Chapter No. 13 Angels

There are many kinds of angels. They are: the Angels of light, the highest band of Angels, the Heavenly Angels, the Elementary Angels, Mullai Rizwan, the Angels of Time and Space, and the Recording Angels.

The Great Man

Among all other creatures in this world, the angels and ghost are distinctive ones but human beings are the crown of all creatures. Allah has many angles from even among them human being is the superior of all. Allah has created Angles from light, ghosts from fire and human being from clay, air and gas. The throne of Allah is the greatest binding force of this universe. It is also considered the second place of beatific vision. The ever happening events appear from it and everything will return in the end. The highest throne of Allah surrounds every creature and no part of this highest throne or any other thing in the universe is beyond the reach of beatific vision. The waves of light emerge from this distinguished throne of Allah. There exists a sketch of whole humanity under the highest throne of Allah called the Great Man. The term the great man is found by the Sufis. The Human beings cannot exist without the connection with the great man and in fact the great man is the life blood of whole humanity. Similarly, all other creatures' one great sketch do exists under the highest throne and from which they link and get insight respectively. This connection is found through the inspiration of the angels.


The management Angels of Heaven

Allah says that the angels who support and surround the highest throne of Allah always pray to Allah and remain prepared to take order and pray for the believers.


The Order of the Sovereign Allah

The Holy Prophet (PBUH) says: when the Almighty Allah places any order in the heaven, the angels flutter their wings and this creates such a sound as is created by dragging a chain on the stone. The lower rank angels enquire of the message from the upper angels. The upper rank angels transfer the message by corroborating its veracity that Allah is great and then detail the message of Allah. When the Almighty gives any new order the angels who support the throne of Allah say Subhanalla till this prayer reaches the heaven near to the earth. After this the angels living near the angels who carry the highest throne asks the about the message of Allah. The angels of throne transfer the message of Allah to them with due permission of Allah and similarly the angels from the lower rank receive the message from the angels of higher rank till the message reaches both the heaven and earth.


The Favour of Allah to Holy Prophet (PBUH)

The Holy Prophet (PBUH) said, "One day after some part of night, I got up, did ablution and offered prayer in the given time. While praying I dozed and saw the almighty Allah. He said to me, "O Muhammad" I ensured my presence to Him. Allah asked me "what the Mullai Aala (the angels of highest rank) was discussing". I replied, "I did not know." Allah repeated this question three times and I replied three times in the same. Then I saw that Allah put His palm in between my both the shoulders till I felt the coolness in my heart and everything revealed to me. I got all and then Allah said to me, "O Muhammad" I replied, "Yes my lord." Allah asked me, "What was the Mulai Aala (the angels of highest rank) were discussing." I replied, "They were discussing the Kafarat." Allah asked, "What is Kafarat?" I replied, "It means to walk on foot to join prayers, to sit in the mosque after prayers, to perform ablution even in misery." Them Allah asked, "And they were discussing what?" I said, "They were discussing the things to raise their ranks." Allah asked, "What were they?" I said, "To feed people without any discrimination i.e. without differentiating the poor and the needy ones rather there should be an open invitation for all because there are many honorable persons who may not like to be included in the category of needy ones. And talk politely with every one and pray to Allah at that part of night when every one sleeps.


And When Allah Loves

The Holy Prophet (PBUH) says "when Allah loves any one, He calls Gabriel and says to him that He loves that person and you too love him". So Gabriel also loves him. It is proclaimed in the heavens that God loves the following person and you all are supposed to do. Consequently, all the angels from the heaven love him and he is made popular with other beings. Similarly when Allah dislikes any one calls Gabriel and says that He does not like the following person. So Gabriel does not like him and then it is announced in the heaven that Allah does not like the following. Consequently all angels dislike him. After this all types of creatures do not like him and he becomes the most cursed one on the earth. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) said, "Everyday when human beings awaken two angels descends from the heaven. One of them says, "O Allah! Bless those who spend their money on good deeds." The second one says, "Curse on those who practice black marketing." The beloved angels of Allah remain near Him and pray for every good person and curse those who-try to create anarchy in the society. The angels transfer the message of Allah to the human beings and similarly report back what the human beings do. These angels inspire the human beings to do good acts. When the angels inspire the human beings, they tend to do good deeds. The angels came in the form of groups and fly in groups. They also talk with one another. The souls of noble human beings are also included in the groups of angels. The almighty Allah says, "O contented soul, be happy and attentive to Him and then join my beloved followers and enter the paradise." The Mulai Aala lives there from where Allah reveals His message.


Kinds of Angels

The Angels of Light

Thy almighty Allah has blessed them with certain characteristics. Their duty is to run the system of this universe according to its requirements and requisites.


The Highest Band of Angels

They are near to the angels of the first type as stated above.

Human Souls

They follow the Mullai Aala and consequently they perform such deeds as their mind and heart get purified: They can understand the message of Mullai Aali because they have pure hearts. When they pass away, they are included in the group of angels. The place where the angels and holy souls unite is called Hizarat-ul-Quds.



The angels and holy souls in Hizarat-ul-Quds ponder over the ways to save the human beings from destruction and miseries. The agreed ways to save humanity are transferred to- human beings. For this a man who is most chaste is selected. The people are inspired to follow the chaste person and then there becomes a group which saves the whole humanity by working for the betterment of their followers. The soul of chaste person receives heavenly instructions in his dreams or in mystery through revelation because our chaste souls and Mullai Aala can talk face to face.

The Asfal Angels

The Asfal Angels are junior to Mullai Aala but they are not as great as the light angels. They do nothing themselves and wait for order from above. They know what they are told and worked without any consideration of any personal loss or profit. They do what they are revealed from their upper rank angels.

The Heavenly Angels

Firstly the order of Allah reaches Hizarat-ul-Quds from where it gets transferred to the angels of lower rank by Mullai Aala. The angels of lower rank further it to their juniors called the heavenly angels. The heavenly angels transfer the order of Allah to the elementary angels.


The Elementary Angels

They elementary angels after receiving order of Allah inspire the human beings. For instance if two groups fight with each other, they (the elementary angels) inspire one of the groups with bravery, patience and victory by helping them out while the other party is inspired by the thoughts of weakness, cowardice so that the result of this fight must be in accordance with the will of Allah and the party who Allah wants overcome the other. This type of function is performed by the Asfal angels


The Recording Angels

One of the types of angels is called the recording angels. They are always on duty with every person. One of them records the good deeds and the second keeps the records of evil acts.

Inhabited Dwelling

The inhabited dwelling is Sidratul Muntaha. It is the abode of Hazrat Ibrahim and this is the place where Mullai Aala lives. The angels who live over Mullai Aala are called light angles. They are followed by the angels of heavens and elementary angels respectively.


The Groups of Angels

The group of Gabriel

The group of Michael

The group of israfeel

The group of Izraiel

Each group has separate capabilities and separate use of them too. Hazrat Gabriel is the messenger of Allah. Among his salient attributes are: to reveal and inspire. The duty of Israfeel is to deal with all the matters of rain. The responsibility of Izraiel is death and issues regarding it. The liability of israfeel is dooms day and its matters.


The Functions of Angels

Among seven heavens, every heaven is a zone. The angels of every zone are different one but the angels of seven heavens are called heavenly angels. The capabilities of angels are revealed · through their wings which can be bigger or smaller according to their capabilities and attributes. The difference also exists in the count of Wings too. As the wings of peacock have a lot of decoration so are they wings of angels. Every decoration reveals a competence. The angels' wings also glitter and they wings of the second type of angels reflects green light.


The System of Universe

The Gabriel, the Michael, the Israfeel, the Izraiel, the recording angels,, the Munkir Nakir, Malika Rizwan and the Malika Zamania have got further groups. All the angels are performing their duties in the system of universe. All angels are Allahs and they obey Allah without fail. It is hard to know the total number of angels, however as stated with every single person a number of twenty thousand: angels perform their duties. Currently, the population of our world is six billion and like our World there are billions of other worlds. Comparatively our world is the smallest planet. Sufis sees our world as small as a big doom with a sign made through the point of needle. Allah says if the trees of this world become pens and seas turn into ink and even all the things would not be ,enough to mention the signs of Allah.


Book of Deeds

When a person dies whatever he does in this world is recorded, whether it be a minor virtue or vice. The recording angels record every deed and saying after death, which is seen by the soul. For instance a person intends stealing, the angels of virtues inspires him that it is a bad deed. He should not do as it makes Allah unhappy but if thief does not accept the angel’s aspiration he moves out for stealing, breaks into someone’s house, steals goods and returns home. Form religious points of view he knows that the punishment of stealing is to chop hands off. After death, the sinner would be shown his evil deeds. As a

punishment of theft his hands will be cut off. A sinner watching it forgets about his sin. As soon as his hands an amputated and he sees his amputated hands he feels a great pain.

Similarly, when a pious man goes to the mosque, offers his prayers. He sits there after praying for solace by reciting he: receives the heavenly lights from Allah; he becomes happy by receiving this from Allah. This starts as he moves from home he inundates himself with a lot of heavenly lights. When this person passes away watches his good deeds and gets solace and satisfaction.

Munkir Nakir

Munkir Nakir visits the soul in grave after death to decide his future. He tells him the difference between vice and virtue. The chaste soul is conferred favors from the sights of heaven and if the soul is an embodiment evil the curse of hell will be in front of him.




Many a scholar has written a lot about spiritualism and pantheism. One school of thought is of the view that as saints often used to wear wooly dresses therefore people would call them sufis. Wool is called sauf in Arabic. They used to wear such a dress, for it had been the habit of many a prophet, saints and pious people. According to some people, as they have been associated with the Ashaab-e-suffa that is why they are called sufis; whereas according to yet another school of thought the word sufi is linked with suf a.... but all these explanations are not satisfactory.

In fact, the terminological meaning of Sufi'ism (tasawaf) is self­ cleansing. It is the name of a true spirit that is related to conscience and the light of conscience is always inherent. A sufi always thinks in the context of Allah. His talk moves around Allah. He lives with Allah and dies in the name of Allah. He recites His words and always praises Him and remains enmeshed in His love. He sacrifices everything in order to see and meet Allah.