Joseph was the son of Jacob from his second wife Raheel the daughter of Laban. At the time of his birth Jacob was 73 years of age. Joseph had eleven brothers. Only Benjamin was his real brother, ten were his half brothers. Joseph was the most handsome, pretty and wise of all his brothers. His father loved him the most of all his brothers.


Once Joseph saw in a dream that eleven stars, the moon and the sun were prostrating before him. When he related this dream to his father Jacob, he interpreting the dream told him that God has chosen him for His work and He will bestow knowledge and wisdom upon him and that he should not tell his brothers about this dream or this interpretation otherwise they would become hostile against him. The holy Quran has called the story of Joseph as best of all the stories.


  Moon and the eleven stars:


  Joseph told his father’ “Father I have witnessed a vision that eleven stars and the moon and the sun are prostrating for me.”


Jacob upon hearing this said, “My Son, God will honor thee just as you saw starts, noon and the sun bowing before you, in your dream.”



            One day, Joseph’s half brothers, who were jealous of him because of their father’s love for him, conspired to take Joseph away from his father. They told their father that they want to take Joseph with them to jungle for game. Jacob upon their persisting request allowed halfheartedly taking him with them.


In the jungle they threw him in a well and returned home with a false expression of grief on their faces. They stated to their father that a wolf had killed Joseph and as a proof they showed him Joseph’s clothes drenched in goat blood.


            Jacob understood their plan but considering it the holy will of God he did not utter anything. But, being a humble human, the grief caused him to weep. . .so much so that he lost his eyesight.


The well in which Joseph was thrown existed near Secom in the valley of Jabron, present day Alkhalil. A caravan of Ismaili traders happened to pass through that valley. When they saw the well, they stopped there to have water. When the bucket of water was lowered in the well, Joseph was recovered from the well. They brought him to Egypt and sold him in the market.


Amaliks, an Arab tribe who had migrated about 2000 BC from Syria and Palestine, were ruling the Egypt. Apophis Pharaoh was the king of Egypt at that time. Potiphar, a general of the Egyptian army bought him for twenty Dirhams. In the holy Quran the name of Joseph’s buyer is given as Aziz, which literally means a person irresistible. It is not a name but a post held by that person. According to the Scriptures he was a captain of royal guards.


He said to his wife, "Make his stay comfortable, maybe he will bring us much good or we shall adopt him as a son."

(S: 12, V: 2)

Egyptian Civilization 


Joseph had been reared in Canaan, which was far behind in social and civil development from Egypt. Potiphar got so impressed of Joseph’s personality and wisdom that he assigned him the duty of managing affairs concerning his lands and wealth.


  “And, thus did we establish Joseph in the land, that we might teach him the interpretation of stories and events."

(S: 12, V: 21) 


 Joseph was young, smart and handsome. There wasn’t any aspect of magnificence and beauty that was lacking in Joseph. Zulaikha, the wife of Aziz, couldn’t control herself and she fell in love with Joseph ardently and tried to seduce him. 


 "He said, God forbid! Truly my lord," thy husband has made my sojourn agreeable, truly to no good come those who do wrong."

(S: 12, V: 23) 




Joseph, a man of great vanity, did not encourage Zulaikha rather he tried to get away from her in her state of amorous desire. She tried to stop him from going out of the room. In that scuffle his shirt got torn. When he opened the door one of the cousins of Zulaikha was standing there. Zulaikha, in embarrassment, could not think of anything but to allege that Joseph was trying to take advantage and was molesting her. That person was a wise man he suggested that if the Joseph’s shirt was rent from the front, then her statement was true but if his shirt is torn from the back then she was lying and he was telling the truth.


            When they inspected, they found the shirt torn from the back. Her husband told Joseph to pass over it and asked his wife to ask forgiveness for her sin.


Ladies of the city gossiped that how the wife of Aziz failed in seducing her slave. When she heard of their malicious talk, she invited them to a banquet. When they came she placed fruits before them and when they were peeling the fruits with knives, she signaled Joseph to enter. When the ladies saw such a handsome person of matchless charisma they were flabbergasted and in perplexity and confusion they all cut their fingers.


            She said, “There is the man before you about whom you blamed me! I did try to seduce him but he saved himself and now if he would not submit to my bidding, he shall certainly be cast into the prison and will be humiliated. ”

                                                                                    (S: 12, V: 32)



Hearing this threat Joseph prayed to God Almighty; "0 my Lord! The prison is more to my liking than that to which they invite me. Unless Thou turn away their snare from me, I should fall a prey to their snare and would be amongst the ignorant. "

                                                                         (S: 12, V: 33)


After this other ladies of the city also started yearning for Joseph. It was a tough time and a test for Joseph’s vanity and innocence. Finally he was thrown into the prison for false charges. At that time he was 20 or 21 years of age.


His conduct and dealing with the fellow mates in the prison earned him respect. He spent about seven years in the prison. He used to preach monotheism to other prisoners and advised them to do good things and refrain from the bad and evil ones.


  "O my companions of the prison! Are many gods differing among themselves better or the One God Supreme and Irresistible? If "Of Him, ye worship nothing but names, which ye and your fathers have invented for which God has sent down no authority, the command is for none but God, He has commanded that ye worship none but Him alone, that is the right religion but most men understand not.”

                                                                        (S: 12, V: 39-40)


Dreams of two prisoners:


Two prisoners, one of them was the cook and the other was the butler of king, who were imprisoned on the charges of their attempt to kill the king by poisoning him, saw dreams and they narrated them to Joseph.


One narrated, “I saw in the dream that I am pressing the wines.” The other said, “I saw in my dream that I am carrying a basket full of breads on my head and birds are eating there from.”


Joseph interpreting the events seen in their dreams told that the butler will be set free and would be reinstated upon his job whereas the cook would be put to cross and vultures would eat away his flesh.


            Later on it happened exactly as Joseph had said interpreting their dreams.


Dream of the king:


            In the story, we are told about the fourth dream, which was that of the king of Egypt. He told his courtiers that he witnessed a dream. In which he saw seven fat cows, which were being eaten up by seven lean cows and that he also saw seven green ears of wheat and seven dry ears of wheat.


            Experts of dream interpretation in the royal court declared it a medley of thoughts and suggested not to bother about it did not satisfy the king and he could not succeed in overlooking the seen dream. One day, seeing the restlessness of the king, the butler suggested consulting Joseph whom he knew in the prison as a man of great learning and wisdom. King sent him to Joseph to get his dream interpreted from Joseph.


            Interpreting this dream, Joseph said, “For seven years you will have yield in abundance continuously but after that for seven years there will be drought and no food will be available from outside. In those times only that grain would be available, which would be stocked and stored during the first seven years of abundance.


            This interpretation had an affect upon the king. He was greatly impressed of Joseph’s wisdom. He ordered to release Joseph from the prison and be brought to him. But Joseph refused to have the freedom unless the charges alleged against him are reinvestigated and he is proved innocent. This further consolidated king’s impression and he sensed that he was really very wise and a man of knowledge otherwise he would have been pleased to accept the granted freedom. He ordered an inquiry in the matters related to with Joseph’s imprisoning. The investigations proved that all the charges leveled against him were false and concocted.


 Planning to face the famine:


            After having the interpretation of his dream, the king wanted to have some positives ways to tackle the forthcoming crises. The interpretation was as unique as the dream and nobody had any convincing idea to face the predicted famine. Then once again Joseph was consulted. He explained to them measures necessary to face the bad times. The king admired his suggestions and appointed him in charge for the management of the crisis. Joseph was called to the court and was told about king’s decision, which was duly supported by the supreme council of the country. Joseph accepted the assignment but on one condition of having all the powers to get his suggested steps implemented.


            "Joseph said, set me over the treasures of the land, I am indeed able to guard them and have knowledge. ”                                              

(S: 12, V: 55)


The king placed him at the helm of the affairs of the kingdom and made him ruler over the Egypt. According to the Old Testament Pharaoh said to Joseph, “See, I have set thee over all the land of Egypt. I am Pharaoh and without thee shall no man lift up his hand or foot in all the land of Egypt. ”                                                                                                   (Genesis Ch. 41.)


Joseph took over the charge as the ruler of the country and started arrangements to save the people from famine in the dry seasons.


Initially he planned to get the maximum land under cultivation and to have the maximum yields. He took various steps to bring the barren and uncultivated lands under cultivation. Thus he managed to have extra yields, which he bought from the farmers at the government’s expenses and stocked them for the dry years. In the next phase he designed and prepared the pyramid shaped storehouses, so that the grain could be stored for long periods of time. These pyramids built thousands of years ago are perplexing enigma for the sciences of today. It was an artifact of the prophetic knowledge of Joseph that he constructed such scientific buildings in that ancient civilization, which are standing for so many thousands of years.


For seven years it rained abundantly and the best crops were had then the water sources started to dry and an extreme drought set in. Ponds and rivers too dried up. All the lands of Egypt became dry and the entire region was gripped by famine. But, in Egypt, because of timely and correct planning, the Government had plenty of grains. People of surrounding areas including those of Canaan started to come to Egypt and bought the grains from the Egyptian Govemment. Jacob also sent his sons to Egypt for ration supplies from there.


Joseph used to look after the storehouses and the arrangements of the distribution of provisions to the needy people. One day he noticed Canaanites, all resembling to one another and wearing similar clothes, standing in a queue in front of a storehouse. He inquired them as who they were. They told him that they all were brothers and had come from Canaan.


Joseph asked them, “Do you have any more brothers?” They replied that they did have a brother who could not come there because of their father’s disability as he had lost his sight after he had lost his son who was taken away by a wolf. Their father loved that son the most and departing from him grieved him and he wept so much that he lost his eyes.


Joseph was grieved to hear that his father had lost his sight and he worried about the well-being of his younger brother. He said to his half brethren, “Since you have come from Canaan so you might not be knowing the law of this land. We give rations to only those who come here personally. For this one time, you are given the ration for your father and brother but next time, when you come, bring your father and brother along with you, otherwise you won’t have any supplies in their names”


            They said, “Our father is blind so he cannot undertake this journey therefore be kind and excuse him from coming all the way to Egypt and as far as the younger brother is concerned he remains with his father to look after him and he also will not be able to come.”


Joseph accepted the excuse about the father but refused their plea about the brother and said, “If you won’t bring him along not that you won’t have any ration for him but even you will also be not given any supplies.”


When they returned with the provisions from Egypt, they told their father what the ruler of Egypt had told them about bringing their brother with them.


Jacob said, “Should I trust you as I had trusted you in case of Joseph?”


After departing from Joseph, Benjamin had been an apple of the father’s eye. He, too, took care of his father whole-heartedly. Jacob’s sons felt guilty when their father mentioned Joseph. The eldest pleaded his father saying, “We are sorry that you don’t trust us but now in this case, we have no other option because if he would not be with us nobody would have anything to eat.”



They promised their father that they would bring back Benjamin safely.


Before the caravan could set on its journey to Egypt Jacob advised them not to enter the city as a contingent rather to enter the city from different gates in ones and twos. He advised them so because on their first journey they were held in suspicion of  ‘ spying and were released after they were proved innocent.


Joseph knew that the supplies given to his half brethren would not last long. He was longing to see his real brother and was waiting for them anxiously. Finally they came there. Joseph provided them accommodation in the royal guesthouse and saw his real brother in camera. Asked him about his father, disclosed his identity and related all that he had been through. He instructed his brother not to tell all this to their half brothers.


  This time Joseph gave them even more supplies than previous. And, for keeping his brother with him, he got the royal measuring cup placed in the luggage of Benjamin.


Search of Measuring Cup:


 When the caravan took off, royal silver cup was found missing. The searchers expressed their doubt against the Canaanite youths who were the last for whom the silver cup was used. Joseph’s brethrens protested for such an allegation but to no avail. Finally it settled that the caravan would be searched and if the allegation proved wrong they will be compensated with more supplies for the inconvenience caused to them but if the cup is found they would be punished according to the law.


            Now the law was that a person found guilty of theft was handed over to the one whose goods were stolen. The royal captain searched their luggage and the silver cup was found in the belongings of Benjamin. This puzzled all the brethren.


            When the guards arrested Benjamin, remembering the promise they had made with their father, they implored the guards to release Benjamin and they might have any one of them in his place. So much so that the case was presented before Joseph. He said, “What an injustice it would be to release a culprit and punish an innocent instead.”


When the caravan returned Benjamin was not with them. The eldest son couldn’t dare to face his father so he stayed out the city. Jacob’s sons informed their father about the happening. The grieved father could only say, “ I know it is not so but I have no other choice but to have patience, indeed God is with them who persevere.”


Secret discloses:


When supplies brought from Egypt exhausted, Jacob wanted to send them again to Egypt but they were reluctant to go there. Jacob consoled them and told them to go to the ruler of Egypt and plead mercy for Benjamin.


Encouragement by the father gave them nerves to  set on the journey. When they reached Egypt and saw the ruler.  They pleaded, “We are suffering from drought and famine, we are left with nothing to purchase. We cannot even pay fully for  - the ration supplies. If you won’t help us, we might starve to death.”


Listening to all this grieved Joseph and said, “ No! No, I cannot see you and my father in such distress.”


            They were surprised that the ruler of the Egypt was calling Jacob as his father.


Seeing them astonished, Joseph asked them, “What did you do with Benjamin’s brother Joseph?"


            This puzzled them that what the Ruler of Egypt had to do with Benjamin and his brother Joseph?


Joseph told them that he was their brother Joseph who was thrown into the well because of jealousy. Surprise and shame over took them and they stood there with their necks dropped. Joseph spoke to them with love and said, “I am your brother. We are all brethren of same one father. I still love you and I do not have any complaint against you. I pray to God that He might excuse you for your sins because He is All Merciful and Kind.”


When Pharaoh came to know that Joseph’s brothers have come there, he invited Jacob and all his family to migrate to Egypt and sent gifts, animals to carry the luggage and a contingent of soldiers as a protocol to him, to Canaan.


Joseph’s Garment:


Before the departure of the caravan to Canaan, Joseph gave his garment to his brothers and told them to place it over the eyes of his holy father.


The caravan had hardly reached the city when Jacob said to his family members that he smelled his lost son Joseph. They thought he had gone out of his wits how can one smell a person who had taken away by a wolf years ago? Jacob said, “I know what ye do not.”


            When the caravan escorted by royal guards entered the city Jacob was sitting against the wall of his house. His sons approached him. He said, “You all came, I am smelling Joseph,”


“Joseph hasn’t come. He has sent this for you, father.” They said, giving him the garment of Joseph. He kissed that garment and placed it upon his eyes, saying, “ Didn’t I tell you he is alive.” He was rubbing the garment against his eyes and his sight was gradually restoring.


His sons related the whole story to him and told him that the Pharaoh had invited them all to migrate to Egypt.


Jacob went to Egypt with all his family members who are said to be seventy in numbers. Joseph was 17 when he was taken away from his father and Jacob was 90. When Jacob went to Egypt he was 130, which means that Joseph met his father after forty years. Potiphar had also died by then.


            Quran has declared the story of Joseph as the best of all the stories.


Point to note:


Dream is such an agency that reveals the unseen upon a person. The knowledge of dreams enables a person to have information of metaphysical level.  Soul remains kinetic without a break. Just as the entire period of wakefulness is spent in one or the other type of movement and activity, similarly, the dream life is also full of movements. One remains conscious of the physical movements during wakefulness only because of the activeness of the conscious. When we are awake, our senses remain busy in keeping in touch with the ambient atmosphere. One or the other stimuli of the self keeps affecting our nerves and our body moves under this effect. When we go to sleep a lull falls upon the physical movements of the body but the activities of the self do not stop. During witnessing dream, physical body of a person remains inactive but he witnesses all the movements just as he observes during awakening. The only difference betwixt them is that of elimination of the spatio-temporal limits.


During dreaming our material senses become suspended and our mind comprehends only that about which it has some interest. This is the reason that we can relate only those parts of the dream, which attract our attention according to our interests, and our conscious cannot correlate those events that fail to attract our attention.


Sometimes the conscious witnesses the incidents experienced by the soul in a cohesive manner and the movement of the soul transpires upon our conscious in such a manner that ascribing meanings to those events is not difficult for the conscious. Such dreams are termed as true dreams and when this state develops, it is termed as divination and inspiration.



Conscious Negation of Time and Space:


One of the potentials of the self that remains active during dreaming and awakening is the memory. On every step of one’s life, one makes use of this power but seldom takes the trouble of deliberating that when we try to imagine some event of our childhood, our mind gets to it in a moment in spite of the fact that we have lived through thousands of changes and spent many years. When mind travels in the past, it covers the distance of many years in a fraction of a second and we not only feel them but can also see them just as a film on the screen of our mind.


At times our feelings become so profound that conscious perceives them. When one is transfixed and is engrossed in doing something and the conscious activity stays on a point, that thing becomes a practical observation.


Man is not the name of flesh and bones only. Besides this  physical body there is another body of lights, which is called .  soul. This soul is the actual root cause of the physical body. The soul moves around even without the body but the physical body cannot move around without soul. If a person could acquaint himself with his soul, he can move around even without physical body.


Nocturnal senses prevail upon the diurnal senses whenever a lull falls upon the conscious senses. In that state one can use all his abilities and potential willfully, which become active during dreaming. Past and future and distances become irrelevant. One can move around after librating from the constraints of the physical body. The spiritual potentials are developed to such an extent where the senses of dreaming’ and awakening become parallel. And, the conscious remains aware of the dream activities just as he is conscious of his affairs during wakefulness.


 Knowledge of Dream Interpretation:


God had bestowed the knowledge of dream interpretation upon Joseph, which means that he was fully versed with the Senses of the Unconscious. The knowledge of unconscious senses helps a person in liberating himself from the limits of Time and Space. The world of Unseen transpires upon the one who is versed with the knowledge of dreams.


By stating the story of Joseph Quran has invited our attention towards the fact that dreams are not medley of thoughts only.  Half of the one’s life is spent in dreaming and half in wakefulness.


It is an established fact that we understand and remember only those things upon which our attention focuses during wakefulness. Keeping this law in view if we could manage to focus our attention on the events witnessed during dreaming, we would not only remember them but can also understand their meanings. Wakefulness is our Conscious life and the dreaming is our Unconscious life.


“One day Pharaoh said, “I dreamt that seven lean kine are eating seven fat fleshed kine and I saw seven green ears of wheat and seven dry and withered ears of wheat. Can someone interpret this dream for me?” People in the court expressed their inability to interpret it saying, “This appears to be a confused medley of thoughts and we do not know the meanings of such dreams.”


“One of the two prisoners, who had been exonerated from the charges, and was released from the prison, had a flash back, after so many years, of his dream and its interpretation by Joseph. He said, “I can get it interpreted this dream if I am allowed to visit the prison and see Joseph. ”


“He said to Joseph, “O the truthful! Expound this dream of seven fat kine whom seven lean ones devour, and of seven green ears of wheat and seven others withered; that I may return to the people and they may come to know."


            “Joseph said, “You will sow diligently for seven years and leave the harvest in the ears that you will reap except a little that you would eat. This period will be followed by seven dreadful years, which would consume all that you will have spared for those times in advance, except that which you shall have specially guarded Then will come a year when people will have abundant water in which they will press wine and oil. ” 

(S: 12,V: 43-49)


It happened exactly as Joseph had told them interpreting the dream of the Pharaoh. They had good crops for the seven years and they lived through the dry and lean period of seven years using the saved crops.



To preserve grains Joseph got those storehouses constructed, which are nowadays known as Pyramids. Pyramids, the towering, conical structures, the relics of the ancient civilizations, are found in historical places of Mexico, America, Peru, Guatemala and Himalayas besides Egypt.


            In the valley of Nile, at ancient place of Gaza, stands the biggest of all the pyramids of the world, which is one of the Seven Wonders of _the World. This pyramid is known as the Great Pyramid of Cheops. This is ‘the only Wonder of the World, which is found in such a complete and good condition whereas the other six are now found only in the form of relics and pictures in the books.


            Pyramids withstand the storms, quakes and other erosive factors only because of their geometrical shape. The steep surface of these structures is free from the gravitational force effect of the  ' earth.


            Scientists, after studying the Pyramid of Cheops with latest computer technology, have told that this pyramid is a wonderful demonstration of the extremely developed ancient scientific phenomenon and this developed science belongs to an era of thousands of years BC. The engineers of pyramids were familiar with the supernatural secrets. ‘They had wonderful knowledge of Advanced Mathematics along with enjoying command over trigonometry and Geometry. Their knowledge about Geography was also par excellence.


Pyramid of Cheops is a forty-storied 485 feet tall building, which consists of 201 parallel steps of stones. Its square base covers an area of 13.25 acres of land. Each of the four sides is inches. Its foundation is a perfect square. All its four walls are equilateral triangles, which meet at the apex that is the exact center of the base square.


Another interesting feature of this fabulous building is the chain of sockets in the foundation that is holding the foundations stones together, with the help of these sockets the circumference of the actual building can be measured correctly. The most striking distinction of this building is its orientation, i.e. its placement on the earth is alongside the north south and east west which is so flawless that a difference of even 5cm could not be located till this day.


90 million cubic meter stones have been used in the construction of Pyramid of Cheops. Numbers of all the stones used in its construction have been estimated to 23 thousands. Every block weighs 2 to 3 metric Tons. Few of them are estimated to be 90 to 600 MT. Total estimated weight of the Pyramid is 6.5 million Tons.



Today the cranes and hoists used in construction of skyscrapers have the maximum capacity of lifting 20 MT only for a maximum of 265 ft height despite all the advancement of science and technology, where the maximum weight of stone blocks used in this construction exceeds 600 tons and height where it is placed is over 450 feet.


Researching Team:


            When Napoleon came to Egypt, he got it estimated that, from the quantity of stones used in this pyramid, a 10 ft high and 1 ft thick wall can be constructed around the entire France and if these stone are cut in the form of lsq. ft slabs, it would be  sufficient to pave them around the globe.


The heavy stones used in the construction of this building can be technology, which was not possible before this, for all its exterior was paved with polished lime stone tiles and slabs. And, these covering slabs were joined with such precision and perfection that joints were practically invisible and were so smooth that their level was perfect up to 0.0008%


For the first time these limestone tiles were broken in 820 AD, when Caliph Abdur Rehman Mamoon’s appointed team had made an opening of 100 ft in the Northern slope of the pyramid to find a passage to get into the building.




After that, in 1350AD, another Arab descendent of Mamoon used the slick slabs of this Pyramid in construction of Hassan Mosque in Cairo, Vindal, a German excavator, destroyed all that was left on the outer surface in the name of excavation. The researchers on Pyramid have written volumes of books about the laws of geometry and Mathematics depicted in the construction of these pyramids. References can _ be seen about the circumference of the earth, measurements of lengths of day and night, months and years, speed of light, gravitational force and the gravity of the earth and laws of acceleration etc.


In 1864 Ad, Piazie Smith, a Scottish researcher discovered during measuring the Pyramid that against every unit of its width its height is 10 units. When Smith multiplied the product of height and width of pyramid by 109, the answer was 9,l 8,40,000, which is the distance between the sun and earth in miles.


Experts on pyramid found a stone of 5” x 5”, which resembles the shape of a horseshoe. According to some it represents the ancient unit of Cubit. They named it, ‘The Boss’. The thickness of The Boss is declared to be equal to one pyramidal inch. This was Smith who coined the term of pyramidal inch, which according to him is the perfect measuring unit of rotational axis of the earth. Pyramidal inch is a unit derived from the Earth’s polar axis of rotation, running between the two poles of the earth. Experts also acknowledge that there is examined in the present era of modern science and flaw in the metric system of measurement because Meter is the part of that Meridian Line, which passes through the Paris and encircles the earth. They admit that straight line is more reliable than an arch of circumference.


According to Smith, every length of the base is 9131.05605 Pyramidal Inches. When he divided this length by 25; the number of this length in cubit size, the answer was 365.242242, which is the exact length of a solar year; 365 days, 5 hours, 48 minutes and 49.7 seconds. He also observed that the height of this pyramid in Pyramidal Inches is proportional to ‘the length of the polar axis of the earth in miles.


These are the few of the numerous calculations that have been made by the experts of pyramids after measuring every inch of Cheops.


Typical Angles and Structure:


Not only that certain relationship between cosmic realities and the mathematical calculations of the measurements of the pyramid are established but the Geometrical measurements also reveal strange secrets. Architects are of the opinion that no structure has any comparison with the pyramid in strength and durability. The secret of every mystery associated with pyramids is hidden in its typical structural form and the angles used therein.


 Experiments of various natures have so far confirmed affects of pyramids. It has been proved that pyramids help in, dehydration and preservation of things. It has also been confirmed by experimentation that the edibles shed their volume and become more solid instead of rotting. Their taste develops many folds. Dry grains like wheat, maze, rice, oats and barley etc. are saved from pests. The seeds of vegetables and fruits charged with pyramidal energy by placing in the pyramid by healthier plants and have more yields. Plant twigs immersed in water placed in a pyramid sprout rapidly.


Fresh milk placed in a pyramid for three to four weeks turns into cheese of fine quality. Bitterness of tobacco can be eliminated, if placed in a pyramid for two weeks. Water placed in a pyramid for two weeks and used for watering the plants helps in having rapid growth. It adds the charm of the face when this water is used to wash face, skin become sofi, tender and wrinkle free. Washing hair with this water helps in controlling the falling of hair and they grow more. Similarly, when the medicines are kept in the pyramids, their efficacy and healing power increases many folds. When wounds and injuries are brought under the influence of the pyramids, they are healed swiftly.


Spiritual and Psychological Experimentation:


            Remarkable results were observed when psychological and spiritual experiments were carried out in pyramids. For instance, sitting in a pyramid, for two hours daily, helps in overcoming the fatigue and exhaustion of the day and one is revitalized quickly, one remains fresh. Anger and anxiety is relieved and the working abilities - are increased considerably. Sleeping in pyramid completes the sleep ‘much earlier and one gets up more invigorated. Even the dreams become more vivid and clear and can be remembered after awakening.


When the exercises of concentration are practiced in a pyramid one gets the desired engrossment and the attention remains focused more than ordinary circumstances. When one thinks about viable desires or one prays for the fulfillment of the desires, they are answered and the desires are fulfilled much faster. It means that pyramids help in materializing thoughts.


Scientists working on the mechanism operative behind the beneficial effects of pyramids say that it has been established from the scientific observations and analysis that any organic matter placed in the pyramid is not destroyed because of dehydration and the complex process of mummification taking place therein. An unknown but an extremely potent energy remains present in a pyramid. The conical structure of pyramid attracts cosmic energies towards itself, which are stored there. Pyramids contain totally unknown type of energy and maintain its level as well.


One spiritual master has stated that every material thing keeps on emitting electromagnetic waves of energy whether that thing is living or an object that is termed non-living. The electro magnetic waves are discharged from a pyramidal shape, which have their maximum concentration at a point under its apex at an altitude, which is one third of the total height of the pyramid.


Space around the planets in the cosmos is a collection of countless waves of every type. We know about few of them and are ignorant about many of them. Frequency and wavelengths of these waves vary greatly. Inventors of pyramids had succeeded in exploring the actions of these waves and typical angles of the building constructed with those angles. And, the technology emerging from that science thousands of years ago is still unknown for our modern scientists who have tall claims of reaching the moon.


The great sage and spiritual scholar of this age His Divine Grace Qalander Baba Auliya defining the technology used in pyramids have stated:


“Wavelength of a wave is that part of the electromagnetic wave, which our intellect can comprehend and the part which remains incomprehensive is different and changes. In discussing wave lengths, it is worth mentioning that the pyramids built in Egypt by Pharaohs are made in the form of one, two, three, four ten twenty rooms in such a way that the geometrical shape of Waves in all the rooms must be one and the same. Even if today such a building is constructed where the" frequency of the wavelength remains the same, any corpse placed in that building would not perish for thousands and millions of years. It neither decays, nor it decomposes rather it stays in the same condition as it was placed there.”


No one knows when, why and by whom the Pyramids of Egypt were built and constructed.


Every spiritual person knows that everybody is living with two bodies; one that keeps him incarcerated in combination of elements and the other, which is a conglomeration of lights. When someone is acquainted with the spiritual values, those facts transpires upon him, which not only maintains the material elements but also create them.


Prophets of God were gifted with that faculty, which enabled them to invent those things using metaphysical equations, which cannot Be made by the physical sciences.


Joseph was expert dream interpreter. Nature had bestowed upon him the knowledge of dream interpretation as a miracle. Dreams reveal the metaphysical activities of everyone who witnesses them. They also bring the hidden aspects of the metaphysical world before us.


When Joseph was given the task of saving the people of Egypt for seven years of drought and famine, he got the storehouses constructed in the light of the metaphysical knowledge using typical form of geometry and trigonometry.


 Storehouses for grains:


When Joseph was appointed on the august post of the ruler of Egypt and he had all the powers at his disposal, he keeping the dream of the Pharaoh in view, got the maximum yields of harvests by meticulous planning and supervision and got the storehouse of typical design constructed to preserve the yields for coming years. And, when the drought followed the years of abundance, people were provided rations from those stores. Those storehouses are today known as pyramids.



The invisible belt upon which the earth is moving comprises of two types of movements; rotational and linear movements.  The earth is rotating ceaselessly towards the east from the west and the same is the situation of the linear movement.



But rotational movement is moving from north to south. In pyramids the building is founded upon three angles alongside the rotational movement.  Rotation of the earth is a circular movement just like the funnel of a watch, up and down and again up. Movement of every circle is continuing ceaselessly. The waves in the rotational movement are cooler than the waves in linear movement and these do not disturb the net of lights existing around material things. The rotational movement dominates the linear movement.


Everything has two covers. One plays its role in the creation of material things involving the elements, which somehow or the other have fermenting factor in them. This very ability of fermentation gives them shine. There does not exist anything that does not have this ability. We consider the mountains as dry but even they excrete a resin sort of thing.




The waves that create elements, too, have a covering of lights upon them, which provides fixed quantities to the elements the rotational movement dominates this covering of light.  When a pyramid is constructed using typical angles and geometry, waves spreading from north to south partake practically. And these waves do not allow any foreign bod t enter the objects placed therein.



Things placed in a pyramid a used razor can be sharpened and nothing decays because the rotational movement forms its circle in the building due to typical angles of the triangular building and a magnetic field is produced in the entire building. Triangular building is necessary so that the physical existence of an object could be maintained. If the triangle is deleted and only the circle is left, the structural formation of the object would undergo a change and that object would dissolve into the atmosphere getting out of the screen of the earth.



In the era of Joseph, science was much more developed than it is in our world of today. The weight of the stones used in the construction of the Pyramid has been estimated ranging from 90 to 600 MT. Lifting of so much heavy load up to the height of many storied building means that scientists of that era knew the formula of nullifying the effect of gravity of the earth upon an object to such an extent that those heavy stones could be lifted like pillows filled with cotton.




If the expanding and adhesiveness of material elements (triangle) are curtailed to an extreme of a point, the energy becomes equal to zero and the Unconscious dominates the conscious completely. In the Unconscious dimensions are there, the form and features of the object exist in the form of waves. When a person, using his potentials, observes this law, he by the leave of God ‘Almighty, can induce change in an object. He may change ‘a particle into a mountain or may cancel the weight of a mountain making it equal to a pillow. Knowledge of this law is termed as the Administering Knowledge and the holy Quran calls it the Formulae of Subjugating the Cosmos.


"Do ye not see that God has subjugated for you all things in the heavens and on earth, and has made His bounties flow to you in exceeding measures both seen and unseen?”

                                                                        (S: 31, V: 20)


And He has made subject to you the Night and the Day,‘ His Command subjugates the sun and the moon and the stars,’ verily in this are signs for those who use their mind.                                                                                

(S: 16, V 12)


Do ye not see that God has subjugated for you all that is on the earth and the ships that sail through the sea by His command?

       (S: 22, V: 65)


It is God Who has created the heavens and the earth and sends down from the skies and with it brings out fruits to feed you; it is He Who has made the ships subject to you that you may sail through the sea by His Command and the rivers also has He made subject to you. And He has made subject to you the sun and the moon both diligently pursuing their courses,‘ and the night and the day has He also made subject to you. And, He gives you of all that ye ask for, but if you count the favors of God, never will ye be able to number them. Verily, man has given up to injustice and ingratitude.

(S: I4, 32-34)



In the dream of Joseph in which he saw the sun, moon and the stars prostrating before him, celestial realities and the attraction of celestial bodies (as subjects) have been hinted therein.


And, when Joseph said to his father, “ Father I did see eleven stars and the sun and the moon," I saw them then to prostrate for me. " Said his father, “My son.’ Relate not thy vision to they brothers lest they concoct a plot against thee, for Satan is an avowed enemy to man. Thus will thy Lord choose thee and teach thee the interpretation of stories and events and perfect His favor to thee and to the posterity of Jacob even as He perfected it to thy fathers Abraham and Isaac aforetime, for God is full of knowledge and wisdom. "

                                                            (S:12, V1 4-5)




Prostration of the sun, the moon and eleven stars, as seen in a dream by Joseph, is indicative of the fact that God bestowed the science of astrology and gave him the knowledge Of gravitational pull and the measures of quantities.


            The heavens, the earth, skies, angels, the space and the celestial bodies of stars and planets are following certain ‘laws. Every planet is floating in its own particular orbit keeping a certain distance from other planets and stars. No planet comes in the way of another planet nor collides with others.


And the sun is following its course for a period determined for it; that is the decree of Him, the Exalted in blight, the all Knowing.    

(S: 36, V: 38)


            “They ask thee about the new moon; tell them that these are but signs to mark fixed periods of time for men and for pilgrimage. ”

(S: 2, V: 189)


The number of months in the sight of God is ordained by Him since the day He created the heavens and the earth,’ of them four are sacred.

(5; 9, V; 35)


It is He Who made the sun to be a shinning glory and the moon to be a light and appointed stages for her that ye might know the number of years and the count of time.

(S- 10 V' 5)


And they find their ways by the stars.

(5. 16 V. 16)


It is He Who created the night and the day and the sun and the moon, all these swim along, each in its orbited course.

(S: 21. V: 33)


Haven’t you ever turned your vision to thy Lord? How does He prolong the shadow! If He willed He could have made it stationary. Then do We make the sun a. reason for it.

                                                                        (S: 24, v: 45)


And the sun runs his course for a period determined for him, that is the decree of the Exalted in Might, the All-Knowing. And the moon, We have appointed measures for her mansions to traverse till she returns like the old withered lower part of a date stalk. It is not permitted to the sun to catch up the moon, nor can the night over strip the day, each swim along its own orbit.

                                                                  (S: 36, V: 38-40)


God has appointed certain measures of quantities for each and every star and planet. Knowledge concerning these quantities is the Geometry. Geometry is the science of those formulae that govern all the systems of galaxies and the earths of all the worlds in them. The flow of waves from north to south and maintaining their actions without interfering with one another also falls in the ambit of geometry or to say, the knowledge of the quantities.


God taught Joseph the knowledge of the dream interpretation and the laws of gravity. Therefore, the gravity and the waves, that are holding the belt upon which the earth is moving, were also made subject to Joseph. He, using this knowledge of these laws and the geometry constructed the pyramids. Later on when this science reached others, they, too, erected pyramids at different places.


Quran mentions that eleven stars, the sun and the moon prostrated before Joseph, that is to say, they acknowledged the supremacy and ruling authority of Joseph, which can be exercised only with the power of knowledge. Just as God has stated about Adam, “We taught Adam the knowledge concerning the Names and told him to express his knowledge before the angels"...the angels acknowledged that they knew not what they were not taught...and they prostrated before Adam, that is, they acknowledged the supremacy and submitted themselves to Adam.


Jacob, interpreting the dream, said, “Satan is an avowed enemy to man. Thus will thy Lord choose thee and teach thee the interpretation of stories and events and perfect His favor to thee and to the posterity of Jacob even as He perfected it to thy fathers Abraham and Isaac aforetime, for God is full of knowledge and wisdom.”

(S: 12, V: 4-6)


Perception exploring the depths, having excess to reality and supported with vision and wisdom, suggests that the cosmic elements including the celestial systems of stars, sun and the moon submitted themselves to the ruling authority of Joseph.


God has stated, “Indeed thy Lord, God is full of knowledge and wisdom."


            It is not befitting for us that we should accept all the narrations of the Old Testaments as it is without any substantiation and verification. For us, the straight path is to seek guidance from the last book of God, the holy Quran and understand it in the light of the teachings of His last Apostle Mohammad (PBUH).