.It is taught in spiritual schools of thought that it is necessary to enter the world of mysticism; that we must believe in the presence of that invisible word. Belief is necessary because we cannot get benefit from anything without belief. Water quenches our thirst, because we believe that water quenches our thirst. We are alive because we believe that we are alive. Man dies on the very moment when his belief of life is broken. When someone arrives at the stage of belief that if he goes out of his home, he will meet with an accident, he will not go out of the home.


Mind of Heaven, Mind of Hell

Two kinds of mind work on man. One mind is the mind of obedience which is the mind of heaven. Because of that mind Adam lived in heaven (paradise). Other is the mind, which came into being (existence) after disobedience.

Mind of heaven (paradise) - Mind of obedience & belief

 Mind-of disobedience

 Room (residence) of Satan's whispers

 In the case of later (mind), man indulges in doubts and whispers.

"Then Satan caused them to deflect there from and expelled them from the (happy) state, in which they were. Then Satan whispered to them to show them both their private parts (their shame) which were hidden from them both and he said, "Your lord forbade you from this tree only lest you should become angels or become among the immortals. And he swore to them (saying) I am sincere advisor to you. Thus by deceit, he brought about their fall and when they tasted the fruit of the tree of knowledge their shameful parts were manifested to them". "And we already made a commitment with Adam, but he forgot, and we found no steadfastness (determination) in him. But the devil whispered to him, saying: 0, Adam, shall I lead you to the tree of eternity and power that never decay?"

Adam felt, when he touched the forbidden tree that he had no dress on his body and he had to cover it.

In the result of these feelings, paradise (heaven), rejected (kicked out) Adam and he (Adam) was thrown down to the earth.


Lessons of Mysticism (Euphemisms):

How many lessons, recitation of a sacred phrase or verse, daily worship, actions and engagements and practices are done in mysticism; the aim of all these is that the achievement of paradise for Adam (mankind) may be possible.

God taught Adam three kinds of knowledge (learning).

1-           Introduction of the Creator and the Universe

2-           Creatures

3-      Self Awareness

God says that we created everything in the form of pairs (couples) similarly, every kind of knowledge has duality and the three kinds of knowledge (learning) have six aspects. These six sides are six circles of mysticism called (known) six generators.

1-      Self- substance Generator

2-      Heart Generator

3-           Soul ( Spirit) Generator

4-           Head Generator

5-      Hidden (Concealed) Generator

6-·     Th e Most Hidden Generator


Self and Heart -------------------AnimalSpirit

Soul and Head------------------- Human Spirit

Hidden and the Most Hidden----------------- The Greatest Spirit


Animal Spirit

Animal spirit is the combination of ideas and feelings which is called awareness (wakefulness) in this world of water and earth (mud). Man feels himself subjugated (bound) in the force of gravity at each moment (step).

Eating, drinking, sleeping, waking, making marriage and all worldly tastes are done (performed) by Animal Spirit.

Human spirit provides demands (requirements) of living and informs us that at this moment food is required and now water is needed. We call all these requirements as hunger and thirst etc.


Human Spirit

Child birth is related to animal spirit but love for children, growth of children and tendency of the best bringing up in the heart of the mother is transferred (transmitted) due to human spirit. When man sleeps, in fact animal spirit sleeps. When animal spirit sleeps, human spirit wakes.

Time and space has no hindrance for human spirit such as when we live in human spirit, it is possible for us to travel (voyage) the distance of thousands of miles, to see something at the distance of thousands of miles, and to meet (see) spirits of dead people (bodies).

We are bound with animal spirit at every step while the human spirit liberates us. We cannot, due to the senses of animal spirits, see behind the wall. If a thin piece of paper is placed before our eyes, we see nothing. On the contrary, our senses are so powerful in human spirit that we can see beyond the limits (boundaries) of earth. God says in Surah_Al-Rehman,

"O company of jinn and men, if you can manage to penetrate (all) regions of the heaven and the earth; then penetrate them! You will never penetrate them except with (our) sanction (authority)".

(Surah Rehman: Verse 33)

In mysticism, authority means human spirit i.e. when the senses of human spirit start to work in man; he penetrates from the boundary of heavens and earth. It is the observation of every day, when we concentrate to something, and the rest of things sink in the realm of negligence (ignorance).

When we continuously (constantly) concentrate on something, that thing happens (occurs). For example, when we think (ponder, medicate) about a friend or a relative and we think in such a way that we are observed (soaked) in his personality leaving everything, we are actually seeing (meet) that friend.


The Greatest Soul

Those kinds of learning (education) which are related to God's splendor, order (will) wisdom are hidden in the greatest spirit. The person who is aware of the greatest spirit becomes devotee of God. These are the pious (devoted) persons to whom, God says,

"My servant becomes akin to me with his obedience; I start to love him. Till, I become the eye through which he sees, become the ear by which he listens and become the hand, by which he catches".

The relationship with Allah is not possible without entering the unseen realm. To enter the unseen realm to see something beyond the limitation of time and space is possible when a person is acquainted (familiar) with the methods of liberation from the shackles of time and space.


Sometimes, we study such books as make us unaware of our surroundings. After having finished the book, we realize that several hours have passed without the realization of time. So, we feel astonished that long hours have passed. Similarly, when we sleep we are out of the realm of time.

_The Holy Quran says,

"We alter day into night and night into day". At another place The Holy Quran says,

"We make the night grow longer by shortening the day and We

make the day grow longer by shortening the night,"

(Surah Al-Imran: Verse 27) At another place The Holy Quran says:

"And that We make the night grow longer by shortening the day and We make the day grow longer by shortening the night,"

(Surah Hajj: Verse 61)


Angles of Sight/ Perspectives of sight:

Then we stand in front of a large (gigantic) mirror, we see our image in it and say that we are looking at the mirror. In fact, we are not looking at the mirror rather our image is reflected in the mirror. First of all, the mirror absorbed our image and after absorption, reflected it. If the mirror had not absorbed and reflected back our image we would have not seen the image.

First of all, the mirror absorbed our image and then we looked at our image. It means that we are not looking at the mirror rather we are looking at the image in the mirror. Same is the case with all the activities of life. If everyone considers his mind as a mirror then his angle of direct look will be as if our mind looks at that image or thing. So, whatever we are watching is the reflection of our mind.


A Water- Filled Glass

We have a glass of water with us. It is filled with water and we are watching it. This kind of observation is called fiction in mysticism and exact way of expressing this observation is that the image of glass emerged O”, the screen of our mind through sight (eyes) and a sub-conscious accepted the nature of water. Our insight felt and looked into the image of the glass and water with all our knowledge and nature.

Human eye first converts the image of anything on the slate of our mind, only then we are able to look at it.

One of the angles of watching is that a thing is placed before us and we are watching it. Another angle of watching is that the image of the thing appears on our subconscious and we watch it. It means that we are looking into the image of our soul.


A Blind Eye

When a man dies, the eye and its eye lids remain with his body but he is unable to watch anything. This condition can occur in common life other than in death. For example, if all the things in the world are placed before blind, he would not be able to watch them. He is unable to watch them as the medium of sight is lost. It shows that the eye has not imprinted an image of the mind. Sometimes, it happens that the eyes are restored, but the cells of mind which sensitize man, become non-functional. In this condition, neither man can watch nor can he feel. When an ant stings a man, he feels pain even if he has not seen it. It means that, the thing that sensitizes the man tells the mind that something has stung him. Whatever the first knowledge man gets is achieved by the sense of touch, hearing and sense of sight. It is the first rank of sensitivity. Deriving some meanings after hearing  something is the third grade of sensitivity. Acquisition of knowledge for the first time is the first grade of sensitivity. Seeing is the second grade and the hearing is the third one. Feeling the fragrance or the bad odor of anything is the fourth grade of sensitivity. Tactile is the fifth grade of sensitivity.


What is Hunger and Thirst?

A man feels thirsty. It is a natural demand. Senses guide us to fulfill our natural needs. They tell us whether the water is hot or cold, bitter or sweet.

The motives working behind the needs of thirst are not those working behind the need of hunger. The motives of hunger have their own status; that's why eating something doesn't satisfy the need of thirst.


Inter- relationship Among the Senses

The status of man stands from other animals until he remains within the spheres of collective sentiments shared by men and animals alike. And when the man feels these emotions through human sentiments and he resorts to them in the completion of his sentiments, he remains prominent from other animals. The inter link between the senses and sentiments is also found in men like the animals. But the difference is that a goat or a cow can't translate its senses into meaningful action. Its knowledge is limited to the sustenance of the needs of life. It only knows that drinking water satisfies the thirst and eating leaves removes its hunger. It drinks water irrespective of knowing whose water it is. In contrast to this, when an urge produces in man, he uses his senses to understand the kind of this urge and how to satisfy it.

Since Allah has granted men the knowledge of senses he, therefore, is superior to the other creatures.

The natural needs of all the creatures to sustain life are the same. A man feels hungry likewise a goat or a parrot do feel hungry. Man and the other animals alike feel thirsty; both of them satisfy their needs of hunger and thirst. But the man is well known for the use of senses and needs. The knowledge of these things gives man the rank of the Crown of Creation.


How Sentiments are produced?

In mysticism, it is taught how the senses and sentiments. are produced? A Sufi (mystic) becomes familiar with the law to acquire this knowledge.

Man is a machine consisting of 1.2 trillion parts. Some parts make senses, others make sentiments still some others help in the completion of these sentiments. Man is granted this capability to know about these constituent parts and gets to know how these parts function and is fitted in this machine.

The goat doesn't have the ability to understand the creation of this machine and its constituent parts. If man doesn't understand this machine and its relation to the universe then he is no better than a goat. A goat and a cat both feel hungry. A bitch does nourish its children and love them. The mouse and the sheep both feel thirsty. Instinctively, a man nourishes his offspring and loves them. In the same way, a goat also loves its children and suckles them and trains them how to live. If a man does all what is done by goat then there is no difference between the two. He can't be considered superior to the goat.



Many a scholar has written a lot about spiritualism and pantheism. One school of thought is of the view that as saints often used to wear wooly dresses therefore people would call them sufis. Wool is called sauf in Arabic. They used to wear such a dress, for it had been the habit of many a prophet, saints and pious people. According to some people, as they have been associated with the Ashaab-e-suffa that is why they are called sufis; whereas according to yet another school of thought the word sufi is linked with suf a.... but all these explanations are not satisfactory.

In fact, the terminological meaning of Sufi'ism (tasawaf) is self­ cleansing. It is the name of a true spirit that is related to conscience and the light of conscience is always inherent. A sufi always thinks in the context of Allah. His talk moves around Allah. He lives with Allah and dies in the name of Allah. He recites His words and always praises Him and remains enmeshed in His love. He sacrifices everything in order to see and meet Allah.