Chapter No. 32 Human Mind

Human beings use two minds to lead their lives. We experience one of these minds during day, when we are awake while the other during night when we are asleep. One of them is present on the right side while the other is found on the left side in the head.

Right-sided mind is concerned with unconscious senses and the left-sided one is concerned with conscious senses. Right-sided mind is intuitive mind while the left-sided is reasoning and critical mind. There is infinite store of knowledge in the right­ sided mind while the left-sided mind contains limited store of knowledge.

According to the experts if we record eight thousand bits of memory every second in our mind, it has such a large capacity that we can keep on recording for 85 years without interval.

Famous scientist Einstein's brain is preserved in an American laboratory. Great researchers have conducted their research on his brain simply to find the special features of Einstein's brain which made him genius. But till now they have not found anything which could distinguish the mind of a genius from that of a common person.

Einstein is called the great and genius scientist of this century. He himself said that he did not think about theories but those were all revealed to him. Remember this was the same Einstein who was considered to be the dullest student in his school days. The question arises how a dull student became a genius?


Sleep Laboratories

The research conducted in Sleep Laboratories all over the world has shown that when a person (genius and common man) sleeps, his mind starts data processing. If the electric wave in the human brain works to a specific limit when he is awake, the conscious works properly. On the other hand if these waves increase their function, the man becomes restless. He suffers from the fits of unconsciousness if the electric waves increase further.

Usually most of the people live under the influence of left-sided brain. Forgetfulness is more concerned with the left brain. It means that the human beings face problems and difficulties if they are unaware about the worldly knowledge.


Intuitive Mind

The brain is used relentlessly during day time while the intuitive mind is not used. That is why man remains unaware of the real knowledge of the universe. To remedy this unawareness man should remain constantly in touch with his intuitive mind. By keeping a contact with intuitive, the conscious mind becomes strong enough that the man understands the workings of intuitive mind. In this situation the mind works as a complete unit, not as a half one. As a result the possibilities of errors, pains, unrest and complicated diseases decrease surprisingly. The purpose of all types of research conducted in the developed countries to maximize the utilization of human faculties is to create a link between the right and the left side of the brain. The mystics tell that if man becomes aware of the part of his life sleep, then a link will be created between right and left side of the brain. By creating this link man becomes aware of the hidden knowledge and the secret world.


Breath is Life

Life and all the life related emotions and feelings, occurrences and conditions, imaginations and thoughts, and all interests about life are there as long as man breathes. Inhaling and exhaling - both are important: inhaling creates a link with the secret world while exhaling with the senses. Closing our eyes, when we inhale with deep concentration, the conscious self is attracted towards the secret world, and when we exhale our attention is drawn towards the outer world. As a result we move away from the world of peace and comfort by shifting to the world of doubt, avarice, lie and hypocrisy.

The Concealed World

The Concealed world is like a pond if we look into the stagnant water we see our own reflection. In the same way all the people in the world are linked with one another in the hidden world. The universe is like a factory of Nature. The sky, the earth, heavenly bodies, trees, mountains, birds and animals, worms, jinns, angels and human beings all are the parts and bits of this factory of the world. Every bit is linked with other bits. If the function of a single part of the machine leaves normalcy, the machine stops working or starts to jerk. Every small part is aware only of its own working, but is unaware of the mechanism of the machine.

Movement is a hidden scheme which works under the guise of natural phenomenon. In the depth of darkness and light, this hidden scheme creates such marks as are perceived and felt by our senses. For example, look at your wrist watch, the hands for hour, minute and seconds are present in the dial. The hand of seconds moves quickly so the eye can see its movement. The minute hand and hour hand are also moving but our eye does not see their movement. When we look at these hands after some I time, we perceive their movement. One movement is the less or more speed of the hands and the other movement is the working of the whole machine which is not visible to the eye. There are springs, lever and a pulley in the watch and their mutual share in the work produces an unending movement: one moves ahead while the other in a circle, one is increasing and the other is decreasing its size every moment. It is beyond understanding why this movement is not the same. But one can understand all this with meditation. Experimentation of months and years reveal that life is like a machine built up of millions and billions of parts and bits. Like a small or large machine made by man needs energy {mobil oil), same way the machine inside human cage needs energy (fats) for work.

Twelve Hundred Thousand Million Cells

Heart, brain, kidneys, lungs, stomach, and intestines all function with help of invisible energy. About twelve hundred thousand million cells function automatically with preliminary organs. It is the ignorance of a human being that he can neither perceive the machine within him that works with sound, jerks, fast and slow speed, listen to its sound, nor can repair it if there occurs a shortage in the continuous supply of energy.


Energy in the Lamp

Energy burns itself to keep the machine working. If the energy is kept moderate, the life span increases, if the energy is wasted, the life ends.

Breathing practice and meditation increase the stock of energy inside man.... and fewer calories are consumed because of which the energy level goes up.

The person who meditates, remains calm and enjoys comfortable sleep, his face gets wrinkle- free. All and sundry start liking him because of his attractive face. He is librated from doubts and suspicions.

A suspicious person gets tense according to the intensity of the suspicion, and tension creates various problems. The easiest way to save oneself from suspicions and mental stress is to: read the life ('seerat-e-tayyaba') of Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W); serve the God's creatures; consider God to be the surety for needs; and meditate regularly.



Many a scholar has written a lot about spiritualism and pantheism. One school of thought is of the view that as saints often used to wear wooly dresses therefore people would call them sufis. Wool is called sauf in Arabic. They used to wear such a dress, for it had been the habit of many a prophet, saints and pious people. According to some people, as they have been associated with the Ashaab-e-suffa that is why they are called sufis; whereas according to yet another school of thought the word sufi is linked with suf a.... but all these explanations are not satisfactory.

In fact, the terminological meaning of Sufi'ism (tasawaf) is self­ cleansing. It is the name of a true spirit that is related to conscience and the light of conscience is always inherent. A sufi always thinks in the context of Allah. His talk moves around Allah. He lives with Allah and dies in the name of Allah. He recites His words and always praises Him and remains enmeshed in His love. He sacrifices everything in order to see and meet Allah.