"Allah is the monitor of that hell which is boiling with burning Oceans. This is the place, occupied with snakes, serpent and scorpions. The food, available in these volcanic precipices, is the tree of ZAQQOUM, and the drink, gushing to the entrails and veins and arteries, is the pus".


The stentorian preachers say: "O Mankind: Fear Allah, if not, such a punishment will be vented to you that the mere imagination of the same is enough to melt your body and grind your bones to ashes. A serpent shall apply its force upon you and you remain sinking in the lowest stratum of the earth. Then you again will be brought back by that serpent and re-sunk as before, and you will be provided with such a hot water that by a sip of which your lips shall dangle down the chin".

These are the awful words, poured deep in our ears like the melted led. A feeble and languish person, preoccupied with these drastic punishments, regards Allah as horrible and awesome. The conception of a horrible God inculcates in his mind that Allah is synonymous to a very dreadful entity.


Why our religious preachers and guides do not lay emphasis upon the benign traits of Allah that He is who nurtures us with nutrients while we are in mother's womb and brings us up during nine months of pregnancy. Why they do not describe who drives the dark and laden clouds from thousands of miles to pour down on our arid lands so that the earth is very picturesquely be decked with a bridal beauty, and the twinkling little stars light our visions and delight our hearts. Allah is exclusively responsible for the dissemination of colorful flowers on the surface of the earth which exude fragrance and add color to human  life. The trees, plenteous of delicious fruits arrayed before us to seize the opportunity of our service. When the trees vibrate on the shoulders of the breeze, they really chant hymn to soothe the human souls. So the breeze plays its lute, the branches dance and the nature itself comes to rapture, and the rain looks as if it was a bride with the sweat streaking her forehead, and what a glamour is wrapped with the gloom of rainy nights and days, because the Sun closes its eyes feeling sorry of the rain-drops and the sun-rays, the cardinal function of which is to burn, turn soft and cold and all the environment is totally washed and the trees put on new costumes.


O man! you can't count down the means of livelihood, provided by Allah to maintain the life, and when you grow wornup by fatigue, the night pats you gently and lulls you to sleep, and when you sunk in sound sleep, the day crawls slowly to your room and laps lightly the panels of your mind to get you up.


O our intelligentsia! Our guides! why you do not make a mention of that Allah who has installed in us such a machinery, every component of which is operational without our will or volition. The heart supplies the blood to keep all the body fresh and blooming, and the brain works as transmitter, Communicating the life-currency to control the nervous system. The entrails are busy to transform the food into the vital parts of the body, and the eyes are engaged with the videography of natural sceneries.


O Our intelligentsia! our leaders!


Why you are obstinate to mention the Allah in a horrifying form so that your audience may remain shivering and scared. Who is unaware of the fact that fear and horror are the prime causes of disunion and isolation. Who shall not acknowledge that the fear is anxiety and agony, and that the fear and horror construct a wall between heart and heart.


O my elders! O claimants of the heritage of my predecessors! if you do believe that your father is a dragon and he shall bite you to end your life, then can you go close to him?


The universal law is to safeguard the interest of peaceful and innocent civilians, and the law-imposing authorities not only commend them but also love them and make all necessary arrangements for their welfare.


O my intelligentsia! why don't you direct the mass behind you to abide by the law as the ruler loves those who are submissive to him, and that if you exploit the resources with a sense of gratitude and equanimity, Allah will be pleased by you, as he has created all these resources for your interest, and that if the modern man eschews to use the synthetic textiles and replaces them with rough ones, it shall result in the lockout of thousands of cloth mills, and eventually millions of people may die of starvation. This lucidity means that if the utilization of the lucrative resources is shunned, the creation of Allah shall be rendered penniless. The word "gratitude" means to utilize the Divine bounties, and the word "patience" or "tolerance" means complete surrender to Divine providence. When the bondsman deny to thank Allah and do not embellish themselves with patience, their hearts become a hot bed for worldly love - love for such world which is transient and ephemeral, Allah does not like that an ephemeral thing such as world, be  recognized as the Goal of life. On the contrary, Allah likes that man be always in the quest of the Eternal life in a peaceful atmosphere, and considers all the amenities and articles dust of the road.


In case, you are blissful, you should avoid the evils, because Allah showers His blessings on those who are pious, and you should redeem the rights of relatives, poorer and strangers. Don't go extravagant with the money because those who squander the money are figuratively the brothers of Satan and you are well-cognizant of the fact that the Satan is the rebellious to Allah. In case, you are pauper, and are not in a position to lend a hand to the poorer, but you are confidant of the Divine benevolence, you should return them tactfully. Don't be parsimonious and don't be extravagant to sit rueful and poised for the harsh critics.


Be particular in the redemption of the promises and contracts as they are questioned for. Your weighing measurement should be upto the mark as it is a good habit and occasion of good consequence. "Don't pursue such thing about which you are quite in dark, because the ears, eyes and hearts all will be interrogated. Don't walk on the earth ebriated with bragging, because you never penetrate the earth and never equal the hills in stature. These misdeeds are extremely disliked by us.





Dedicated to those scientists, who are inching towards the cognizance of the facts, spotlighted by Allah Almighty, in the wake of their intelligent observation for the top vertex of scientific achievement, which is not other than the "Disastrous end of the Universe". And this is probably during 15th century of Lunar calendar.