Chapter No. 12 Jinna'at

Hazrat Abdullah bin Umar bin Ala'as says that Allah has created Jina'at many a thousand year ago. Hazrat Abdullah ibne Abbas relates that:

Jinna'at used to live on earth and angels in the sky. Both the earth and sky were inhabited by them and there are separate angels for every sky and they have got distinct tasbeeh for each sky and the angels of the higher sky do more tasbeeh o zikr than those of the lower skies.


Abu Aljin Tara Noos

"The way today man connects his lineage to Hazrat Abu Albashar Adam Alaih Assalam, similarly the same feeling exists in the race A-Jinna'. Their lineage is linked to Abu Aljin Tara Noos and the way man and woman are born among human beings similarly they are born in the race A-Jinna'at."


The world of Jinna'at

Hazrat Ibne Abbas relates:

Allah has sent prophets to jinna'at. The prophets have ordered them to worship Allah and advised them to refrain themselves from shirk and forbade them to fight among themselves. But when Jinna'at disobeyed Allah and committed shirk and started fighting, Allah killed them as a severe punishment.

When Allah discussed the birth of Adam with the angels they thought of Adam none better than jinna'at and said that he would also fight and shed blood.

Hazrat Abdullah ibne Zubair saw a man of two feet and asked him who he was.

He answered that he was Izb. He asked him who Izb. He answered that he was ajinn. He hit the jinn with a stick at head and he ran away.

Mushrik Jinna'at:

Some people have narrated the incidents of seeing the jinna'at in different form. What ever is the type of changing form but it is a fact that angels and jinna'at can change their forms.

Hazrat Bilal ibne Haris says that:

We were traveling with Hazrat Muhammad. We camped at a place....Hazrat Muhammad went a little away from there. I heard a loud noise of the people quarreling with one another. I asked Hazrat Muhammad what that noise was about.

Hazrat Muhammad said that Muslims and Mushrik jinna'at

were fighting about houses. I asked the Muslim jinna'at to live in the towns and on the peaks of the mountains and asked the Mushrik jinna'at to live in valleys and islands.


The Food of Jinna'at

When Sahaba asked Hazrat Muhammad about the food of the jinna'at, he answered that jinna'at were fond of eating bone rather than meat. To them bone is equivalent to the meat and the excretion of the animals is the food of the animal jinna'at. For them the excretion becomes lush green grass.

Once a messenger of the jinna'at came to Hazrat Muhammad and recited the Quran. Then he asked for the meal Hazrat, Muhammad said the halal bone would be filled with meat for you.


Muslim Jinna'at

Jinna'at heard the Quran· from Hazrat Muhammad and embraced Islam and made tauba from kufr o shirk. Jinna'at are the mukalaf the ahkama'ate shariya. There are many ayaat about their being mukalaf·

In Quran Allah says:

Behold, We turned towards thee a company of Jinns (quietly) listening to the Qur'an: when they stood in the presence thereof, they said, "Listen in silence!" When the (reading) was finished, they returned to their people, to warn (them of their sins). They said, "O our people! We have heard a Book revealed after Moses, confirming what came before it: it guides (men) to the Truth and to a Straight Path. "O our people, hearken to the one who invites (you) to God, and believe in him: He will forgive you your faults, and deliver you from a Penalty Grievous. "If any does not hearken to the one who invites (us) to God, he cannot frustrate (God's Plan) on earth and no protectors can he have besides God: such men (wander) in manifest error."

(Surah Ahqaf Verse 29-32)

When this incident took place, Allah ordered Hazrat Muhammad to recite it to the people. Hazrat 1uhammad recited this surah so that the people may learn that Hazrat Muhammad has been sent as a prophet to both Jinna'at and mankind. It is there the duty of all Jinna'at and mankind to believe in Allah and obey Allah and His prophet and never commit blasphemy (shirk).

When Hazrat Muhammad was returning from Ta'aif to Makkah he camped near a plum orchard. He was reciting the Quran in Tahajud prayer so that jinna'at heard it and embraced Islam on him.


Witness of the Tree

Once Hazrat Muhammad said to the sahaba in Makkah that whoever wants to meet with the jinna'at he should come to me at night. No body came there except lbne Masau'd. Taking him along Hazrat Muhammad reached a high peak of Makkah. Hazrat Muhammad made a circle and asked him to not to come out of it. Standing at a place, Hazrat Muhammad started reciting Quran. After a short while a group gathered around him and Hazrat Muhammad got hidden between them. The group of the jinna'at said who would become the witness of you being the prophet. Hazrat Muhammad said that that tree would be my witness. Hazrat Muhammad asked that tree who he was. The tree said that you were the prophet, you were the true man of Allah, and you were the last prophet of Allah. Seeing this all the jinna'at embraced Islam.      ·


Separate and Compound Waves

There is a body on every physical existence. Sufia' call it silhouette (heavla} The spiritual eye observes its width and length, and all the features of the body i.e. hand, foot, eye, nose and brain. It not only observes but also feels the solidness of the internal lights of it.

The law of creation tells us that at first body of lights are created, then physical existence comes into being but both have the solidity in them. Separate wave is the amalgamation of such movements that are in progress from one direction to the other. From one side to the other these separate waves are mixed with one another and there appear designs and patterns on them they are then called jinn and the world of jinna'at. But if compound waves are mixed with one another so that they remain mixed and there also remains some distance as well and then there appear designs and patterns, it is called the man and the world of man. It means that designs and patterns on separate waves i.e. eyes, nose, ears, hand, foot etc are from the world of jinna'at and designs and patterns i.e. hand, foot and other limbs form the world of men.


Disciple Jinna'at

As besides man there are an innumerable creation in the world similarly in the world of jinna'at there also exist earth, sky,

moon, sun, stars and all other creations. The only difference is that man is the product of compound waves where as jinna'at are made of separate waves. As five senses work in the creation of compound waves similarly five senses work in the creations of the separate waves. Jinna'at speak and hear, and ploughing is done and scientific inventions are made in the world of jinna'at. There are also schools, colleges and universities in the world of jinna'at.

One Million and Fifty Six Thousand Feet

The world of jinna’at is in the circumference of our globe and almost it is situated one million and fifty six thousand feet high in the space. As an example it is so that on a large territory a hundred storey building is roofed in a way that it is used for ploughing. A building is constructed, plants and flowers are implanted and the place is inhibited with men as well, but the creation (jinna'at) living on the roof is neither visible to that on the ground and vice versa.


The Age of Jinna'at

In the world of men, a child is born after nine months from the mother womb; and in the world of jinna’at , a child is born after nine years according to human calculations of time. From this we can guess the average age of jinna’at.

Both men and jinna'at are the mukalaf creations.Both can learn spiritual knowledge besides the worldly one. Allah has described about two, mukalaf creation in Quran.

"O ye assembly of Jinns and men! If it be ye can pass beyond the zones of the heavens and the earth, pass ye! Not without authority shall ye be able to pass!"

(Surah Ar-Rehman: Verse 33)

The authority here means spiritual capabilities. If a man or jinn awakens and mobilizes their spiritual capability they can observe the hidden world by crossing the borders of earth and sky.


The Authority

It is got through the teachings of all the prophets that a man has to get to the nearness of Allah in physical existence and in order to get to the nearness of Allah it is necessary to enter the unseen world that is only possible through the will of the authority (soul).

It is possible so that the soul has listened to the voice of Allah in the beginning, has seen Allah and has acknowledged Allah as the Creator in its full consciousness.


The Number of Muslim Jinna'at

There are billions of Muslim jinna'at in the world of jinna'at. As the Muslims perform Namaz, keep Fast (Roza), perform Pilgrimage (Hajj) and pay Zakat, similary the Muslim Jinna'at fulfill the above obligations.

Any one can object to why jinna'at are not visible. So can we dare asking why man cannot see virus and bacteria? But if a Sensitive Device is made it can make us aware of bacteria or virus. In the same way if man seeks the knowledge of separate (mufrid) waves then he can see the Jinna'at and their world.

Allah says in Quran:

"But those who swerve, - they are (but) fuel for Hell-fire"

(Surah Al-Jinn: Verse 15)

"Amongst us are some that submit their wills (to God), and some that swerve from justice. Now those who submit their wills-they have sought out (the path) of right conduct."

(Surah Al-Jinn: Verse 14)

Hazrat Muhammad recited the Quran before the sahaba. They kept quiet. Hazrat Muhammad said jinna'at had answered better than thee to the recitation.

"Then which of the favours of your Lord will ye deny?”'

(Surah Al-Rehman: Verse 16) They used to say:

"O our lord all praises be to Thee, and we do not deny Thy any favour."

"In them will be (Maidens), chaste, restraining their glances, whom no man or Jinn before them has touched."

(Surah Al-Rehman: Verse 56)


Four Groups of Creations

Ibne Abbas says that there are four groups of creations. The entire one of them is destined to go to the paradise, the other to hell where as the rest of the two are destined to go to both paradise and hell. The first one of them is that of angels, the second of Satans where as the other two are men and jinna'at.

Hazrat Ayesha says that jinna'at were weepingly chanting the following verses few days before the martyrdom of Hazrat Umar.

"May Allah bless Ima'm Adil and repay him for his good deeds. He had taken a few initiatives which were not completely acted upon yet that misfortunes befell him. Whoso ever wants to witness it, he will find his every promise kept up. I do not apprehend that an ugly-faced culprit will kill him; the apprehension is that now the world will get darkened. You have met with your lord in paradise and have got dressed up so that it will never wear out.


The Army of Hazrat Suleman

In the army of Hazrat Suleman, there were distinct troops of jinna'at, men, birds and animals. Every living thing be it fauna or flora was under his control. The jinna'at used to wash up pearls from the bottom of the seas. They were deputed to uct great buildings; they used to make exemplary urns of lead. Hazrat Suleman could get whatever duty he wanted from them.


A Beautiful Spiritual Allegory

Abdale Haq Qalandar Baba Auliya has written a story about the       / facts and revelations from the world of jinna'at:

Just like human children, the young ones of the jinna'at also used to study in the school of Shah Abdul Aziz Muhaddis Dehlvi. However, they were less in number. The boys of jinna'at were strictly advised not to perform any such deed that may frighten the boys of human beings.

Of those most of the jinn boys used to hail from the black mountain of Delhi. Today where there is the ice factory, that black mountain is situated at a short distance from it.

In those days a very few people used to go to there and come from. It used to often happen that if a detracted traveler came there he would never visit that place again as naughty jinn boys would tease and he would warn others of going there.


The Creation of Clay and Fire

Allah has described about jinna'at in Quran in the following way:

"He created man from sounding clay like unto pottery. And he created Jinns from fire free of smoke."

(Surah Al-Rehman: Verse 14-15)

There is many a place where jinna'at are inhabited. They usually live in wilderness. The people passing through such wild places have often seen and narrated their assemblies. There are many a place surrounding Delhi where jinna'at lived. Of these this was one of the inhabited places that we are writing about.

You would have seen that the sweet meat shops remain open till late at nights. The sweets adoringly displayed throughout the day are also purchased by the jinna'at late in the midnights. Apart from this jinna'at also eat phosphoric acid that is usually found in coal and mostly jinna'at get it from that source.


The Twelve Sects of Jinna'at

There are twelve sects of jinna’at and all these live on earth. The jinna'at of every sect are distinctly known. It is not necessary that jinna'at of one sect may live at the same place. There are many places where different sects of jinna’at live. The form and features of every sect are different.

However it was to be told that there used to live jinns from different sects on the peak of the black mountain. Their habits and form and features were quite distinct. That place still exists there as it used to be in the age of Hazrat Shah Abdul Aziz Muhaddis Dehlvi.

Soften jinn parents used to come to Shah Sahib-carrying gifts and making request to please get their children admitted to the school. Shah Sahib would ask for the fulfillment of a few conditions and usually would get their children admitted to the school if they fulfilled those. In this way their children would join the classes. Apart from studies, these boys would fill up water containers for ablution...and offer prayers in congregation.


A Strange Piece of Talk

One day Shah Sahib was taking rest in his drawing room (hujra) at night. A few boys including those of jinns were busy in serving the Shah Sahib. Some one was busy in massaging his head, and the other one was rubbing down his hand, a few of them were massaging his feet; a lot of time had been elapsed in doing so. It was late at night after the isha 'prayer.

Shah Sahib asked a boy to put off the lamp, its oil was getting wasted. And all of you should go to take rest.

Shah Sahib's Drawing room (hujra) was quite spacious. He was lying in the bed almost six yards away' from the lamp that was placed at one of the comers in the hujra. A jinn boy from there put off the lamp by stretching his hand.

When the boys (human) saw this strange thing happened they started crying in fear thinking it to be a non-human act.


Shah Sahib consoled them and scolded that jinn boy.

That day the human boys came to know of the fact that jinn boys also used to study with them.

There used to live a businessman in the rear of Shah Sahib's house. The jinn boy who committed that mistake had started loving the daughter of the businessman. But he had kept it secret till then. He had been trying to keep Shah Sahib happy by serving him day in and day out. He wanted to invite the family of the businessman to dine with them through Shah Sahib so that they might develop a good understanding with them before requesting for their daughter's hand. But he could not find out any way to request to Shah Sahib about it.

At last he could think of an idea that his parents would come and invite Shah Sahib and the businessman's family to dine with them at the pretext of being his neighbours.

For this he had been thinking for weeks. During this many years passed by but he could not tell his parents of it.

When the boys came to know of the fact that the join boys also studied with them, Shah Sahib asked him after scolding why he did so, the jinn boy summed up his courage to tell:

"I have done all this intentionally so that the boys may come to know of us and today I request you to please come to our place and dine with us. You are my teacher and I owe you a lot in this connection. That's why, I have ventured doing so."

At first, Shah Sahib got enraged but then being too kind-hearted he kept quiet but the boy was still insistent.


Love between Man and Jinn

After a long time, the jinn boy asked his parents, "I want to invite Shah Sahib at all costs; you please go with me to do so." He flatteringly cried and said, "I love the daughter of the businessman. I can't breathe any longer without her. You please request Shah Sahib to bring along the businessman's family as well."

The parents got angry with him after hearing all that. They warned him after giving him severe beating but the boy persisted. He gave up taking any thing to eat or drink. He started turning weaker and learner with the passage of time to the extent that he reached his death bed. Even then his parents did not accept his request to invite the businessman's family to dine with them. When the boy was about to breathe his last, the mother fainted in impatience. The father also took pity and said to his father:

"We shall think what we can do and how we can request Shah Sahib about it. You please give up abstinence and start taking food as per your usual routine so that we may feel capable of devising any plan. You don't know how much we are worried, you are our sole son."

The boy hearing this felt relieved and answered ecstatically; "You don't worry at all. In order to create the favorable situation I will do whatever I may have to. You won't have to face any problem in expressing your request there."

Then one day the jinn boy appeared before the businessman's daughter in the garb that nobody else could see him. The girl became frightened seeing him. She started crying to call her family members. She told them who had come to their place.

The family members unanimously said, "We can't see any thing, what do you see?"

The girl replied, "A handsome man is standing before me and is calling me."

The father said, "It is your hallucination, there is nothing here.

Where is he? Why after all we don't see him?"

The girl answered after controlling herself, "Look there he is standing..".

·        "The mother lovingly said to her it your daydream. Have you

ever daydreamed like this before?"

She weepishly pleaded her mother, "You believe me mother! It is not a daydream. This boy is standing before me; don't you in reality see him?"

The businessman said in a sad tone, "If we could see, why would deny you..."

The girl said irritatingly, "You are denying me because you want me to become the victim of hallucination. You want me to think that it is my hallucination that wears the garb of a handsome boy. It is totally wrong and baseless. I won't believe in your explanations. Whatever I am saying and whatever I am seeing, it is undoubtedly true. Look! That boy is still standing before me."

 The businessman first consulted a physician. He took his daughter to Hakeem Hamid Khan. Hakeem Sahib felt her pulse, examined her eyeballs and they checked up her hair for any irritation there. He examined her feet carefully. He wanted to find any symptom to reach at the conclusion that the girl was feeling any sort of mental imbalance, madness or hallucination. When he thoroughly checked her up Hakeem Sahib started interrogating her. He asked her when it happened.

The girl told him about the day and time.

Hakeem Sahib asked her again where she was that day. She said that she was at her home.

Hakeem Sahib asked whether or not the incident again happened to her like the first time.

The girl said that it happened many a time that he appeared before me when I had been alone in my room.

Hakeem Sahib further interrogated whatever she saw she should explain it in a detailed and reliable way.


Hallucination and Reality

"The way you are sitting before me is a reality and as there is no room for hallucination in it, similarly I say with the same cocksureness and confidence that I do see a vey handsome boy. He comes before me in different costumes and he looks to be a lad of a duke the way he behaves."

The girl said, "Hakeem Sahib! Please go with me, let's...they all take me for a lair, may be; you see him..."


Nisbat Nama Shah Abdul Aziz

Shah Abdul Aziz was the eldest son of Shah Wali ullah. Shah Abdur Rahim was the grandfather of Shah Abdul Aziz who was Farooqi by.....

It was asa'r time, Asa'r prayer was about to be performed in Fateh Puri mosque of Delhi. As soon the Ima'm started the prayer a loud roar of noise got up outside the mosque. The people were shrieking and saying, "Kill that man." Many of the people offering prayers left the prayer and went outside to see what it was happening and who they were."

Many people were waving sticks; some of them were carryin6 swords and daggers. And some were armless but all of them were raising slogans.

"Kill him....Murder him....Cut him to pieces..."

Shah Wali ullah who was their target was offering prayer very peacefully. After offering the complete prayer without any fear he looked all around.

His followers were constantly asking him to get off. They were your foes. God forbade they might do something horrible. Please get off through the little door.

Shah Wali ullah said to his fellows,

"Do these people want to turn the house of Allah into a shamble? If I am not destined to die right now then nobody can harm me. If I am to die then every body surely has to one day. "Kullo Nafsan Zaiqatul Maut"

The noise got up again!

"Catch him, don't let him go, don't let him escape, he has amalgamated our religion, he has patched up our religion, not only he but also his fellows deserve severe punishment....they are non-believers...atheists...kill them....put them into hell." Some people came forward amid that tumult and entered the court of the mosque. Their intentions were not good. Shah Wali ullah asked them,

"Have you come here to kill us?" One of the hooligans said,

"Yes! We have come here to kill you. You do not deserve to be let off alive."

Shah Sahib asked, "What crime have we committed?" One man answered with contempt and irony,

"You don't know your crime. Do you really not know what crime you have committed? o Non-believer! Now I will call you disgracefully. Have you not translated Quran into Persia n? Is this not blasphemy to Allah's book? You have misled the people. You deserve capital punishment. We will cut your head off."

Shah Sahib flared up at this answer.

He had a thin stick in his hand. He picked up this stick in his hand and raised a slogan of" Allah Hoo".

What an effect carried that slogan! Shah Shahib and his companions left the room one by one. The gathering was dispersed. Shah Sahib had reached near the salty well when someone called,

"Let not this dissembler go".

But this call brought no fruit. People were standing still like they were the idols of stone.

When Shah Sahib reached home, Shah Abdul Aziz embraced Shah Wali Ullah due to his adolescence and started weeping because the news of this agitation had reached in every corner of Delhi and the finally members had known this.

Shah Wali Ullah said, "Son, don't you know how much these people of world had tormented me and your Prophet (Peace be upon him). Son, wipe your tears. I am about to go. Knowledge is my patrimony, you save it".

Hazrat Shah Abdul Aziz Muhaddis Dahlivi, who was at an age of adolescence, lowered his head and said,

"Allah's will, If He has chosen me for this service, I will pass every moments of my life in these educational and practical services".

Hazrat Shah Wali Allah passed away in 1177 A. H. Hazrat Shah Abdul Aziz was eighteen years at that time.

This is to explain that the chain of "Muhaddiseen" has reached either right from Shah Abdul Aziz or though any other saint. Shah Abdul raheem, the father of Shah Wali Ullah, was also in the writers of Fatawa-e-Alamgiri.

Shah Abdul Aziz was born in 1159 A. H. His historical name was Ghulam Aleem. The numerals of his naine are 1159. His genealogical tree reaches Hazrat Umar after three generations. His grandfather, Shah Abdul Raheem, had blished Marassaa-e-Rahimia in Delhi. During the reign of Alamgeer, Shah Abdul Raheem was honored as great scholar. He had been told of the birth of Shah Wali lrllah by Khawaj Qutb-ud-din Bakhtyar Kaki.

ShahAbdul Raheem said,

"One I went to the place of pilgrimage of Khawaja Qutab-ud­ Din Bakhtyar Kaki for pilgrimage. I was standing on an elevated place. Suddenly I raised my eyes and saw, the spirit of Hazrat Khwaja Qutb-ud-Din came and said, "You will have a son, name him after me, means Qutb-ud-Din. I was astonished to hear this saying ofKhwaja Qutb-ud-Din Bakhtayar Kaki and thought, my wife has reached to that age when giving a birth to a kid is out of question.

After some time, I had an inclination for second marriage and when she gave birth to a baby boy, I named him Wali-Ullah. The saying of Khawaja Qutb-ud-Din Bakhtyar Kakijust slipped out of my mind and I forgot completely. But, after some years when I remembered this incident, I renamed Wali-Ullah as Qutb-ud­ DinAhmad.

To cut it short, this was the background of the birth of Shah Wali-Ullah. Shah Wali Ullah was a genius in childhood. God has graced him with such a brilliant mind that he wrote books like Hija tullah ul Baligh and other books by using this mind.

He had a special thinking and understanding when he reached to youth. It grew gradually. If we study the life of Shah Wali­ Ullah, we will find a complete political and spiritual system in it. It was a short background to his life.

His eldest offspring came up with such wonders which were left incomplete by Shah Wali-Ullah e.g. educating the children of Jinns, such disclosures which he did relating service men. Anyway, here the purpose is to relate his relation to Jinns.

Hakeem Sahib went to the house of trader according to the saying of the girl; kept sting there for a long time and kept questioning her.

The girl continued telling by signals that he is standing in front of me; now he is approaching near; now he is stuck to the wall and looking at me.


Treatment with amulets

But Hakeem Sahib could see nothing. At last Hakeem Sahib gave the decision that the girl had attacks in this room and not in the other rooms. This disease started from this room. I will medicate her every way possible. He gave her many cooling syrups and then laxatives. He repeated this many times but the thing did not go out of the mind of he girl. In tension, Hakeem Sahib wrote a costly prescription which was to strengthen the. mind of the girl. The situation remained the same even after using it completely. No change came in the state of attacks. At last Hakeem Sahib refused saying that there is a possibility that some man may cure it with amulets. I am tired of it. Now I have no medicine for her.

Some men of the locality advised the trader to visit Shah Abdul

Aziz.  See what he says. Shah Abdul Aziz lived       in the neighborhood.

Shah Sahib did not consider it appropriate to call the the madrassa. Rather he went at trader's house during spare hours, saw the girl, talked to her and asked her name.

The interesting thing is that when Shah Sahib was at her house and in her room, the girl remained alright and in her senses. She did not tell anything about the boy. She said,

"This happens at some moments when the boy did not appear". Shah Sahib told the father of the girl that she was alight and what could he do for her she is failed to see anything in her room. Ask her to call that boy so that he may appear. I want to see him.

The girl called the jinn. She called him with his name but no

incident occurred.

Shah Sahib returned but kept on thinking what plan he should adopt. If the jinn is attracted to the girl, how can it be discovered. He thought deeply over this matter and constantly thought that why it happens.

Then the girl started disappearing. She remained disappeared for days and then she appeared coming down from the stairs or

sometimes people find her coming out of a room.

Now the people asked her what this disappearance means and where does she go for so many days.

That girl told frankly that Jinnat took her and served her a lot there. She had no complaint against them.

Often I see when I feel my heart sinking, they leave me here. I found myself there in a garden. This is a very attractive and beautiful garden. There are patches of rose and flowers of different colors in the garden. There is pond in the centre of the garden and a palace made of marble is situated at the bank of this pond. Many women are at my service there. They only leave me when I come here. When I get from the sleep, a lady comes with a basin of water and a sink and helps me in making ablution. After having my ablution, I offer my prayers. A little later, the time of breakfast approaches. After having breakfast, many girls of my age from neighbouring houses gather around me. Though I keep quiet for most of the time, I feel neither any tension nor any loneliness in their company. Sometimes I think that these girls are Jinns and I am human being. Even then no otherness comes to my mind. I only feel that we are from same race and nation and our conversations are also the same.


Civilized Jinnat

This is strange that I haven't seen that boy present there till now. The jinnat who take me there are not the same as who bring me from there. I recognize some jinnat among them.

But all of them are civilized. They send me back with a great respect. This has never happened that I had wised for a thing and they had not fulfilled it.

When Shah Sahib did not see that jinn boy in the madrissa during the same days and the incident of turning off the light came to his mind; and the saying of the boy that he had done so intentionally; and leaving the madrissa by him; all these things irritated his mind. Nothing seemed attach ci to the other and he could not reach a certain decision.

Shah Sahib was continuously given the news of the disappearance of the girl. Shah Sahib kept on thinking to stop it. During this thinking, a jinn came to his mind that kept lying as a dog but this dog was scabby. Based on his research, he knew many things about this dog. But nothing in these information was likely to make him acquainted with that dog. He thought for a long while, called the trader and asked if he had some trust worthy men.

The trader answered that I have a very old friend and a friend of my age. Both are reasonable for me. If I tell them a secret, they will not disclose it.

Shah Sahib said that I want the same. Now bring one of them to me.

Moreover he asked to bring two loaves of grinded pulse which should be baked at one side and unbaked on the other and Ghee (oil) must be pasted on the unbaked side.

Shah Sahib wrote on a paper and made many folds of it and inserted as long a thread as could be garlanded in the neck of dog.

When the trader came with the loaves and his faithful servant,

Shah Sahib saw the loaves, gave them the paper and said,

A scabby dog is lying near the wall of the: garden. Go right to him and no need to fear. Seeing you, the dog will bark at you and will run to bite you. At the very moment, throw one loaf in front of him and when he will be busy in eating this loaf, garland him with this thread. Give him the other loaf when he had finished eating the first. When the dog starts walking from the wall of the garden, chase him. Stop where he stops. Then wait until he starts form there and keep walking with him. It will growl at you in the way but don't bother. At last it will sit on a place in the plane behind the black hill. You two also stop there and wait at answer you find for this page.

The page will disappear from the neck of the dog as soon as he sits there. Now it is your courage and this courage is needed as a must. If there comes any type of earthquake or any storm, or windstorms, you stick to your place. There is no need to fear.

The trader and his servant gave the loaves to the scabby dog and garlanded hi with the thread according to the advice of Shah Sahib.

That dog started from there and walked through uneven roads and both of them kept on chasing him with courage and skill. At last it sat in the plane behind the black hill and the page written by Shah Sahib vanished from his neck in no time.

The trader and his servant kept on sitting in peace for some time and the dog also kept sitting motionless. Some moments had passed in this condition when they felt the earth and sky shaking like an earthquake and horrible voices started. Both of them looked around in tension but could see nothing. They were still unable to understand the direction of the horrible sounds when there raised a cyclone which engulfed and blackened the surroundings.

They tried to see with fully opened eyes. But the darkness was so deep that they could see nothing. Still they tried to find out the dog but in vain.

After some time this earthquake and storm ended and the environment was clear in the surroundings. Oh, what they see!

There is neither a hill nor that plane. Now there is a beautiful city which had a big population.

There were big houses, wide roads, and like big cities have colonies, this city was also divided into colonies.

There were courts where the hearings were in process and the courts were giving the decisions. Aman came to them searching them and said,

"Your case has a hearing. Let come to the court for decision".

At first they got feared but then remembered the hearing of Shah Sahib. Whatever the result is, they had to go in the hearing.

Then they say the page written in the hands of that man which satisfied them. Both of them escorted him.

The court gave the decree after reading the page that the jinn should be presented in the court against whom Shah Sahib had written the page.

The inspector went through the page and said,

"Sir, we need to find out him. We may kindly be granted some time".

The court said,

"Shah Sahib wanted an urgent decision of this case. And he also want that the culprit jinn should be presented to him".


C.I.D. in Jinnat

"We have no such law that we may hand our jinns to the humans. We will solve the problem of Jinns ourselves. First we need a time to find out the jinn and we need at least one month for it. It is obvious that the Jinn who has committed this crime, will not show himself, rather he will hid himself. And it is not possible without the co-operation of the CID of Jinns. SO the court is requested to ask the officer in charge of the CID that how much time he needed to find out the Jinn. This one month is supposed by me. We can not debate Shah Sahib directly as we have no right to. The reason is that he is such a man who is respectable and honourable for us. And in his regard, it is better to reply Shah Sahib with a fair answer through the same scabby dog, who live under the wall of garden, that has performed the duties of messenger of Shah Sahib.

This is to satisfy Shah Sahib that his case has been presented in the court for hearing. The procedural activity, search of jinn and arrest will take some time. This is to be done to save Shah Sahib from getting depressed and angry. We consider shah Sahib such a party whom we do not want to annoy. The page should contain such an extensive statement that Shah Sahib might know the entire situation and our short-comings. It should also give him a hope that the case will solved by hook or by crook; no matter early or late. He will not have to wait a long.

Everything was written briefly in the letter, it was folded'in the same way as Shah Sahib had did, and handed it to the Jinn who had brought the letter.

Then, many photocopies of the letter of Shah Sahib were prepared and given to the CID of Jinns and it was stressed that the Jinn who had committed this fault should be found out at urgent grounds.


Civil Court of Jinnat

The trader and his servant were presented in the court after some days. And the presenter of the court read the page of Shah Sahib for the court. It had written in it,

"You can hear the detailed incident from my neighbour trader and his servant.

It is necessary for this case. Firstly there is no relation between the Jinns and humans and even then the daughter of the trader is kidnapped. At first this girl used to return to the house of his father and she did not complained of any pains. But this coming and going has an end now. So, I am sending his father to you so that you may be able to know the details. Secondly, another considerable thing is necessary to be kept in mind that one of my jinn students is lost. He has not come to madrissa otherwise I might have asked him. Apparently these two things has deep relations for sure and I request you to search for the Jinn who was a student in the madrissa and suddenly disappeared. There is a possibility that my thinking is right and there is also a possibility that I am not completely right but right up to some extant; that the jinn, who disappeared, might have not committed the crime himself or he had done so with the help of some other Jinns''.

When the letter has been read, the court addressed the trader and his servant and said,

"This was the statement of Shah Sahib. Now you give your statements one by one".

At this the trader said, "My girl keeps veil. She never confronts anybody without veil. She had no chance of going out of the town. She is not in the habit of wandering in the streets. If there is a need, she goes with her parents and goes up to the market maximum. On this ground, we cannot blame any human to kidnap her. Second thing is that only those relatives visit our house from whom no veil is observed and the girl has grown young from a child in front of them. All of them love the girl and are tense due to her disappearance. There is no such day when one or two of her friends and some of our relatives do not visit our house to enquire her. When we took this matter to Shah Sahib, he meditated for a long time with closed eyes but did not show any suspicion that the girl has been kidnapped by human beings. We accept Shah Sahib as our guide and elderly man. We are completely in the belief that no one other than jinns has committed this". Saying this, the trader got silent. And the court gave the date for next hearing.



Many a scholar has written a lot about spiritualism and pantheism. One school of thought is of the view that as saints often used to wear wooly dresses therefore people would call them sufis. Wool is called sauf in Arabic. They used to wear such a dress, for it had been the habit of many a prophet, saints and pious people. According to some people, as they have been associated with the Ashaab-e-suffa that is why they are called sufis; whereas according to yet another school of thought the word sufi is linked with suf a.... but all these explanations are not satisfactory.

In fact, the terminological meaning of Sufi'ism (tasawaf) is self­ cleansing. It is the name of a true spirit that is related to conscience and the light of conscience is always inherent. A sufi always thinks in the context of Allah. His talk moves around Allah. He lives with Allah and dies in the name of Allah. He recites His words and always praises Him and remains enmeshed in His love. He sacrifices everything in order to see and meet Allah.