiting those resources, bestowed by Allah for their interests, are the absolute Rulers. On the contrast, a nation who is disintegrated, disunited, paranoiac, brandishing a heinous ingratitude towards the bounties of Allah, is strife torn and bereft of every thing.


If so, Let us take the stock of ourselves and analyze our own life so as to decide whether we are counted among the rulers or have been catalogued in ill-fated ones?





Dedicated to those scientists, who are inching towards the cognizance of the facts, spotlighted by Allah Almighty, in the wake of their intelligent observation for the top vertex of scientific achievement, which is not other than the "Disastrous end of the Universe". And this is probably during 15th century of Lunar calendar.