The prayer is such a service which may not be substituted by other. Indeed, the prayer is such an action, going through which a man denies his personality and divulges before his Lord all that not likely be divulged even before his closest relatives. There is no iota of doubt that Allah has reserved for Himself unrestricted powers for all the dispensations and disposals. If we ponder over the system, controlling all the happenings of this universe, we can conclude finally that the absolute authority is Allah. As far as the partial authority, enjoyed or spoken of by the man, is concerned, it is too a reflection of the very authority of Allah in the term that He is who conferred on tkle man the ability to exploit that authority. Hence everyone is needy to his creator and there is none who can respond to the call of the bondsmen and accept their prayers. Allah verily says:


"O mankind: You are needy to Allah and Allah is needless and benign".


In Surah of "Aaraf" Allah says:


"Call Him with all religious purities".


Our Prophet (P.B.U.H.) says in what he narrated from Allah almighty that He said:


"O my bondsmen! I have prohibited over me the injustice so you too do not persecute each other:


O my bondsmen: all of you have gone astray save those when I beckoned, so you should ask me for the guidance and I shall guide you:


O my bondsmen: All of you are suffering from starvation save those whom I fed, so you should ask me for provision and I shall provide you:


O my bondsmen: All of you are nude save those whom I clothed, so you should ask me for clothing and I shall cloth you:


O my bondsmen: you continue to perpetrate the sins round the clock, and I pardon all the sins, so you should ask me for excuse and I shall excuse:"


Therefore, you should ask Allah all the best, and cling to His feet with all the humility and submission while stretching your hands before Allah. The humility means that the heart of the bondsmen is fraught with the dignity of Allah and his head drooped, his eyes brimming with the tears and all his gestures remain indicative of helplessness and contrition, Last but not the least, the prayer should be chanted in a low and sedate accent.





Dedicated to those scientists, who are inching towards the cognizance of the facts, spotlighted by Allah Almighty, in the wake of their intelligent observation for the top vertex of scientific achievement, which is not other than the "Disastrous end of the Universe". And this is probably during 15th century of Lunar calendar.