Ad and Samud were the grand sons of Aram: the fifth son of Sam son of Noah. The race of Ad was known as people of Ad, for whom Hud was sent as apostle. After the destruction of the people of Ad, the race of those who survived with Hud, after the name of their forefather Samud were called People of Samud. They were also referred to as Ad the Second



Salih was sent as apostle in this branch of Semitic people, Salih was of fair complexion, with handsome physique and tall stature. He had thin hair with grayish tinge in them and were raised upward



”And remember how He made you inheritors after the ‘Ad people and gave you habitations in the land: ye build for yourselves palaces and castles in open plains, and care out homes in the mountains; so bring to remembrance the benefits ye have received from God, and refrain from evil and mischief on the earth. ”

(3: 7,v: 74)



Capital of the Samuds was Hejr, which is now also known as Madyan-e-Salih, Samuds were very strong and stout people, and had long lives. They were expert in sculptures and construction work. They used to make housed by carving in the mountains.



Seest thou not how thy Lord dealt with the 'Ad people, of the city of Eram, with lofty pillars, the like of which were not produced in all the land? And with the Samud people, who cut out huge rocks in the valley a stakes? All these transgressed beyond heaped therein mischief on mischief Therefore did thy Lord pour on them a scourage of diverse chastisements: For thy Lord is as a Guardian on a watch-tower.

                                                            (S:89,V: 6-14)



Royal Palace:



Relics of their constructed inhabitations still exist between discovered a lofty building, Syria and Hijaz. Archeologists have which according to them was the Royal Palace. This palace had many rooms and a large pool of water. And, the whole edifice was carved in the rocks of a mountain. Inscriptions of ancient tablets give details of the Semitic buildings. Every inhabitation had two main buildings; the Government Center and the Temple. The ruler lived in the Government Center and priests resided the Temple and they both ruled the people with mutual consultation.



Samud were well off, abundance of resources, economic prosperity had enabled them to afford every comfort and luxury. Wealth, prosperity and their physical strength played the key role in making them arrogant and godless. They had become proud of their strength and every thing they had, instead of considering it a favor of God, they considered it the out come of their hard work and capabilities. They become so dependent upon the material things that they denied all that for which they could not have material evidence. This approach of thinking made them to tum away from prophetic teachings and started carving gods of their choice for themselves. They had no faith left in resurrection or life after death. When the darkness of ignorance and infidelity prevailed God sent Salih as His prophet for their guidance. In his times the followers of the teachings of Hud was negligible.



To the Thamud people (We sent) Salih one of their own brethren: He said: “O my people! Worship God ye have no other god but Him. Now hath come unto you a clear Sign from your Lord! This she-camel of God is a sign unto you: So leave her to graze in God’s earth, and let her come to no harm, or ye shall be seized with a grievous punishment.

(S: 7, V: 73)


People of Samud had made a temple near the capital Hajr. In the mountains, in front of that temple, they had carved their houses. In the valley they had orchards and farms and date trees. They had a spring of clean water in the valley surrounded by lush green pastures. On the other side of the inhabitation stood the Royal Palace of the king Jandaa.



Salih used to spend most of his time in the temple. People respected him because of his virtuous nature and devotion. Once Salih gathered his people and addressed them:



“Worship God, save Him no one is worthy of worshipping. Those whom you consider to be your gods are not your gods. Our Lord is He who has created this universe, you and me and He made us successors to Ad and gave us the ability to carve our houses in mountains. Be grateful to God for the favors given to you. Abandon these false gods and worship One and the Only God, ask for His forgiveness for your sins, He listens to those who call Him.”



When Salih denounced those gods openly, which they used to , worship, they got furious and a scene was created. People had discussions among them. Some refuted him altogether, some ridiculed him, some abused him for bringing up altogether a new crisis for them, and very few who were left some faith in their hearts acted pensive. Chiefs of his people came to Salih and said, “We had great expectations of you because of your prudence wisdom and intellect. You have such a graceful personality and we had great many hopes from you that because of you the name of our tribe would become more respectable for other tribes but contrary to our every hope and expectation, you started scolding the gods that we worship and you expect us to follow you on 8.1 path, which we have not seen.”


Salih said. “Should I go astray just to please you, when God has granted me vision and guidance? Who would save me from the wrath of my Lord? He has blessed me with His mercy and if now I~ would disobey him how can you be of nay benefit to me?"



Samud, instead of listening to him became stubborn and their malice against Salih increased many folds. They started torturing him to make him to quit his stand forcefully. He in spite of all their malice and hatred did not abandon to advise and preached the truth and right things.



In response to his call they used to say, “If we had not been on the right path, as you say, then why do we have all these lofty palaces, this wealth and riches and abundance of comforts and all these farm and orchards? You just look at your’s and your followers adversity and misfortune and then tell who is favored, you or your followers?”



In reply to such illogical reasoning, Salih told them, “Do not be proud of your prosperity and abundance of resources. This abundance is not the out come of your toil and strength and neither would it last forever. God, the Lord of everything in this universe, has bestowed all that you are enjoying. If you would be grateful to Him, He would grant you more and increase his bounties for you and if you proved to be ungrateful and became haughty, then the very bounties would turn into a punishment for you.”



Samud were not ready to accept that Salih could be chosen to be a prophet of God. They thought that they deserved more than Salih to deliver the message of God to their people.



They used to taunt and ridicule those who had believed Salih and asked them, “Are you really sure that Salih has been sent unto ‘you from God?” And, their reply that they sure did, further infuriated them because they were not ready to see anyone other than themselves, to be respected that much that people believed in him and accepted whatsoever he told them.



They started considering him a danger for their authority and power. And, just to degrade him before his followers they said; “We deny and reject all that, which he tells you.”



Then the chiefs and leaders started this propaganda against Salih: “Salih is telling a lie in the name of God. He is just a man like any other person, he eats all that which they eat. drinks all that which they drink and you will listen to a person like yourself, you will surely suffer a loss. He tells you that when you would be dust after your death, you would be resurrected, which is against every common sense, if we were to be raised again why do we be dead in the first place? Don‘t be impressed of his fanciful narrations and fall prey to his snare of such imaginary things.


Propaganda of the infidels had some effect for those who had superficial thinking but those who had faith in their hearts, remained unmoved of such superficial logic.



When the people of influence saw that economically weak and downtrodden people were having impressions of Salih more than any one else, they demanded him to exhibit some miracle to prove that he was truly sent by God, Salih said, “What if in spite of seeing a clear sign you do not quit infidelity -and remain stubborn in you stance?”



Sign of God:



Chiefs promised that if he would meet their demand and show them a sign, which they had demanded, they would believe in him. They had thought that they would demand such an impossible thing, which he won’t be able to do. And they, according to their plan, demanded him to bring a she-camel out Of the mountain that- should also give birth to a calf.


Salih prostrated and prayed to God to fulfill their demand. God acceded to his prayer and the mountain before them cracked and a huge she-camel stepped out of that crack. She-camel took a few steps forward and then bore a calf in front of everyone present there to witness.



After witnessing this clear sign of truth few embraced the faith but most preferred darkness upon the light of guidance. Salih invited them to correct themselves and mend their ways, asked them to be mindful of the blessings and bounties bestowed upon them, told them to ask the forgiveness of God for their past misdeeds, instructed them to follow the commandments of the Lord and refrain from creating chaos and disorder on the earth of God.



He took great pains in describing to them that there exist other worlds beyond this world of material life and senses and the One who is Far Above than everything has created all this. “It is He who has blessed you with this wealth and richness and has given you these green pastures, orchards, farms, vast fields full of beautiful flowers, soothing clouds, breezes and rains, water springing from stones, flowing rivers that give life to your fields, this abundance of resources and all that knowledge, which has enabled you to have all the means of comfort and luxury. God has not created all this in vain; God has given you all this so that you use them with gratitude. Do not usurp the rights of others to benefit yourselves from these bountiful things. God will certainly call you to account for all these things, which He has bestowed upon you. Don’t forget that you would be asked for all your good and bad deeds. If you remained neglectful of your duties and became proud of your civil progress, the laws of Nature would transform your lofty palaces and these green orchards into ruins and you will be losers, here and in the hereafter.”



Privileged Class:



Well off people were swollen of pride for their material wealth and prosperity so they did not pay any heed to invitation of righteousness and stubbornly insisted on challenging the laws of nature by disturbing the peace and justice.



The she-camel was so large and big that in whichever pasture she grazed all the animals fled from there frightened of her presence, when she had water, she emptied the well. Samud people had everything like wealth, power and knowledge but they had only one spring well.



Chiefs and the priests collaborated and propagated that Salih was a sorcerer, who had brought that she-camel using his powers of magic and sorcery and its calf was also produced under the spell and that was the reason that she-camel drank so much water. That, they said, was one of his tactics that they should surrender to him. And, that if that spell continued, they would be short of water and they along with their cattle would die of thirst. So they told Salih to harness his she-camel otherwise they would kill her.



Salih said, “O my people! Worship God, ye have no other god but Him. Now hath come unto’ you a clear Sign from your Lord! This she-camel of God is a Sign unto you: So leave her to graze in God ’s earth, and let her come to no harm, or ye shall be seized with a grievous punishment.

                                                                        (S: 7,V: 73)



In those times this was their tradition that the rich and influential people, to test their supremacy would free one of their cattle to graze free as and from where it may like, no one could dare to check it. Nature played the same trick upon them and to humiliate them, this she-camel was used. People were afraid of her, which moved around freely with its child.



Salih warned them, “Look! This she-camel is the sign that you had demand. God has decided that one day of the week be reserved for her and on that day no other man or animal would have water from the well and on other days of the week they may use the water for themselves and for their cattle.”



Samud agreed to this on the condition that Salih would allow them to milk the she-camel. Salih accepted and made them to promise that they would not harm the she-camel.



Salih predicted that they would not keep their promise for long and ultimately they would kill the she-camel. When people insisted, he told them that the person who would slay her had not yet been born and that he would be a man with bluish eyes like a cat has and his face would be red. Chiefs decided on oath that any child with these features would be killed. Nine children with cats- like-eyes and red face were detected and killed. People got anxious and they started scolding Salih that he was behind the infanticide. The families who had lost their children were especially hostile towards him. They even claimed that he wanted to put an end to their race.



Nature has its own ways of doing things. The predicted child remained safe and became young. When families of those children who were killed, saw him they said, if we had our sons, they would have been of the same age. And, their animosity was further aggravated.



There were in the city nine men of a family, who made mischief in the land and would not reform. They said: "Swear a mutual oath by God that we shall make a secret night attack on him (Salih) and his people, and that we shall then say to his heir when they seek vengeance: ’We were not present at the slaughter of his people, and we are positively telling the truth.” “They plotted and planned, but We too planned, even while may perceived it not.

(S: 27, V:48-50)


Plan to kill:



Nine men of those families planned to murder Salih and they left the town on the pretext of going on some journey and hid themselves in the nearby pass in the mountains so that they could kill Salih in the darkness of the night. But a rock fell from the hill and they all died on the spot, crushed under the stone. After few days when their families came to know of their death, they went to Salih and said. “First you got our sons killed and now you murdered our fathers. This all is happening only because of your she camel and now we wiil surely kill her”



They already had hatred and malice against Salih now this made them to plan and prepare few men who could kill the she- camel. A rich lady of Samud offered her daughter as a prize to Kedar: the person about whom Salih had predicted that he would kill the she camel. Another woman who was also wealthy and pretty, made one Musda to kill the she-camel and as a reward she would marry him.



One day when the she-camel was grazing, Kedar bin Salef cut her hamstrings and when the injured animal fell on the ground, Musda also joined him and they killed her. They tried to kill the calf as well but it ran and climbed the hill, where it cried in painful voice. This is stated in the legends that the calf entered the same stone from which its mother had emerged.



When Salih came to know of the incident he expressed his grief and sorrow and addressed his people:



Then they hamstrung the she-camel, and insolently defied the order of their Lord, saying: ”O Salih! Bring about thy threats, if thou art an apostle of God!"

(S: 7,V: 77)


After killing the manifestation of a miracle, instead of feeling sorry they justified themselves and debated with Salih and told him to do what he may like.


Salih supplicated before the Lord, “ O God! These people have rejected me, so now help me.



God told him, "Very soon they will repent”



Salih told them that the respite is over and they Should Wait for the punishment.


But they did hamstring her. So he said “Enjoy yourselves in your homes for three days: Then will be your ruin: Behold there a promise not to be belied! "

(S: 11,V: 65)



On the first day they grew pale, on the second day their faced turned red and on the third day they blackened of the fear and scare of the inflicted punishment.


After three days Lightening seized them and they all perished in their homes except Salih and those who had embraced faith.


            The mighty Blast overtook the wrongdoers, and they lay prostrate in their homes before the morning, As if they had never dwelt and flourished there: Ah! Behold! For the Samud rejected their Lord and Cherisher! Ah! Behold! Removed from sight were the Samud!

(S: 11, V: 67-68)


In the holy Quran, metaphor of ‘worn out date tree trunk’ has been used to describe the people of Samud. The ‘worn out date tree trunk after withering falls away and cattle and grazing animals trod it down till it is like saw dust spread on the path.



The Sure Reality! What is the Sure Reality? And what will make thee realize what the Sure Reality is? The Samud and the Ad People branded as false the Stunning Calamity! But the Samud they were destroyed by a terrible Storm of thunder and lightning! And the 'Ad, they were destroyed by a furious Wind, exceedingly violent; He made it rage against them seven nights and eight days in succession: so that thou couldst see the whole people lying prostrate in its path, as they had been roots of hollow palm-trees tumbled down! Then see thou any of them left surviving?

(S: 69,V: 1-7)



When Our Decree issued, We saved Salih and those who believed with him, by special Grace from Ourselves and from the Ignominy of that day. For thy Lord - He is the Strong One, and able to enforce His Will.

(S: 11,V: 66)



The morning sun over that town witnessed devastation and destruction all over that area. The grand palaces had turned into ruins, green farms and orchards were no longer there. Entire area of Hejr was offering a scene of some archeological excavation.



After the devastated destruction of Samuds, Salih along with his followers migrated towards Syria. When he was passing the destroyed inhabitation, he saw the dead bodies and said sorrowfully:



So Salih left them, saying, "O my people! I did indeed convey to you the message for which I was sent by my Lord: I gave you good counsel, but ye love not good counselors!"

(S: 7,V: 79)



Salih stayed near Ramala for some time then he shifted to Makka and breathed his last there. He was buried near Ka’aba towards the west. “



Aala and Hejr:



Those who were killed by the lightening storm are estimated to be one thousand and five hundred families and those who survived and accompanied Salih to Makka were one hundred and twenty people in all.



Relics and ruins of some of Samud’s carved buildings and Structure can be seen even today to learn something from them. Signs of destruction of Samud are found few miles north of Aala; a famous place between Medina and Tabuk. Aala is still a green valley whereas signs of devastation and. natural disaster still surrounding Hejr and haunting. Thiscarea is about four hundred miles long and one hundred miles wide and all its hills and mountain still bear the signs of a great jlting of earthquake.



Researchers say that Samud were destroyed because of eruption of a volcano because the signs of lava are present in the west of Madyan-e-Salih.



When Holy Prophet (PBUH) was passing by Hejr during the Expedition of Tabuk and they camped there for a while. Companions of the Holy Prophet had some water from the well of Samud and were preparing to cook. When Holy Prophet (PBUH) came to know he ordered to throw the water, empty the utensils and told them neither to stay there nor to use anything of that place lest they might also invoke the wrath of God upon them. He said, “When you enter the valley of Hejr, enter humbly fearing God, it would be still better not to get in there lest unknowingly you too be inflicted.”



It is reported that When Holy Prophet entered Hejr, he said, “Never ask for a sign from God. People of Salih demanded a sign and the she-camel used to come out of the ridge of a mountain and after eating and drinking on its turn, returned to from where it had come and on that day it provided Samud its milk but finally Samud transgressed and killed her after hamstringing her. Eventually God inflicted upon them the disaster of Shriek and they all died in their homes only one man Abu Ragal remained because he was in the house of Salih and he too died when he came out of it




 Big Bang:



Scientist and thinkers are fond of mentioning the theory of Big Bang, according to which, the universe that was a very large sphere of light Exploded with a bang and the Pieces of that big Sphere were formed into stars, sun, moon and planets Vibrations of that Big Bang tiggered the system of circulations in the stars and celestial bodies. Rotations and revolutions started the production of energy that produced heat. When heat cooled off, clouds were formed, this caused rains and the life originated from the combination of heat and moisture.



Scientists also say that the waves of the sound of Big Bang are still circulating in the cosmos. Discovery of Ultrasound waves have confirmed that there are sounds, which cannot be apprehended by the human ears but these silent sounds possess greater magnitude of energy.



We have a complete system of sound waves in front of us in the form of oceans. Waves traverse on the surface of the ocean continually and when the force of wind joins the tides of these waves, a storm is produced in which all the sounds on the shores of ocean drown.



If the surface of the ocean is full of sounds, silence is prevailing in its depths. The waves of sound display themselves on the surface after emerging from the depth. Since our ears cannot hear the sounds in depth, therefore, we term it Silent Sound and when after emerging on the surface, the waves break and spread, they enter our hearing. It might be that the theory termed as Big Bang by the scientists is the voice of their Unconscious and their Unconscious have hinted the Voice of God uttering ‘Be!’



The sound of utterance of command ‘Be!’ is an obscure sound. When this obscure sound entered the center of the Universe, it infused in every particle of the cosmos after becoming life.




Sound waves are operating in every zone with their particular quanta and frequencies. Entire system of the universe is functioning on the basis of information and the information are disseminating by the command ‘Be!’ When information enters the Conscious, these become our senses_ Information is a conglomeration of waves. A sound is sweet or harsh; this information is inscribed upon the net of waves, Information comes into the Individual Conscious from the Unconscious, or to say, from the Unseen. Roar is such a wave of sound that is more than the tolerance of an individual conscious. More harsh sound becomes a roar and roar is a set of those sounds that disrupts the waves operating in life. Roar disrupts the conscious and man becomes like fodder. When the system of waves is disrupted the life transforms into death. Roar is such a wave of sound that disrupts the hearing system and disruption of the system is the disruption of the senses. It is a common observation that explosion impairs the hearing and at times even the eardrums are ripped.



Such atomic bombs have been made that their explosion kills many thousands of people in an instant and the mountains smokes away. Explosions are also used in cutting and drilling the rocks. Sounds, if on one hand, are a source of delight and pleasure, on the other; the noise pollution is the result of all the high-pitched sounds. Sounds result from vibrations that travel in the form of longitudinal waves. Flowing water of springs, waterfalls, drizzling drops of rain, thunder of lightening, rumbling of clouds, whispering breeze, rattling leaves, chirping birds, shrieking eagles and vultures, man and all man made machines are all the sources of sound-waves.



Ultrasonic Sounds:



Bats, during their flight in the dark, continuously emit those sounds that are inaudible for human ears. When these inaudible sounds return to the ears of a bat, it gets information about it surroundings and differentiates between a wall and a man, a tree and an animal, a moth and an owl instantly and spontaneously. Because of high frequency of these sounds we cannot hear them. Scientists have termed these sounds as Ultrasonic sounds or simply the Ultrasounds.



In 1884, a British scientist; Sir Francis Galeton discovered these sound and made such a whistle which emitted a sound having a frequency of one hundred thousand cycles per second. Now the scientists have succeeded in producing sounds that have frequency of one billion cycles per sec. and wavelength of 0.00004 cm. Ultrasound waves because of their very small wavelengths can be had in the form of a beam and relayed without much dispersion in a straight line.



Experiments have established that Ultrasonic sounds waves affect the nervous and other systems of living organisms, animals and man. Scientists of American navy during their experiments with Ultrasonic waves found out that these make ocean animals like fishes unconscious and if the frequency is further increased these are even get killed.



In the Second World War people were told that Hitler was preparing such a magic gun, which upon firing discourages the enemy and they desert the battle field and if they don’t their nerves wreck and they paralyze. After the war was over, an under construction gun was recovered, which fired Ultrasonic waves instead of ammunition.



Volcanic Quakes:



Basis of the calculations of geological scientists about the internal condition of the earth are those waves produced from the pressure of lave, tremors or quakes resulting breaking or moving of sedimentary rocks and plates. Sometimes energy stores in the plates of the crust because of changes in lower layers of the crust of the earth and when this energy becomes unbearable-for the Surrounding rocks, it starts flowing towards some weaker comer Of the crust with thunderous‘ outburst. Volcanic quakes result When the magma; the boiling matter under the crust, erupts from a surface with an outburst. The molten lava forms a conical structure at the mouth of its opening which is known as volcano.



All this happens when the water seeps down to the molten lava and steam produced exerts pressure and causes the outbursts.






Point to note:



In this story of Samud and Salih, God has told us that when people transgressed and denied to follow God made laws, wrath of God was initiated against them. Samuds were blessed with every bounty like fruit laden orchards; resources to build and construct buildings embedded with gold and precious stones and gave them intellect and power. But, they insisted upon ingratitude and did their best to disgrace the apostle of God. They witnessed the signs of God with their open eyes and still they plotted against that miracle and even attempted to get Salih killed. They demanded a miracle and then they were the ones who denied it affrontingly and demanded tauntingly; “Where is that punishment which you were talking about? Lets see that!”



Another point, which is of great significance, is that when Wrath of God is inflicted upon an inhabitation or a people one should seek refuge of God from those people and that inhabitation.



Spiritual Person:



Spirituality is a comprehensive knowledge of the unseen. Here unseen purports to that knowledge, which is beyond the access of the Conscious limits. Just as a person after learning the worldly sciences experiments in the light of the learnt knowledge and new doctrines emerge resulting the experiences, similarly a spiritual person, after surpassing the limiting Conscious, enters the Unconscious and learns knowledge and, on the basis of his observations, gets certitude.


Every one of us is blessed with two sets of abilities of seeing or the senses we see things through material lens and remain oblivious of the fact that that material senses do not have any significance of their own, whereas in other set of abilities our senses see things without any obligation of the material lens and understanding and interpreting is also free from interference of the material senses.



Every man has two bodies. One of them considering it all- powerful says, I take water, but if one is not thirsty then how can anybody have water? I do not know what this thirst is, but I do know that thirst is an urge that is realized as information. I do not know what this information is and from where has it been supplied‘? If the supply of information is based upon the physical body then after one breathes his last, why does one not feel thirsty? Now thinkers and -scientists in reply can say, ‘Well, because life ends!’



The question remains, “What is this life?” If he does not know this then how can he enjoy the power to live? The activity or the action, which we term as life is also a temporary power that has been granted to us for a certain period of time.



The other body of man is not indigent; it’s free from constraints. This body, like the physical body sees, hears, has understanding but the norms of its sight are different from that of the physical body.



When this second body of man: the Unconscious, witnesses the earth, it finds it resembling a papaya fruit and that it is not like a ball. It observes that the earth does have gases in it but it does not have any thing solid and concrete on it; it is just like a screen upon which a film is being displayed. Not a single soul on this screen is original, everyman and everything is a reflected mag? Of the film being played on a projector from somewhere Just like a projector, when it is switched off, it's light stops understanding and interpreting things. In one set of feeding the film in it and the away from the sight.



The also is observed that the earth has are set on it like round rings. These rings are holding the earth in their grip. The earth is moving linearly rotating on its axis. This rotation is being controlled by these rings, which are stuck in the earth like nails or pegs.



Do they not look at the Camels, how they are made? And at the Sky, how it is raised high? And at the Mountains, how they are fixed firm? And at the Earth, how it is spread out?

(S: 88,V: 18-20)


Oxygen and carbon dioxide is becoming life in every character of this film (movie) being displayed on the earth. Life is forming, dispersing and breaking away. Six Conscious are operating in this process of formation, dispersal and disintegration of life. One of these six conscious is absolutely unstable. Everything, even if it a speck of dust, has a conscious and the grip of the conscious ends when life disintegrates. Life is images upon the screen fade composed of quantities. The system of these quantities is a perfectly functioning system, which is directly related with nature. When the nature gets annoyed, the system brakes. What method for breaking the system is adopted, this entirely is the discretion of nature, through an earthquake, using winds, by flood of water or a blast.



God uttered a word ‘Be!’ which the entire universe heard and all the existents came into being. Utterance of Be is the command and fit started happening’ is the carrying out of that command



Every creation of the universe existed in the Mind of God. When creation heard the voice of God, they became active and started moving, that is, energy ran through them and they became kinetic. Many are the Appellations of God and each appellation represents complete creative potentials. One of such appellations is ‘Aleem’ meaning All-Knowing or Omniscient. Being omniscient, God knew all the creative formulae even before the creation of the universe. When God intended to display the universe in a manifested form and all the creatures in the universe become aware of their existence, He commanded it to Be! And, the universe stepped out of the screen of Knowledge. When the Will of God became active, the resources needed for the creation also came into being.



First phase of the creation is the ‘Noor’ (Light).



“God is the Light of the earth and the heavens.”



In the first phase of creation the souls came into existence from the Noor of God but these souls were in a state of d were not_ aware of their existence, so God obliviousness an that is, He made them to listen to His Voice, addressed them, saying, “Am I not thy Lord?” The souls in reply to His question submitted, “Indeed, Thou art our Lord!”




The first Voice of God brought the souls into existence and the second Voice equipped them with three main senses of hearing, seeing and speech.



These three senses are the symbol of concentration. When ears are attentive one hears, sight is attentive one sees and when the mind pays attention on the meanings of the question asked, one replies.



Voice of God developed concentration in the souls in the universe, which was focused upon God. When the souls heard the Voice of God, the faculty of hearing became active in the creatures. And, when the souls became attentive towards this faculty of sight initiated; after seeing, they perceived themselves and their Lord God, after perception when they wanted to acknowledge, the faculty of speech was generated in them.


Child in the womb:



A woman saw in her dream that there was a fetus in the mother’s womb, in the initial phase of its creation. The fetus was wearing a sort of headphone on its ears and the wire of the headphone runs up to the wall of the womb. Quest and surprise made her to put one end of that headphone into her ear after pulling it out of the fetus ear. She heard a very soft and kind voice that was saying, “I am your Lord. I will soon send you into the world, where you will stay for an appointed time? The fetus was listening to that voice very attentively. He could not speak but could hear the voice and was understanding. He was getting instruction of every moment of his life through that voice.



When she plucked the earpiece from the fetus car, he got upset as if he was being deprived of life and started moving anxiously in the womb. The fetus was in such an agony that she could not stand his pain and she replaced the earpiece on his ears and with that the fetus grew calm and was back into the state of his peaceful position.



Then she witnessed a fetus of a cat. That, too, had a headphone upon its ears. When she, being inquisitive, removed the earpiece to listen into it, she heard the same voice saying the same thing. The cat’s fetus got so upset from removal of the headphone that after moving anxiously it dissolved into thin air.



This world is such a created realm where nothing exists without form and shape. Everything has its individuality. The conscious of individuality is because of physical body. Man is a conglomeration of incalculable cells. All the potentials or capabilities existed in Adam collectively, that an individual person has individually. Adam of every species feeds the individual conscious of its species. Individual conscious remains associated with its collective or species’ Conscious in every state and every moment. The Species’ Conscious is the Conscious of the soul that consists of the record of life of every species in the universe.



Voice of God is the movement of the universe. Universe is like a globe in which the Voice of God is echoing. This echo is the movement. All the orders concerning life are stocked in the resounding command ‘Be!’



Chain of reproduction is the execution of this command. Utterance of T Command Be is perpetually echoing and this resounding voice is a collection of incalculable varying frequencies. This collection keeps on flowing continuously from the transmitting stations far above the heavens in the form of Nooric falls. These frequencies, before transforming into a manifested form, in their first stage takes the form of a fantasy, in the second stage, these become an idea, in the third stage, into imagination and in the final stage; these are manifested in form and figure physically.



This resounding echo is an assortment of various quantities. Balance of these quantities results in right moods; increase results in hasty and fast activity and decrease result in lassitude and lethargy. Winds, storms, cyclones and tornados are indication of agitation of the frequencies of this resounding echo and breeze is an indication of a moderate flow in it.



Reason of accidents:



Any accident, whether it is small or huge, is the result of immoderation and misbalancing of the quantities in the System of Frequencies. Universe is being run under a system. Every individual is given his part of the duty to run this system smoothly. The sun has it own duty, the moon has its own part of the duty to perform, air is performing its duty; the oceans and the smoothly flowing rivers have their own duties to perform.



A‘ Sign for them is the earth that is dead: We do give it life, and produce grain there from, of which ye do eat. And, We produce therein orchard "with date-palms and vines, and We cause springs to gush forth therein: that they may enjoy the fruits of this (artistry): It was not their hands that made this: will they not then give thanks? Glory to God, Who created in pairs all things that the earth produces, as well as their own human kind  and other things of which they have no knowledge.  And a Sign for them is the Night: We withdraw there from the Day, and behold they are plunged in darkness; and the sun runs his course for a period determined for him: that is the decree of Him, the Exalted in Might, the All-Knowing.

And the Moon, We have measured for her mansions to traverse till she returns like the old and withered lower part of a date stalk. It is not permitted to the Sun to catch up the Moon, nor can the Night outstrip the Day: Each just swims along in its own orbit according to Law.  And a Sign for them is that We bore their race through the Flood in the loaded Ark; And We have created for them similar vessels on which they ride. If it were Our Will, We could drown them: then would there be no helper to hear their cry, nor could they be delivered, except by way of Mercy from Us, and by way of world convenience to serve them for a time.

 (S: 36, V: 33-44)



When the injustice, usurpation of rights of others, jealousy, greed, lusts and astray from God crosses the limit of moderation and balance, the system starts disintegration and to cleanse and purge the system, winds start blowing, storms rage, and fire rains where it used to snow and vice versa.



This law is operating in the stories of rise and fall of the nations, their rewards and punishments, that the God made system helps those nations to its optimum, which live according to the code of creative formulae, guard their and other’s rights and love their country. But when a nation deviates from the laws of God and starts interfering in the system of Nature, the Nature throws it out of its system. Earth, the land and the Nature’s system remain intact but man is buried in the pits of annihilation and extinction.



It has been estimated in the light of the historical evidences that mankind and other species associated with it are destroyed for poking their nose into the affairs of the system of Nature and the life starts anew all over right from the caves and the stone age. And, upon completion of ten thousand years, man does the same thing again in the name of human development and progress, which his ancestor had committed.



The two main factors of mass destruction of mankind are:



1) Joining partners to God. Giving priority to the wealth and riches is also a form of joining partners to Him.



2) Interfering in those things, which the Nature has particularized for     itself.



            Development and progress of today in the name Poverty Alleviation is also a form of amassing wealth. Human values are trodden down for economic stability and every mortal and perishable thing is depended upon. Temporary comfort and non- lasting facilities and wealth worshipping have become the aim of life.


Cloning and similar things are direct intrusion in the works of Nature that tantamount to disrupt the system of Nature. The desire to subjugate other nations is also a form of wealth worship. To over power others by terrorizing them is revolting against equality.



            In the light of the history of destruction and disasters it is observed that people gave importance to wealth and riches after refuting oneness of God, worshipped self made idols, killed the fellow beings and in spite of knowing that everybody who has Come to this world has to leave it, embracing the material world. Amassing wealth has become the most favorite of all hobbies and people are left with’ no faith in the life hereafter.



Disagreement with prophets and refusal of their teachings is deviation from the Nature and when a person establishes his relations with the temporal world after dissociating himself with the Nature, the Laws of Nature leaves him at his own.