In case, you are either afraid of deprivation of the worldly wealth and boons, being ensnared in some invisible nets of resource-paucity, eruption of war and hostility, falling a  prey to brazen attack, brutality, turmoil or disturbance, natural calamities, devastations and destructions or preoccupied by the scare of social, political, individual and collective problems, growing grimmer with every new sun-ray. When you stand vis-a-vis either of these two ticklish problems, you should not spoil your time in futile arrangements and erroneous maneuvers, but you should proceed to a right direction to weed-out their radical cause and find their appropriate solutions, employing all your spiritual faculties. This has been quoted in Quran as "The Straight Path" and undoubtedly this is the path of success and god-speed.


"Guide us to the Straight path" the path of those whom you have blessed, not (the path ) of those who are vented with your wrath and not of those who have gone astray".


Look what Allah responded with, to this prayer?


"Any clamity that has befallen you, is due to your own earning, and He pardons much more".


"Repent to Allah O believers collectively! perchance you secure success"


When a man is entangled in a deep trench, dug by his misdeeds, and trapped in the nets, erected by his own hands, then he returns back to his Lord, rueful of what he had perpetrated, and acknowledges his errors, and gives his Lord his promises ENCORE, and proceeds to Him with all supplication and entreaty, and sheds from his eyes what cleans and overhauls all his spiritual systems. Such an individual or community finds gratification of Allah. To return to Allah, in religious parlance, is Repentance, and this repentance is the only active remedy for all the scare and vagary and is skeleton-key to solve all the religious and worldly problems.


Reach to the identity of Allah with the deepest point of your heart, and be dedicated for him with full attention of mind and heart, and with all gusto and brio and other abilities, bestowed by Allah. Set your life for others a living example, a walky-talky picture of love and loyalty. Indeed, such persons are included by Allah in the list of His puritan and orthodox bondsmen, and this fact may be perceived by the eyes of souls, or say, by the eyes of spiritualists. When even a layman joins this selective band of true bondsmen of Allah, his heart feel quite happy and his soul is totally pacified, and he is showered by Allah the choicest bliss, boon, benediction, radiance and light.


"The bondsman is regarded nearest to Allah while he is in prostration".


Therefore, if a man prostrates to other than Allah, not only he declares himself as obsequious, but he also tarnishes his national dignity and prestige.


Come on! we trace out those cardinal reasons which are responsible for the domination of your adversaries over you. Our Prophet (P.B.U.H) has kept his fingers on two reasons:


1.         Lust after the world.

2.         Scare of the death.


So that heart of a plucky and enthusiastic Man (Muslim) remains brimming with love of his Lord, and he does not lose his heart even in the vicissitude of times, and goes regardless of the world, and keeps himself cool and calm even in the face of drastic death. The annals of history have recorded so many veteran heroes who welcomed the martyrdom with a smile garnishing their lips as if they were enjoying the taste of a fine nectar.


Don't forget that it is your duty to put an end to the collective loopholes. Be not trapped in the nets of the your foe like a fluttering bird consequent to your timidity and inferiority complex. The fear of enemy is concomitant to the perfidy and betrayal, and food adulteration and parsimonious weight and measurement pave way to the famine, and injustice leads to hectic difference and wanton bloodshed. A perfidious nation is inevitably to be dominated by their enemies. So let us be watchful of ourselves and see where we are standing and how? Repeat this prayer in its original letter and spirit as uttered by our Prophet (P.B.U.H) glorifying Allah:


"O Allah! cover my week spots and secure me from the scare".





Dedicated to those scientists, who are inching towards the cognizance of the facts, spotlighted by Allah Almighty, in the wake of their intelligent observation for the top vertex of scientific achievement, which is not other than the "Disastrous end of the Universe". And this is probably during 15th century of Lunar calendar.