Pharaoh of Egypt saw a dream. Dream-interpreters told him that an Israeli lad would be the cause of ending of him and empire. Pharaoh ordered to kill every male child born in any Israeli family and a special department with staff was established to ensure the compliance of his orders. 


When Moses was born, Pharaoh’s people were spying on every Israeli family. Moses’ father Emran, mother Jochabed and other relatives were in real trouble. Somehow or the other they managed to hide little Moses for three months but it was not possible to keep him safe for a longer duration. 


God inspired his mother to prepare a coffin like wooden box and get it painted with red color and after putting the child in it let it float in the river Nile. She did as inspired and she told her daughter to go down the stream following the box and See Where and how does the box end up. 


Box floated on the surface of the river and with the flow of the river it reached where the queen of Egypt and her maidservants were bathing and having fun. When the queen saw the box she ordered her attendants to retrieve the box from the river. Swimmers brought the box to the queen. When the box was opened, a healthy and good-looking charming baby was found sucking on his thumb. The queen had no child, she couldn’t resist the attraction of the child and she picked him up in her lap.


 God inspired her to adopt that child as her son. Pharaoh and his courtiers expressing their doubt said, he might be the same child who would finish him and his kingdom. But the dear queen of Pharaoh argued that when she would raise him as her son, why would he finish him or his empire. She even said this that this child would carry his name into the generations and that he would be solace for us. 


 The queen named him as Moses, which means the one taken out from water.  Arranging a nurse:  The queen appointed the royal nurses to feed little Moses but the child did not suck milk of any nurse appointed. Moses‘ sister who was keeping track of her brother managed to reach the queen and offered her to arrange a nurse of enviable beauty and health for the little prince and assured her that she would ‘take care of the child more than her own child. The queen ordered to present the nurse before her. Thus, God arranged Moses to return to his mother and had her milk as a nurse to him. 


O Moses! And indeed We conferred a favor on thee another time before. Behold.’ We sent to thy mother, by inspiration, the message: Throw the child into the chest, and throw the chest into the river: the river will cast him up on the bank, and he will be taken up by one who is an enemy to Me and an enemy to him’: But I cast the garment of love over thee from Me: and this in order that thou may be reared under Mine eye. Behold! Thy sister went forth and said, ’shall I show you one who will nurse and rear the child? So We brought thee back to thy mother that her eye might be cooled and she should not grieve.

 (S: 20 37-40)


When Moses grew to his youth, he was very stout handsome and brave. By that time he had become aware that he was an Israeli and was not related to Pharaoh’s family as such when he observed that Israelis were made to live a life of humility and the Egyptians maltreated them, all his sympathies turned to Israelis. 


Forced labor: 


Once Moses, on his way to the palace, saw an Egyptian dragging an Israeli for forced labor. Seeing Moses passing by, the Israeli pleaded for help. Moses stopped the Egyptian and told him to release the Israeli but the Egyptian instead of releasing the captive, started an argument with him. Moses in his rage punched him. The punch was so violent that it killed the Egyptian then and there. The Israeli seeing a man killed with bare hands fled away. Moses never intended to kill that man, he feeling sorry asked the forgiveness of God saying, “O God whatever that happened, happened by mistake I beseech Thee to bless me with Thy forgiveness.” God excused him for his mistake. 


 The news of an Egyptian’s murder spread like jungle fire and search for the murderer started. Next day Moses saw the same Israeli fighting with another Egyptian. Seeing Moses he again pleaded for help. Moses advanced to forbid the Egyptian but seeing that he was the same Israeli because of whom a day before an Egyptian had lost his life. He said in disgust, “Indeed you are a quarrelsome person who creates problems for others.” 


 The Israeli got scared and thought Moses wanted to kill him, So he shrieked and said, “You want me to kill just the way you killed an Egyptian yesterday.” 


By and by the news reached the Pharaoh that Moses had killed an Egyptian. He ordered to arrest Moses. Moses left the city and went away to Madyan. Madyan was the name of Abraham's son from his third wife Keturah. The area where the race of Madyan settled was also called Madyan after his name, Shuaib was a prophet in that tribe. 


 When Moses reached Madyan he saw people gathering around a well with their animals and two girls were also standing aside with their animals waiting for the rush to reduce. Moses asked them why they were standing aside. Girls replied. “We being females are weaker than these men our father is an old man and he cannot fight them so we have no other option but in wait till they are through." 


Moses couldn’t tolerate this, he forced his way up to the well and drew the large bucket of miter alone and let their herd had the water. Girls upon reaching their home related the whole incident to their father Shuaib. Shuaib invited Moses to his house and treated him with kindness and hospitably. When Shuaib asked him who he was, from where did he come and what made him to come that way? And Moses related the whole story of his life..,.since birth till his reaching Madyan. After listening to Moses Shuaib said, “You lie grateful to God, who relieved you from those cruel people. You may stay with me here." 


One of his daughters praised Moses for his nobility and courage and suggested to his father to let him work for them. They needed help indeed and they had appreciated if he would agree to look alter their sheep. Shuaib agreeing to her suggestion said to Moses, “If you will stay here for eight years and take care of my sheep, I will wed my daughter to you if you could spend two more years that would be her wedding present from you.”


Moses agreed and stayed there and looked after Shuaib’s herds of sheep. Upon completion of the ten years‘ time Shuaib wedded his daughter with Moses. Once, Moses along with his family and sheep came near the Mount Sinai. They needed fire to spend the night there. Moses saw a bright flame in the valley.


Behold, he saw a fire: So he said to his family, "Tarry ye; I perceive a fire; perhaps I can bring you some burning brand therefrom, or find some guidance at the fire."

(S: 20,V: 10)


  When Moses came near that fire, he observed that, that was a strange fire. It was burning in the bush but it was not burning the bush though it had lightened the bush and the surroundings. When he got closer to the bush the fire started getting away. Moses feeling scared decided to turn back. As he turned to return the fire came near him and he heard a voice. 


"O Moses! Verily I am thy Lord! Therefore in My presence put off thy shoes: thou are in the sacred valley Tuwa. I have chosen thee: listen, then, to the inspiration sent to thee. Verily, I am Allah. There is no god but I: So serve thou Me only, and establish regular prayer for celebrating My praise.

    (S: 20.V: 12-14)


Shepherd’s Staff: 


            Moses had his shepherd staff with him. God told him to put it down on the ground. Moses did as was commanded and it turned into a living dragon. Then God bade him to pick it up. When Moses laid his hand fearlessly on it, it became the staff once again.


Then God told him to put his hand in his armpit and hold it there for a moment and to raise it above his head. When Moses did so, his hand came out shining bright as a torch giving out light. God said, “These are the two signs given to you from Me and now you go to Pharaoh and show him the right path. 


 Moses reached Egypt and taking his brother Aaron with him visited Pharoah and said to him, “God has sent us to you as His messengers and we demand of you two things: One, to have faith in God and not to hold any partner to Him; second, to stop ill-treating Israelis and let them free from bondage.“


Proud Pharaoh: 


 Pharaoh swollen with pride ridiculed him and tried to embarrass him by mentioning his raising him up after taking him out of the river Nile and that he was the one who killed an innocent Egyptian for no reason. He also asked him, “Is there anyone else besides me worthy to be a Lord?” 


Moses replied, “My Lord is He who creates all the creatures in the earth and the heavens and in between them including you and your ancestors.” 


 Moses and Aaron attempted to convince him but he, very rudely and stubbornly, declaring them out of their wits insane, turned a deaf ear to their invitation. And, addressing his people said, “Except Me no one is your lord and I am your lord.” 


 They had many sessions with Pharaoh to argue with him to convince him to release the Israelis from the Egyptian bondage. Once the Pharaoh demanded Moses to show him some sign that God had really sent him as His messenger. 




  Moses put his staff upon the ground and it turned into a dragon hissing ferociously. Then he put his hand in his armpit and when he withdrew it, it was shinning bright like a bright star.


  Pharaoh’s courtiers advised him to gather all the magicians of the country; they must be able to defeat him in showing magic spells like that one. Pharaoh commanded to arrange and hold a competition immediately, for he was anxious to defeat Moses.


On that particular day the court was specially decorated and thousands of candles were lit to make the court atmosphere clear and bright.


When the magicians encountered Moses, he told them to start. They threw their ropes and all those became snakes moving and hissing. Everyone in the court including Moses felt the cold wave running through him. 


God inspired Moses with courage saying, “Don’t be afraid of them nor should you worry for I am with you.” 


Then Moses put his staff on the ground, which transformed into a dragon larger than any snake there and it started swallowing all the snakes made up by the spell of the magicians of the country. Seeing this the magicians instantly realized the true nature of the knowledge of Moses and they, as a token of their humiliation, submitted to Moses expressing their faith and belief in him and his Lord God Almighty. 


This infuriated Pharaoh and he said at the top of his "voice, “You all have conspired against me and without having my permission, how did you all dare to believe in Moses’ God.” And, then he ordered to hang them all, after cutting off their limbs. For his manifested transgression and tyranny God inflicted His wrath. God sent one after another infliction in the form of plagues of lice and bugs, swarms of flies; earth was infested with germs, which killed the animals and cattle in the fields and the grains were eaten away, frogs and toads were produced in water in such abundance that water anywhere was covered with them. 




In spite that the heart of Pharaoh did not soften and he did not allow the release of people of Israel, so God commanded people Moses to take them and migrate from there. Moses gathered the people of Israel and set on the journey. When Pharaoh came to know of their migration he went after them with an army of his soldiers. 


 When Moses reached the Red Sea Pharaoh was not far behind and was sure to get them because they had no way to escape him. God commanded Moses to hit the waters of the sea with his staff the water divided leaving a passage between. Moses along with his people crossed the sea through that passage. When Pharaoh in his pursuit stepped into that passage, the water banks melted and Pharaoh and all his men drowned there. Pharaoh, while he was drowning, started shouting, “I believe in Moses and now I have faith in his God.” But, God did not save him but saved his dead body as a sign for the generations to come so that they could see what God does to those who transgress and rebel against God. The mummified body of that Pharaoh can be seen in the Museum of Cairo, Egypt, even today. 


 Moses reached the valley of Sinai. People of that land worshipped idols and had many beautiful temples. Upon seeing those people, the people of Israel also craved to worship something, which they could see with their own eyes. 


 Moses asked them, “Don’t you remember the favors of God upon you, which you have observed with you very eyes.” And, he managed to keep them on the path.  Valley of Sinai was very hot and no water was available there. People of Israel were greatly astonished when God Commanded Moses to strike the rock with his staff, in reply to their demand of drinking water. 


Twelve Tribes:


When Moses struck the rock with his staff, water started flowing from twelve openings, one for each tribe of Israel that was there with Moses.


Now after having water to drink and wash, the people of Israel demanded Moses to arrange something to eat for them.  Moses prayed to God and he sent Mann O Salwa for them. Mann (manna) is said to be a seed like thing that was found in the fields daily early in the mornings. They collected it and ate as much as they desired. And, Salwa was small birds that descended daily in flocks, which were caught and roasted on fire. 


The third thing, which the people of Israel demanded, was to provide them shelter against the scorching sun. Moses prayed to God and clouds sheltered them. 


 After that the people of Israel came up with this demand that we have eaten enough of this Mann O Salwa and now we want that our God should grow spinach, onions, garlic, lentil, cucumber form the land for us to eat. 


Moses felt grieved on this demand and said, “How ungrateful and unwise of you to speak of such petty things leaving the good diet provided to you from thy Lord directly. Don’t be foolish and if you still insist, you may go to a town or a city, you will find plenty of these things there.” 


People of Israel were free of Egyptians bondage. God had promised Moses that He would give him the Law when the Israelis would be free. So God called Moses to come to Mount of Sinai. Moses addressing his people said that he would go to Mount of Sinai and stay there for a month or so and that they should not do anything wrong in his absence and that Aaron would be there to look after them so they should listen to him in his absence and consult him for advice. 


Then Moses went on to the Mount and stayed there in seclusion for thirty days and thirty nights, which were further, I added with ten more to complete the term of forty days. Upon completion of this period God talked to Moses. Moses desired to witness Him with his very eyes. God said, “You won’t be able to withstand it. Look at that peak of the Mount and if that could withstand the display of My Beatific Vision, then you may ask for it.” 


Then God manifested His Beatific Vision upon the Mount and the mount crumbled to dust and Moses fell senseless and unconscious. When Moses recovered God gave him His Law; Torah to Moses and said,


 “God said. "O Moses! I have chosen thee above other men, by the mission I have given thee and the words I have spoken to thee: take then the Revelation, which I give thee, and be of those who give thanks. "And, We ordained laws for him in the tablets in all matters, both commanding and explaining all things, and said: "Take and hold these with firmness, and enjoin thy people to hold fast by the best in the precepts: soon shall I show you the homes of the wicked, how they lie desolate. ”

 (S: 7,V: 144-145) 




 When it took Moses more than a month the Israelis got anxious and started asking questions for the possible reason of his delay on the mount. One of them, named Samiri, asked them to bring all their gold ornaments so that he could tell them about the whereabouts of Moses after making a god from those ornaments. When the Israelis handed him their belongings of gold, he prepared a statue of a calf after melting the gold ornaments and when he put a handful of dust in the mouth of that statue, it started braying. Samiri said to Israelis, “Moses had made a mistake of going to the mount in search of God, well the god is here. This is your god so lets worship it.” 


Thus, Samiri led Israelis astray and they started worshipping that calf made of gold, ignoring Aaron’s every piece of advice and warning. 


When Moses came back from the mount carrying the Law in his hand, he got offended to see his people worshipping an idol.



He reprimanded them with harsh words. They said, “We are innocent, we have nothing to do with it, Samiri made that statue and made us to worship it.” 


 Moses put that idol in fire to destroy and said to Samiri, “It is your punishment that you will wander in the desert like mad man and wherever you will see a man you will be telling him, running away from him, ‘Don’t touch me!’ This is the infliction for this world and in the Hereafter; you will be punished with the penalty promised to the disobedient and straying people from God.” 


God commanded Moses that those who committed the crime of ascribing partner to Him must die. And the closest relatives should kill the other one with his hands. Moses told his people that this is the only atonement of the sin committed, which God may accept. The people of Israel had to submit to this decision of their Lord; God. And, three thousand Israelis were killed thus. Moses prayed to God for forgiveness and God forgave both the killers and the killed ones and said to Moses, “Tell them that they should be careful in future from holding partners with God; their Lord.”


After this happening Moses presented before them the Book of Torah but they refused to acknowledge it being the Book of God, saying that they would believe him only when God Himself would tell them so.” 


Finally it settled that Moses would go to the mount again with seventy selected chiefs of various tribes. Moses submitted to God that if He would talk to him in the presence of those chiefs, all his people would believe that this was the Book for them from Him. God talked to Moses in their presence. When the dialogue between Moses and God ended. The chiefs refused to admit that God was really talking to him and that they wanted to see their Lord with their own eyes.


Moses tried his best to convince them that that was not possible but they insisted on their demand. Then a roaring earthquake seized them and all the chiefs died there Moses pleaded to God for forgiveness. God restored them to live.


Upon their return to their people when the chiefs testified that that was the Book of God, they all expressed their hesitation in accepting that. God raised the mount in the air and it stood over them in the air and a voice announced: “Indeed Moses is the prophet of God and Torah is the true Book of God.” Seeing this all happening, they agreed to accept the laws of Torah, in front of Moses. 


The place where the people of Israel were at that time was near the Promised Land of Palestine. God commanded Moses to tell his people to enter Palestine and after ejecting the ruling people from there, live a just life of righteousness. God also promised that they would be victorious. 



Discouraged People: 


Israeli had remained in bondage of Egyptians for centuries and this had a very negative affect upon their psyche. They were dispirited and had no enthusiasm left in them to live their lives independently, freely and fairly. They were not ready to put their lives at stake for a life of independence. They had grown into a crowd of coward people and when they heard that Palestinians were very strong and fight bravely they said, “Moses, the people out there are very cruel and we won’t enter that city unless your God does not expel them from there.”


  Moses reasoned with them saying that God who had blessed them so much will surely help them. They just had to do what God wanted to do them. They were not supposed to give Him the results. It was He who would make their efforts bear results. But they had no mind to listen to him and they kept on arguing with him.


Moses felt very dejected and submitted to his Lord, God that he and his brother were ready to do what He might command them with and these people were not worthy to be created any more so He might separate them from them. God consoled Moses in his dejection and said, “As a punishment of their disobedience, the holy land have been banned for them for forty years and they have to spend these forty years in deserts wandering and living like nomads.”


Sacredness of cow: 


People of Israel had developed an inclination of idol worshipping and they revered cows, which according to them was a sacred animal. This was one of the reasons that they were always reluctant to obey what God commanded them. God has His own ways to test, develop and train people to enable them to follow His path. So to correct their thinking regarding the sacredness of cow God commanded them to slaughter a cow, when they approached Moses for helping them to find the murderer of one of their men. Moses told them that God wants them to slay a cow and when the body the murdered person would be touched with a piece of the flesh of that cow, God would restore him to life and he himself would tell the name of his murderer. 


God wanted them to know that the cow so revered has no holiness and can be slaughtered with mortal hands and that its meat is eaten but it was God’s power to restore a dead body to life. 


When the people of Israel heard what God had commanded them to do, initially they did not take it seriously and started questioning as to of what color it must be, of what age it must be and should it be some special one Or, any Ordinary cow would do the trick. 


But finally God made them to slaughter that cow, which they revered the most, associating so many superstitions with it. 


Merging Rivers: 


An important incident in the story of Moses is that of his meeting with a person who was versed with that special knowledge, which was bestowed upon him directly from God. Relating this incident Holy Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) has sated that once, when Moses, during his preaching mission was addressing a group of people, someone asked him that who was the most learned person in those times. Moses said, “God has blessed me with the most of His knowledge.” 


God did not approve of this tall claim and told Moses that one of His servants, who could be seen where the two oceans meet, is blessed with altogether a different kind of knowledge and he is surely more wise and understanding in many things than him. 


Moses inquired as to how could he identify that man of God. God told him to have a fish with him while journeying for that person towards the merging oceans and where that fish would disappear, he would find that man there. 


Moses set on that journey in the company of Joshua, his assistant, with a fish in his food basket along the coast. When they felt tired, they stayed and rested. Moses placing his head upon a stone fell asleep. While he was sleeping the fish became alive and after getting out of the food basket, headed towards the water.


The water trailing behind the swimming fish froze, leaving a tunnel-like line in the sea. Joshua saw this all happening but when Moses got up from his sleep, he forgot to tell him about that peculiar incident of bizarre escaping of fish from the basket. When Moses woke, they started their journey once again. When they reached a place, Moses asked Joshua to let him have his food. Joshua then remembered the strange escaping of fish. And, he told Moses about it. 


Moses said, “That was the place for which we had traveled this far.” And, they returned towards that place. Moses found a man sitting there. Moses greeted him and introduced himself. That man asked, “Moses, one of the children of Israel?” Moses replied, “Yes, that’s me.” And told him that he wanted to learn from him about that special knowledge, which God had bestowed upon him. 


That man of God, whose name is told to be Khizar, said, “You won’t be able to have patience in matters like those.” 


Moses submitted, “God willing, you would find me a man of patience and forbearing.” 


Khizar said, “On one condition that you will not ask me any question about anything as long as I do not tell you anything myself.” 


Moses agreed to that and they started advancing with Khizar. Upon reaching a place where they could ride a boat, Khizar asked the fare for the trip. The boatman knowing Khizar offered him a free ride. They rode the boat and it was not long before that Khizar made a hole in the boat by damaging one of its planks. 


Moses could not control himself and said. The boatman showed his kindness and allowed us to ride his boat in free and you did this to him that you damaged his boat.” Khizar very calmly said, “Didn’t I tell you that you wouldn’t be able to hold on?”


Moses immediately realized his mistake an apologized and said, “I am sorry for my forgetfulness kind excuse me.” 


After getting down the boat they were heading along when they saw a child playing. Khizar advance and killed that child. 


Moses had no patience for this sort of activity so he said, “You have no mercy, why did you kill an innocent child?”  


Khizar keeping his composure very calmly said, “Didn’t I tell you in the very beginning that you won’t be able to hold on?”  Moses pleaded him saying, “Just for this one more time please excuse me, if I repeat this, you may separate me from your company.” 


Khizar nodded and they kept on going till they reached a town. The people in that town were quite well off but they refused to accommodate those travelers. There they saw a house in which a wall was in bad shape and was about to collapse. Khizar taking the initiative started repairing the wall. Moses had to assist him but could not resist asking that when the people of the town were not hospitable then why did he repair the wall for nothing. 


“Now this concludes our company together. All that you saw was from God.” Khizar said to Moses and bade him farewell after describing the actual reasons that have been reported in the holy Quran in these words: 


He answered: "This is the parting between me and thee: now will I tell thee the interpretation of those things over which thou were unable to hold patience. As for the boat, it belonged to certain men in dire want: they plied on the water: I but wished to render it unserviceable, for there was after them a certain king who seized on every boat by force.


"As for the youth, his parents were people of Faith, and we feared that he would grieve them by obstinate rebellion and ingratitude to God and man. So we desired that their Lord would give them in exchange a son better in purity of conduct and closer in affection. As for the wall, it belonged to two youths, orphans, in the Town; there was, beneath it, a buried treasure, to which they were entitled: their father had been a righteous man: So thy Lord desired that they should attain their age of full strength and get out their treasure - a mercy and favor from thy Lord. I did it not of my own accord. Such is the interpretation of those things over which thou were unable to hold patience."

(S: 18,V: 78-82)


Angel of Death: 


Legends are that when the Angel of Death visited Moses and told him that his time of departure from this world had approached and he was to leave the world, Moses slapped him with such force that he lost one of his eyes. He reported this matter to God and told Him that His servant had refused to come with him. God cured his blinded eye and told him to go to Moses once more and say to him that he should place his hand upon a sheep and He would grant him, as many years in the world as many hair of the sheep would come under his hand. 


The angel came to Moses again and told him what God had told him to say. Moses asked, “And after that?” 


The angel said, “You have to depart!” 


Then Moses said, “If the life’s eventual end is death then why not now.” And prayed to God to get him closer to the holy land. 


At the time of breathing his last Moses was one hundred and twenty years of age.



The various incidents and happenings related in the various incidents and the traditions of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) are suggestive of the Moses greatness as the prophet of God. 


God said: "O Moses! I have chosen thee above other men, by the mission I have given thee and the words I have spoken to thee.”

(S: 7,V: 144)


God spoke: 


Holy Prophet (PBUH) as reported in the books of Ahadith of Bukhari and Muslim said, “Do not prefer me over Moses because on the Judgment Day when everyone will faint of God’s scare will be the first to recover and will see Moses standing near the High Throne of God. Now I can’t say he will recover before me or he will be exempted in lieu of his fainting on the Mount of Sinai.”


            Of some apostles We have already told thee the story, of other We have not; and to Moses God spoke directly.                                            (S:4,V: 164)

            Again of old we bestowed Our favor on Moses and Aaron, and We delivered them and their people from their Great Calamity; and We helped them, so they overcame their troubles, and We gave them the Book which helps to make things clear; and We guided them to the Straight Way. And we left this blessing for them among generations to come in later times. “Peace and salutations to Moses and Aaron!” Thus indeed do We reward those who do right, for they were two of our believing Servants.

                                                                        (S:37, V:114,122)


            O ye who believed! Be ye not like those who vexed and insulted Moses, but God cleared him of the calumnies they has uttered: and he was honorable in God’s sight.                                                                (S: 33, V: 69)


Point to note:


            The historical event of Moses and Pharaoh is not a legend or a traditional story. It is such an illustration, which depicts the ever going on war between evil and virtue, good and bad, justice and tyranny and it portrays the lowness and destruction of proud and stubborn, ingratitude and selfishness. Deliberation guides us to find these points as food for thought: 


1.     When a person perseveres with patience against all odds, God rewards him greatly.


2.     When a person truly depends upon God and trusts Him God provides him assistance in his difficult times only, difficulty and bad  and nature helps him in every situation. 



3.     When a person strives for the truth and righteousness, a time comes when even those who once used to oppose him stand up for him. 


4.     Oppression, subjugation, bondage and slavery are disgrace for the humanity. Slaves take disgrace and humiliation as a blessing and because of their limitations they remain inactive and avoid struggling and striving. 


5.     When people strive depending upon God they manage to reach the top. 


6.     No matter how strong are the forces of evil, the righteous one wins in the last. 


7.     Disobedience is infidelity and faithlessness. 


8.     Self-deceit makes a person to make lame excuses for not carrying on the commands of God and because of this hypocritical approach of thinking many nations were inflicted with wrath of God. 


9.     It is not fitting for anybody to claim to know all or everything.


10. In the story of Moses and Khizar two departments of knowledge  have been mentioned:


1.     Religious Code of Life 


2.     Administration System of Nature 



Religious Code of Life (Shariat) deals with the ethical, civil and human values of a society based upon natural justice, good manners and courtesy whereas people with Special abilities and powers, directly bestowed upon them from God, administer System of Administration. 


Moses was given the Religious Code of Life and by making him to see Khizar God made him to know that there was another type of knowledge, with which Moses was not versed. 


Holy Prophet (PBUH); the most beloved prophet of God, is heading both these two departments of Administrative System and Religious Code. God is the Lord of the worlds and creates resources for His creatures and the Holy Prophet (PBUH) as an assistant and vicegerent appoint by God takes care of the distribution of those resources according to the System of Administration. Workers of this Administrative System work under the command and guidance of Holy Prophet (PBUH). 


God gave two miracles to Moses so that his people could believe that he was the prophet of God. One of them was that when he cast his staff upon the ground, it turned into a dragon and the other was that he had a white spot on his palm, when he placed his hand in his armpit and took it out after a while, it would glow shining bright. 


Cobweb of Waves: 


Every creation of this universe and everything in the earth and the heavens is enwrapped in the Noor of God. This covering of Noor is weaved of the Nooric waves running like wrap and weft of a fabric. These waves are infused into one another so thickly that In spite of their separation from one another these cannot be sighted separately. These very waves are the basis of life.


  Man is such a creation in which this Nooric covering is made of compound waves. The real person in man is bright just like the light of a hundred thousand watts’ electric bulb. Human conscious at physical level cannot withstand it and suspemded. It faints but the Spiritual Conscious has the strength to see it.


Moses was an exalted prophet of God and was acquainted with his soul. When he wanted to charge his palm with the energy of his soul would he placed his hand in his armpit and the hand started glowing with the charge of thousands of watts and the people baffled seeing that white bright light. God has blessed Moses with Spiritual Knowledge. Spiritual Knowledge is of two types:


1.     Sorcery (Istidraj) 


2. Presented Knowledge (Ilm-e—hazoori) 


Godly and Satanic Approaches: 


The knowledge that is acquired using the satanic approach of thinking and by arousing the evil forces, is known as sorcery, which also requires austere practices and chanting of mantras etc.


Just as Spiritual person can perform a metaphysical activity of wonder working, similarly the sorcerers too, can exhibit metaphysical capabilities. The holy Quran establishes that metaphysical performances using the powers of sorcery and the satanic powers are very much possible. Pharaoh summoned all the sorcerers and magicians of his country. Moses was also there. They asked him, “You would start or should we.” Moses replied, “You begin.”


  Sorcerers cast their ropes, which turned into snakes and they threw their staffs, which also transformed into dragons. 


God commanded Moses to cast his staff on the ground; when Moses cast his staff upon the ground that became a large dragon and swallowed all the snakes and dragons resulting from the sorcery of the magicians and Moses emerged as victorious in that competition.


  It is note worthy that when the sorcerers threw their ropes and sticks, those transformed into snakes and dragons and when Moses cast his staff that, too, transformed into a dragon. The only difference was that Moses’ dragon subdued the snakes and dragons of the sorcerers and the sorcerers’ snakes could not prevail upon Moses’. 


There are two standards of Knowledge; one, when it is used for amassing wealth, power, fame and worldly respect; and in the other, which is more exalted, the ultimate aim is the pleasure of God and nothing more. This type of knowledge, which is directed towards God, seeks nothing but God. A person versed with this knowledge does not have any objectives like accumulation of wealth, lust of fulfillment of carnal desires; he does not even wish to impress people, all that he does, he does it for the sake of God; and all that he thinks, he thinks with reference of God and only God. 


Lust and greed:


Contrary to this, sorcerers demonstrated their feats for the sake of worldly gains. Pharaoh after summoning the sorcerers to his court said to them, “If you subdued Moses. I will make you rich and you will be among my companions.”


This can be clearly seen that the ultimate aim of the sorcerers was to earn respect and wealth of the world whereas as Moses had no ambitions. He was there only to establish the writ of God’s Law to prove that ultimately God and only God prevails. Moses demonstrated the miracle only when God commanded him to do so.


Don’t fear them and cast your staff on the ground,” establishes that when sorcerers demonstrated their feat of producing snakes, Moses was not mentally ready for this t e of encounter and he stood there just depending and trusting upon God. The metaphysical feat demonstrated by the sorcerers proved to be fiction and illusion, which ended when Moses’ Staff finished the illusive existence but it did sustain even after subduing the spell of the sorcerers. And, this is the difference between sorcery and miracles that the former is not lasting and is short lived. 





The reality does not change or alter. Snakes and dragons produced by sorcery were consumed but the staff of Moses existed and lasted. This also reveals from this incident that if the thinking approach is based upon fiction and is not founded upon reality, it does not last and is short lived but if it is based upon facts and reality, it lasts and stays because the reality is invariant and unchanging. 


When somebody teaches sorcery to his disciple, he transfers his thinking approach into that disciple. After adopting the thinking approach of his mentor or guru, the disciple may take the place of his guru but is drawn away from the reality whereas, when a person acquaints himself with the prophetic approach of thinking, reality transpires him so much so that the reality merges into reality.



History is devoid of even a single instance whence a person equipped with veracity has ever became a sorcerer whereas there are thousands of such examples whence the sorcerer embraced the religions of God and veracity. God granted Torah to Moses, which was written upon the tablets of stone. Scientific inventions have developed our mind and have enabled them to follow and understand the paranormal things.


  God, too, explains things by giving examples


  God is the Light of the heavens and the earth. The Parable of His Light is as if there were a Niche and within it a Lamp: the Lamp enclosed in Glass: the glass as it were a brilliant star: Lit from a blessed Tree, an Olive, neither of the east nor of the west, whose oil is well-nigh luminous, though fire scarce touched it: Light upon Light! God doth guide whom He wills’ to His Light: God doth set forth Parables for men: and God doth know all things.                                                                                             (S 24:V: 35) 


Now we are familiar with machines like faxing machines and the machines that automatically read the encoded prices printed on the packages and the computers that provide us information through internets. These machines receive the information in the form of light waves and transmit them to another machine. Those brains, which are created by God, have invented all such machines and God inspired those minds with the ideas to enable them to invent. It is not at all difficult for God to inscribe His Commandments upon the stone tablets. We cannot see the cosmic atmosphere directly, but when the scientists using the God gifted brains researched, the formulae existing somewhere in the universe appeared upon the screens of their minds. Computers, Television, Internet and all other communication means up to hearing the sounds through our ears are working on the basis of waves.


Matter is also Light: 


In actual effect, matter is also light. Everything of the earth and heavens is one or the other form of light. Man and every creation of the earth is an ostensible form of light. The manifested form of these lights, which is called body, moves around because of the lights. These lights can also be termed as soul. The soul makes a body or a shell to demonstrate its knowledge and capabilities. 


 Material body is made of dust particles and these dust particles are void within. The lights of the soul fill these void to form a body and these very lights maintain the existence of this body. When thesel ights leave the voids of the dust particles, the body disintegrates and decomposes. The very lights of the soul act as our senses. Soul uses the dust particles as a screen or as a robe to demonstrate its lights and their working. When the soul is through with its exhibition, it does not display itself any longer and this very state is termed as death. 


We know that it occurred to God to create the universe, He desired, decided and willed and the universe came into being, that is, the demonstration of the creation of the universe is called Universe. There are countless species of creatures and every created species has incalculable individuals. 


Two types of Conscious are operating in every individual. One is the individual conscious and the other one is the collective conscious. The Collective Conscious feeds the Individual Conscious. Brain is that machine, which receives information from the Internal Self at Individual level and at the: same time gives the information of the Personal Self to the Internal Self at collective or species level. This entire process in simple terms is called the transference of thought and thus this two-way process of transference of thoughts continues in everything of the universe and this is the process, which is keeping the entire universe kinetic. The lights of thoughts are transmitting from every individual’s brain and are being absorbed by every individual at the same time and in this way these thoughts are circulating in all the individuals of the cosmos. This is the reason that we remaining on the earth are acquainted with the creatures of the heavens. The more powerful is the receiver installed in a person, the more and clearer information he receives. 




This era of ours has been termed as the climax of evolution, advancement and progress. Research on the matter and the ever going on chain of inventions helped in developing the consciousness. Now the question is, where these inventions were before coming into being? And, if we accept that they never existed before then, how did we happen to think of research? 


There is no ambiguity in this thing that thought is the main key of research and inventions. Just as a tree cannot grow if the seed is not there, similarly, no action can take place without thoughts. Just as entire tree remains enclosed in a seed, in the same way, record of complete research remains preserved in the thought. A seed can thus, very rightly be termed as a point of knowledge of a tree and likewise the idea can be very appropriately called the light of knowledge of an object. 


Everything of this universe and every mind of an individual are absorbing the light of knowledge and these lights are transforming into thoughts and ideas in the mind. When a thought or an idea reaches the limits of practicability, the inner outlines of the idea become accessible for the physical eyes and the senses. From the sphere of the physical senses, the lights of knowledge are again recorded in the depths of our Conscious. This preserved record, as and when one desires, can be recalled to the surface of the conscious, from its depth or the memory. The fact is that waves are disseminating and are absorbing in the minds of the individuals of the cosmos and this is life of the creatures.



Mind of the heavenly creatures: 


Man is given this faculty that he can receive the waves of the heavenly creatures and these waves produce the impetus for research. All the sciences and their related researches are preserved somewhere. The place where this knowledge exists is the realm of lights. If the human thinking could make its access up to that realm, reality of the sciences transpires upon him and he can invent new things. 


 Considerable time is required to be spent in learning these sciences because our intellect and reasons are trained in the limits of the fiction senses. And, if a point is not clear for our reasoning, we tend to reject it altogether whereas a spiritual person, because of his observation, understands that this universe is being displayed on a screen. When the spiritual knowledge is displayed in the material realm, the material senses become acquainted with them. It is the law of these senses that will is operating behind the manifestations.  The difference between the creations of nature and those of the man is that natures creates without any obligation of the resources and man invents a thing making use of the resources created by the nature. Lights of the supernatural sciences are present in the universe since eternity. A thinker makes an invention after comprehending these very lights. Real knowledge leads us to conclude that universe and the incalculable worlds in this universe are made from the warp and weft of the lights and Noor.  God bestowed two miracles upon Moses, Staff and Bright Hand. The staff had the property of transforming itself as and when the prophet of God commanded it. When snakes were creeping and hissing all around in the court of Pharaoh, Moses Cast down his staff after God commanded him to do so and the staff transformed into a large dragon and swallowed all the Snakes. How did it swallow them?



Our world is the world of elements. Four elements were regarded as the main important elements. Though now about 120 elements have been discovered so far but all these could be said sub-elements of the main four elements of water, air, fire and earth, which all are present in the staff and the dragon commonly, that is, the wood and the dragon have common elements. When Moses placed his staff upon the ground, under the force of his will, the elements of dragon became active in the wood, and thus the staff of Moses turned into a dragon. 


The very same law can be observed in case of the passage appearing in the water. Water is a compound of oxygen and hydrogen and without water plants and trees cannot grow. No matter how dry is the wood; it does have some amount of water in it. When Moses using godly powers given to him, struck the water with his staff, it caused dissolution of water into oxygen and hydrogen from the required places and a passage was formed in the sea. And, when the people of Israel crossed the sea, the A evaporated oxygen and hydrogen combined to form water again. 


How does oxygen and hydrogen separated? It separated because the element of fire overpowered the wood and when it was directed towards the water it caused it to evaporate it from the sea. This can also be understood from the example of the process of electrolysis, in which, passage of electric current separates the two elements of water. The people with dubiety in their minds can question that from where did this much power come into the will of Moses that the water of entire sea length was caused to disappear? The holy Quran guides us in this regard: 


“We created man from the resounding clay and breathed Our Soul into it.” 


Describing the soul, Quran tells us: “O Apostle! People ask thee about the soul. Tell them Soul is by the decree of my Lord and we have taught a little about it. "

                                                                        (S: 17,V: 85)


Further elaborating this formula, Quran tells us:


“When He wills a thing, He commands it Be! And that simply comes into being. "

(S: 36,V: 82)


Flow of Energy: 


Summery of this is; Man is a void, Soul is in this void, Soul is the Decree of the lord and the Decree of the Lord is that when He Commands a thing, it happens or comes into being. 


Moses, an exalted prophet of God, was close to God and was given the Book. He was also familiar with the soul and knew the formula of creation. When he commanded according to that creative formula, it was carried on and the thing commanded was got implemented. 


A prophet of God has access up to the Great Soul and they witness the Lights and Beatific Visions in their Great Soul. Because of their observations, physical bodies of the prophets remain filled with the lights. This can be exemplified with replacing a 60-watt electric bulb with a 500-watt and 500-watt with 1000-watts bulb, whereas the wire, the holder and the switch remains the same and just by increasing the wattage of the bulb the amount of light can be increased to any limit. 


 When Moses withdrew his hand after placing it in his armpit, the electric charge flowing through his hands was increased many thousand folds. Just as by switching on an electric bulb, light starts illuminating the surroundings. Wherever there are joints in the human body, flow of blood in those joints slows down and the flow of current is increased. When Moses placed his hand in his armpit, according to the creative formulae, the flow of energy transferred into his hand, which caused his hand to glow like sun.