On the completion of Holy Ka'ba (House of Allah), Allah Almighty commanded Abraham (PUBH):

"O, Abraham (PBUH)! make an announcement to people about

Hajj (Pilgrimage)". Prophet Abrahain said, "O, my Lord, how    ..

will my voice reach all the people? Here I can find only three people including me". Allah Almighty said, "O Abraham, it is My responsibility to carry your voice to all the human beings". Then Prophet Abraham (PUBH) made the announcement for Hajj. His Voice was heard by all the creatures in the skies and on the earth, and between the sky and the earth. This is the declaration of pilgrimage (Hajj). In response to this declaration, the pilgrims during the pilgrimage reiterate "Labbaik Allahumma Labbaik" which means, "Here I am to do thy bidding, my Lord!" Prophet Muhammad (Peace be Upon him) said, "People, whether born or still in the world of souls, responded to the voice (Call for Hajj) of Prophet Abraham by saying "Labbaik" and perfom1ed Hajj (Pilgrimage)".


The Holy Quran and Hajj (Pilgrimage)

In SuraAl-Baqra,Allah Almighty says:

"The months of the Hajj (pilgrimage) are well known; so whoever determines to perform the pilgrimage in these months, should remember that there is to be no foul talk, nor any transgression and quarrelling during the Pilgrimage. And whatever good you do, Allah knows it."

(Surah Al Baqra: Verse 19 7) The Holy Prophet (PBUH) said,


"The person who performs pilgrimage for the countenance of Allah. And during Hajj he, who neither talks foul nor does any transgression, becomes as innocent as a newly born child.”


Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) said,

"when you meet a person, who has performed his pilgrimage, say to him, "May peace and blessings of Allah be upon you. Shake hand with him and ask him to pray to Allah for your forgiveness before he (the pilgrim) enters his home.”

Philosophy of the Rites of Hajj

Prophet Abraham (PBUH) saw in his dream that he was being commanded to sacrifice his dear son Ishmael (PBUH). Prophet Abraham after meditations, research and observational process had been convinced that Allah Almighty (God) cannot be an entity that rises and sets. Prophet Abraham's firm belief in God transferred to his son Ishmael (PBUH) and when Prophet Abraham told his dream to his son Ishmael, he said,

“O my father, do as thou art commanded, thou wilt find me, if Allah please, of those who are patient."

Prophet Abraham (PBUH) took his son Ishmael (PBUH) to a place called Mina and laid him there. He asked his son to close his eyes. Then prophet Abraham (PBUH) closed his eyes also. Then he vigorously moved the knife on his son's throat. When he was sure that he had slaughtered his dear son, he heard a call asking him to open his eyes. When he opened his eyes, he found a well-fed, healthy rain lying slaughtered before him. God Accepts Abraham's (PBUH) Sacrifice

We called to him:

“O Abraham, thou hast indeed fulfilled the dream. Thus indeed do we reward those who do good."

(Surah AI-Saffat: Verse 104-5)



Tradition of sacrificing animals during Hajj as its pillar and on Eid-ul-Azha is in commemoration of the great sacrifice offered by Prophet Abraham. Allah has made this act of sacrificing animals obligatory on all those who can afford it.

After sometime, when this incident had occurred, angel Gabriel called on Prophet Abraham and said:

Allah Almighty sends His blessings upon you (Abraham) and directs him to construct His house on this piece of land so that the people may visit this place for the circumambulation of His house. Prophet Abraham constructed Ka'ba (the house of Allah) along with his son, Ishmael. At the points, where Satan (devil) tried to mislead them, both pelted him with pebbles. This action of theirs is still practiced as a pillar of Hajj. So we must have a firm belief that there is some hidden philosophy behind every commandment from Allah Almighty.

Philosophy of Throwing Pebbles

Throwing pebbles at Satan (devil) is one of the rites of Hajj. The logic behind this is that when prophet Abraham (PBUH) was taking his son Ishmael (PBUH) for sacrifice to the place called Mina, the devil (Satan) tried to dissuade him from doing so. He fled the devil by throwing pebbles at it. This is the point where pebbles are thrown at Satan during Hajj (pilgrimage). The philosophy behind this act is that if there is some hurdle in carrying out the commandments of Allah Almighty, we should forcibly remove it. We should use both mental and, physical energies until the commandment of Allah Almighty is materialized and Satan's whispering, and evil suggestions bring him disappointment and rejection.

Snare of Doubt

An action is performed or materialized when the time and place for the performance of that action is fixed. If we think of doing a piece of work, there is always some stimulus behind it in some form. For example, the snare of doubt has the shape or form of an entangled net. If a person is entangled in that net, they do not find any way out. The more a person tries to get out of that net, the more they are entangled in it.

Commandment of Allah Almighty is like storage of delicate lights while impure lights become a hurdle in obeying these commandments. Satan (devil), being the worst enemy of man, fills his soul with these impurities. A 'Soul' can fall a prey to the snare of doubt Satan's whisperings, vanity and arrogance, envy, disobedience and immoral behaviour. A soul makes its journey on two ways. First one is the way to materialism and the second one is the way to the Unseen World. In the World of materialism, Satan whispers into the heart of man and this whispering becomes a snare of doubt between human wisdom and God's commandments.

Philosophy of Sa'i (Swift walking)

"Sa'i" means to walk back and forth seven times between the two small hills, Safa and Marwah. Hadrat Hajirah walked back and forth in search of water for her dear son Ishmael (PBUH). It was the result of Hadrat Hajirah's struggle to seek water for her son and a fountain of water Zam Zam sprouted and became an external example of motherly love.

Love is an attribute of Allah Almighty. Allah loves His creatures more than seventy times a mother does. He nourishes His creatures with love and provides them resources so that they may fulfill their needs. Every mother is responsible for the sub­ creation of a child. It is, in fact, the demonstration of Allah's attribute. A mother loves her child very much. She tries her level best to up bring her child in a proper way.


Zam Zam Water

To save the life of her dear son Hadrat Ishmael, Hadrat Hajirah devotedly tried to find water for him. She did this work with so much dedication and concentration that God started the fountain of water Zam Zam. This fountain became a source of life not only for Hadrat Ishmael but also for the believers. Allah's blessings are unlimited and eternal and Zam Zam water, which is the result of Hadrat Hajrah's efforts, is unlimited and eternal. Every year, more than 25 lacs Hujjaj (pilgrims) and other visitors, who come for Umra, use this water.

Philosophy of Ta'waf (circumambulation) Ta'waf (circumambulation) is an act of worship which is done in Batiullah (House of Allah) Baitullah is a symbol of Allah's Oneness and Centrality. Everything comes from Allah Almighty and then it returns to Him. Everything, that comes from Allah Almighty,   has some characteristjc and         the knowledge of         these characteristics of things means the consciousness of this universe.

The knowledge about this universe is called sub-consciousness. Allah Almighty (The Lord Creator) is All-knowing and is the source of all knowledge. To reveal the lights and beatific vision of the Creator's knowledge on surface level is called the revelation or descending motion of the universe. In revelational or descending motion, light of knowledge demonstrates itself. When we circumambulate Baitullah, our intention is -to circumambulate the House of Allah Almighty. Circumambulation consists of two states of ascending and descending. Ascending motion means that man is turning towards his Sustainer and Creator while descending motion means that man physically circumambulates the House of Allah Almighty on the sacred piece of land. To stay in front of Hajre Aswad (The Black Stone) for a while or to kiss it or to make a hand signal towards it and to go round Ka'ba (the house God) is called Ta'waf (circumambulation)      ·

Observing Haq (The Truth)

During the Ta'waf (circumambulation) of Ka'ba, one feels around one's self the collection of lights consciously and unconsciously. This storage of lights makes one's soul busy in the observation of Truth. The person, who is circumambulating, feels himself in a sate of selflessness.

Spiritual lights and beatific vision keep descending each and every moment on sacred Baitullah (House of Allah Almighty) Angels keep circumambulating Ka'ba every time. Sacred souls of Prophets and saints (Friends to Allah) keep busy in Ta'waf (circumambulation). Spiritual lights from angels and prophets along with the spiritual lights of sagacity from saints (friends to Allah) create an atmosphere where a Haji (Pilgrim) is under the shower of spiritual lights. A large number of People feel themselves surrounded by these spiritual lights and delicate beatific vision and are not only moved but also fully benefit from them.

Philosophy of Halq (Head Shaving)

"Halq" means head-shaving. A man's thoughts and ideas are the basis of all his actions and deeds. Man's brain receives these thoughts which come from the unseen World. This unseen World is a world of delicate lights. Every bit of information coming from the unseen World is the fixed quantity of light.

Electric Antenna

Hair of head which is as thin as thread works as antenna. Electric current runs through these threads and one can observe the electric current of hair while combing. Having combed the hair, when one takes that comb near small pieces of paper, small pieces of paper fly to the comb and stick to it. Information, coming from the Unseen World, passes through the hair by electric current and permeates its roots. This electric current becomes energy and this electric energy is absorbed in the ideal body when one gets one head shaved. The World above the heavens is a source of positive thoughts while the lower World is the source of negative thoughts. These impure lights, being thick and opaque, become a hurdle in electric current and this hurdle changes into negative thoughts. After "Sa'i" (swift walking) one either gets ones head shaved or gets one hair shortened. This process removes impurities and flow of light fastens, thoughts become pure and delicate. When, on the commandment of Allah Almighty, (The Creator) one gets one's head shaved, ones relation breaks with the information comi!1g from the mundane World and the relationship with the information, coming from the World above the heavens starts.

Philosophy of Wearing lhram (two white unstitched cotton sheets)

An organization, which has a uniform (dress code), follows

high standards of discipline. We can see this discipline in army and police. Besides this, at public level, nurses and doctors are its examples. After wearing uniform, one feels oneself active. Ihram is also like a uniform.

Hajj (pilgrimage) is a program i1t which such environment is created as continuously turns a person's attention to his creator. Similar costume can easily capture one's attention. If the costumes are of different colors, every person would note the design, color and making of other person's costume. white color is the symbol of purity and purity is an attribute of Allah Almighty (The Lord Creator).



Magnetic Energy

The colour of Ghilaf-e-Ka'ba (the robe of Ka'ba) is black and the pilgrims wear Ihram of white colour. Light combined of colours is like electro magnetic energy. Light passe through every thing and does not need any help to pass through things. Colour is, actually, such a characteristic of light, as takes its form after combination with darkness. We can see black colour because it absorbs all waves of light. We can see white colour because it reflects all the waves of light.

Spiritual lights and beatific vision keep descending on Baitullah (House of Allah). Black robe of Ka'ba absorbs and stores these spiritual lights in it and the white colour of Ihram (two white unstitched cotton sheets) reflects the waves of these spiritual lights on Hujjaj (pilgrims). Its result is that the bodies of the pilgrims are embellished with spiritual lights. A white­ colored costume gives a feeling of purity. Rites of Hajj and circumambulation ofKa'ba are a source of seeking closeness to Allah Almighty. When Allah Almighty becomes the centre for man's apparent and hidden being, soul and body(the costume of soul) and the heart become righteous and pilgrims actually feel that Allah Almighty (the creator) is nearer to them than even their jugular vein.



Many a scholar has written a lot about spiritualism and pantheism. One school of thought is of the view that as saints often used to wear wooly dresses therefore people would call them sufis. Wool is called sauf in Arabic. They used to wear such a dress, for it had been the habit of many a prophet, saints and pious people. According to some people, as they have been associated with the Ashaab-e-suffa that is why they are called sufis; whereas according to yet another school of thought the word sufi is linked with suf a.... but all these explanations are not satisfactory.

In fact, the terminological meaning of Sufi'ism (tasawaf) is self­ cleansing. It is the name of a true spirit that is related to conscience and the light of conscience is always inherent. A sufi always thinks in the context of Allah. His talk moves around Allah. He lives with Allah and dies in the name of Allah. He recites His words and always praises Him and remains enmeshed in His love. He sacrifices everything in order to see and meet Allah.