Chapter No. 31 Time and Space

Allah says:.

"Allah doth wish to make clear to you and guide you by the examples of those who were before you, and would turn to you in mercy. Allah is Knower, Wise."

(Surah An-Nisa: Verse 26)

Everything needs to be explained in an allegorical way, and expressing in least words makes that thing easy to comprehend. We try to make the boys and girls (students) comprehend the complex phenomenon of time and space.

Two travelers....two friends....two men....were walking on the road.

One of them was short whereas the other one was tall in stature. Apparently both walked at the same pace but when the shorter one would take step he would cover less distance and the taller one's step would help him cover more.

Both were walking. Their steps would take them forward and the road would fold like a suff (sheet) behind them as if someone was wrapping up the suff (sheet) from the back....They started talking to each other during their walk. When one spoke the other responded. Then the other responded to the first. After covering a long distance they came across the third man... He joined them listening to their talk while coming from behind and then he also started talking to them.

Now the two turned to be three friends....three travelers.....and three men.

This man was also tall in stature. The shorter man came in between the two taller men and they started walking... While walking ahead the road started getting backward and before their eyes, ..the road started spreading. When they would take two steps...the third step would make the road leave behind...and the steps got walking ahead...During the walk as the parts of space or road were being left behind, the hands of the watch were moving at the same rate. One man looking at his watch said that they had been walking since twenty minutes.

When we walk, the earth pushes us forward.

It means that when the road in yards and furlongs underwent the steps similarly twenty minutes also passed by.

Of the three the shorter one asked....Chums! Since we have started walking the road has been skipping back...we have been getting forward...the road has been leading backward...We can also say that the road has been pushing us forward.

The second man spoke....Friends! If the road has been pushing us forward twenty minutes have elapsed since then. What after all, if this is the phenomenon of twenty minutes?

The third man said....I could fairly say that when we take up first step our second step is placed on the road...when we take up second step our third step is placed on the road and whatever is there in between the taking up of these steps, it is the SPACE....and if a friction of a second elapses between these steps it is the TIME.

All the three men stood still, ...and sat down under a shady tree on the bank of the road. After a short pause one of them spoke.

Chums! Our company naturally has shaped in a form of a triangle.

Is such shaping up of a triangle a coincidence...or is there some insight behind it?

The shorter man said wonderingly....look up! The earth is round.

It seems as if this triangle is either under a round circle or an umbrella. But it is queer that there exists an umbrella over the earth and we three are sitting on the earth.

When we were walking the earth was getting backward. Now since we are sitting the earth is holding its place...the roundness of the tree (umbrella) and our sitting in a triangle is somewhat synonymous.

The third man intervened...he said.... "Friends!, ..the roundness of the tree exists on a stem and the stem of the tree exists on the earth, .. is there any message in the formation of the round umbrella from the earth, the stem, leaves and the branches of the tree?"

There must appear some wisdom in it....

The three of them got so much involved in solving this riddle that they could not sense the passing time. When they sensed of it an hour had traveler spoke... "When we were walking on the road...since we were taking up our steps...the road was therefore leading backward. We were moving forward...between our successive taking up the steps and falling on the earth when the road was left far behind we found that twenty minutes had elapsed; but now we are talking while sitting here...not walking then how did one hour get passed by?.. Is the passing of time associated with the movement or the time passes by without movement"...The traveler who had joined the other two on the way...said... "Brothers! It is worth- wondering that when we were walking the time passed by and now when we are sitting the time passed by, means that time is secondary and space is supreme.

It was such a complex and difficult analysis that both the friends remained bewildered, ..that when there is SPACE there will be movement and time. When there is no SPACE time will not pass by.

Of the three one said....

"Man was born in SPACE. The mother's womb is not less than SPACE... When the clot gets in there time also starts. It has never happened that a clot does not get in the womb and birth takes place after nine months..."

It has also never happened that the earth is no SPACE and a child turns youth...and a youth turns age...If a man turns sixty year old or then a hundred...there will be if SPACE is there...No man can tum sixty or hundred without SPACE...The spreading or compressing of the SPACE determines time.













Embodiment of Adam

When Adam and Eve committed disobedience they felt themselves to be that they felt themselves stripped off. It means that the embodiment of Adam is a SPACE. Before committing disobedience they could not see those features of their body that come under satar and soon as they committed it. The SPACE of Adam's embodiment also changed. It means that Adam entered the inferior SPACE from the superior SPACE. If there had been no embodiment of Adam he would not have felt himself nude.


A Day of One Thousand Years

Of the three one spoke... "As it is the matter of Adam and Eve, we would solve the riddle of TIME and SPACE through Divine books is so for the Divine Books have introduced Adam and Eve to us.

Thinking about the vastness of the skies the third traveler said...

"Day and light are SPACE." Allah says:

•        My one day will be of fifty thousand years

•        My one day will be of ten thousand years

•        And my one day will be of one thousand years

It means that the length and shortness of a day is related to its spreading or shrinking.


A Night of Twenty Three Years

Allah says:

"I have revealed the Quran in Shab-e-Qadr."

As Quran was completed in twenty three means that one night got equal to twenty three years. Moses was called upon by Allah for thirty nights and kept him for forty nights at Koh-i-Toor. Here only the SPACE of nights has been described whereas Moses stayed at Koh-i-Toor for forty days and forty nights. It means that Moses remained in the SPACE of forty days and forty nights. Time spreads in the SPACE of a night. Time shrinks in the SPACE of a day.



One of them spoke... "I remember two examples related to this subject matter."

The other two travelers unanimously said... "Describe them please"

He said... When we read newspaper we use our eyes for it. Simultaneously we read newspaper aloud. It means we use the SPACE of eyes and when we read it aloud we use the SPACE of speech. If the newspaper is a bit away from us, the SPACE of eyes could see merely insects on its surface and would not read it correctly. If the distance between man and newspaper is widened, the forms of the words would get diminished and if the newspaper could get still farther away from the capacity of touching it whereas touching is possible only when there is SPACE then there would appear no word on the surface of the newspaper. This proves that the existence of everything, and dimension in every existence and the formation of every dimension depends on SPACE.

We would name it by the word SPACE. It is so because nomenclature is the identification of SPACE, .. if SPACE...body...dimension...are not there we won't call it by any name. For instance we are three travelers. We have got three names...My name is Mahmood...your name is Zaid...and my third brother is called Ayaz...All these three names are indicative of SPACE.

And this SPACE is an embodiment. And every embodiment carries brain to think, eyes to see...ears to listen, a heart to feel, a blood circulatory system to touch...a nose to smell...pores on body to feel the heat or cold...tension or satisfaction in environment to feel sad or happy...Environment, subordinate to the earth...the earth is SPACE...SPACE spreads or shrinks.


Age of a Parwana

A Parwana (Moth) covers all the stages its life span i.e. childhood , youth and old age with in six hours. Whereas a whale completes all the stages covered by a parwana in one thousand years... a parwana lives only for six hours whereas the life of a whale lasts for one thousand years.

A snake swallows a very large sized mouse for to it the mouse appears very small. If a mouse appears to snake as big as it appears to man then a snake will never dare swallowing it. It is clear then that a mouse does not appear as big to snake as it appears to a man.

A lion is bigger in size than an elephant. Though an elephant overweighs a lion yet it feels afraid of the lion. An elephant does· not fight a lion. It runs away inf ear from the lion.

As per this analysis we can say that when a man enters inferior SPACE from superior SPACE he starts feeling fear and it is that fear which checks him from entering the superior SPACE. If a man rejects the inferior SPACE then he automatically enters the superior SPACE and entering into the superior SPACE is the life of paradise on earth. There does not exist any feeling of fear or grief in paradise.

Allah says in the Holy Quran:

"O Adam    and   Eve!  Thou live    in       paradise without any dimension of space; eat merrily where ever from thou like." Sound wisdom is inherent in the above ayah of the Quran that happiness is a superior space and of course sadness is an inferior one. In order to get into the superior SPACE the right way told by the prophets is tawakal,          trust, contentment, detachment (istighna)... and belief in tawheed and risalaat.

We can see the body made of matter and flesh but on what ground this body of flesh is founded our apparent eye cannot see it. If matter is transformed into the extreme extent of destruction then merely separate gleams of colours will be left. The physical life of all the creatures and phenomena is based on this chemical process. In fact the congregation of specific number of waves gives birth to different forms through different processes.


The Quintessence of Man is not Matter

The true purpose of describing this formula is to suggest that the quintessence of man is not matter; rather the true quintessence of man is the texture of waves. On one side these waves present the human body in physical form whereas on the other side these waves introduce man to the body of lights. Until and unless man is confined to that matter he lives the life of imprisonment and oppression. And when he is introduced to the genuine body of lights, he gets rid of imprisonment, fret and fever, and complex and cureless diseases.

The true man that is his awareness of the man of light is symbolically considered his freedom from the phenomenon of Time and Space. It is the same life where unseen knowledge is dawned upon and the doors of the will of Allah are opened.


The Explanation of Knowledge

Knowledge means to know, or to acquire information about anything. There is not a single creature of all the living creations in the universe that may escape the circle of knowledge. Every creature , virus, ant, honey bee, deer, beautifully adorned bird, zebra, lion, elephant or ten thousands of years older and bigger in size than elephant i.e. dinosaur...all of them cater to knowledge. It means that all of them have got the knowledge of living their lives, garnering their edibles and then benefiting from the garnered edibles.

When we look at the residential place and the security measures of a honey bee we can see a complete code of life and a thorough administration. The same situation applies to an ant.


Labour Ants

Allah says in the Holy Quran:

"The ant queen looking at the great army of Hazrat Suleiman said to her subject ants that you at once get into your burrows otherwise you would be killed under the steps of the horses and peddlers of the king Suleiman."

The labour ants garner grain and store it in the separately made cells in the earth, a labour ant can pick ten times heavier weight than that of its own body. Engineer ants prepare royal palace for the queen ant, this royal palace is interconnected through gallerie s from every side. The palace made by engineer ants is durable like a fort so that water does not affect it and extreme heat also does not affect it. It is so because the palace in a fort and the galleries in the palace are centrally air-conditioned. A kind of ant does know about how to transform into the waves. As a picture is seen on TV after getting transmitted through waves in a TV station, similarly ants reach far off places by transforming into waves. It means that scientist ants know how to transform into waves since hundred of thousand of years.


Sagacity of the Birds

In the Quran, the incident of Queen Saba is very interesting. In the incident, the sagacity of a bird has been described. In the same way every creature on the surface of the earth is endowed with the wealth of knowledge. Some have got the wisdom and consciousness in abundance, some have little but in almost eleven hundred thousand creatures on the surface of the earth and there does not exist a single one out of these billions of creatures that does not know.


Social Animal

It is said that man is a social animal. If by social animal we mean that man is bound to group system and a man lives with the other, chats, hates, loves and when one eats something the other also eats the same then such a way of expression is in fact the ego of the man; whereas every man knows and sees that a sheep is also a social animal. A sheep always sits in the herd of sheep; a goat always lives with its own herd. An elephant lives with elephants. It has never happened that an elephant has sat with a buffalo or the some one has seen a buffalo sitting with a camel. AIi these animals keep themselves aware of the others of their sort. They · help one another; share their happiness and sadness. Since a man is the victim of his own sense of superiority, he has introduced himself to be a social animal to the rest of the creations.


A Starry Night

Paving the paths of meditation, Hazrat Ibrahim (Abraham) saw a bright star in a starry night and said this was my God, but when that star disappeared Hazrat Ibrahim (Abraham) said he did not believe in a thing to be God that could disappear. Then he looked at the cool and full ruddy moon, but as soon as the time of dawn approached near, the upon also started eclipsing. Hazrat also negated to believe the moon to be God. After the dawn when the sun started eclipsing and it eclipsed to the extent that it also disappeared.

Then Hazrat Ibrahim (Abraham) concluded with conviction through the God-gifted knowledge:

"My God is the One Who never hides and never gets eclipsed." The king Nimrod came to know of it. He used to consider himself to be God of his subjects and the subjects considered him god and worshipped him. It was customary to bow before him in his court. Hazrat Ibrahim (Abraham) asked the religious preachers and followers of wrong theologies, the men of high status and the public:

"Why do you worship the wrong gods instead of the Owner and

Creator of the universe, the Sovereign Allah, why don't you use your wisdom?"


The Index of Consciousness

When a person gets detracted of the knowledge of sufi'ism and spiritualism then his consciousness gets limited to the extent that his consciousness turns dull. A thick layer freezes on the index of consciousness. He tries to see but cannot; he tries to listen but cannot, and at last the aimless life becomes his sole destination.


A Computer in a Man

Scientists consider human mind to be the fountainhead of force and energy. It has got an amazing capacity of collecting information. Fore-mostly it makes new and unique inventions out of this collected information. But if life does not flow man is just like robot made of iron that does not have any current.

When man was not on the earth, he was then at the place where

everything could be got without any effort. He was not used to hard work. After coming on the earth he had to face the life full of struggle. Man has ever been desirous of leading the heavenly life; and he has been impassioned by this desire of leading the heavenly life. This impatience bore fruit and invented machine, by exploiting his inherent talent. He did so to lead a care- free life by utilizing it. All this happened but man never thought over what after all was the source of his inherent capabilities; and where from the current comes to mobilize these capabilities?

After the invention of wheel, man could pave the way of acquiring facilities and by moving forward he slowly and gradually entered the computer age. Now man has become aware of the fact that no machine can work without a current. Since the day man stepped on the earth he has been endeavoring to bring down the heavenly life on it.

As long as man pondered over, the implanted computer in, man has been leading him. As a result robots have been invented. Man gets fed up of working a monotonous piece of work whereas robot can repeatedly perform the same deed day in and day out. Robots are relatively less affected by changing weather than a human being. Many a factory in Europe and America has been utilizing robots. Like men, industrial robots are busy in welding, painting, moulding and picking up and placing things; but if they are not switched on, they cannot even move. Every movement theirs is determined by a control panel board through electric devices. When it is switched off the supply of information is disconnected through the control panel and the movement of the robot ceases.

The same situation applies to a human being. If man is not provided with the information regarding the life and its needs then the supply of current is disconnected.

Robots have been utilized in agriculture, construction and nuclear plant besides extremely sensitive and dangerous departments in space research as well. The research started with making simple robots of compiling the data has reached the state where work is on progress to make the robot with the capabilities of human mind.

Allah says"

"Behold! I taught thee the Book and Wisdom, the Law and the Gospel and behold! thou makest out of clay, as it were, the figure of a bird, by My leave, and thou breathest into it and it becometh a bird by My leave, and thou healest those born blind, and the lepers, by My leave. And behold! thou bringest forth the ·    dead by My leave."

(Surah Al-Maida:Verse 110)

After making the struggle of hundreds and thousands of years the scientists could not reach the state where at a Muslim can easily reach by pondering over the Quran.


Current and Life

.. Hazrat Essa (Christ) used to make sparrow of clay and then he used to breathe into it and the sparrow made of the clay would fly away and perch at a tree. What is the difference between such a sparrow and a robot made of iron?

The difference is this that electricity is being made current in the robot and in the sparrow the blowing of Hazrat Essa (Christ) is taking the form of life.


True Reality (Huqq-ul-Yaqeen)

"Or like him who, when passing by a ruined and desolate city, remarked: 'How shall Allah give life to this city after its death?' Thereupon Allah caused him to remain in a state of death for a hundred years and then raised him to life. Allah asked: 'How long have you tarried here?' He replied: 'I have tarried a day, or a part of a day.' Allah said: 'No, but you have tarried a hundred years. Now look upon your food and drink: they have not rotted; and look at your ass. We will make you a sign for all men: and look at the bones, how we raise them erect and then clothe them with flesh.' And when this was made clear to him, he said: 'Now I know that Allah has power over all things."

(Surah Al-Baqarah: Verse 259)

Looking at the spectacle of the Realm of Behest (Aalam-e­ Amar),Hazrat Uzair said,

"I acknowledge that no doubt Allah is ruling supreme over everything."

A sixty year old man died; is heart, kidneys, brain, eyes—all the limbs were there in his body but none of them was working. In this system, all of us have got the same he a great. scholar or an ignorant, be he a poor or rich when all the limbs are present in the body, why does that man not move then.

A simple answer to this is that a system within the body has gone fused. Though there still is electricity or oxygen in the air but the body has turned dead...It means that man is operating upon lights...light is engulfing light...light is talking to light, people become parents only when there is light with in them...when light goes off everything else goes off.

"Allah is the Light of the heavens and the earth. The Parable of His Light is as if there were a Niche and within it a Lamp: the Lamp enclosed in Glass: the glass as it were a brilliant star: Lit from a blessed Tree, an Olive, neither of the east nor of the est, whose oil is well-nigh luminous, though fire scarce touched it: Light upon Light! Allah doth guide whom He will to His Light: Allah doth set forth Parables for men: and Allah doth know all things"

(Surah Al-Noor: Verse 35)

When man becomes aware of this formula as described in the Quran, then he won't need dependence upon the heavier robots any longer in his life. He won't need to switch it on and off. His thinking will play the role of a robot, whatever will he desire and he will get it by His leave.


Film and Cinema

The waves emitting out from the projector are not only felt but can also be seen. But no meaning is produced in our minds by seeing at them. We are watching in the cinema that a layer of lights, waves or gleams is coming and these waves or gleams

> are striking at the curtain. When these waves or gleams strike against the curtain then we can see many a different form, shape and colour.

We can compare these waves with thinking and then we can attribute the process of waves striking at the curtain to knowledge. Whatever colours or shapes formed out of the process of the waves striking at the curtain or screen, we can call them meaning or sense. We can learn through observation and experience that until and unless thinking strikes at any screen to manifest itself no sense or meaning can be produced in knowledge till then.



Many a scholar has written a lot about spiritualism and pantheism. One school of thought is of the view that as saints often used to wear wooly dresses therefore people would call them sufis. Wool is called sauf in Arabic. They used to wear such a dress, for it had been the habit of many a prophet, saints and pious people. According to some people, as they have been associated with the Ashaab-e-suffa that is why they are called sufis; whereas according to yet another school of thought the word sufi is linked with suf a.... but all these explanations are not satisfactory.

In fact, the terminological meaning of Sufi'ism (tasawaf) is self­ cleansing. It is the name of a true spirit that is related to conscience and the light of conscience is always inherent. A sufi always thinks in the context of Allah. His talk moves around Allah. He lives with Allah and dies in the name of Allah. He recites His words and always praises Him and remains enmeshed in His love. He sacrifices everything in order to see and meet Allah.