In this world, every person is a record of physical nature and whole his life is a film, and every individual of this mortal world (aalam-e-nasoot) is a drama. Drama gathers the character roles at one place----the characters which are life-like and useful for the living society. These are the characters (roles) that make one's individual life prominent and bring to light whatever in his surrounding is. When we write a drama, all the characters are exposed to us and we can see them in imagination. And when we watch any drama we forget our self and are absorbed in those characters through which we ourselves have passed or are passing through. When we ponder over any phase of the passed life, all persons' lives seem alike. Every one steps in this world with his material and physical entity (existence) and, gradually, keeps on getting away from his material existence. The distance and remoteness from the bodily existence is an admitted fact. But the platform where this material body appears, proceeds and develops and then disappears from the scene is the same for all (humans).



There is no knowledge which came to the height of the phenomenon that can explain what the platform is. People tried hard to unveil the platform of life but it would be unveiled if the veil is there. If somebody is lucky enough to have acquaintance with it, it is itself a veil -a secret. This secret is disclosed, every word of wisdom becomes a hard nut to crack. If we say something, by using 'subconscious and unconscious', the secret on which the foundation of human evolution is laid, is disclosed.


What is Evolution?

In evolution, man hides his shortcomings, offences, mistakes and misdeeds, and he tries to prove himself better. I am also one of the members of the family which lives in this universe, and which is parasitic in nature. The creator of the baby is other (none other than Allah.) but it is prseumed that mother has given birth to it. Some one brings the baby up and becomes his surety (He is none but Allah) but it is claimed that father brings him up. Where does wisdom come from? What is the source of sense and reason? The people assert that wisdom comes from (hujroon aur madrasoon) chambers of religious scholars and schools (colleges and universities). Man moves about on the earth freely. Ploughing and cutting the earth with pointed and sharp daggers and blades (to break up and turn over it), he sows the seeds in the earth and gets grains from it He never thinks of its right.

He is none but Allah Almighty Who bestowed man with earth

and water for nothing. He also granted him more than enough air. If some body mentions His Being, it seems useless and none is ready to pay heed to it. Whether great or small, fool or wise, poor or wealthy ---all are parasites not only parasites but ungrateful and discontented also.

Man is an effigy or statue which has vacuum and hollowness. He is stuffed with small pieces (kal purzae) which are joined together and mixed with one another. They are merged in a way that if a single one moves, the whole organs start to move. To make the machine of these organs run, the vacuum statue is charged with energy. When this statue gets capability of speaking, moving, jumping, and feeling, ego (mein) emerges in it. This ego has a sense. Its existence will come to an end with the failure of energy and there would remain nothing except a hollow body.

The people consider this ego a separate individual. They believe that ego is a being one. No body knows why 'self (zaat), ego (anaa) and being (hastee) are there. It is a strange phenomenon that ego does not know itself. When a man sees himself in the form of an individual body, it looks a physical phenomenon, and he looks at his self in the trunk made up by bones, muscles and skin, he sees no self in himself.

There is not a single world rather there are many which have thousands of milky ways. The whole universe seems a continued process of sparking. This universe is bound in the tender light, more tender than beams of lasers. And it is full of all that can not be seen with the eyes of this physical existence. Neither can consciousness apprehend it, nor can wisdom have access to it. If somebody claims to have seen it, it is tantamount to having seen nothing.


Body and Soul (Zahir-ul-wujood- and Batin­ ul-wujood)

Soul is the real nature of everybody. Physical and material body is just a reflection and replica of soul or spiritual existence. So, as long as I live on this earth, I am 'I'. But it is strange the earth is not one; the earth is also enveloped in outward and inward bodies---body and soul (zahir wujood aur batin-ul-wujood) When the earth is in its material form, it is solid and when it is in its spiritual body (soul), it is a vacuum. The physical phenomenon of the earth is gravity and its spiritual phenomenon is light. And light is invisible light (Noor) in the layers. 'Allah is the Light of the heavens and the earths' (Sura Al-Noor)


The Mountains Fly

The earth, too, like man, possesses reason and sense. It knows that pomegranate plant can never bring forth guava and vice versa. It is also familiar with sweet, sour, and bitter taste. It knows well that a flower grown on a thorny bush looks more beautiful. The flower without thorns, no matter how colorful it is, is never worth the flower which is surrounded by thorns. The earth is also aware of the fact that its womb is a nursery of different types of seeds. As it brings forth flowers of elegant colors; produces sweet and bitter fruit; gives birth to birds and quadrupeds; likewise, it also makes mountains balance its movement. But when these miles long and heaven-kissing mountains manifest in their external form, they look like sticking to the earth; but when they appear in their internal form, it looks as if they are flying clouds.

"Today, you see the mountains and think that they are firmly set, but on that day, they will be flying about like the clouds".

(Surah Namal: Verse 88)

The earth existed even when Adam was not created. It will remain even after his demise. The apparent self was originally a particle, another particle joined the first and the number kept on increasing until a complete self came into being.

Free and unconventional mystic (Qalander) knows only two words:

Nobody, ..........Never

The intellectuals, the scientists, the scholars, the mufti (Muslim Jurist and counsel) and mashaikhs (saintly guides) assert that there are two words:

Negation..........Affirmation    . Mysticism tells us that the origin of matter is not affirmation (isbat) but negation (nafee) [Islamic creed as comprising negation of all deities save God]



There is a lump of mud weighing 2 kg. A person will be hurt when it hits him at his back.

If this lump is grinded like flour, it will diffuse in the air. The question arises what became of its 2 kg weight?

Will it hurt if this grinded matter is struck at somebody's back? The experiment proves that it will not. Still it has also been observed that the particles will not cease to exist no matter how much the lump is crushed. But it will surely hurt if the particles are recomposed again somehow to hit somebody.

It came out that accumulation of a large number of particles, their joining together, or their merging into each other is all gravity or, what we say, apparent or external self. The external self will remain behind, but the reality of this external self is annihilation/death. A Qalander (mystic) is, in fact, negating the external self when he talks of fanaiya (mortality) because his vision can witness nothing save the inner self.

Qalandar juzwe do harf la Ilalah kuchh naheen rakhta Faqee-eshahir qaroon hei lughat hijazee ka

[The qlander (mystic) possesses nothing except the Lord Creator while the theologist is rich in knowledge of the world.]. As long as the process of negation increases, the external self of man keeps entering into his internal self. When a man becomes wholly internal self and is able to witness himself therein, he leaves the material world and gets into the world of eternal light.

All of us are in the know that every member of human community is a compound of spirit and matter. One third of water in human body maintains its function. The blood keeps circulating in arteries and veins. The contracting and expanding of lungs is also bound with oxygen. The earth, on which the son of Adam lives, walks, leads a life of vile and treachery, erects his collar like the hump of a camel due to his pride and haughtiness; the earth whose womb produces resources and embraces man with all his arrogance and stink, is also matter.

On the contrary, the soul is subtle, pure and connected with the realm of Truth. The Beatific Vision feeds it. The soul remains strong with the love of Allah.

As body weakens in the absence of food, likewise, the soul slackens if it has no contact with the Creator.


Matter and Spirit are interconnected

The waves rise in the sea and get back into it after striking against the ocean. Why is it so? What lies beneath the restlessness and intense disquiet of the waves?

The wave, when away from its origin-the sea, is overpowered by a sense of bereavement. It strikes against the ocean again and again because every moment of separation falls heavy upon it. When the sea displays its position through dignity, rank and grandeur, the high waves come out of its womb and bow down on the ocean in humility. The display of rank and grandeur forces them to prostrate in humility. As soon as the waves show their humility, the sea embraces them again until they are merged into each other.

When the water negates itself after getting divided into drops, the air tosses it up into space. And when the space is overwhelmed by fanayat (mortality) and achieves a moment of eternal serenity, it transforms all this drizzle, the moist to itself in the form of a cloud. Large bags of clouds set off to the east flying in caravans from north south and west. They stand still wherever they stay. And when the coagulation finds itself motionless, it seeks help from the sun. As the sun casts a deep glance at the moonlight spread on the tops of high mountains, its rays break the congealed matt r into thousands of fragments. This fragmented coagulation, after being converted into fluid, starts moving like an immense flood to the descent in the form of fountains, waterfalls and small streams and at last reunites with its real (origin) , the sea. Why does all this happen? It is because each drop of water craves to re-establish its relationship with its origin, the sea.

No seed likes to be extinct in a way that death may engulf its future. Every seed protects a corpulent tree inside itself. It takes on the guise of Jana (mortality) but preserves the existence of the tree. Where fore? It is because the seed, too, wishes to maintain its relationship with its real.

Movement is always movement. Why does this movement keep on transforming the mountains and huge mounds into small stones, small stones into crushed pieces, these pieces into gravel, and gravel into sand? So that the attribute common to all these may not be lost.

When man broke ties with his soul by ignoring mysticism and valued abundance of wealth and luxuries of the world, his soul became more and more restless because the soul knows that the shell of materialism poisons the food of soul. As soon as man's relationship with his soul weakens, he loses the love of the Great Creator.


Gold and Gems/ Material Wealth

The world is gripped in wars, bloodshed, contempt and horrible dark death because the human soul is restless. It has lost peace because man, the crown of creations, has become a beast. He values material wealth and has only a superficial relationship with the One Who has gifted him with all these resources of gems and gold.

Facts and figures show that people, in the countries which are so profusely rich in wealth and facilities of life, tend to find new ways of getting luxuries. More than half of the population there, suffering from mental diseases, lie in every hospital of each city, and more than half of the total number of beds in every hospital is devoted to the mental cases. There a millionaire can buy everything except peace of mind. An unending disquiet never lets him take rest. He strolls on thick carpets under precious chandeliers and wonders why he is restless and worried in spite of all his material belongings.


Why are human restless?

Who could tell the money-worshippers that they are restless because there is Someone in them Who supports them from within and who is responsible for their existence. Who is that is their soul which wants to love Allah. Until and unless it is provided with that love, man will remain restless in spite of all the luxuries of life. The truth is that man's physical self is dependant on soul and not the vice versa.

The Muslim of today is deprived of faith; he is a hypocrite he takes falsehood for truth and mirage for reality; hypocrisy, spite, malice, prejudice, hatred, and bestiality have taken hold of him; he is haggard and woebegone with eyes downcast and cries that he has neither peace nor calm.

He asks, ' How can I get rid of this disquiet?"

Man is restless because hypocrisy and vile have entered into his life. The closer he is getting to wickedness, the farther he is moving away from God's love and contact.

When man unmasks his hypocrisy, he will be able to see his horrible image.

If the environment is poisonous, the people are bound to fall ill.

If we have no love for Allah and His creatures, we can never be happy, and if we are not happy we will remain restless.



Many a scholar has written a lot about spiritualism and pantheism. One school of thought is of the view that as saints often used to wear wooly dresses therefore people would call them sufis. Wool is called sauf in Arabic. They used to wear such a dress, for it had been the habit of many a prophet, saints and pious people. According to some people, as they have been associated with the Ashaab-e-suffa that is why they are called sufis; whereas according to yet another school of thought the word sufi is linked with suf a.... but all these explanations are not satisfactory.

In fact, the terminological meaning of Sufi'ism (tasawaf) is self­ cleansing. It is the name of a true spirit that is related to conscience and the light of conscience is always inherent. A sufi always thinks in the context of Allah. His talk moves around Allah. He lives with Allah and dies in the name of Allah. He recites His words and always praises Him and remains enmeshed in His love. He sacrifices everything in order to see and meet Allah.