Chapter No. 33 Spiritual Science

The famous Indian Sufi Baba Tajuddin Nagpuri (R.A) expressed such basic points in his discussions, not only in dealing with specific problems but also in common situations, which were directly related to the core of the laws of nature. Sometimes it seemed that the rays of light passed from his mind to the minds of the devoted listeners. Usually it happened that he sat silent but the audience felt and understood everything exactly as it was present in the mind of Baba Tajuddin (R.A). It was a common practice that some question arose in the minds of a few people and Baba Tajuddin (R.A) answered immediately.

Marhatta Raja Ragho Rao was his great devotee. Maharaja was also interested in concealed knowledge and he had the ability to be benefitted. Once, the maharaja said to Baba Tajuddin (R.A): "Baba Sahib, the invisible creatures like angels and jinaat, who have the persistent knowledge, are mentioned in all the Holy Books. Each religion tells something about the evil spirits but the absence of logic and description of knowledge make a sensible man to ponder sceptically. They hesitate to say with certainty that they had perceived. All expressed experiments which are the talk of the town, are individual, not collective. Please say something on this issue."

Baba Tajuddin (R.A) was resting when this question was asked. While looking upwards, he said: "Mian Ragho Rao, since the times we are born, we have been watching the stars above. There is hardly any night when we have not seen upwards to the sky. It is a very interesting and common saying that the stars are before us and we are watching the stars, we are aware of the world of sky, but what we are looking at, and what type of the world of stars we know, we cannot explain all that. Whatever we say is nothing more than the speculations. Even then we believe that we are familiar. The more surprising aspect is when we claim that man knows something, we never think whether there lies any fact in that claim or not.

What is Day and What is Night?

He said, "Try to understand whatever I have said and then tell me how deficient the human knowledge is! Without knowing anything, man believes that he knows a lot. These things are beyond reach. Also keep an eye at the things which are commonly experienced by human being. The day breaks, try to understand this. We do not know what is meant by the day break and what are day and night. The reply to this query is often given that this is day and the night after this. This is the whole of human experience. Mian Rago Rao, just think, can a serious minded fellow be satisfied with this answer? Day and night are neither angels nor jinaat, and still they are real facts and no one can deny their existence. You can say that the eye watches the day and night so they are believable but it is necessary to understand that if the meditation does not work behind the eye, the tongue cannot tell anything about what the eyes see. In fact the whole process of observation and thinking is meditation. Eye vision is just a speechless and shapeless thing. Meditation gives rise to all types of experiments. Suppose all other senses like the sense of vision. All are dumb, blind and deaf. Only meditation gives listening and watching ability to the senses. Senses are considered to be separate entity from meditation, although they have no existence without meditation. Human being is meditation. Angel is meditation. Jin is meditation. So every living creature is meditation."


Infinite Meditation

He said, "In this debate, a stage comes when many secrets of the universe are revealed. Listen carefully! Many things rise during our meditation. Actually they come from the outside. Human meditation is influenced from all other meditations like that of angels and jinaat which have been mentioned before. It is a natural phenomenon that loneliness is benefitted from unlimited meditation. If this favour of the Nature discontinues, the mutual relationship of the individuals would be broken.

It is the part of the process of Nature that one type of meditation influences the other type of meditation. Humans are made of mud, jinaat shapeless and the angels are made of noor (light). These are three different types of meditations and all of these are the universe. If these are not linked together and the waves of type of meditation do not interact with the other type of meditation, the connection would be broken to make the universe collapse.

The proof to this is that our meditation is aware of the shapelessness and all types of shapeless beings. Similar is the case with noor and its all types although our experiences of meditation are of that of mud. So this is evident now the experiences of shapelessness and noor have been achieved through stranger meditation. Meditation is usually considered synonymous with self. Self and meditation are the combination of such conditions which are collectively referred to as 'individual'. Stars and particles are the similar types of creation. We seldom think that we converse with stars, particles and all creations through our meditation. It means that their self (waves of meditation) exchange many things with us. Whole of the universe is a combination of this type of communication. Angels and jinaat are the most important creatures for us. They are nearer to us from the point of meditation and familiar to us in communication."


The Galaxy System

Baba Tajuddin (R.A) was looking towards the stars at that time and said: "there is a strong relationship bet ween us and galaxy systems. The thoughts which come to our minds one after the other are received from other systems and their populations. These thoughts reach us through the medium of light. The small and large rays of light bring unlimited number of picture galleries of thoughts. In our language, we call these picture galleries as superstition, imagination and meditation etc. It is considered that these are our own contrivances. Actually this is not so. Instead the thinking ways of all the creatures have a point in common and this common point gives the knowledge of these picture galleries collectively. This knowledge depends on its type and the consciousness of an individual. The picture galleries change to match the manners and methods set by the consciousness according to values set by itself."

It is necessary to mention at this stage that these three types of behaviours have more things in common These have been mentioned as humans, angels and jinaat in heavenly books and The Holy Quran. These types are found in all the galaxy systems of the universe. The Nature has developed such a system in which these three types have become creative workers. The creative waves emit from their minds and spread in the universe and when these waves reach a particular point after travelling a settled distance, they get tJie form of universal phenomenon.


In spite of having different aspects everything is one

Meditation, self and individual are all one. We cannot differentiate their meaning only because of the difference of words. The question is after all what are these self, meditation and individual? These are the beings which have been made up of unlimited number of shapes of conditions, for example, vision, hearing, conversation, love, pity, selflessness, speed, flight, etc. Each one of these has its own separate condition, shape and entity. The Nature has collected so many entities like these at one place in such a way that in spite of having different entities they have become one and the same thing. Every human has thousands of organisms. In the same way jinaat and angels also have the same structure. These three structures are special simply because they have more entities of conditions than the other types of creatures. There is present single entity and a large number of entities in the structure of the universe, however, all types of individuals have same number of entities.

Dakhaan (Concealed Smoke)= positive condition/ negative condition

Humans live in a large number of planets and it is hard to imagine how many kinds they have. The same can be said about angels and jinaat. Whether they are humans, angels or jinaat, every individual of their organism is a lasting condition. The life of every entity is either conspicuous or conealed. When the function of an entity is conspicuous, it is conscious and when it is concealed it remains in the unconscious. The results of conspicuous function are called innovations and inventions by the human beings. But the outcomes of concealed function do not fall under consciousness although they are more grand and consistent.

This mystery is worth considering here that the whole universe is replete with the outcomes of concealed function. However, these phenomena are not the product of concealed human unconsciousness. Man cannot keep constant contact with the far off quarters of the concealed universe. The human traits are the reason for this weakness. This is beyond human understanding why the humans associate their meditation with mud. A creature that is helpless and bound in the distances of space and time cannot fulfill the requirements of the meditation functioning in the universe. In this situation a creature was needed which had the ability to fill the empty corners. So the angels and jinaatwere created with the purpose to fill the space. Till now human meditation has not revealed all those phenomena which could complete the universe. Universe is the name of the distances of space and time. These distances are formed with the small and large heterogeneous waves. The   · change is caused because of their small and large size. In fact, both time and space are its different shapes. The concealed smoke which is not well known to the world is the real existence of the outcome of this heterogeneous phenomenon. Here the Dakhaan (concealed smoke) does not refer to the normal smoke. The smoke is visible while dakhaan is the smoke that is not visible to the human eye. Human are the product of positive dakhaan while the jinaat are the product of negative dakhaan. The angels are made of their gist. The three ingredients of the worlds are the founders of concealment and presence. Without them the corners of the universe remain devoid of possible commotion. As a consequence our conscious and unconscious is lost in the void far away from life.

A strange and marvelous process is going on among these three types. One of the positive dakhaan is sweetness. A large ·quantity of this condition keeps on moving in human blood. The negative condition of dakhaan is salty. A large quantity of this condition is found in jinaat. The angels are made with the combination of these two same conditions. If the positive conditions decrease and negative increase in humans, all the capabilities of jinaat are awakened in human being and he starts functioning like jinaat. If the positive conditions increase and negative decrease in any Jin, the gravitational pull is born in him. The same rule applies to the angel. If the positive or negative conditions increase above the fixed level, then with the force of the positive he can create human characteristics and with the force of the negative, the characteristics of Jinaat can be created. In the same way if the positive and negative conditions fall from the fixed level, he can act like an angel.

The method is quite easy. We can liberate ourselves for some time from the distances of time and space by decreasing the level of sweetness and salt from the fixed level. By decreasing the level of sweetness only, we can shorten the distances of space and time like jinaat. But it is very essential to seek the guidance of a spiritual man to work on these methods.


The Law of Thought

This rule should be instilled carefully that the thoughts coming in our minds are mostly irrelevant to our affairs. They are concerned with some creature that is present somewhere far or near in the universe. The perceptions of that creature reach us through wave. When we try to relate these perceptions with our lives, we fail in spite of trying our level best. There are some more things to be considered about the waves of self which have just been discussed.

The scientists consider light to be a speedy thing but its speed is not fast enough to break the distances of time and space. However, the waves of self are present everywhere in , company. The distances of time and space always remain in the r control. In other words we can say that the distances of space and time do not exist for them. The distances which are shortened by the waves of light, the waves of the self do not consider them to be existing at all.

Waves of the Self

The manners of conversation have been established among human beings since the very beginning. The waves of sound whose meanings are decided, inform the listeners. This is the reproduction of the same method which is followed by the waves of the self.

It has been seen that a dumb person says everything with a slight movement of his lips and the sensible people understand all that. This process is also the reflection of previous method. The animals communicate to the others with their sound. The waves of the self work in this situation also. Trees also converse among themselves. This conversation not only takes place between the nearer trees but also among the trees at the distance of thousands of miles away. The same rule is established among minerals. Pebbles, stones and dust particles communicate exactly in the same way.

Internal Urges

Many of the incidents of prophets and the men with spiritual power witness that only one unconsciousness is reigning in the whole universe. Through this unconsciousness one wave of concealment and conspicuousness understands the other whether these are existing far apart. Discernment and meaningfulness of concealment and conspicuousness is the jugular vein of the universe. Through this jugular vein we can reveal the signs and conditions of our own and other planets by meditation and concentration. We can also know the perceptions of humans and animals, the movements of jinaat and angels and the internal urges of plants and minerals.


The Palace of Hazrat Suleman (A.S)

Hazrat Suleman's (A.S) palace was built with the bricks made of gold and silver. The gold and silver mosaic work was done on the walls. The ceilings were studded with emerald and red ruby. The imperial throne was studded with emerald, precious stones, ruby and turquoise. Trees with transparent branches were engraved on all the four edges of the throne. The branches were decorated with colourful lights. Each branch bore nests where the birds were shown in sitting posture. Aloes woods smouldered (the price of aloes wood was Rs: 560000/- per kg in the year 2002) and used to serve the purpose of air fresheners. The royal throne was situated at a height. On the right and left side of the throne, chairs were placed where the human and jinaat nobles of the state and their assistants used to sit. When Hazrat Suleman appeared with the royal crown on his head, the birds sitting on the trees spread their wings which emitted sweet fragrance and the peacocks studded with jewels and decorated with colours used to dance. All this was a scientific miracle.

Quranic Science

When Hazrat Suleman came to know that Queen Saba was coming, he addressed his courtiers: "I want that the throne of Queen Saba should reach the royal court before she arrives." A gigantic Jin said, "I can bring the throne before the court is dismissed." Listening to the Jin's claim, a man, who had the knowledge of the Book, said, "I can bring the throne to this court before the blink of an eye." Hazrat Suleman turned his direction and found the throne of Queen Saba in the court. He ordered to change the shape of the throne a bit and said that he wanted to see whether after seeing that Queen Saba would choose the right path or not.

When Queen Saba reached Hazrat Suleman's palace, she was asked whether it was her throne. The wise queen replied, "It appears to be the same one." At the same time she said, "I have already come to know about your unique and matchless power. That is why I have come to you as a submissive and obedient person. This wonderful incident of the throne is yet another show of your matchless and incomparable power, so I express my obedience to you."

Hazrat Suleman got constructed a grand palace with the help of jinaat and engineers who were human beings. This was matchless because of the shiny precious stones, eminence of palace, and strange handicrafts. The courtyard at the entrance was dug up as a huge pond and filled with water. A fine floor was laid with clear stones and pieces of crystal. The onlookers thought in deception as if clear water was flowing in the courtyard.


Spiritual Senses

Aguava was presented to Baba Tajuddin Nagpuri. When a piece of it touched his lips, he said, "It is the flesh of a dead body." After saying this he threw away that piece. Some of the people present there were curious to know what could be the relationship between a piece of guava and the flesh of a dead body. Two of the noble men went to the fruit shop from where guava was bought. The shopkeeper told the address of the broker and the broker told the address of the farmer from where the guava was brought to him. The farmer told them that the orchard of guava was grown at a place where there was a graveyard once.


Strange Narrative

A famous sufi,, sage and remarkable personality of Indo-Pak Sub-continent Hazrat Ghaus Ali Shah Panipati (R.A) narrated the following incident that provides strange information about time and space: "A man came to Shah Abdul Aziz (R.A). His dress showed that he belonged to the royal court. He asked Shah Sahib (R.A). 'Hazrat, My tale is so strange that no one is ready to believe. Even I myself am unable to understand this. I am at a loss what to say, whom to say, what to do and where should I go? At last I have come to you.' While narrating his account he said: 'I lived in Lakhnow and had a job. Everything was alright. Suddenly my fortune changed. My financial condition became worse. Most of my time was spent in idleness. I thought it better to search for a living in some other city instead of doing nothing to earn livelihood. I took some provisions for journey and went towards Odey Pur. On my way I stayed at Rawari. Except an inn, it was a deserted land at that time. A few prostitutes lived in that inn. I was sitting worried in the inn. I had run short of money also. A prostitute came and said, 'Mr. Why are you sitting tense and not taking meal?' I said, 'I am tired after a long journey and will eat my meal after taking some rest.' Then she went away, and came back after a short while and asked the same question. I gave the same reply and she went again. She came the third time and asked the same question. I told her everything in detail that I had spent all what I had and now thinking to sell my horse and weapon. She went to her room quietly and brought ten rupees for me.

When I hesitated to accept the money, she said, 'I have saved this money for my funeral purposes by doing spinning work. There is no need of any formality. I am giving you this money as a loan without interest. When you are better off, return my money. I accepted and reached Odey Pur by spending that money. I got a good job there. By the grace of God I became well off. I received a letter from my home that my son had come of age. His in-laws were stressing for marriage. I was asked to go back to get relieved from the responsibility.

I went to my home after getting leave. When I reached Rawari, past events came to my mind. On reaching the inn I came to know that the prostitute was severely ill and she was about to die. When I reached near her, she was breathing her last. She passed away before my very eyes. I arranged her funeral requirements and laid her body in the grave with my own hands. Then I came back to the inn and went to sleep. I thought about the money in my pocket at midnight. I found five thousand rupees missing from my pocket. I searched but could not find it. A thought occurred to me that I might have dropped the money while burying her. With great difficulty I reached grave yard and opened the grave bravely.'

Inside the Grave

'I had to face strange situation when I got down into the grave. Neither the dead body was present there nor the money. A door was visible on one side. Mustering up the courage, I entered the door. I found a new world there. A row of gardens were seen all around and green fruit trees were grown there. There was a splendid building on one side of the garden. When I entered the building, I found a beautiful woman who was wearing royal dress with complete make up. The servants were standing around· in obedience. The lady addressed         me, 'Have you recognized me? I am the same who gave you ten rupees. God liked this act of mine to give me salvation and blessed me. This is your money which you dropped in the grave. Take your money and leave this place immediately.' I said, 'I want to walk around here for some time.' That beautiful lady replied, 'You cannot complete the round of this place even if you continue walking till the doom's day. So go away immediately. You cannot imagine how far the world will have gone during this time. I acted upon her advice and came out of the grave. I saw that neither the inn nor the old town were present there. There was a city all around. I asked about the inn from some people. All of them were unaware of the inn. Some people considered me a lunatic.

At last a man said, 'I can bring you to a sage who is very old, perhaps he could tell you something about the inn. That sage listened to the detailed account and said after thinking a while: 'I remember that my grandfather used to tell about the presence of an inn at this place. A rich man came to stay at that inn. Mysteriously, he disappeared on a night. No clues were found about his where about.' I said that I was the same rich man who had disappeared from the inn. The sage and the people present and opened the grave bravely, there were all surprised to listen to my words and started looking blank."

That rich man became silent after narrating his story and then requested Shah Abdul Aziz (R.A): "Tell me what should I do? Where should I go? I have no home and no place to live. The other thing is that this incident has trapped me in straitened circumstances." Shah Sahib (R.A) said, "Whatever you have seen is all fact because the measurement of time of this world is totally different from that of the next world." Shah Sahib (R.A) said, "Now you should go to Baitullah and spend the remaining time of your life in praying to God."



Many a scholar has written a lot about spiritualism and pantheism. One school of thought is of the view that as saints often used to wear wooly dresses therefore people would call them sufis. Wool is called sauf in Arabic. They used to wear such a dress, for it had been the habit of many a prophet, saints and pious people. According to some people, as they have been associated with the Ashaab-e-suffa that is why they are called sufis; whereas according to yet another school of thought the word sufi is linked with suf a.... but all these explanations are not satisfactory.

In fact, the terminological meaning of Sufi'ism (tasawaf) is self­ cleansing. It is the name of a true spirit that is related to conscience and the light of conscience is always inherent. A sufi always thinks in the context of Allah. His talk moves around Allah. He lives with Allah and dies in the name of Allah. He recites His words and always praises Him and remains enmeshed in His love. He sacrifices everything in order to see and meet Allah.