Abraham had eight sons, which gave rise to great many nations and tribes. From Hagar he had Ishmael. Quraish are the progeny of Ishmael. Son of Abraham’s wife Sarah; Isaac is the forefather of all the prophets of the children of Israel. Isaac was born in Syria. At that time Abraham was one hundred years and Sarah was ninety years of age. Literally ‘Isaac’ mean a laughing person.


Before inflicting the punishment upon Sodom, the people of Lut, the angels Visited Abraham in human form and shape.  Abraham being a very hospitable person served them with roast beef, which they did not touch. This worried Abraham and got curious that who they were? Then they told him that they were the angels who have been sent to destroy the people of Lut. Then they gave Abraham and Sarah the glad tiding of the birth of Isaac.


“Then We gave them glad tiding of Isaac and after that of Jacob. ”

(S: 11,V:71)


"And, We gave him the good news of a bright lad. ”         (S: 51,V: 28)


Upon hearing the prophesy of a male child, ninety years old Sarah could not hide her surprise and asked in bewilderment, “Will I have a child in this age! That’s very strange.



The angel; said, "Even so has thy Lora’ spoken.’ and He is full of Wisdom and Knowledge."         

(S: 51, V:30)


Isaac was married to Rebecca, the daughter of Bethuel, the son of Abraham’s brother, Nahor, when he was forty years of age. God blessed him with a child twenty years after his marriage; Esau, he was nicknamed as Edom. They named the second child as Jacob, he was known as Israel.


When famine hit Canaan, Isaac decided to migrate to Egypt but God instructed him to migrate towards Gerar near Palestine, the area where he settled is now known as Lebanon. In Gerar he started farming and cattle breeding. God blessed him and he became prosperous very soon. But when he started preaching the religion of his father; Abraham, the people of that area turned against him and they filled those wells with earth that were dug by Abraham and complained to the king against him. So much so that the king evicted him from that area. He made his sojourn in a nearby valley of Gerar and dug new wells besides re-digging the old ones. He also built a temple. When the king had to face many political and other problems he realized his mistake and he came to Isaac and asked for his forgiveness and requested him to come back. Thus, Isaac again went to Gerar.


In his last days, Isaac lost his eyesight and he died in the age of one hundred and eighty, in. Canaan. He was buried near the graves of his parents in Hebron, which now is known as Alkhalil.


            When the life of Isaac is pondered upon, it is observed that God has made him a sign of His Wonder Working. When Isaac was born, Sarah was ninety years of age and his father Abraham was one hundred years of age. God is All Powerful. He can do what may he Wills. Adam was created without any parents; Christ other without involving any father.


When the king banished him, he did not resist nor he made it a political issue He silently submitted to his decree, considering it the will of God. And, when the King asked him to come back he did not try to take any extra advantage of the situation and humbly came back and settles down for the mission preaching the religion of his father, Abraham.