The Glorious Quran provides us with such Moral and spiritual values which can rise to all the vicissitudes of time, as well as it guides us to such a track of life which can be stepped on by any nation across this Globe. Hence the moral and spiritual values, beckoned to by the Quran, if they can co- exist Swiss icy environment, then it will not be a different proposition if they equally have a positive impact over Arid deserts of Africa. Therefore, while the existence in this corporeal world requires a band of social codes and norms, which remains undaunted in the face of all the predicaments, the spiritual life too incorporates such rules and regulations which do not tend to any change or amendment.

 The human being is fully cognizant of the fact that the property of the fire is to set ablaze all that comes across it, therefore "Burning of Fire" is a phenomenon, recognized on eternal line, and this speciality of fire shall remain implicitly unaffected irrespective of any age or any part and parcel of this Earth. So as the transgression of hygienic rules runs in health deterioration in this materialistic world, likewise there are some rules and regulations to maintain the spiritual health, and if we abide by them,. they will be conducive to keep our spiritual health intact. These rules and regulations  are not other than the principles, chalked by all the Prophets generally and by our Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.) particularly. These principles, which secure the spiritual health, are divided into two parts. One part belongs to the Divine Rights, obligatory to the bondsman of Allah, is that the bondsman should have a clairvoyant knowledge of the entity and properties of Allah, and his heart should be brimming with the love of Him, and lust after His prayer and cognizance of the CREATOR. It clearly means that he should be fastened up to Allah so closely that it may infuse in all his arteries and veins the spirit of longing for His prayers, and shall etch on his heart plate, in very bold letters, that he is destined to reach to Allah by the dint of such a rope which may never be disjunctive or go loose or end. Another divine right is that the bondsman of Allah should incessantly realize the acknowledgment, he has made on the primitive day that Allah was kind enough to create him, assemble him in a desired shape, nurture him and subjugate for him whatever is available on the Earth and skies. So he vowed to obey his Lord and genuflect on His threshold as long as he remains alive in any of the universes.

 Among the human rights is that the bondsman should have an abiding belief that the mankind, on the whole, constitute a family of Allah, and that he too is a member of that family. So the man as he chalks out definite scheme for his own weal and prosperity, he should also with no dereliction, do the same for the betterment of his brother. If you cast, even a cursory glance, in the memoirs of God's Prophets and His true bondsman, they shall vouch very conspicuously for their dedication to human service. Indeed, the genuine impetus for such a service engenders in the man the properties of love, fraternity, equality and maternal affection. The meditative confinement of Moses to the Mount of Sinai for a tenure of an uninterrupted forty days was not but a token for the benefit of Bani Israel with divine benediction, likewise, when our Prophet (P.B.U.H.) made his exit from Hira Cave, he turned a perennial resource of numerous spiritual and materialistic privileges towards the humanity, so all the boons, received by our Prophet (P.B.U.H.) in the dark and tight corner of Hira through his onerous and prolonged meditation, made their influx to the thirsty and withered souls, our glorious Quran, through elucidation of human and spiritual values, guides us how to accomplish the human rights along with divine rights. Whenever Allah makes a mention of His rights, He reminds us of that He is the Sovereign, Holy, Flawless, Peace Securer, Shelter, Majestic, Super and Superb, and that He is the Creator, Originator and Shape- setter of this Universe.

 When bondsman is privileged to go ahead with divine rights, Allah acknowledges to discern his services as He says in the Surah of CATTLES: "He will not be perceived by the eyesights, while He perceives the eyesights".

 It presages that the man, devoid of vision and bereft of perspicacity, when fails to catch his Lord, with his materialistic eyes, Allah, Himself approaches him as mentioned in the Surah of the COW:

"I am nigh, I respond to the call of supplicant when he calls me".

 In similar context, another verse reads as follows:

 "He is with you whersoever you happen to be".

 The following saying of Allah is indicative of more approach:

 "We are closer to him than the jugular vein".

 Allah repeatedly proclaims of His nearness to His bondsman in spite of the fact that He is not perceived by the eyesight.





Dedicated to those scientists, who are inching towards the cognizance of the facts, spotlighted by Allah Almighty, in the wake of their intelligent observation for the top vertex of scientific achievement, which is not other than the "Disastrous end of the Universe". And this is probably during 15th century of Lunar calendar.