Chapter No. 23 MEDITATION


 Meditation means fixing full attention on one point after getting rid of all other thoughts. It is a common observation that without concentration we can do nothing in a better way. Little children learn A, B, C when they focus on these letters. An accountant calculates accurately if his attention never diverts from his work. Concentration is a must for success in every field. The same thing is true in religious matters. Sometimes due to thoughts one cannot remember which Sura he has recited in his prayers.



The religious scholars and sufis often arrange meditation and advise their pupils to do meditate. Sufi’ism means to follow Shariah and teachings whole-heartedly. For the elevation of self, Shariah is theory and sufi'ism is practice. Religious theory lies in following the basic principles of lslam. The act of finding out reality after contemplating on the wisdom behind these principles is called practice. During practice devotee sees the praying angels in his own prayer. At that time he is blessed with the grace of Allah totally. This is the real meaning of prayer. "Prayer" is the elevation of the true believers. During the prayer one can see Allah in front of him.

Meditation Defined

Meditation is defined in different ways.

1).     Focusing on one point after getting rid of all other thoughts,

2).     When one loses control over senses, one enters the realm of meditation.

3).     When one adopts the dream-like condition during waking, one finds himself in meditation.

4).     During meditation one can see and listen to things from a distant place.

5).     Coming out of world of consciousness and entering the world of unconsciousness.

6).     The time comes when a meditator sees himself watching Allah.

There is a light in human soul which is without any limits. If we want to measure this unlimited light we shall have to acknowledgment the fact that the whole universe is covered by this unbounded light. In the circle of this light present, past and future will be open to us.

Flame Of Lantern

The universe is a circle and its light is a lantern. The flame of this lantern is called "Basra" (Sight). Everything is seen in the reflection of the flame of the lantern. The lights in the flame vary.

In our mind the thought of things comes when the things receive little light. The things which receive fast light are more apparent. The things which receive the fastest light are perceived most clearly.

Human eye neither sees nor understands the detail of the things which are present in the form of abstract ideas.


Observation means looking at all types of light. Observation has the faculty to transport even the dim light in vision. Even the thoughts can be perceived in their proper shapes, appearance and colours. Observation is such a power of soul as makes thoughts or ideas visible with all their parts.



Observation is faster than electricity. The storage of light increases to such an extent as the invisible becomes visible. It is the first stage of observation. All the actions in this stage are related to sight. An expert in observation is able to watch all the features of the unseen.


The second stage of observation is hearing. This stage empowers the man to hear the thoughts of others transformed into voices.

Smelling And Touching

The third and fourth stages of observation are smell and touch. The expert in observation can even smell and touch the things lying at the distance of millions of years.

Once a companion of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) told him that he used to see the angels walking on the sky during his long awake at night. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) said, "Even the angels would have shaken hands with you if you had maintained the habit of keeping awake at night".

This incident is the example of the stages of observation. Looking at the angels is related to sight and shaking hands to touch.

A situation comes in the stages of observation when all the conditions of body and soul come to a focal point and body is directly affected by the inspiration of the soul.

Hazrat Maruf Karkhi

There is a long list of such incidents in the lives of the saints. Once, one of the acquaintances of Hazrat Mairuf Karkhi (R.A) asked about a recent mark of injury on his body. Hazrat Mairuf (R.A) said, " Yester night I started thinking about the Khana Ka'aba during my prayer. After walking around the Holy Khana Ka'aba, I slipped near Zurn Zum well and fell there. It is the mark of that injury".

Once, I (Khawaja Shams-u-Din Azeemi) asked my spiritual mentor Abdal-e-Haq Qalandar, mentor of Saints about a big mark of injury on his body He said that during spiritual journey at night he passed between two rocks. He was wounded by the sharp point of one of the rocks.

When one gets stability in the conditions of observation the

spiritual learner walks, eats and does everything in the world of the unseen as-

Visit or Perception

When a sufi is fully observed in meditation he can touch both the beginning and the end of time due to his expertise. He can use his powers bestowed on him by Allah. He can see the events which tool<place thousands of years ago or the events which will take place in the coming thousands of years. The past events or future events are present between beginning and end of the universe. This state of observation is called visit or perception in sufi'ism.

A student of sufi'ism becomes aware of the lights present in his heart and he enters the senses of unconsciousness while leaving the realm of consciousness. He sees that the angels and the hidden things are disclosed to him. A mystic comes to know about the facts of the spiritual world. He sees the lights used in the control of the universe.

Advantages Of Meditation

The meditator gets the following benefits.

1.      His sleeping faculties are awakened.

2.      He gains spirituality.

3.      He gets Allah's attention and company.

4.      He gets mental calmness

5.      He pays no attention to social evils.

6.      His problems are solved. He faces no worries.

7.      He is less vulnerable to diseases.

8.      He has firm belief in Allah.

9.      He can treat diseases through meditation.

10.    He can transport his ideas to others.

11.    He can go anywhere he likes.

12.    He enjoys sound sleep.

13.    His intellect sharpens.

14.    He develops mastery over describing things.

15.    Forgiveness and tolerance are his special merits. He has a soft corner for others and speaks politely.

16.    He likes all the human beings irrespective of class, colour and creed. He serves them whole-heartedly.

17.    He has a great affection for his mother. He respects his father and elders and treats the children with affection.

18.    He is charitable and hospitable.

19.    He prays for all the people.

20.    The people are benefited from the soul of the meditator.

21.    Humility and tolerance become his second nature.

22.    He regards the evil thoughts just the wastage of time and tries his utmost to get rid of them. He seeks support from the souls of the prophets and the saints. His restlessness turns into peace of mind.

23.    He feels presence of Allah in his prayers and watches the praying angels with him.

24.    He visits the heavens and   finds the gardens of paradise in front of him.

25.    During the meditation for the knowledge about the conditions of the dead, a meditator meets the souls of the dead.

26.    He watches true dreams.

27.    He is blessed with the meeting with the Holy Prophet (PBUH) if he is his true follower.

Kinds Of Meditation

1.      The maintenance of the prayer.

2.      The full concentration on Allah during the fasting.

3.      The full concentration on Allah during Hajj (pilgrimage)

4.      Meditation of the spiritual mentor

5.      Meditation of blue lights

6.      Meditation of higher spiritual status

7.      Meditation of flowers

8.      Meditation of heart's observation

9.      Meditation of Allah's seat

10.    Meditation of inhibited dwelling

11.    Meditation of paradise

12.    Meditation of soul observation

13.    Meditation of the black spot in heart

14.    Meditation of death

15.    Meditation of light

16.    Meditation of hovering loose.

17.    Meditation of the Messenger of Allah

18.    Meditation of the knowledge about the secrets of the dead.

19.    Meditation of accountability

20.    Meditation of intuition

21.    Meditation of self

22.    Meditation of Oneness of Allah

23.    Meditation of analysis of self and universe

24.    Meditation of treatment of different diseases

 25.   Mediation of Lights of Various Colours

1).     Mediation of blue light

2).     Meditation of yellow light

3).     Meditation of red light

4).     Meditation of crimson light

26.    Meditations with Open Eyes

1.      Meditation of sun-observation

2.      Meditation of Moon-observation

3.      Meditation of Circle-observation

4.      Meditation of candle-observation

Essentials Of Meditation

1).     Moderate temperature

2).     Peaceful atmosphere

3).     Darkness

4).     Sitting posture

5).     No disturbance

6).     No violation of basic principles of lslam

7).     No anger

8).     Respect to elders, affection for children 9).    No drug addiction

10). Attending the religious gatherings 11). After food digestion

12).   With ablution

13).   A fixed time

14).   No gluttony

15).   No complete silence. A bit of conversation with others will give relief to the mind.

16).   Reiteration of "Ya-hai-yow Ya Qayo _um"

17).   A clean place, clean dress, a good fragrance. Asking blessings on the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and saluting him with a worthy salutation in a great number.


Best Timing For Meditation

1).     Mid-night prayer time

2).     After or before Morning prayer

3).     After noon prayer

4).     After night prayer

How To Meditate

I).      Prayer posture

2).     Crossed legs posture

3).     After spiritual contact with spiritual mentor

4).     Concentration on heart with closed eyes

5).     Looking at the sky

6).     Looking at the nasal tip

7).     Keeping waist and neck straight without being tense.

8).     Smooth breathing

9).     Suitable time after empty stomach I0). After sound sleep

11).   Meditation can unfold the secrets of      others. A meditator should not exploit his power. It is against religious doctrines.

12).   Facing the north, a meditator can read what he likes. Full concentration should be given to the topic of meditation.

13).   Try to overcome thoughts.

14).   Meditation for 24 hours is not allowed. Fifteen to twenty minutes are suitable for meditation.

15).   Floor is the best place. Chair, sofa and cushions are not allowed.

All the Muslims know the fact that our Holy Prophet (PBUH) meditated in Cave Hira for a long time.

For a common man there should be temporary separation from all worldly links and pre-occupations.

 "So remember the name of thy Lord and devote thyself with a complete devotion"

(Surah Muzzammil: Verse 8)

The meditator should choose a dark peaceful place. Full concentration is the first and foremost requirement.


1).     Minimum use of sweet

2).     No drug addict ion

3).     No gluttony

4).     Keep awake after a sound sleep

5).     Minimum talk

6).     Neither back biting nor fault finding

7).     Complete avoidance of lies

8).     A bit of cotton in the ears during meditation

9).     In meditation of pass-e-Anfas (held breath), the meditator inhales very slowly and then exhales without holding it in the chest. The meditation must be done according to one's stamina from 5 times to 21 times under the supervision of a spiritual mentor.

10).   One should face the south during meditation of held breath.


Meditation For Higher Spiritual Status

Before all the prayers, the meditator should envision that he is seen by Allah. With the passage of time, this thought will rid him of all worldly temptations during the prayers.

Such a situation during prayer unfolds the mysteries of the unseen world and the meditator is on the way to spiritual progress.

Meditation Of Death

Life never ends with physical death being released from mortal body, human soul takes up the new body of light.

 After getting skill on meditation of death, one can overcome the bodily senses in order to be dominated by the senses of light for the time being. The Holy Prophet said, "Die before your death". It means one can experience the world hereafter after overcoming the worldly desires.


Door In The Grave

During his spiritual journey, a sufi narrated his observation about the secrets of graves "once I meditated sitting near and old grave. I started watching small and big circles in the shape of springs. These circles were worth watching and there was sudden darkness. Then a light appeared from the distant space.

My soul entered the door. Inside I watched a whole city inhabited by the people. There I saw the highest buildings as well as the mud houses, streams and rivers, forests, gardens and flowers. In the city, there were palaces as well as the caves of the stone-age. All the persons were naked. One of the inhabitants said to me "Why have you dressed yourself though you look like us in outward appearance"?

It was the world of dead people who belonged to the period when there was no social rule and the people had no concept of dressing.

Billions of people had been living there for millions of years. The people of the stone-age lived there. At the same time there were the people who belonged to the most advanced scientific age. They had made more powerful plane and missiles. Formulas were found to bring an end to the gravitational pull of the earth. Time and space were under their control. They lived on the earth, but were fully aware of the work of the angels and future happenings. Their invention enabled them to control winds and storms. There lived the people who enjoyed salvation. End he damned people who resided there. There were fields full of cups but no black marketing there were the bazaars with shops but without customers.

I met a shopkeeper who was sitting in an empty shop. He had nothing to sell. I asked the person the cause of his misery. He said that he had been sitting there for 500 years, but no customer came to him. He was a rich businessman in the world. He amassed his riches through hoarding, and profiteering.

I met another old shopkeeper. He was totally confused and haunted by some fear. There were bits of papers and registers of accounts in front of him. He was busy in calculating in this way. "Two and Two are equal to seven and Nine and seven are equal to twelve". When he noticed the wrong total he started crying in terror. When asked he replied that he had been doing all this for three thousand years. He always got wrong total. It was all due to his misdealing with the people in the world.

I also met a man with a long beard. The long beard caused a great trouble to him. Even he fell many times due to the beard. When asked he replied that he deceived the simple people due to his holy appearance.

What The Angels Said

I found a person calling aloud outside a village, "Listen to me O people, I inform you about Allah's teachings. Come I tell you what Allah says". Nobody paid any heed to him. Then a group of angels came there. They took interest in his call. But the preacher said at once, "I have been thirsty for a long time. Give me water" The angels gave him a glass of boiled water. His red lips burned and turned to black. The angels forcibly poured the boiling water into his month. The angels started laughing and said loudly that the man used the name of Allah in his dealings. The cries of the man were horrifying.

Burning Coals In The Legs

In this grand city there was a narrow and dark street. At the end of the street were fields and a jungle. There was a four-walled house covered with a rubber like material. It was open to the sun and rain. Some women resided in the house. They were unable to stand due to the low roof. Suffocation and anxiety could be felt there. A woman was sitting there with stretched legs. Her upper body was that of a woman but she had ten feet legs.

Being terrified I asked her the reason of her long legs. She said that in the world she told the secrets of a house to the members of another house. She instigated others to fight with one another. At present she was unable to walk. Her legs were filled with burning coals. She herself was burning and found no one to take pity on her.



During the meditation I saw a man who was moving stealthily with a knife in his hand fearing something terrible. O my Allah, he dragged a man attacking on his back and started sucking the blood like a dog. He drank fresh and thick blood and then started vomiting. Disgusted with such a miserable life he cried, "I wish I had been aware of the punishment of back-biting in the world".


Wealth Of The Orphans

Then I found a twenty feet giant with human appearance. Due to his big stature and weight he was unable to live in a room or house.· He spent his time in moving to and from on the roofs of the houses. Neither did he sit nor did he sleep. He jumped from one roof to another roof. He beat his head and started weeping when asked he replied, "I deprived the orphans of their own wealth and property and constructed all these buildings in the world.

Now I am not allowed to enter these buildings. The delicious and luxurious meal has turned into wind and fire in my body. The stuffed wind has enlarged my body to this extent. It is impossible for me to live in a house. Ah, the fire burns me. I want to escape, but find no way".

Dialogue Between A Woman And The Angel Of Death

In the death-meditation I find a mud house at the end of a field.

In a walled-courtyard, there was a thick tree. There was a large gathering of the people under the tree. I found a woman debating with a man. The woman forbade the man to take her husband with him. But the man remarked he found no other way. He would act upon Allah's orders. The woman beat her chest and started weeping bitterly.

I moved toward them and inquired about the matter. I asked the man why he bothered the woman. The man said, "Look at me and try to recognize me". Through my meditation, I knew that the person was the angel of the death I shook hands with him and felt electricity shocks. Due to the shocks I moved upward and fell on the ground. The death angel (Hazrat Izrael) said "The man is most loved by Allah. His wife is also a pious woman. Now it is the death-time of the man. I am directed by Allah to take his soul to the other world provided that the man is ready for the next world journey. But his wife insisted on leaving the man in the world unless both of them die together".

Then the death-angel brought me to a mud-room of the house. I found a saint lying there covered in a brown blanket on the earth. A leather cushion was under his head. It was filled with dates-leaves. His beard was round and small. He was hale and hearty with a good height and large bright eyes. The rays of light could be seen on the forehead.

The death-angel entered the room and said “Aslarn u-Alaikum,

Abdullah". I also said the same thing. Hazrat Abdullah asked the death-angel about the orders of the Creator. Bowing his head the death-angel said "Allah wants to meet you". The death-angel sat near the feet of the saint. The saint was ready gladly with full obedience and humility. His whole body trembled and his soul left his body forever. The angel also flew upwards and was out of sight in no time.

Meditation Of Light

According to sufi'ism, light is the basic element of the creation of the universe as stated in the Holy Quran:

"Allah is the Light of the heavens and earth"

(Surah Noor: Verse 35)

Light is capable of showing itself and showing the other lights Waves and colours are its characteristic features. Light travels in the past and future simultaneously and connects past with the present. Without it, the universe will lose its contact with the past.

Past And Memory

Memory is the stance of light. When      we remember     our childhood or some past moment of our life, our past flashes in our present due to the light and the events of our childhood enliven in our memory.

The senses of genies, angels and other supernatural beings are based on light. In the way to spirituality, meditation of light is an important step. There are many ways for meditation of light.

i)        A student envisions the whole universe and all the creatures sunk in the vast sea of light. He himself is sunk in the same sea.

ii)       The shower of light coming from the heavens falls on the whole world including the meditator.


 ''Allah is the light of heavens and earth. This light is like the place for lantern and the lantern is in the glass globe"

(Surah Noor: Verse 35)

The student of spiritual journey envisions his whole body enlightened by the waves of light as exemplified in the verse.

Meditation Of Allah's Attributing Names Similarly, there is meditation of the Holy Quran and lights of Allah's attributes. One can recite Allah's attributes or some verse and understand its meaning fully. After this, the meditator tries to find out the same attribute of Allah in him. During meditation, the devotee is absorbed to the extent that he finds light in everything. He also sees everything enveloped in light. The sufi keeps in mind the following verse of the Holy Quran. "Allah is with you wherever you go"

(Surah Hadid: Verse 4)

The very idea gets maturity and depths. One feels oneself in contact with Allah in every condition standing or sitting, in isolation or in meeting the people, in his leisure time or doing some work.

Hazrat Junaid Baghdadi (RA) remarked: "To seek the knowledge of sufi.'ism through meditation is to be able to see Allah. Such a sight is got through heart".

Essence Of All The Lights

All the religions in the world have mentioned an invisible light in some way or the other. The light is the essence of all the lights

and is present everywhere as stated in the Bible.



Many a scholar has written a lot about spiritualism and pantheism. One school of thought is of the view that as saints often used to wear wooly dresses therefore people would call them sufis. Wool is called sauf in Arabic. They used to wear such a dress, for it had been the habit of many a prophet, saints and pious people. According to some people, as they have been associated with the Ashaab-e-suffa that is why they are called sufis; whereas according to yet another school of thought the word sufi is linked with suf a.... but all these explanations are not satisfactory.

In fact, the terminological meaning of Sufi'ism (tasawaf) is self­ cleansing. It is the name of a true spirit that is related to conscience and the light of conscience is always inherent. A sufi always thinks in the context of Allah. His talk moves around Allah. He lives with Allah and dies in the name of Allah. He recites His words and always praises Him and remains enmeshed in His love. He sacrifices everything in order to see and meet Allah.