Predictions about Holy Prophet (PBUH),in The Book of Psalms

There are many hymns and prayers in the Old Testament in which coming of a great person and savior has been predicted. This greatest of all the persons Holy Prophet, Mohammad (PBUH) has been referred to as Light, Praised one, Righteous, and the Trustworthy in various Psalms of David 


"Thou would bless the Truthful. Lord shall cover him like a shield”

 (The Book of Psalms 5/12) 


 "And he would judge the world honestly and do the justice with the nations. ”                                                                                               (Psalms 8/9)


 “We will see the Light because of his light” 

(Psalms 36/9) 


“He would bring Thy Truth like light and Reality like the sunshine of noon

(Psalms 37/6) 


 "Truthful would heir the world and live-forever. His mouth speaks wisdom, his tongue will say just things and the ways of his lord are his heard and he would not slip form his path.”

(Psalms 37/20)


“Send down thy light and truth to guide me and take me to Thy abode.”


“You are the most beautiful of all men, your lips are full of delicacies, God has blessed you forever. Wear your sword, which is thy decoration and ride with grace for the sake of knowledge, righteousness and tolerance, your right hand would give you distinction in the eyes of people. Pointed are your arrows that are piercing the hearts of the enemies of the king. People have surrendered before you.”

                                    (Psalms 45/2-5)


“Extol him that rides in the desert by his name Jah, and rejoice before him, a father of the fatherless, and a judge of the widows. God sets the solitary in families: he brings out those who are bound with chains: but the rebellious dwell in a dry land. O God, when thou went forth before thy people, when thou did march through the wilderness…”

(Psalms 68/741) 


“In his days Shall the righteous flourish,' and abundance of Peace so long as the moon endures. He shall have dominion also from sea to sea and from the river unto the ends of the earth. They that dwell in the wilderness shall bow before him and his enemies shall lick the dust. The kings of Tarshish and of the isles shall bring presents,‘ the kings of Sheba and Seba shall offer gifts. ’ Yea, all kings shall down before him; all nations shall serve him. For he shall deliver the needy when he cries, the poor also, and him that hath no helper. He shall spare the poor and needy and shall save the souls of the needy He shall redeem their soul from deceit and violence and precious shall their blood be in his sight. And he shall live and to him shall be given the gold of Sheba; prayer also shall be made for him continually and daily shall he be praised. There shall be a handful of corn in the earth upon the top of the mountains; the fruit thereof shall shake like Lebanon: and they of the city shall flourish like grass of the earth. His name shall endure forever; his name shall be continued as long as the sun, and me shall be blessed in him: all nationals shall call him blessed.”                                                                                                  (Pslams 72/7-17)


“Blessed are they that dwell in Thy house: they will be still praising thee. Blessed is the man whose strength is in thee; in whose heart are the ways of Meyon, who passing through the valley of Baca make it a well, the rain also fills the pools.”                                                                      

(Pslams 84/4-6)


“This shall be written for the generation to come, and the people which shall be created shall praise the Lord.”   

                                                                                                (Psalms (102/18)


“Hold not thy peace. O God of my praise.”

                                                                                                (Psalms 109/1)


 “Unto the upright there arises light in the darkness: he is gracious and full of compassion, and righteous. A good man sheweth favor and lends; he will guide his affairs with discretion.  Surely he shall not be moved forever; the righteous shall be in everlasting remembrance. He shall not be afraid of evil tidings, his heart is established, he shall not be afraid until he sees his desire upon his enemies. He hath dispersed, he hath given to the poor; his righteousness enduring forever,‘ his horn shall be exalted with honor. The wicked shall see it and he grieved, he shall gnash with his teeth and melt away; the desire of the wicked shall perish.”                                                                                                      (Psalms 112/4-10) 


Birds, animals and hills sang hymn with David


  With the passage of time the old Testament suffered alterations and now it is not found in its original form.


David was blessed with excellent voice. When he would chant the Psalms in his melodious voice the flowing water would stop, birds Flying in the sky use to come near him and sit around. The hills, birds and animals celebrated the praises of Lord God by joining him in his hymn.


            “We subjugated mountains to him and they declared Our praises, in unison with him, at eventides and at break of the day; and the birds gathered around him; all with him did turn to God.”(s:38,V:18-19)



Points to note: 


 Voices are Part of our life. Sounds are a means of communication and a way to exchange information. We know about things with the help of voices and there are so many things that we enjoy only because of sounds and voices. Chirping of birds, murmur of flowing air, hum of flowing water, clattering of leaves, laughter of child playing in a pram, voices of street hawkers, rumbles of moving machines, shrieks of airplanes and many other sounds that we keep on hearing make us feel good or bad about the atmosphere. Besides them, there are many sounds that we cannot hear, though they keep on striking against our eardrums because the wavelength of these sound waves is either more than the range that our ears can hear or is less than that. 


Use of ultrasounds for diagnosis of complicated diseases, industrial purposes and research has become very common nowadays. Echo and vibrations of these waves help us in their use for such purposes. With the help of these waves even various states of matter can be identified. 


 Science has discovered that human hearing capacity ranges between 20 Hertz to 20,000 Hertz whereas the frequency of ultrasound waves is 20 thousand Hertz to 20 million thousand Hertz, so these waves remain inaudible for us.


Waves are basically of two types. Ones in which the particles of the sound medium move to and fro under the effect of the wave passing through it, and the other, is that in which the particles of the medium of the sound move up and down. Waves have been classified on the basis of their wavelengths and frequencies. The distance measured in the direction of propagation, between two points of same phase in consecutive cycles of a wave is known as wavelength. Wave moves upward and downwards, one cycle of this movement completes when both these upward and downward movements take place.


            Frequency is the number of cycles of a wave passing through a specific point in one second. Higher is the frequency the lesser is the wavelength and lesser is the frequency when bigger is the wavelength. When the frequency exceeds a limit; waves become a ray that travels in straight direction. Because of shorter wavelength and higher frequency the ability of such waves to penetrate something increases many folds.


            It has been stated many times in the holy Quran that everything celebrates praises of their Lord God and extol Him. It means that everything existing in this universe talks, hears and recognizes one another.


“The seven heaven and the earth and all beings therein declare His glory! Verily He is Oft- forbearing, most forgiving."

(S: 17, V: 44)


Shah Waliullah, expounding the science of chanting the praises of God by the birds and mountains have said; When a person is strong will is filled with a state of mind permitting them. And, when such a person hears a wise thing from a tree or a stone, this extraordinary power of hearing permeates the people close to him and they, too, hear the way he hears other things ordinarily.



“ And, We bestowed grace aforetime on David from Ourselves; O ye mountains! Sing ye back the praises of God with him! And ye birds! And, We made the iron soft for him, commanding, "Make thou coats of mail, balancing well the rings of chain armor, and work ye righteousness, for be sure I see all that ye do. ”

(S: 34, v: 10-11)


Inventions made of iron:


God bestowed upon David the power to mold the iron and he had the unique ability of molding iron in his hands. Archeological studies suggest that the use of iron dates back to 1000-1200 BC and this was the era of David. In his times the methods of melting and casting of iron was discovered. But, all those methods were so complicated that things thus prepared were considered very costly; David customized new ways of metallurgy resulting in making the use of iron more common. This advancement also helped his nation in establishing her supremacy in wars and battles as in those time helmets, coats of mail and chain armors were the only way of protection during combats. He caused the iron industry see its boom.


Music is the harmony of the sounds of instruments and vocals. Invention of new musical instruments and composition of new tunes is only possible when a person is well versed with the laws of music and is expert in using the instruments and the voice. David was not only blessed with sweet voice but he also was gifted with the knowledge of the sounds. For these very reasons he improved the existing Hebrew, Egyptian and Babylonian music instruments and even invented few of his own.


He did not draw any money from the exchequer but for earning his livelihood, he sold the coats of ma1ls made by him.


There was a soldier named Oriya in David's army. He had a pretty wife. David expressed his desire to Oriya to divorce his wife so that he could marry her. God inspired him towards the just decision by creating an allegorical event for him.


“Has the story of the disputants reached thee? Behold, they climbed over the wall of the private chamber (of David). When they entered the presence of David, and he was terrified of them, they said, “Fear not; we are two disputants, one of whom has wronged the other; decide now between us with truth, and treat us not with injustice, but guide us to the even path. This man is my brother; He has ninety-nine eves and I have but one, yet he says commit her to my care. And, is more ever harsh to in speech. David said, " He has undoubtedly wronged thee in demanding thy only eve to be added to his flock, truly many are the partners in business who wrong each other; not so do those who believe and work deeds of righteousness, and how few are they?” And, David gathered that we had tried him; he asked forgiveness of his Lord, fell down, bowing in prostration, and turned to God in repentance. So We forgave him for this lapse, he enjoyed, indeed, a near approach to Us and a beautiful place of final return. ”

(S: 38, V: 21-25)


David was busy in his worship when he saw through his inner eye that the angels were descending upon the Dome of the Rocks. Goliath had destroyed the Dome. Taking the hint, David, prayed to God to grant him strength and ability to construct the Dome anew.


People in his time had stopped observing the Sabbath, which was made sacred by the Laws given to Moses. They had been commanded to make this day particular for worship only and should not prey and abstain from involving themselves in the worldly activities. In order to defy this command, Israelis had dug pits and ponds near the riverbanks and, on Friday the canals connecting those pond with the river were opened so that the fish could gather there on Saturday and they could fish them out on Sunday. David warned them and forbade them from this practice but they refused to accept.


As punishment of their disobedience they all were transformed into apes. Their faces became distorted, their senses and intellect remained intact but they had lost the power of speech. Their number is reported to be 70 thousand people who were turned apes. Their bodies emitted intolerable smell. They lamented and Cried for three days and in the same state they all died.


  “And well ye know those amongst you who transgressed in the matter of Sabbath: We said to them; be ye apes, despised and rejected. ”

(S: 2, V: 65)


Explanation of Shah Waliullah:


Shah Waliullah, a great sage and spiritual scholar, explaining the causes of distortion of forms and figures of people into apes have elaborated that fish has bad smell and causes putrefaction in the body. When in disobedience to God’s command they kept on consuming the fish, the ill effects infused in their body system and it disturbed the composition of their astral body. This also can be said that when prohibition was imposed, the normal diet became harmful and caused negative effects. The energy that suffered a change and the Change gradually resulted into growth of hair on their body like apes and distortion of features. And, disgrace and shame crushed them to death is extracted from the permitted diet suffered a change gradually resulted into growth of hair on their body like apes and distortion of features. And, disgrace and shame crushed them to death.




It has been reported that David had such an energy that iron would become soft as wax in his hands, and he would cast it into chain armor by balancing the rings and produced coats of mail.


Present era is the era of science and technology and human conscious has developed to this extent that interpretation and explanation of complicated phenomena has become an easy task. The scientists tell:


The difference between ordinary visible light and Laser beam is that the former is composed of seven types of rays of colors, whereas the latter one is uni-colored. Ordinary light, after passing through a prism, disperses into a spectrum of seven colors whereas the beam of laser, even after passing through the prism, maintains itself and does not disperses. Moreover, the laser beam during its travel for a distance spreads less than the ordinary light. Ordinary light, for instance, after covering a distance of 1000 feet would spread in an area of 200 feet besides losing its energy, whereas, laser would not spread more than few inches nor it would lose its energy, for the simple reason that the wavelength of every color in the ordinary light is different from the other. And, when the trough of one wave collides with the crest of the other, they cancel the effect of one another. For this reason, after emerging from its source, the light starts traveling in all directions. Whereas, the crests and troughs of waves in the laser beam because of their uniformity remain adjacent to one another. And, this enables the laser beam to travel in a straight line for long distances remaining in the same state.


Molecules of everything move with a specific frequency. Under the influence of heat or the electric current, every atom starts emitting photons. Since there is no harmony in the emission of photons of one and the other atoms, the ray of light comprising of Photons become a complicated mixture of electromagnetic waves. Principle of laser is to force the atoms to emit photons in a given phase with similar crests and troughs only.


When energy is provided to an atom under normal conditions, its electrons rise to a higher plan. This state of atom is known as ‘exited state’. In order to return to its normal state, the energy absorbed by the atom is released in small packets of energy known as photons. When these photons, using a particular mechanism, are caused to emit in the same one direction and phase, laser beam is obtained.


Laser beam, comprising of electromagnetic waves, in actual effect, is a very powerful and strong form of Monochromatic Light. This can be formed from any part of the visible or invisible portion of Electromagnetic Spectrum. Light emitted from mercury or sodium is a close example of this phenomenon.


The laser beam used for cutting and boring in solid objects is called Carbon Dioxide Laser, which is produced from a mixture of Carbon Dioxide and Nitrogen. This beam consists of very strong Infrared rays. When it collides with the molecules of the body upon which it falls, it increases their energy level, which results into rise of temperature to such an extent that the body starts evaporating. Latest researches have developed the use of  laser to almost every section of modern living.


Warf and weft of light waves:


According to the creative process, every individual is an illustration inscribed upon the net of light waves. This net is a woven ‘fabric’ of simple and compound waves. Every man is a blend of simple and compound waves. A person versed with the knowledge of Elohistic Names can store‘ the simple waves anywhere for the time being. In order to prepare the coats of mail and chain armors, David used to focus and divert the simple waves, or to say, laser waves; towards his hands and the iron in his hand would soften and he could bend it, as and from where he deemed it necessary. He used to let the laser waves flow through his fingers and he could easily prepare the armors. And iron pot considered to be belonging David’s era is attraction for the visitors, in Kapitop; the Turkish Museum, which appears to be prepared just as a potter fashions utensils of clay using his hands.


This universe is fashioned with two sides. There are inestimable creatures in this universe but only three of them are more prominent than the others, which are man, jinns and the angels. These three creatures are found in every realm and on every earth in the cosmos just as these are here on this planet of 5 ours. Our earth is rich with many gases as well. Light waves keep on feeding these gases. Light travels in waves. Angels and jinns are the product of simple waves but man is a creation of compound waves. This can be easily understood by considering the example of a woven fabric.


Fabric is prepared using warps and wefts of yarn. If the yarn of warp and weft is taken as wave, it could be said that despite their segregation, the moving lines or the threads are integrated. Similarly, if instead of compound waves only the warp or weft of yarn is used in making a cloth. And, upon that cloth a picture containing certain features is drawn, then this picture could be said an angel or a jinn. And if upon the warp of this fabric an oppositely directed movement infuses, this fabric of simple waves would have compound features, this is, the form and features made from compounded waves is man and this is the world of man.


Simple and Compound Waves:


The singular movement or simple wave is the world of Jinns and the compound wave or the compounded movement is world of man. The body formed from simple waves or the nasma. Physical eyes cannot sight it but the body made of compound waves can be seen.


            Simple wave passes through everything. A person overpowered by the Simple waves can pass through a solid wall; can fly in the air and can transform a thing into another one.


Our solid world is of no importance for the angels and, similarly, the density of solid matter cannot contain the jinns as well.


When iron is put in the furnace, the blaze of heat at 1539°C, causes to dominate the compound nasma of iron by Simple nasma. When Simple Nasma overpowers the Compounded Nasma, the iron softens.


When David using the powers granted to him from God, intended to mould iron, the waves of compound Nasma circulating in his hands would convert into simple Nasma and acted like the heat of 1539 °C. Upon completion of the task at hand, the overpowering waves of simple nasma would become normal and he used his hands normally. This whole thing, purports to one thing only that David was familiar with the equation of Laser and using the power of laser waves he softened the iron and molded it into chain armors, helmets, coats of mail, etc.