When Adam and Eve came down to the earth, their consciousness was less as to how to exploit the resources. According to the law of nature, the human race increased from two to four and four to eight and exceeded to thousands the same way. Their consciousness also increased likewise. The off-springs of Adam and Eve felt disgust in eating roots, unripened fruit and raw meat. Their consciousness and sensibility guided then not to eat raw meat and to bake bread after grinding wheat instead of chewing it.


Man's First Day on the Earth

According to the law, consciousness is revealed when one focuses on one point. Among millions of people one picked up two stones and knocked them against each other involuntarily. This collision resulted in heat and subsequently flame was produced. The glimmer of flame made man attentive toward the fact that it would burn grass and in no time fire broke out.

It was man's first day on the earth when man got distinguished from other animals. He began cooking his food by this discovery. When man got himself distinguished from animals, new ideas began to strike his mind and a trail of inventions ensued.

Before the arrival of Adam and Eve (A.S), the earth existed and was inhabited by demons. Both man and demons are the inheritors of the earth.

When demons tried their best to do bloodshed and play havoc with the earth, nature declared the earth riots-riddled and deprived demons of the chieftainship of the earth, and made man the chief Ironically the sons of Adam (A, S) did the same that demons were doing. Brother was killed by another and this continued and enlarged further.


Social Laws

The successors of Adam (A.S) did not follow the social laws devised by him. After a long time, Prophet Noah (A.S) was born and he continued preaching oneness of God for 950 years. Prophet Noah (A.S) would praise God on each morsel and draught. In his 950 years preaching, only eighty men and women entered the fold of faith and the rest of the nation did not act upon his advice. As a result nemesis started and it rained so heavily to purge the earth of perpetrators that the earth was changed into an ocean as villages, towns and cities were inundated with rain water. His entire nation was drowned including his own son. All the eighty people who entered the fold of faith escaped God's wrath. The earth remained inundated with storm water for more than six months and at the end the boat named "Jodi' stopped at a hill.

Among the believers who landed safely from the boat could not produce posterity. From Prophet Noah's (A.S) three sons Haam, Saam and Yaafis who also boarded the boat started the human race once again. Haam was the youngest, Saam the younger and Yaafis the eldest. The people regardless of colour and race in the present day world are the descendents of those three brothers.

In order to guide His creatures, God sent instructors and prophets, numbering 124,000 as told, in order to instruct them in every nook and corner of the earth. The consideration of the holy life. of these prophets makes man get acquainted with his soul. In other words, recognize the soul which sustains and supports physical existence. Prophets told about soul to be God's order and man has been given knowledge of this but a little. This little knowledge is a part of the unlimited knowledge.

A drop of an ocean tough small yet it represents the qualities of the whole when it is analyzed. The seed of peepal (fig tree) is smaller than the tiny seed of poppy. The tree can be seen in so tiny a seed of it under the microscope.

Physical as well as Spiritual Dimensions

The teaching of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) directs our attention to the fact that man has two dimensions: physical dimension and spiritual dimension. Physical existence is characterized by wear and tear every moment, a body made of clay goes mingled up with it in the end. Spiritual existence is by the command of Allah Almighty. All physical movements are subject to spiritual existence. If the relation between the physical and spiritual dimensions breaks, there will be no body movement. Activities like eating, drinking, waking, being influenced by sadness and Joy and marrying can only be possible if spirit sustains body. Since the inception of the world thousands of years ago, nothing was ever invented by a dead body nor did it commit any human action.

Another World

In the holy books including the Quran, it has been clearly elaborated that the world is transitory and there is another world where we are to live in accordance with the reward or punishment of our deeds. Similarly, there is another world before coming to this world like the world hereafter. This world is called the world of spirits (alam-e-arwah) where all of us have come from.

Each of the sent Prophets preached this commandment. Man's real legacy is the knowledge that was imparted and taught to Adam (A.S) by Allah Almighty. The father of man, Adam's (A.S) glory lies in possessing the knowledge that demons and angels were denied.

First Sufi Among Men

Knowledge is of two kinds: spiritual and non-spiritual. The latter includes knowledge of economics and sociology and sufism is the former kind of knowledge which started when Allah Almighty told the angels, "I am going to make My subordinate on the earth". Teaching names of things to Adam (A.S) falls in the type of spiritual knowledge. Spiritual and divine knowledge is Adam's (AS) legacy which establishes him to be the first Sufi or mystic among the humans.

Teac,4ings of prophets are to guide humans as each of them made man aware of the concept of vice and virtue, and by practicing the concepts themselves they gave the lesson of leading a successful life.

According to prophets it is not at all sufism if Allah alone is not worshipped. They say that it is only Allah Who is One and Only to be worshipped. Allah wants fraternity among His people, He wants to see His creatures happy, He does not like to see His creatures restless. In order to sustain His creatures, Allah provides them with their necessities, declares His prophets' ways to be His way. Meditation over the life of prophets provides determination to remain steadfast on the right path and preach it. Prophets would resort to forgiveness and advice, not encroach upon other's rights.

The prime motive behind prophets' teachings is to believe in the oneness of God and a sufi tells and practices all these things. The Holy Quran says:

"We adorned the skies with turrets for those Who sec and concealed this beautiful decoration and embellishment from Satan the cursed or outcast."

(Surah Al-hajr: Verses 16-17)

The sufi, a lover of mysticism, explains the said verses that those who ignore or do not try to watch the beautiful turrets in the sky are not worthy to be called the human beings. Allah

Almighty has bestowed man with mystic capabilities and he can watch the turrets by awakening this capability.

Presence and Devotion in Prayers

The Quran reads:

"So there is destruction for those who say prayers and remain ignorant of them."

(Surah Maoon: Verse 6)

In other words_. they do say prayers but they do not say it with devotion. A sufi says that the prayers devoid of involvement of heart and devotion is not prayers rather it is destruction for the worshipper. A sufi believes that prayers, if said with zeal and zest and devotion and with the thought that Allah is present, bring about presence of heart for the prayers sayer.

Call to the Right Path

Allah Almighty asks whether they have not observed the system of the sky and the earth and have not seen with open eyes anything created by Him (here seeing with eyes means to see something with the eye of soul or see spiritually). Do they not think that the time allotted to them to live runs out quickly. The story of Noah (A.S) guides us that Allah Almighty is Omnipotent Who may honour whom He likes and abase Whoever He wants to Allah likes humility.

Pride and vanity are some of Allah's despised deeds. Nature eliminates the disobedient when despicable deeds exceed the limit. Each human being is not answerable for his deed that is why father's piety cannot redeem disobedience on the part of son nor can son's obedience replace father's disobedience.

The story of Prophet Aad (A..S) reads:

"Did not you see how your God treated Aad-Irum of tall buildings?"

(Surah Fajr: Verses 6-7)

And Hood, Aad's brother who was sent to him, said:

"O nation, be obedient to God. There is none to support you save Him. Do you not fear?"

(Surah Araaf: Verse 65)

The nation which had gone astray asked in wonder if he came to them so that they might pray to one God and leave whom their fathers and grandfathers worshipped. Prophet Hood (A.S) asked them why they quarreled with him for those which were named like him by them and their fathers and grandfathers. God has not sent any authentication for them (the gods worshipped by them and their ancestors). Aad's nation showed averseness toward his teaching and said:

"Equal is it for us, you advise us or not.'

(Surah Al shuara: Verses 136)

Prophet Hood (A.S) replied them:

"Remember One Who has provided you with what you

like. (He) provided you with animals, off springs, gardens and trees. And you worship those with Him who could neither be useful nor harmful. You have made multistory and grand buildings. Despite wealth and status you lack in satisfaction at heart. The reason is that you have taken the material world to be all and end all."

(Surah Al shuara: V_erses 132-135)


The Promise of the Day of Azal (Eternity)

Prophet Saleh (A.S) addressed his nation as:

          "You people have backed out of your ·promise (the promise your souls made with Allah on the day of beginning. You admitted by saying that God is the Creator). Anger and passion to revenge have made you blind and you disobeyed God's commandment overtly."

(Surah Araaf: Verses 76-77)

Prophet Ibrahim (A.S) got averse to his idol maker father and idol worshipper nation. He desired to recognize God and become aware of Him. One day he asked his mother, "O mother who is your god?" "Son, my god is your father who fulfills my needs." He then asked his mother, "Mother, who is my father's god?" Mother replied that the shining stars in the sky were his father's gods. Being unsatisfied with the answer, he got restless by his inner light in order to search God. When it was pitch dark, he saw a star and said it was his god, when it set he said he did not like those which set. On seeing the moon shining, he declared it to be his god but when it set he said that he would have been among those who have gone astray if his God had not guided him. Then on seeing the shining sun, he said that it was his god! As it was the largest. But when it set, he said that he was, no doubt, averse to his nation's infidelity and changed his direction towards the One Who created the skies and the earth. And he was not among the infidels.

Allah has got him associated towards Him through the display of nature. Allah Almighty says:

"Then we let Prophet Ibrahim (A.S) see wonders in the skies and the earth so that he may become the believer."

(Surah Anaam: Verse 75)

It is mentioned in the Holy Quran;

"And remember Ismael (A.S) who was true to his promise, who was a prophet and messenger, who ordered his people to say prayers. He was lovable to his God."

(Surah Maryam: Verses 54-55)


Allah's Representatives

Among the incidents with Moses (A.S) one is about his meeting with a spiritual personality (Sufi). Allah Almighty said, "O Moses, where there combine two oceans is our man." Prophet Moses (AS) said respectfully, "What is the means to reaching that man?" Allah Almighty asked him to keep fish in his food keeper or box and he would see the man where his fish disappeared. Reaching the place where that man was, Moses (AS) greeted him and told his name. The man asked him whether he was Moses, the son of Israel. Moses (AS) replied in affirmative and told that he had come there to seek the knowledge Allah had bestowed on him. He told Moses (AS) that he would lose patience in those matters while living with him. Moses (A.S) promised that he would be patient by the grace of Allah Almighty. He let Moses (A.S) to stay with him on the condition if he did not question him in any matter as long as both stayed together. Both boarded a boat. The man, whom the sufis call Khizer (A.S) the sufi, made a hole in the boat. Moses (A.S) wondered that the boatmen did not get fare and he made a hole in it. Khizer (A.S) repeated his stance that he would not be patient. As the boat reached the bank, both got off it and reached the plain where children were playing. Khizer (A.S) killed one of the children. Moses (AS) declared it very bad to kill an innocent child unjustly. Khizer (A.S) told him that he had already told him that he would not remain patient and calm. Moses (A.S) begged pardon that time and asked to overlook his act and promised that he would not let him excuse him if he made another mistake and would not mind his leaving him.

Travelling together, they reached a village where a wall of a house was going to collapse. Khizer (A.S) erected it. On this he inquired Khizer (AS) why he had made their wall though the inhabitants neither showed any hospitality nor let them have any place to live in.

Surah Kahf relates this incident as;

"So this is time to separate from you and to tell you the reality of the things you failed to remain patient."

(Surah Kahaf: Verses 78)

The Members of Allah's Kingship

The Moses-Khizer (A.S) incident reveals that there are people who are under the kingship of Allah though they are not prophets. All of them believe in the oneness of Allah ·and worship none but Allah. Their spirits are aware of Allah and those things that these people are the representatives or subordinates of Allah.

Maryam (A.S) is one of those high ranking people. When angels told her that surely she has been given saintly grandeur, and has been chastised and preferred other women of the world. They asked her to kneel before Him to say prayers with those who say it.


Good Tiding

Th Holy Quran tells about what angels told Mary (A.S)

"O Maryam, Allah gives you the good news of his commandment, his name would be Masih (Christ) son of Maryam (A.S). He would be among the men of dignity and those who are close to Him."

(Surah Al-Imran; Verse 45)

"He would speak in his mother's lap (as infant) and would be among the righteous."

(Surah Al-Imran: Verse 46)

Maryam (A.S) said:

"How could she beget a son as no man has touched her?" The angel replied:

"Allah creates what He desires. When He orders something He just orders it to take place."

(Surah Al-Imran: Verse 47)

People surrounded Maryam(A.S) as she entered the city holding a baby in her lap and said:

"Maryam, what an act of calumny have you done? O Haroon's (A.S) sister neither was your father a bad man nor was your mother a whore, what have you done?"

(Surah Maryam; Verses 27-28)

Complying with Allah's orders, Maryam (A.S) beckoning to the baby asked them to question him as she was fasting that day. From this incident, it becomes clear that women were also granted spiritual capabilities equal to men by Allah Almighty.


The Holy Quran and Sufi'ism

Allah Almighty says in Surah Al-Rehman:

"O group-of demons and men, try to go out of the limits of the earth and sky, you cannot but with the will of the Sovereign (Allah)."

(Surah Al-Rehman: Verse 33)

Sufi’ism involves mastering six senses. Anyone can transcend the earthly consciousness by mastering the six senses while living in the consciousness of the earth. Each sky is a kind of sense. The acquaintance with condition in the world of sky is essential to reach it by dominating the six senses. Man can be able to see the highest of skies if he possesses the perception of seven senses.

Needles of a Watch

There is shown a watch having numbers from one to twelve with the needles. The point where numbers are written is space and their movement is time. If the pace of the needle is at such a speed as it reaches number twelve from number six before twinkling of an eye, sense would remain behind and the sense, which is present while the needle moves from one to two and then to six passing the regular intervals between each number, would go off. In other words the speed of mind would increase so greatly that the gaps in spaces would be overlooked. And when the needle revolves at such speed that it reaches the number twelve in no time, the speed of mind would be so fast to cover the gaps between the numbers.

There are two types of sights working in man: one works in gaps and the other sees farther ahead ignoring the gaps.

Sense at Birth time

In reverse movement from twelve to eleven and ten and then so on to number one, one reaches the sense one has at time of birth. If the needle comes back direct from number twelve to ten, man gains that sense which enables him to dream. If the needle leaps from number twelve to nine suddenly, he gets that sense to contemplate. If the needle reaches number eight, he gets that sense which is called divine revelation the same about which Allah said that He descended divine revelation at the bee. If the needle at number twelve with a sudden movement comes down to number seven, man undergoes the state of divine inspiration. If the needle comes to number six, it produces that capability in man which the Holy Quran terms as Sovereign meaning that now man could transcend the limits of the earth.

Sense of the First Sky

A devotee who could see beyond the limits of the earth possesses the ability to produce the sense of first sky.



Many a scholar has written a lot about spiritualism and pantheism. One school of thought is of the view that as saints often used to wear wooly dresses therefore people would call them sufis. Wool is called sauf in Arabic. They used to wear such a dress, for it had been the habit of many a prophet, saints and pious people. According to some people, as they have been associated with the Ashaab-e-suffa that is why they are called sufis; whereas according to yet another school of thought the word sufi is linked with suf a.... but all these explanations are not satisfactory.

In fact, the terminological meaning of Sufi'ism (tasawaf) is self­ cleansing. It is the name of a true spirit that is related to conscience and the light of conscience is always inherent. A sufi always thinks in the context of Allah. His talk moves around Allah. He lives with Allah and dies in the name of Allah. He recites His words and always praises Him and remains enmeshed in His love. He sacrifices everything in order to see and meet Allah.