Chapter No. 21 Religious Struggle and Training System of Successions

 Allah Says:

“There occurs no change and pause in my Sunnah.”

Allah has ordered to maintain the image of good or bad and to make distinction between good and bad through the prophets. All the prophets, by following the orders of Allah, have told human beings that the only way of salvation is to follow the orders of Allah. As Rasul-Allah (SAW) is the last messenger of God and Din has been completed. That is why, to continue the Sunnah of Allah, the group of Auliya-i-Allah (friends of God), the heirs of Rasul. Allah (S.A.W) have managed to continue the consistency of teachings and commands of Rasul-Allah (S.A.W). Aulia-i-Allah (friends of God), men and women have accomplished this obligation and this series will continue till resurrection.

Aulia-i-Allah preached in India, Pakistan, Burma, Malaysia, Indonesia, Africa, Iran, Arab China and in every country, served the creature of Allah and invited to believe in the Oneness of Allah according to the customs of the age. History proves if Sheikh Muhayyo-ud-dinAbudl Qadir Jilani, Khwaja Hasan Bassri, Hazart Daata Ghanj Baksh, Sheikh Mueen-ud­ din Chishti Ajmeri, Hazart Bahud-ud-din Zakariya, Bahaul Haq Nakshband Laal Shahbaz Qalandar, Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai, Qlandar Baba Saints and other pious people (Sufia) had not cultivated Islam, there would have been no such great strength of Muslims in the world. The Sufis scarified their body, soul and assiduity to serve the role of vicegerancy and heredity of Rasul Allah (S.A.W).

Allah and Sufis know undoubtedly that no body can do anything except Allah. Whatever man does, he does according to the will and commands given to him by Allah. Allah says:

"May servant gets close to me through Nawafil, sees me, listens to me and talks to me".

It means that in this way the servant becomes the follower, of Allah in his actions and conduct.

Two hundred successions:

There are nearly two hundred successions in the world who lived in the boundary of Shariat and Sunnah, educated about self-awareness, formulas of captivating universe and Prophet­ like thinking.

In the spiritual schools established by these successions, a devotee is trained to find himself surrounded by Allah. The devotee loves Allah, does what Allah likes not because of fear or threat but because of the love of Allah to please Him. He avoids all that displeases Allah believing that Allah is his advocate, guard and creator.

The devotee tries to search Allah through Sala'at, prayers and meditation. The goal of life of the devotee is to communicate with Allah.

It is through assiduity on the lessons of successions and through the association this act becomes his belief. 'I have come to Allah and have to go back to Him'. To serve creature and forgiveness becomes the goal of his life.

There are many successions except the well known successions in the subcontinent who teach the spiritual guidance and spiritual knowledge.


v Silsla Qadira

v Silsla Kabroia

v Silslaa Soharwardia

v SilslaAzeemia

v Silsla Junedia

v Silsla Firdosia

v Silsla Shitaria

v Silsla Nakshbandia

The known number of the succession is said to be 200.



Silsla Qadria:

Syed Abdul Qadir Jilani, Imam-e Qadria Succession, a great spiritual leader got direct favor from our lord Hazur (A.S.W). He was born in a small town Gillani in 470 hijri. His name is Abdul Qadir and Mohyuddin is his surname.

The succession Qadria is related with his name Abdul Qadir. Our Lord Imam Hussain of Ameer-ul Momenen Ali son of Abi Talib is his predecessor.

The chain of spiritual predecessors of Hazrat Sheikh 'Abdul Qadir Jilani starts with Hamad Ilyas and Abu Saeed Mubarak Hazrat Hassan Basri, Hazart Ali and ends on our Lord Hazur (S.A.W).

Apart from going through the stage of austerity and prayers and difficulties and hardships, it also happened that Sheikh Abu Saeed Mubarak enclosed him in a cell early in the morning and let him out the next day after Noon prayer for some time, Hazrat Abdul Qadir Jilani protested, got angry and questioned about his imprisonment. But when the mentor asked Abdul Qadir to go inside the room saying that time to stay outside is elapsed, he went into the room silently. He did not protest. The austerity continued till three years continuously.

The incidents related to austerity and divine workshop of Hazrat Abu Bakar Shibli and Imam Ghzali are the same.

Abu Bakar Shibli:

When governor ofBagdad, Abu Bakar Shebli requested Hazrat Junaid Bagdadi, the commander of Sufies to be a part of the group of the mystics. Hazart Junaid said, 'Will you qualify the demands of sufi'ism?' Abu Bakar Shibli said, 'I am ready for it'. Hazart Junaid Bagdadi said, 'As you have been a governor of Bagdad and have inculcated the pride of being governor, you can not learn sufi'ism until this pride leaves. And the first lesson to leave this pride is that you will have to beg in the streets of Bagdad and later the people of Bagdad found Shibli begging in the streets of Bagdad.



Imam Ghazali

Imam Ghazali was the unique person of his age. The great scholars got advantage from his disciplines. Suddenly he thought to observe the system of monastery to see what these people teach. He involved in that search for seven years. He travelled a long distance for this reason until got disappointed. Some one asked have you met Abu Bakar?

Imam Ghazali said 'I conclude that these are the imaginary things which the religious mendicants have made known about themselves'. Then he went on a journey to meet Hazarat Abu Bakar Shibli. When he started to leave, the cost of his clothes, horse and a saddle was a thousand 'Ashrafi'. The man of Sovereignty Imam Ghazali visited Abu Bakar Shibli after having a long journey who was sewing in a mosque 'gudri'. Imam Ghazali stood at the back of Hazrat Abu Bakar Shibli. Hazrat Abu Bakar Shibli without looking back said,

"Ghazali you have arrived., . you have wasted a lot of your time. Listen to me carefully! Knowledge comes first and practice comes later in Shariat. Practice comes first and knowledge later in manner. If you can sustain, stay with me otherwise go back"

Imam Ghazali waited for a minute and said 'I will stay with you'. Hazrat Abu Bakar Shibli Said, 'go and stand in the opposite corner'. Imain Ghazali did so. After some time, Abu Bakar Shibli called and took him his home after greetings.

After three years intense austerity, Imam Ghazali when arrived Bagdad, the whole city came out to welcome him. When people saw him in neat ordinary dress, get puzzled and said,

'Imam what did you get out of luxurious life'

Imam Ghazali said,

"I Swear God! If had not get such an opportunity and the vanity of being a great scholar had not vanished in me, my life had been distorted".

The recitation of 'Drud Shrif is devised in Qadria Succession, Zikar-e-Khafi and Zikar-e-Jali are done inabundance. Hazrat Sheikh Mohiyd-din Abdul Qadir Jilani has exposed hidden secrets of worldly rules. He has presented the method of using the rules of nature and suggested the way to understand these rules where science has not reached yet.

Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani told that the existence of the earth and sky is fixed with that light which is feeded by the 'Noor of Allah. If the mind of mankind goes away from matter and is fixed on that light. Man will be able to understand that man is awarded with the grandeur spiritual abilities with whose use man cannot make only the things spread on earth his submission but also can utilize the inside forces and waves according to his will. The whole universe becomes a dot before him. At this point, man is not dependent of material sources. The sources bow before him. Our lost Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani is appointed as Mumassil and assist the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H.).

Men and women have relation with the great saint all the time in the affairs of administration of this world.

 The status of the great saint in the court of Hazur (S.A.W) is like this that Hazur (S.A.S.W) has not ever rejected his request. The reason is that the great saint is well acquainted with the temperament of Hazur (S.A.W). He does not say a word which is against the nature and temperament of Hazur (S.A.W). It is not possible to cover all the miracles of our lord.

In a limited time three miracles with scientific logics are a present for the readers.

Change of Sex:

Aman came to Hazrat (R.A) and Said '"O', Sheikh I wish to have a son,'

Sheikh said,

"I have prayed to Allah for your son".    A daughter was born instead of a son. He took the daughter and came to see Hazrat.

Sheikh Said,

"Wrap the child in a cloth and took it home and see what is revealed. He went home and found the boy instead of the girl. The logic of this miracle is given as:


Creation of Man and Woman

The Quran says:

"And we created everything in pairs."

According to 'equation', every individual is a combination of the two layers. The apparent payer overpowers and the one layer that is over powered, is hidden. A woman is also a combination of two sides similarly the man....The apparent side in a woman is featured with fair sex and the hidden side is out of sight. Similarly, the apparent side of man is visible in his features and the hidden side is not visible. It can be explained as the visible side of a man as a man is his apparent side; same case is with the woman. Equation is like this that the hidden side, woman the opposite side of the apparent man is stuck with him and with the apparent side of women, her opposite hidden side, 1uan is stuck with her. The incidents of change of sex happen because of the reason that the change in hidden side occurs in the way that the opposite hidden side woman in a man overpowers. As a result, change in_ sex of a man and woman occurs.

As men of perception and supernatural power know these rules, so they can do change in the creative formula. The great saint Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani has the knowledge of the creative laws sustained in the universe. It is through the supernatural powers that he overpowered the hidden side man in a girl and she became a boy.

Christian and Muslim

One day Hazrat Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani passed by a Mohalah, a part of a town. There a Christian and a Muslim were engrossed in a quarrel. He asked:

"why are you quarreling" the Muslim said:

"He says, 'Hazrat Isa (A.S) is superior to Hazrat Muhammad Rasul-Allah (S.A.W).

And I say that our messenger (S.A.W) is the most excellent' Hazrat Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani asked the Christian,

"With which logics you prefer Hazrat Isa (A.S) over Hazrat Muhammad Rasul-Allah (S.A.W)?"

The Christian said,

"Hazrat Isa made the dead ones alive." The great Saint (R.A) Said:

"I am not a messenger of Allah but a servant of the messenger (S.A.W). IfI make alive the dead one, will you come to believe Hazrat Muhammad(S.A.W)"

·        ·        The Christian Said:

"No doubt, I will". After that Hazrat Abdul Qadir Jilani Said.., .. 'show me any old grave'.

 The Christian took Hazrat Abdul Qadir Jilani to an old graveyard and pointing towards an old grave said:

"Make the dead one of this alive." Hazrat Ghoas Pak (R.A) Said:

"The person in grave was a musician in the world. If you wish, he will come out from the grave in a state of singing"

The Christian said:-

"Yes I wish this"

Hazrat Sheikh (R.A) paid attention of the grave and said:

"Stand up with the will of Allah". The grave exploded and the dead one came out of the grave in state of singing and the Christian became a Muslim. Seeing the miracles of Hazrat Sheikh, the Christian became a Muslim.

The logics of knowledge:

The logic of this miracle is that the man, whom we call a man, is a puppet, made up of the skeleton of flesh. The status of this puppet continues until sprit lives inside the puppet. We do not call that an alive man, if sprit goes out.

Allah Says:

"We made man from the burnt soil and blow a sprit in him spirit in the will of Allah".

Allah has defined the will of (The lord Allah) in Surah Yasin as: "His will is this that when he intends to do something, says, 'be' and it is done".

Its equation would be, ... Man is a puppet; a poppet is a space, ., . There is a spirit in space, ... Spirit is the will of the Lord. And the will is this that when he intends to do something. He says, "be': and that thing is prosecuted. Allah has awarded the knowledge of spirit and creative formulae to Hazrat Sheikh Mohayud-din Abdul Qadir Jilani when Hazrat Sheikh (RA), according to the formulae of lsrar-o-Ramuz-Eilahia", said. 'Stand up!' with the will of Allah, the dead one cam out of the grave.

Change on the ETERNAL BOARD

Once a Wali (a holy man) lost his possession. As a result, people started calling him an apostate. Innumerable holy saints saw his name in the list of thieves. The man came to see the holy saint (Piran-e-Pir Dastagir (R.A) in intense suspension and disappointment and expressed his feelings in state of weeping. Hazrat Ghoas Pak (R.A) prayed for him. There came a voice from Allah.

"I have charged him in your care. Do as you want". He (R.A)

asked him to wash his head and his name was washed away from the list of unfortunate ones.

The logic of this miracle is this:

This inherited knowledge and the authority was shifted from Hazrat (A.S.A) to Hazrat Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani. These disciplines and authority are awarded from Allah to those about whom Allah says:

"I keep my servant as a friend and I become his ear, eye and

tongue, then he listens and speaks through me and handles things through me".

Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani is the master of Hidden knowledge


When he prayed to Allah, his name entered into the list of holy spirits from that of the thieves.

In the beginning of Rabius-sani 861a, Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jillani got ill and on 9 Rabio-us-Sani, died in the age of 90 years and 7 months. During illness, he advised his son not to expect anything except from Allah, perform prayers and be pious, do not be non believer in of Allah and do not trust anyone but Allah.

Silsla Chishtia

In chishtia succession, while reciting kalma shahdat, 'Ilallah is given stress. Members of the succession while pronouncing Allah, shake the upper part of the head and the body. The feelings of ecstacy overpower them at the time of hearing. Hazrat Mamshad Dinv1ari (R.A) is the Imam of Chishtia saccession and this succession wide spread through Hazrat Muaeed-ud-din chishti Ajmeri Khawaja Garib Nawaz and became acceptable.


Hazrat Mueen-ud-din Chishti Ajmeri:

Hazrat Mueen-ud-Din Chishti Ajmeri, Garib Nawaz was born in Sanjar, the province of Sestan Iran. His date of birth is 1141. Sultan Sanjar, the ruler of Saljonia family inhabited the city in the eleventh century Isvi. The name of the father of Khwaja Garib Nawaz is Syed Ghaous-ud-din and name of his mother wasMah-e-Nur.

When Hzrat Khwaja Gareeb Nawaz of thirteen years old, the fenders of Hasan Bin Sabah attacked on Sanyar and destroyed it.... The renown scholars and the were holy person Killed one by one the father ofkhwaja Garib Nawaz shifted to Nishapur in khrasan with the whole family. Health of our lord Ghyas-ud­ Din was badly affected due to hardships during the journey. He died within two years of bad health and of critical circumstances. And his mother Mahe-Noor also died after one year. Khwaja Garib Nawaz started to remain silent most of the time due to continuous mishaps and grieves.

One day a dervish, Ibrahim Qandoze came, Khwaja Mueen-ud­ din Chishti offered him to sit under shadow. He put out a piece of the dregs of mustard seed from his bag, chewed it with his teeth and gave it to Khwaja. He ate the piece without hesitation. In the age of seventeen, he became pupil of Maulana Hassan ud-din Bukhari, a religious scholar of Samar Qand. He learned the disciplines of Tafseer, Hadith and Fiqah in the age of 20, got skill in Statistics, Astronomy and Medicine.

Hazrat Khwja Mamshad Dinwari (r.a)

Hazrat Khwaja Mamshad Dawari (R.A) sent his pupil Hazrat Abdul Ishaq to the states of Middle East. A large number of fire worshippers resided in these states.

The leader of the succession, Hazrat Mamshad Dinwari awarded permission and Khaliph of the succession at the time he left named that succession as Chishtia. The world Chistia attracted the attention of fire worshippers towards themselves. The knowledge of Hazrat Mamshad Dinwari was of great support in the preaching of Islam. Innumerable fire worshippers accept Islam with the struggle of Chistia saints. Because the fire worshipers were well acquainted with the word 'Chisti', that is why, they did not felt these saints as strangers to them.

The Saints of Chistia succession made people close to them through services, moral behavior and hospitality and spread the light of Islam to them. In the age of 18 years old, Khwaja Mueen-ud-din Chishti came to visit Khwaja Usman llarooni, a saint of Chishtia succession Khwaja Usman Harooni gave him responsibility to supply water in his onastery after Bait.

Days changed into months and months into years. Khwaja used to serve in this way for nearly 22 years. When Knwaja Mueen­ ud-din was of 40 years old, one day Hazrat Khwaja Usman Harooni called him and asked "what is your name?"

Khwaja replied sir; name of this servant is Mueen-ud-din. Mueen-ud-din Chisti writes in his composition "Anees-ul­ Arwah. The spiritual mentor said, 'perform salat of 2 rakat'. I performed. Then he said, 'sit in front of Qibla'. I sat. He ordered to recite Surah Bakra, I recited. He asked to recite darud sharif

 21 times. I recited. Then the spiritual mentor stood and clutched my hand and while facing at the sky said, 'come, let you meet the Lord'. Then said, 'look at the sky'. I looked af the sky. He asked to what extent you see. I replied, I see till Tahat-us-Sara. Then he asked to recite Sura Ikhlas. I recited. He, then, asked to look at the sky. I looked at the sky he asked, to what extent you see now.

I replied, 'till Hijab-e-Azmat'. He asked to close eyes. I closed my eyes. He asked to open. I opened. Then by showing me two fingers, he asked 'what do you see?' I replied, 'I can see 18 thosand scholars'. Then he ordered to pick up a brick placed in front of me....I picked up and found handsome amount of dinar, ..... he asked to divide these into the poor, ..... I divided the dinars. Khwaja Garib Nawaz Says:

'In the end, the spiritual mentor made me close to his breast, kissed my head and eyes and said, I gave you in the way of God and went busy in the world of wonder'.

Services of Chistia Succession

Hazrat Khwage Garib Nawaz (R.A) after his meeting with the spiritual mentor, made his journey to Haram Shrif passing through different cities and countries. On the way, he met Khawaja Bakhtiar Kaki (R.A) in the city of Asfahan. He requested for Bait.

Khawaga Garib Nawaz (R.A) accepted his request. Both of them reached Makkah Muazma and performed Haij. Them he visited Madnia Munaware, he remained busy in continuous meditation and observation. One day he was honored with the visit of Hazrat Nabi Karim (S.A.W).

Rasul-Allah (S.A.W) said:

"O' Mueen-ud-din 'you are any assistant to my 'din'. I awarded you with the rule of India. Infidelity and darkness is spread over there. Go to Ajmer, infidelity and darkness will be removed with your _presence" and Islam will spread over there."

On this prediction by the prophet (PBUH), reading of ecstasy over powered Khwaja Garib Nawaz. He did not know about Ajmer. "What type of country is Ajmer?', 'how will I arrive there?', and 'which way should I adopt for the journey'. He slept while thinking about it. Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W) gave him information about Ajmer.

He was shown the fort and mountains around Ajmer. In the some dream, Rasul Allah (S.A.W) bestowed him with a pomegranate of Jannat' and let him go to the journey.

He started urgently getting ready to travel. In 1189, he reached Bagdad from Madina. After staying for some time, he reached Lahore through the way of Afghanistan and involved busy in meditation on the tomb of Hazrat Syed Ali Hajweri (K.A) for forty days.

Tone and Melody

He came from Lahore to Multan. Hazrat Khwaja, stayed for nearly fine years in Multan. He learnt Sanskrit and other local languages in Multan. He studied the history of India, did analysis of its culture and deeply observed the religion and beliefs. He received regular education of tone and melody to understand the religious value of music in Hindus. He learnt to play the music. Then he moved towards Ajmer. At that time, the ruler of Ajmer was Prithvi Raj.

Khwaja Garib Nawaz stayed in a green land with his friends. But the rulers of the area did not allow him to stay. He said the area is specific for the camels of Raja. Khwaja Garib Nawaz said,

"Let the camels sit". After that he selected a place beside Ana Sagar.

In the evening, the camels sat in the field. But the next day, the camels kept sitting. They were made to stand up after a great struggle. But the camels did not stand up. The sergeant informed the officers about the incident they also tried but the camels did not stand up. Finally the matter was discussed to Prithvi Raj. He was also surprised. When he came to know that a Muslim passed by from there, selected the place for their stay, Raja ordered the sergeants to ask for forgiveness from the pious men. The sergeant came to Hazrat Khwaja Garib Nawaz and asked for forgiveness.

Khwaja Garib Nawaz Smiled and forgave him by shaking his neck showing kind attitude. The sergeant reached that place and found the camels standing there. The Pandit of the temple, when looked at the miracles of khwaja garib Nawaz, got impressed. Amongst the Pandit and pious men who were passionate to search for the sigh as Shadi Dev and Raje Pal accepted Islam.

The word Ajmer, is made up of 'Aja' _ 'mer' 'Aja' means the sun and 'mer' means the mountain.

Inner Eye

Once a hermit came to Khwaja Ghareeb Nawaz (RA). Through contemplation, he had reached to a pedestal where the vision of a person broadens as a mirror and a confronting fellow seems as clearly as a picture on TV screen.

The hermit contemplated and saw that the whole body of Khwaja Sahab is enlightened but there is a black spot on the heart. When the hermit told Khwaja Sahab about his contemplation, he said you are true.

On hearing this, hermit was amazed and lost in the serious thoughts that this black spot does not suit such a divine spirit that is as bright as moon. And he said, can my powers erase this spot?

Khwaja Ghareeb Nawaz (RA) said, "YES" if you wish, this blackness can be washed away.

Hermit said with wet eyes and trembling lips.

 "My life is a tribute to you" Khwaja Sahab said:

If you believe in Allah's Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SAW), your black spot will be no more. Hermit could not get it. But as he had washed away the density of soil inside himself, so he started believing on the Prophethood of Allah's friend Hazrat Muhammad (SAW). Khwaja Sahab said, "Peep into inner self through the eye of soul". Hermit saw and found that the enlightened heart was free of black spot. Hermit humbly requested to Khwaja Ghareeb Nwaz (RA) with tied hands. Me Lord "please unveil this unusual thing". Khwaja Ajmeri (RA) said, "That enlightened man on whose heart you have seen a black spot, was you. But in spite of such a great power, you could not get the metaphysical knowledge. And that knowledge is this that the heart of a person is like a mirror and that person can see its reflection in the mirror of others. That was not your belief on the Prophethood of Hazrat Muhammad (SAW). That's why there was the black spot on your heart. And if once you are gone through the Muslims confessi n of Faith (Kalma), your reflection was enlightened in my mirror.

The study of History shows that the shrines of the Holy Persons have been the centre of Islamic struggle. These shrines were the universities of Fear of God, Service of Humanity, Faith in Destiny and Metaphysical knowledge. In these shrines, the students were given such an atmosphere and the environment that their minds were convinced for the Purification of Inside and the Civilization of Self-Desire.

Hazrat Baba Farid Ganj Shakr was the centre for the acquisition of knowledge. Hazrat Baba Nizam-ud-Din Aulia (RA) raised this knowledge with its elegance and organized struggle to its climax. For over a period of fifty years, these shrines were the centre for command and instruction. People from all over the world kept on coming in groups. And        being the regular attendant in his service, they went back with the love of God in their heart and the passion to spread the Faith of Islam to the people. These shrines were always open rich and the' poor, urban and the rural, old and the young and the children.

Homage was made common by Hazrat Nizam-ud-Din Aulia (RA). When Right Seekers repented in front of him, presented

him a religious dress and reverend him.

Hazrat Nizam-ud-Din Aulia (RA) sent his majestic caliph Burhan-ud-Din with his four hundred corrirades to Daccan for education. The caliph Burhan-ud-Din with his comrades benefited Daccan with Islamic, metaphysical and religious knowledge.

The Succession of Sehrwrdia

The Chain of Sehrwardia is affiliated with Sheikh Abdul Qahir Sehrwrdi. Hazrat Sheikh Shahab-ud-Din Sehrwrdi (RA) and Hazrat Bahauddin Zakariya Multani (RA) is the descendant from the same chain. In this chain, after three years of crusade, spiritual mentor sees that how much power the heart has got and what is the status of the purification of inside? After the internal purgation and pure and beatific vision of heart, Grace is converted into them. In the Chain of Sehrwardia, the words "Allah Hu" are repeated time and again by holding the breath. God is praised evidently and secretly.


Bahauddin Zakariya MuItani (RA)

Hazrat Bahauddin Zakariya Multani (RA) was Qureshi. His ancestor was Qamal-ud-Din Ali Shah. He came to Khwarzam from Mecca and settled in Multan. The name of his son was Wajihuddin Muhammad. He was married to the daughter of Maulana Hisam-ud-Din Tirmazi. Sheikh Bahauddin Zakariya is the son ofMaulana Wajihuddin.

Bahauddin Zakariya went for a pilgrimage to Mecca at the age of 18years. Then he went from Mecca to Madina. When he was of twenty one years, his father died. After this, he learnt Quran by heart and went to Kharasaan. He acquired the Grace from the scholars of manifest and the scholars of Inwarduess for seven years. For days and nights in the vicinity of Hazrat Muhammad (SAW), he remained occupied with austerity, crusading and meditation. He arrived in Bait-ul-Mukaddas filled with the splendor of Madina. And from there he came to the holy city Baghdad. And there he remained a regular attendant in the service of respect Hazrat Shahab-ud-Din Sehrwrdi (R.A). He remained engaged in the praises or God with firmness and interest.

Spiritual mentor gifted a patched garment of caliphate. Shajra­ e-Tariqiat (the succession) starts with Sheikh Shahab-ud-Din Sehrwrdi and moving from Khwaja Habib Ajmi, Hazrat Imam Hasan, Hazrat Imain Ali and ends with Hazrat Muhammad (SAW).

On the command of spiritual mentor Hazrat Bahauddin Zakariya Multani became resolute to travel for Multan. In this travel his brother, Sheikh Jalal-ud-Din Tabrezi (a spiritual guide) was also with him. When both the reverend reached Baghdad, Hazrat Sheikh Jalal-ud-Din Tabrezi went for the pilgrimage of Hazrat Sheikh Farid-ud-dinAttar (RA), he asked "which mendicant in Baghdad is seeking for rights?" Jalal-ud­ Din remained silent. When Bahauddin got to know about this thing, he asked Sheikh Jalal-ud-Din "why did not you call out the name of your spiritual mentor?" He replied that the dignity of Sheikh Farid-ud-Din impressed my heart so deeply that I forgot Sheikh Shahab-ud-Din Sehrwrdi. On hearing this, Sheikh Bahauddin was very displeased.


The Honorables of Islam

On the way         both of them separated. Sheikh Bahauddin Zakariya came to Multan and Jalal-ud-Din Tabrezi went to Khrasaan. And after a short period, Jalal-ud-Din Tabrezi went to Delhi.

At that time, the emperor Shams-ud-Din Altamash was in reign. He loved those who had love and reverence for Allah. When the emperor got to know about the arrival of Hazrat Jalal-ud-Din Tabrezi, the emperor came to receive Hazrat Jalal-ud-Din Tabrezi on the threshold of the city and gave him reverence by getting down the horse. At that time Najam-ud-Din Sughra was appointed on the post of The Honorables of Islam. When he saw such a great reverence of the emperor and extreme honor of HazratJalal-ud-Din Tabrezi, there emerged the feelings of envy in him.

Because of malice and hatred, he started conspiring and falsely accused Hazrat Jalal-ud-Din Tabrezi. He involved a renowned prostitute named Gohar in this conspiracy and presented his case in the court of emperor Altamash. During the proceedings of the case, Gohar told the truth that this conspiracy was made by The Honorables of Islam Najam-ud-Din Sughra. Sheikh Bahauddin Zakariya says that people have made wrong conceptions about saints that they don't have anything else except for homage, dedications and offerings to the saints. If the spiritual leaders will be labeled as deserting the world, then nobody will come to them for the acquisition of spiritual thoughts and the solution of social problems. The apparent worshippers don't know that less eating, less sleeping, less speaking and not wasting the time in unnecessary interests...., essential for the purgation of soul. We keep fast. Nobody can say that Islam is the religion of starvation. The benefits of fasting are the evidences that less eating, less speaking and less sleeping are the functions of the growth of soul.



The most prominent and renowned figure of the "Sehrwardia" succession, Hazrat Bahauddin Zakariya Multani has got his distinct way of preaching. Due to this unified, spiritual movement, thousands of people in the areas of Sindh, Multan and Balochistan succeeded in developing relationship with Allah and countless men and women entered into the boundary of islam.

Hazrat Zakarya Multani had established an elevated and most dignified educational institute. In this institute-. teachers were appointed with very handsome salaries. Besides students, there were very good hostels for the teachers as well. The policy of the institute was to arouse the feelings of love for God and his proximity. After getting education, if any person requested to perform his/her duties in his/her desired area; the settlements were made regarding their training of the language and culture of that particular region. For this purpose, he/she had been given special training for two more years.

After two years, the teachers were provided with suitable funds, so that a teacher would start some business and perform their responsibility of preaching with some business.

Hazrat Zakarya Multani used to advise teachers; "Do sell goods with less profit. Do follow the practices of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH). Do not sell defective goods. Do deal your customer open heartedly. Unless you win the credence of people, do not present the teachings of islam"



In guise of traders, these pious preachers of religion of Allah reached China, Philippine, Java, Sumatra and other areas. These men used to present cultural and other exhibitions in the big cities.

Due to this professional honesty, cleanliness and good behavior, everybody got impressed by them. People started loving them by getting impressed with their elevated character. And these godly people used to inform the secrets of spiritual serenity in a very heart touching way that people by embracing Islam became familiar with the proximity of God. Millions of Muslims in the islands of far-east were honored to embrace Islam after these pious saints.

In 7 AD, the trained followers and nobels of Sheikh Shahabuddin Sehrwardi established institutes all over the world for the exposure of religion and spiritual preaching. Sheikh Bahaudin Zakarya sent delegations in different regions. His trained followers enlightened the regions from Kashmir to Ras kumari and from Gawadar to Bangol with the light of Islam.



Hazrat Zakariya Multani used to manage the training sessions of people belonging to different professions respectively. This spiritual movement was based on scientific and modern standards. Nature has gifted Hazrat Zakariya Multani a mind­ set of prosperity. He cultivated forests and arranged to dig wells, constructed canals and paid full heed to agriculture. He always remained worried about the prosperity of populace. For him, serving the God's creature was like the asset for the judgment day.

He served masses well and public loved him. It was his love and good behavior that people used to attend the divine contemplations in folks. People adopted honesty and sincerity as the standards of life for the discernment of Allah (S.W) and His prophet (PBUH). The congregations of Darud-Sharif and commemoration were held for corroboration of soul. People used to device all possible ways to avoid the horrible torment of selfishness and self conceit.

Once Sheikh Zakariya Multani was going on carriage that he

heard a voice.

O dwellers of Multan! fulfill my need otherwise I will destroy the city. Pious man stopped his coach and waited for a while and asked the bearers to move ahead......

On hearing the call second time he asked to rest the coach in the ground after some time said, .... leave and pursue the way...... on hearing third time he asked the bearers to bring down the carriage from the shoulders and said after coming out of the coach., ·.. ·

Satisfy the need of this bagger as soon as possible. People asked

why did you stop the coach twice and didn't utter anything but third time you asked to satisfy the need of this bagger as soon as possible? What is the philosophy behind this act?

He said when the bagger put question for the first time I noticed his nobleness. I didn't find anything. Second time I gazed at the nobleness of his spiritual mentor (Murshid), there again I found nothing special. His third call touched my heart.

When I paid attention then I saw that the devout and pious grand father of this bagger had privileged to stand in front of prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH).

One day Hazrat Shiekh Bahauddin Zakariya Multani was busy in praying in his closet that a resplendent noble came and gave a letter to Hazrat Sadar-uddin. He presented this letter before his respected father. Respected father said, say my greeting to that saint and request him to come after half an hour. Hazrat Bahauddin Zakariya returned the trusted deposits and asked his son to recite Darud Sharif. It was heard "Dost badast Dost Raseed". After hearing this Hazrat Sadar-ud-din ran towards closet and saw that his father had died. After burial his son thought about the saint to whom his father asked to come after half an hour. His son searched for the letter and he found it under the pillow. It was written

" Allah (S. W) has called you in His court. What's an order for


angel Izrael".


Naqshbandia Succession

In this succession the spiritual mentor "Murad" addresses his followers by making him sit in front of him and the heart of follower started giving beats with the name of God. These people secretly pray God and sit in the contemplation by keeping their eyes closed. In this succession the spiritual mentor does not sit away from his followers rather he is also involved in the circle. It was started with Hazrat Abu-Bakar Siddique and is associated with the name of Naqshband. Hazrat Bahauddin was born on 4 Muharum 718 A.Din Bulkh and died on 20th Rabi-ul- awal at night.

Before the birth of Khawaja Bahauddin Naqshband whenever the hermit Khawaja Muhammad Samasi Baba used to pass through near his home he said I smell the fragrance of a pious man from here. One day the beams of knowledge will arise from the house made up of bricks and mud.The grand father of Hazrat Bahauddin Naqshband put him in the lap of Khawaja Muhammad Samasi Baba. After taking that infant in his lap he said he is my descendant. He will be the preacher of age.

Hazrat Bahauddin Naqshband said when I have got the sense of perception then my grand father sent me to Samasi baba.Being affectionate Baba Samasi favored me. I prayed two Rakkat in gratitude. I was redundant in prayer and unconsciously prayed "O God bless me the courage to take up my trust".

In the morning when I presented before Baba Samasi he said dear son this is the way to pray "O God whatever is your consent bless this convivial man to be consistent" and then said when Allah makes some body his friend then he also blesses him with the courage to take that responsibility.


The Heart Should Be Guarded

One day, after having meals, he gave me some loaves of bread. I thought that I had had many meals to my heart content. Now what would I do with so many loaves of bread. After a while, he asked me to accompany him to his friend's home. On our way, I had the same thought in my mind. What would I do with so many loaves of bread? He (hazrat) heeded to me and said, "The heart should be guarded so that no suspicion might enter it." When we reached that friends home, he was very pleased to see him and offered him some milk. When he (hazrat) asked him about his meals, he disclosed the truth that he had not taken his meals that day. He (hazrat) said to me to offer him those loaves of bread. This incidence added to his honour, status and regard in my eyes.

He (hazrat) said one day, "when a teacher teaches his students, teacher wants him to accept teachings"

Khawja Mohammad baba Samasi took khawja Naqshband as his bearer. Although he learnt the spiritual tanents from Amir Kallal yet actually he was Awaisi and he invoked inspiration from Khawaja Abdul Khaliq Najadwani.

He said that he visited three holy shrines of Nija one night. He saw a lainp burning at every Shrine. Although it was full of oil but it was being trimmed in order to set the flame higher. But as I saw the flame at Baba Smasi's Tomb constantly burning higher, I started gazing it.

Awaisi Inspiration

I saw that the wall towards kibla cracked and there appeared a large throne. I saw a green curtain hanging. Near by there was a group of people who recognized Baba Smasi. I realized that he was one of the men who had passed away from this world. One of them told methat there had appeared khawja, abdul Khaliq Najadwani on the throne. It was the group of his Caliphs. He pointed at every Caliph and told his name one by one. "he is Khawja Siddique. He is Kawja Oauliya Kallal. He he is Khawja Devgry. This man is Kawja Mohammad-al- Khairi and he is Kawja Ali Rasti." As he wanted to introduce Khawja Muhammad Baba Smasi, he said, "He is ur spiritual guide and he has placed the cap on ur head and he has blessed you with karamat" at that time, he asked me to listen attentively that Hazrat Khawja, the saint, will tell you such things as would lead you in this world.

I requested to bid Hazrat Khawja and to see his holy face. All of a sudden, a curtain rose up and saw the lighted face of the saint. I bade him. He also bade me and also taught me things related to the balance and extreme of behavior.

He said that there was guidance and a hint in the lights shown to me that I had the capability to learn spiritual knowledge and there was a prediction for me that God will teach me secrets but lamp of capability must be trimmed in order to increase the light of the lamp.

The second time, he told me to adopt the ways of commands and prohibitions, to obey the commands of religion, to always avoid the prohibitions, to practice Hadith of Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) and to always keep seeking and exploring the saying and doings of the Holy Prophet(PBUH) and his Caliphs (may God be pleased with them). As a proof of the truth of my condition or observation, I would go to such and such place at dawn tomorrow and I would do such and such things.

They introduced me "Now you intend to go and visit Sayyad Amir Kallal (may God Bless Him). Following their instructions, when I reached him he was very kind to me. He guided me to meditate and secretly involved me in the meditation of commands and prohibitions.

A saint named Sheikh Qutub-ud-Din said, "In my early age, Hazrat Khawja asked me to go to such and such pigeon house and buy the pigeons. One of those pigeons was very beautiful. I did not hand it into the kitchen. After the meal was prepared, it was distributed among the guests but I was denied the food". The saint said, "You had already had your share of an alive pigeon."


Religious Services of the Sufis

There is Hazrat Bagi Billah's shrine in Dehli, Bharat. Imam Rabbani Mujadad Alf Sani was the Caliph of Hazrat Bagi Billah.

 Before the birth of Hazrat Surhindi Mujadad Alf Sani, his father saw in a dream that the whole universe as surrounded by darkness. The monkey, the bear and the pig were killing the people. The holy light flashed from his breast and there appeared a throne with a saint seated on it, from it. The cruel. faithless and non believers were being killed in front of him. Hazrat Mujadad Alf sani's father told his dream to Hazrat Shah Kamal Kaithal (May God bless him) who gave him prediction that he would be blessed with a son, who will purify the religion of God.

The name of Mujadad was Ahmad and he was called Badarud din. He linked with the twenty seventh clan of the Caliph of the Muslims, Hazrat Umer Farooq (May God be pleased with him). He fought bravely against Atheism. He guided thousands of Muslims. He successfully fought against atheist activities of the powerful king of his time, Akbar.

Akbar had spread atheism to the extent that instead of Muhammad is the prophet of God in Kalma e Tayyeba, instead he gave the order that 'Akbar is the Caliph of God'.

Hazrat Mujadad Alf Sani not only fought courageously against these circumstances but he also bore many tortures/sufferings of imprisonment for rooting them out. So the religion of God established by Akbar and Jahangir was abolished. Hazrat Mujadad succeded by the grace of God.

When the Islamic world was destroyed by the changaze Khani strom. The cities were deserted. The people were murdered and minarets were built with their cut off heads, out of eight lakhs inhabitants of Baghdad, four lakhs were massacred mercilessly.

The stones of books of knowledge and scholarship were burnt to ashes. The great religious scholars were disappointed of the future of Islam. Even at this time also, the Sufis tracked this monster.

They trained the enemies of islam in the way that they themselves became the torch bearers of Islam.

A saint of Qadria order, went to Tagodar khan, the son of Halaku khan to invite him for Islam. Tagodar Khan was returning from hunting as he saw a piousman at the gate of his palace. He asked him by the way of joke, "O pious man! Are the hair in your beard better or the tail of dog?" this foolish and humiliating question did not annoy the saint. He replied with fortitude and seriousness, "If I am able to pleas my Lord with my devotion and loyalty, the hair in my beard is better. Otherwise, your dogs tail with which it obeys you and helps you in hunting, is better.

Tagodar Khan was so impressed by this unexpected and ego free replies that he kept the saint as his guest. He was so overcome by dignity, morality and affection that he embraced Islam secretly. But with the fear of opposition from his people Tagodar Khan let him go. Before his death, the pious man advised his son to go to Tagodar Khan and remind him of his promise. When his son arrived Tagodar Khan and told him the reason of his visit, Tagodar Khan said, "All the leaders have agreed on accepting Islam.But such and leaders is not ready. If he becomes Muslim, the problem will be solved".

When the young master talked to that chief (sardar), he said my whole life is spent in battle field. I do not understand philosophical logics. My demand is that you have a contest with my wrestler; if you defeat him I will become muslim.

The young master was very lean, thin and physically weak. Tagodaar Khan tried to reject this demand but Darvesh;s son accepted Sardar:s challenge. Place and date for the competition were announced. On the selected day, a huge crowd gathered to watch this strange competition. On one side was a weak, thin and lean skeletal body and on the other side was a strong and muscular wrestler.

Tagodaar tried to avoid the competition but Darvesh was persistent for it. When the both wrestlers came in the arena, Darves's son slapped his rival with full strength The wrestler could not bear that blow. His nose started bleeding. He fainted and fell down on the ground. Sardar came out in the ground and kissed darvesh's hand and according to the promise, announced himself muslim. Tagodaar also announced his faith and named himself Ahmad. Halaku Khan's cousin also accepted Islam through Sheikh Shamsuddin Bakhori (R.A).

The history of Qustuntuniya is an immortal chapter of Islam. Hazrat Shamsuddin was spiritual mentor of Sultan Mohammad (R.A). It was due to his instigations and tidings that Sultan Mohammad conquered Qustuntuniya. As we turned out the pages of history, a carvan of mystics and spiritual personalities comes in front of us, which seems sincerely busy in spreading Islam


Azeemia Succession

The Grand chain is consisted upon two spiritual parts of feelings and behavior. It does not have any traditional mentorship or follower ship, specific dress code or any particular style. Just the sincere fondness of the desire for spiritualism keeps the seeker in link with the chain. Followers are called with the surname of Friends in this series.

Instead of hard devotions, Lents and fights, recitations and prayers are easier for education. The axis of education is worship in cave Hira. Meditation and service of humankind are said to be its foundations.

The Grand series was established in 1960with the consent of Sayyadna Hazoor (A.S.W)

Leader of the grand chain Hazrat Qalandar Baba Oliya was born in 1898 in Khorja town,district Boland Bharat. Parents gave him name Mohammad Azeem.Father's name was Babbi uddin Mehdi Sherdil and mother's name was Sayyeda Bibi. In poetry his pen name is Barkhiya.

He died on 2Th January 1979. His tomb is in a public graveyard in Shadmaan Town, North Naazim Abad Karachi.

Sayyedna Hazoor (A.S.W) used to call him Ukhra. Among the creative world and general and specific he was used to be called as Qalandar Baba Oliya(r.H)His full name is Hassan Akhra Mohammad Azeem Barkhiya famously known as qalandar BabaOliya.

Hazrat imam Hassan (R.H) was the pious son of Askari family being posted on the superior place of hermitship, he is famous by the name of Qalander Baba Oliya (R.A) among the heavenly and earthly masses.

Hazrat Qalandar Oliya (R.A) is the president of the creating system. Four creating departments are working in this and in other various worlds.

1)      Law                     2) Sciences

3)      Heavenly bodies         4)Arrangement Systems

Heads of these departments are usually four religious devotees. Devotee of Nizamat     post  is called President. The chief/president has the Veto Power. Devotee Qalandar Baba Oliya (R.A) is the president at this time.

When Allah Almighty grants a person the status of Hermitship he then grants him the power to be free from the detention of time and place and according to the creating affairs every existing being is under his command but these pious people of Allah have no concern with hypocrisy, temptation, avarice or need. So when people present their problem to them, they listen to them suggest remedies as well because Nature has chosen them for this purpose. These are the pious and sacred people about whom Allah Almighty says:

"I make my people my friends and become their ears, eyes and tongue and then they speak through me and perceive things through me."


First Institution/ School

Qalandar Baba Oliya got Quranic and primary education from town's school, studied in high school in the “Buland Shehar” and got higher education from Ali Garh Muslim University.



Baba Tajuddin Nagpori (R.A) is grandfather of Hazrat Baba Oliya. He remained under Baba Taj din for nine years. During education many times it happened that he was overcome by the feelings of immersion and absorption. So often he used to remain silent and sometimes talk abruptly (used to lose connection in conversation). But this condition did not last for much time.



To maintain means of earnings he worked in magazines and journals as organizer and journalist. He also used to do correction, arrangements and compilation of poetry of different poets.

After the establishment of Pakistan he came to Karachi and was appointed as the sub editor of Urdu Dawn. After that he worked for a long time in magazine Naqaad. He worked in organization of many magazines. He also wrote many famous series of stories.



In 1952, Qutab Arshaad became a disciple of Hazrat Abu Al faiz Qalandar Ali Saherwardi (R.A). Hazrat Abul Faiz Qalander Ali Seharwardi blew thrice on his forehead at 3' o clock in night. In the first blow the world of spirits/souls was revealed, the second blow revealed the world of angels and magnificence and the third blow the sublime heaven was observed.


Place of Walayet

After completing Qutab Irshaad education within three weeks,

Hazrat Abu AlFaez Qalandar Ali Saherwardi bestowed him Caliphship (Khalafat).



After that Hazrat Sheikh Najam Uddin Kubra (R.A) started the spiritual education of Qalandar Baba Oliya (R.A) and this process continued till the time where he was presented in court of Allah Almighty with the help and support of Sayyadna Hazoor (A.S.W) and got the knowledge of secrets and mysteries.



He had simplicity and grace in his personality since child hood. It was his virtue to take others' pains and difficulties as his own and to share the grieves of others more than their expectations.



Many super natural happenings occurred by Hazoor Qalandar Baba Aulia which is published in 'Tazkira Qalandar Baba Aulia'.



Qalandar Baba published three books:

1.      Ilm-o-Irfan ka Samundar: 'Ruabaiyat     Qalandar Baba Aulia'.

2.      Israr-o-Ramooz ka Khazana: 'Loh-o-Qalam”

3.      'Tazkira Taj-ud-Din Baba'.

He says in his Rubiyat:

"There was work and became a story;

There was city and became wilderness

The skies have thrown thousands of shadows

I became a dust and with a dust became a goblet"

"No sign of human is useless;

There are thousands of effulgence in the creation of this mud;

The hand is to lift the goblet;


 This arm is being made by potter with silver


The doves in the garden are all mud

The fishes in the waters are mud

Whole of the world is an illusion

The butterflies in flowers are all mud

Though you come from the spiritual world;

Yet your state is no better than a captive of jail;

Azeem I don't know your state there but I am well-aware of the wilderness of this world


Hazrat Qalandar Baba Aulia wrote in the first page of his book 'Loh-o-Qalam':

"I am writing this book with the order of Prophet Mohammad P.B.U.H. I received this command from Hazoor in the way of 'Awaisi' order".

He wrote in the end of his book:

"Allah says I have blessed you with hearing and sight; it means that I am the source of information. Whatever information you receive; the amount of the whole is almost equivalent to zero as compared to the given information. Received information is so limited that they are not worth-mentioning. There is no source other than spiritual knowledge to attain a wide range of information and for spiritual knowledge, we have to consult Quran-e-Hakeem.

This law is to be taken into account that most of our thoughts are about those matters which are unconcerned to us. They are connected with the creatures which are some where present in the universe. Their imaginations reach through waves to us.

Hazrat Qalandar Baba Aulia has drawn maps of divine world, earthly world, the world of Angels and earths and heavens.

The first edition of Roohani Digest' was published in 1978 in the supervision of Hazoor Qalandar Baba Aulia. Most of it titles; with minute changes are a reflection of these maps Women are more interested than men. It is a tragedy that a huge majority of women is neglected where there, is not marked difference of competence between the two. 'Azeemia order' has given a great opportunity to women in spreading the mission of Prophet Mohammad (P.B.U.H)


The Services of Azeemia Order

Supernatural and spiritual way of thinking is common in colleges and universities by the efforts of' Azeemia order'. 'Imam' of this order told people that Spiritual Knowledge is an easy access to a layman. Men and women can lead peaceful lives when once they are strongly connected with Allah Almighty. 'Khankahi' system is established in the name of 'Muraqba Hall' in Pakistan, India, England, Holland, France, Denmark, Russia, UAE by the day and night efforts of 'Azeemia order'. The network of libraries is also established to acquaint common people with spiritual common people with spiritual knowledge. With the help of electronic technology, spiritualities are recorded in Video and audio cassettes in the light of Quran and Hadith. It was necessary so that people are benefited in this era of scientific progress.

Print Media is also taken into consideration along with pictures and writings. Print media is used to strengthen the roots of the mission of Qalandar Baba Aulia. The publication of spiritual knowledge in digests is being continued for thirty-two years.

Allah Almighty says:

"There is neither change nor delay in my sunnah ".

To banish infidelity, idol-worship and anarchy on earth, Allah established the chain of prophets. It is said that I lakh and 24 thousand prophets are sent in the world. Quran justified that prophet hood is closed for ever after Prophet Mohammad (P.B. U.H). According to Allah's sayings religion is completed. But the spread of religion is necessary even after its completion because the world is still living. Its population is increasing day by day and the world remains till the dooms day. The heirs of Prophet Mohammad (P.B.U.H); the scholars and 'Aulia Allah' have offered their services to carry out t e mission of prophet Mohammad (P.B.U.H) till the end of this world. With Allah's will, this will be continued for ever.

And the day will come when humanity will witness the splendors and glory of Allah by understanding quranic commands and there will be peace in the world.

Today's world is squeezed to the size of a mere room. Six months' distance is covered within a day and a day's journey is only a matter of few hours. It is now easy to understand whereabouts.


Scientific Explorations

Apparently, it is a belief of science that nothing is acceptable until it becomes a vision and is proved with logic. Let alone this fact that how true this claim of science; 'Azeemia order' has tried that such knowledge is imparted to men and women which acquaints them with supernatural and its creatures. This is done according to the mental capacity of people.


Religious Efforts

To attain the purpose, 'Azeemia order' has established the system of teaching. It consists of two parts. Each part consists of three years.

Students receive this knowledge after six years course, the basis of which is Quran, Hadith and Supernatural. Some mischievous people have declared 'Khankahi' system as disputable. For this      reason, 'Azeemia order' has introduced this system as 'Muraqaba Hall'.

80 'Muraqaba Halls' are established up till 2003. Such atmosphere is created in these halls, the air of which is established by the reflection of the waves of peace and calm. The gatherings of 'zikr' are held. Meditations are held. Prayer and fasting give mental solace. The aim of 'Azeemia order' is to attain self-knowledge and knowledge of Allah through the service of humanity.



Many a scholar has written a lot about spiritualism and pantheism. One school of thought is of the view that as saints often used to wear wooly dresses therefore people would call them sufis. Wool is called sauf in Arabic. They used to wear such a dress, for it had been the habit of many a prophet, saints and pious people. According to some people, as they have been associated with the Ashaab-e-suffa that is why they are called sufis; whereas according to yet another school of thought the word sufi is linked with suf a.... but all these explanations are not satisfactory.

In fact, the terminological meaning of Sufi'ism (tasawaf) is self­ cleansing. It is the name of a true spirit that is related to conscience and the light of conscience is always inherent. A sufi always thinks in the context of Allah. His talk moves around Allah. He lives with Allah and dies in the name of Allah. He recites His words and always praises Him and remains enmeshed in His love. He sacrifices everything in order to see and meet Allah.