Admit your sins at the threshold of Divine abode, burst, into tears, in front of Him, and reckon yourself crest fallen and helpless in front of  your Lord, who is forgiver, benevolent, and who ignores the defects and pardons the sins, and acknowledge your misdeeds, because the humility and self-denial are the assets to be presented to Allah alone. In case, these priceless assets are presented by the man to a man, on par with him, he is deprived of those costly assets and is rendered homeless and hopeless, and all his Glaring regards turn to the benighted disregards.


So the Repentance is a service through which a penitent denies his personality and divulges before his Lord all that not likely be divulged before others. verily, Allah is our savior and sympathizer who showers upon us His countless blessings. He says:


"And your Lord is the forgiver and merciful, If he would trapped them with what they have carried through, He could have expedited the torture to them. But they have a deadline, subsequent to which, they shall find no go".


"He is that who accepts the repentance from His bondsmen, and pardons misdeeds and is aware of what you practice".


Indeed, the correct ideology is that the bondsman, irrespective of the magnitude of his sins, should render the tribute of his tears, mingled with all his servitude and humility, to Allah alone. There is no door to fetch you what you hanker after, save that of Allah who is capable to concede millions of your demands per day. Our Benign Allah has subjected every thing for the service of His bondsmen. The availability of our resources, our culminative growth and decrepitude as per the law, and our disease and cure all these dictated by our Allah who owns unrestricted powers.


Allah Almighty says:


"O Believers! Convey your pure repentance to Allah. Sooner or later your Lord shall expiate your sins and let you enter gardens underneath which the river are flowing, on the day when Allah shall not discredit the Prophet and the Believers".


When a nation gets buried in an awful ravine of its sins, and treks back to Allah with a sense of bondsman ship, and clean their sins, minor  or major, with the flowing rueful tears, and renew their contracts with Allah, this sincere attitude has been termed in Quran as "REPENTANCE" and this is alone is a "Cure-all" for all sorts of catastrophes Turmoils and sense of insecurity. On the contrary, when a bondsman remains quite indifferent with all his sins and dereliction, such a Satanic attitude digs him out and he is destined to a sheer Fiasco in both the worlds. When the same attitude enshrouds all his life, his heart and ears are totally sealed and his eyes are covered with a thick curtain, and his ultimate goal is a dire torment, causing for him all the despair, misery, scare and fear.


Allah says in the Surah of "Repentance":


"All the calamities, which have befallen you, are due to your misdeeds, while Allah pardons much more".


Quran itself has prescribed the remedy as follows:


"Repent to Allah collectively O believers, perchance you secure the salvation".


The betrayal and disbelief in a nation dig in their hearts the woe of foe, fears and superstitions. The trends of desparity in weight and measurement, hoarding and smuggling may appear extremely attractive and charming, but, in long run, they shall prove fatal in the forms of famine and indigence.


So return yielding to Allah, your real creator, and be determined to eradicate these malpractices from your society.





Dedicated to those scientists, who are inching towards the cognizance of the facts, spotlighted by Allah Almighty, in the wake of their intelligent observation for the top vertex of scientific achievement, which is not other than the "Disastrous end of the Universe". And this is probably during 15th century of Lunar calendar.