Chapter No. 26 Acquired Knowledge and Presented

(Spiritual) Knowledge

There are two types of knowledge in the universe and millions of worlds of this universe. First is acquired or attained knowledge (Ilm e husoolee) and the other is spiritual and presented knowledge (ilm huzooree).

Presented (Spiritual) Knowledge (/Im e Huzoori) Presented or spiritual knowledge is one that takes us to the unseen world (ghaib ki dunya) and introduces us with it. Unconscious movements are activated in the person who learns the presented knowledge. Activating these movements means that an image (naqsh) of those things that are being mentioned, appears. For instance, when a teacher of presented knowledge (Ilm e huzoori) says, 'pigeon', an image of the pigeon is created on the slate of mind; and when this word is looked in depth, image of the pigeon with all its features comes to the mind. Likewise, when a spiritual teacher mentions atom. one can perceive the nature, power and elements of atom and the molecules made as a result of mutual combination of the atoms. Presented knowledge (Ilm e huzoori) has three chapters and seventeen sections/ classes

Chapter 1 Abstract (ijmal)

Chapter 2 Detail (tafseel)

Chapter 3 Secrets I mysteries (israr)


Acquired knowledge (llm e husooli)

Acquired knowledge (Ihn e husooli) is explained here with an example. A teacher, while teaching his studen t the way of drawing a picture, shows him a picture on a graph. The more the student exercises it with zeal and zest, the better he becomes a painter. On the contrary, presented knowledge (Ilm-e-Hazoori) tells us that every human possesses ability to draw the pictures; the teacher's job is only to activate ability of being a painter. We elaborate this point with more detail.

Knowledge of Information/Communication Whatever is existent in the world or is about to come into being or has passed away, everything is based on our thoughts. Same is the case with the information that we get about something. It is also based on our thoughts. And if we do not have any information within us or there comes no idea in us, that thing seems absent to us. When some person wants to become a painter or photographer, an idea of drawing a picture comes to his mind at first. A person invents a machine only when he has the idea of inventing a machine. If there were no ideas, no one would become an engineer, a doctor or a teacher.

Same is the case with every branch of knowledge of the world.

First of all an idea of that knowledge comes to us, we concentrate and ponder over that idea and knowledge activates particular working capability in us according to our taste and enthusiasm. The teacher's job is only to awaken the existent capability in the student. If the capability of learning all the branches of knowledge and skills is present in human being, capability (and competence) of learning mysticism (tasawwuj) or spiritual knowledge (rohani uloom) is also present in him. When a person learns to draw a picture, he is called a painter, and when a person becomes competent in furniture making, he is named as a carpenter. If a person invents something scientifically, he is called a scientist. When a student (of mysticism), with the help of his teacher (murshid), awakens the spiritual capabilities in him, he is named as spiritual man (rohani insan).


Scientific Scandal

A human skull was exhibited in the British Museum of England in 1912. It was written under this (skull) 'PITT DOWN MAN'. It was also written on the plate (of this skill), 'It is a skull of a creature that resembles human being that lived half a million years ago, was ancestor of man. A discussion on this skull continued for full fifty years, conferences on this issue were held and many books were written on it.

But, when radio-carbon method was invented, it was disclosed that this was a human skull actually, while the jaw was of a monkey. The human skull was one and a half century old while the jaw of the monkey was only forty years old. In fact, it was a scientific scandal of a higher level. So, this skull was removed from the show case at once.

But it is very strange that the diplomas awarded on the basis of skull were not cancelled and the books written were not declared wrong. The researchers opine that history dates billions of years back, on the basis of scientific result established on suppositions (and analogy) and the reality is that they don't have an authentic source to prove it.


Hypothetical Knowledge

The judgment and evaluation of creation of this world is also based on hypothesis and supposition. It is said that this world is five billion years old. Some scientists see the development of the earth in four periods.

The first period is extended to nearly five hundred million years. The second period covers seventeen million years, the third period consists of six and a half million years and the fourth period consists of two and a half million years.

Some scientists, without any proof or convincing reason, claim that man came to the earth one million years ago. While some other scientists say, 'man appeared on the earth from one to five million years ago.' It means that scientists are not united on one point regarding the creation of man and the earth. Some scientists just guess and hypothesize; the other scientists refute their views as the time progresses.

It is also said that about ten billion humans have been living since Hazrat (worthy) Adam (A.S.) arrived in this universe. It is told that six billion humans are living on the earth in our age. It is also very astonishing that only five years population is counted on the earth in five billion years. We are not concerned with the motives behind whatever scientists say. Whatever some scientists say, the other ones refute them, But one point is decided that the earth has been existent since long and the places have been colonized and towns continued to be inhabited and ruined. When we study the life after Hazrat Adam had come down to the earth, there come different periods of time to see and all these periods, after completing their developmental stages, reach the point where the evolution started.


Material Geologist

¾th of the earth is water (ocean) and only 1/4th of it, is land. The earth is made of geological strata in the form of layers. As onion has numberless layers, likewise the earth consists of stratum and layers. If the earth is ripped open and peeled off, every layer of it seems a different creation. We name some layer as iron, some as coal, the other ones as bronze or copper or brass. We know some layers with the name of uranium or other metal.

A geologist knows that the particles of the earth are, actually, formulas of new creation. Same is the case with clay (soil). The clay on the earth has different colours; it is red, black, or gray. At some places, the soil is hard like a hill and at the other place it is a marsh and a swam p. Another self-explanatory quality of the soil is that, like a mother, it nourishes any seed in its womb. A mother, from very first day, nourishes and begets a child according to the natural (genesis) process. Likewise, the earth also gives birth to babies with a difference of species. When we ponder over the creations of the earth, we are assured that the earth, in fact, provides the basic ingredients, condiments and materials for making any creation a phenomenon. It is like plaster which is put in the dye to make a toy.


Every seed is a dye

Allah Almighty has bestowed the earth with the quality that it completes the process of creation according to each and every dye. When we think of the seed, we can understand that every seed is a different dye. It is the quality of the earth that it expands and shrinks the dye as it likes. It expands the smallest seed, smaller than a mustard seed, in a way that it becomes a great tree. The salient feature of the earth is that it supplies the three shares of water to the dye in as much as that it (water) dissolves itself in the dye according to its nature. The quality of the water is flowing. If the flow is stopped, the water is decomposed and stench and bad smell is created in it.


Human Nature

The ¾th in the body of human being is water. It means that human nature is like the nature of water. So, man passes his time according to his nature i.e. continuous movement (and flow). He is near to his nature, and when some person deviates from his nature i.e. movement, he becomes inactive and that inactiveness and suspension shapes the form of stink. The layers in the earth and on the earth e.g. trees, plants and nature of minerals etc., are nothing but movement and action.


Spiritual Geologist

There is misconception about Tasawwuf (mysticism) that this is the field of those people who are fed up with the world, make themselves aloof from the society so as to avoid the bitter realities of this world. It is totally a false conception. The Sufis (mystics) are well known of the fact that this universe is continuously in movement and action. That's why the responsibility of the propagation of the message of Allah Almighty is imposed on those Sufis who deflect from inactiveness and passivity.

The propaganda of passivity and inactivity and averseness from desires is a great conspiracy of casting aspiration on sufi'ism. The Sufi is not averse to the world. He is so active that none can compete with him. He wakes all the night in worship of Allah; he earns his livelihood to bring his children up. He runs his business abiding by the trade rules. He follows the accepted norms and traditions of the society. He lives a pure and chaste life. He serves and loves all the creatures of Allah Almighty. While the swindlers and cunnings exploit Allah's creatures as a means of their income. He says his prayers five times a day; he prepares himself before going to worship and he has regards for the norms of the prayer in bowing (rakko'o) and prostration (sujood); he works from dawn to dusk for earning livelihood for his children; he brings his children up and teaches them. He also performs his duties regarding the rights of the relatives. He attends society's functions and ceremonies- from birth to death. He adopts piety and restraint (taqwa) with purified mind. How can all this be called escape and averseness from the world? As there is no priesthood in Islam, a Muslim cannot be called an escapist. A Sufi does whatever the masses do. But there is a huge difference in their work. A Sufi.does each and every thing for the sake of Allah Almighty while others do for their own sake. A Sufi really practices the teachings of Allah as mentioned in the first section of the Sura (Part)Al-Baqarah from the Holy Quran. If otherwise, he is worthy to be included in the group of Sufis.


% of Abilities

At this time, the population on the earth is six billons. This is one third of the whole population of the earth. If we look at the inhabited cities and populated areas on the earth, all of them, infact, seem to be valleys. Somewhere, these valleys are narrow and small and at the other places, they are big and wide. In the north of the earth, there are mountains and hills and in the south there are valleys and plain areas. These valleys and plains have been pressed down by the mountains. There are oceans on the sides of the earth, and inside the oceans there are islands and these small or big islands are turned into cities. This is called a known world. Besides this, there is another population of the world also (which is unknown to us).

Science had made a great progress. The present scientific development is the display of only 5% to 10% of the human capabilities. When we claim that man uses only 10% of his capability, the question is where other 90% of capabilities are. Man has been able to use 10% of capabilities in billion years. How much time will he take to use the rest 90% of}.is hidden capabilities?


5 Percent Abilities

According to science, man has been able to use only five to ten % of his capabilities in five billion years. How can we name the    present time the age of a culmination and climax of the scientific development?

The scientists also claim that there have been some inventions in the past, of which today's science is ignorant still. The deep study of the holy books, the Holy Quran, the Bible, the Psalms of David and the Torah (the Psalms of Moses) reflects that man is combination or compound of two bodies (two dimensions), one is material and the other one is spiritual. The material body comes into existence in mother's womb. It is called consciousness. And spiritual body exists before going to mother's womb. It is compared to unconsciousness.

If man, living in the domain of consciousness, does research, he is able to know 5 to 10 % of his abilities in billions of years. If he researches, after having familiarized himself with his spirit, the rest 90% of his capabilities can possibly be disclosed on him. The manifestation of space and time becomes easier to him. The Holy Quran declares,

"Nor is there anything less than that, or greater; but is in the record perspicuous."

(Surah Al Saba: Verse 3)



Many a scholar has written a lot about spiritualism and pantheism. One school of thought is of the view that as saints often used to wear wooly dresses therefore people would call them sufis. Wool is called sauf in Arabic. They used to wear such a dress, for it had been the habit of many a prophet, saints and pious people. According to some people, as they have been associated with the Ashaab-e-suffa that is why they are called sufis; whereas according to yet another school of thought the word sufi is linked with suf a.... but all these explanations are not satisfactory.

In fact, the terminological meaning of Sufi'ism (tasawaf) is self­ cleansing. It is the name of a true spirit that is related to conscience and the light of conscience is always inherent. A sufi always thinks in the context of Allah. His talk moves around Allah. He lives with Allah and dies in the name of Allah. He recites His words and always praises Him and remains enmeshed in His love. He sacrifices everything in order to see and meet Allah.