Name of Noah’s father was Lamekh and his mother was Sakha the daughter of Enoch. Noah belonged to Iraq that was known as Chaldea. People liked Noah and respected him but were not ready to leave worshipping the representations of their imaginary gods. They had made five colossal statues to represent them. According to the researchers, names of the gods, which the pagans worshipped, were Wadd, Suwa, Yaguth, Ya’uq and Nasr. Wadd had an appearance of a tall man, Suwa was like a woman Ya’uq was a horse, Yaguth was a loin and the Nasr was an eagle.



Before his appointment as prophet, people of Noah were altogether oblivious of One God and instead of God they worshipped idols representing forces and things of nature. Then God sent Noah to teach them the correct approach of thinking and guide them on the path, which was straight.



Noah invited them towards the true religion of God but they refused to listen to him expressing their loath and hatred for his teachings. Chiefs and leaders did their best to insult and abuse him. People having materialistic approach accused him with allegations of all sorts to disgrace him. Their approach was that Noah was not better than them by any worldly norm and standard. He was not richer than them, he was not well off nor was he an angel, then why should they obey him and how can he  ‘be their leader?



Noah instead of feeling disheartened or dejected kept on preaching Oneness of God. When he refused their logic worshipping false gods and invited them towards true God Almighty, they poked their fingers into their ears and yelled at him saying that he had no right to say anything against the gods whom their forefathers worshipped. They said, “YOU Insult our ancestral religion and make us fear the penalty when we are better off than you in every way.”



            When they saw the poor and down trodden people following  him, they said, “We won’t acknowledge you Our leader like them.” They thought that those who followed him were low and weak and have no vision, so they followed him blindly. When Noah insisted to be listened, they demanded him to expel his low and poor companions because they felt disgust from them.


Noah told them:



If I even dare to think of fulfilling of your demand, I won’t have any place to hide from the grievous penalty of God. God value sincerity the most. They all are God’s creatures. God does not like haughtiness and high-headedness. Humiliation and humbleness in manners and attitude are liked the most by Him. God has sent me to you as a messenger and prophet and my mission is to preach his Oneness. Capitalism is a system devised by us, it has nothing to do with God’s system nor does God ever sent angels for the guidance of man. You detest these poor and weak people, who have faith in God, because they do not have worldly riches and wealth. But bear this in your minds very clearly that the good of the world bears no fruits in the hereafter. Blessed are those who have the ability to do virtuous deeds with a sincere approach and they enjoy peace of heart and mind and God commends them because they seek his willingness.”



The arrogant people intruded his meetings and tortured the participants and used every mean trick to stop him from preaching the God’s word.


They Said: "lf thou desist not, O Noah! Thou shall be stoned to death.”

                                                            (S: 26, V: 116)


Before them the People of Noah rejected (their apostle): they rejected our servant, and said "Here is one possessed! ", and he was driven out.

(S: 54,V: 9)


            In their Campaign of Propaganda against him even his wife turned against him and collaborated with the infidels.


  The chiefs of the Unbelievers among his people said. "He is no more than a man like yourselves: his wish is to assert his superiority over you: If God had wished to send messengers He could have sent down angels; never did we hear such a thing as he says, among our ancestors of old. " And some said: "He is only a man possessed: wait and have patience with him for a time." Noah said: ”O my Lord! Help me: for that they accuse me of falsehood!"

(S: 23,V: 24-26)



Noah told them that he was not interested in their wealth and riches nor was he after any worldly position and he also did not want any reward from them for his reward is with his Lord God, who is best of all who can reward.


Noah strived to guide his people but they did not correct themselves. The more he tried to do good to them the more they expressed their aversion and tortured him. Those strayed people, in order to maintain the monopoly of their ancestral practices, grew obstinate and became stubborn.


                        "And they said to each other, ’Abandon not your gods: Abandon neither Wadd nor Suwa', neither Yaguth nor Ya'uq, nor Nasr.”

(S: 7,V: 23)


They said: ‘'O Noah.’ Thou hast disputed with us, and much hast thou prolonged the dispute with us: now bring upon us what thou threatens us with, if thou speaks the truth!" 

He said: "Truly, God will bring it on you if He wills and then, ye will not be able to frustrate it!

(S: 11, V: 32-33)


Noah preached for nine hundred and fifty years and could hardly manage to have forty people follow him. According to some, the number of his followers was eighty. When Noah lost all his hopes in his people he grew worried and grieved. God consoled him and said, “You need not to worry for those who do not believe, for you have done your part Of the Job Well. Those who were to believe, they believed and, those who did not, you do not have anything to do with them.”



When Noah realized that he was not lacking in his efforts and it was the fault on the part of those who were not ready to believe him, he supplicated before God:


And Noah, said: "O my Lord! Leave not of the Unbelievers, a single one on earth! For, if Thou dost leave any of them, they will but mislead Thy devotees, and they will breed none but wicked ungrateful ones. O my Lord! Forgive me, my parents, all who enter my house in; Faith, and all believing men and believing women: and to the wrong-doers grant Thou no increase but in perdition!”

(S: 71,V: 26-28)


Ark of Noah


            God hearkened Noah and instructed him to prepare a boat so that the believers could be saved of the inflicted penalty destined for the non-believers. Noah started constructing a wooden ark.


According to Torah the ark was three hundred cubits long, fifty cubits wide and thirty cubits high. What is cubit? What measure is this? Nothing could be said with certainty but according to the ratio between the length, height and width and converting it into feet it was calculated that the ark was 450 feet long, 75 feet wide and 30 feet high. It has been mentioned in the ancient scrolls of Torah that the sides of the ark were gradually raised bending inwardly in a manner that only one cubit space was left overhead between the sides. The floor of the ark was rectangular measuring 450 x 75 ft, with many stories.


According to the modern ship builders, this was the best of a developed technology of shipbuilding. This is the best possible measure to keep a ship safe from winds, storms and rains and from getting stuck into mud and low waters. How a ship if constructed with these measures, would look? In 1844, I.K. Bruvel, emerged from storms of worst nature. Even today the large oil tankers are built with using this ratio of measures.


And sign for them is that We bore their race through the flood in the loaded Ark; And We have created for them similar vessels on which they ride.” 

                                                            (S: 35, V: 41.42)


Perusal of the above Verse of the holy Quran reveals that man was not familiar with ship making. This ark prepared by Noah was the first boat that was ever constructed in the human history.


God bestowed this knowledge upon Noah that he built a ship thousands of years ago, which was a masterpiece of modern technology, which is still useful. And, this knowledge kept on passing down the generations and is availed even today and will be transferred to the generations to come.


            Seeing him engaged in building the ark, the infidels mocked and ridiculed him but he did not pay any heed to their taunts and finally the ark was ready and the time of inflicted penalty approached. Noah observed gushing of water from the earth as the first sign of the approaching moment.


God commanded Noah to ride the ark along with his followers having a pair of every animal along. When it was done, God commanded the water to start pouring from the sky and gushing out from the earth.


The ark started floating in those waters safely; torrential rains and stormy winds continued till every infidel was wiped out of the face of the earth.


Noah’s son:


When the flood was set in and the ark of Noah started drifting upon the waters, Noah prayed to God for the safety of his son; Yam, who had refused to accompany his father. God said,


And Noah called upon his Lord, and said: "O my Lord.’ Surely my son is of my family! And Thy promise is true, and Thou art the most just of Judges! " He said: "O Noah.’ He is not of thy family: For his conduct is unrighteous. So ask not of Me that of which thou hast no knowledge! I give thee counsel, lest thou act like the ignorant!" Noah said: "O my Lord! I do seek refuge with Thee, lest I ask Thee for that of which I have no knowledge. And unless thou forgive me and have Mercy on me, I should indeed be lost.”

” The word came. ”O Noah! Come down from the Ark with peace from Us, and blessing on thee and on some of the peoples who will spring from those with thee: but there will be other peoples to whom We shall grant their pleasures (for a time), but in the end will a grievous penalty reach them from Us." 

(S: 11,V: 45-48)


Perusal of these words of God tells us that having some great progeny or family, the worldly riches or social and worldly position have nothing to do with one’s safety from the punishment of God or the welfare and good life here and in Hereafter. But, it is related with one’s belief and certitude.


Father’s love forced Noah to wish good and the safety of his son Yam but that disobedient son replied that he would swim up to some peak of a hill to save himself from the water of the flood.


Noah told him, “Today no one is there to save anybody, only that would survive upon whom God would be Merciful. And, in the meantime a wave engulfed him and he was" among those who drowned.


The son replied: "I will betake myself to some mountain: it will save me from the water." Noah said: "This day nothing can save, from the command of God, any but those on whom He hath mercy! "And the waves came between them, and the son was among those overwhelmed in the Flood.

(S:11, V: 43)


It rained for 40 days:



Water of the flood kept on rising and everything drowned in it. It kept on raining for forty day ceaselessly and the springs kept on gushing forth and the ark of Noah floated in the waters for six and a half month. Finally, on the behest of God, water receded and the ark of Noah stopped by the Mount Ararat also known as ‘Judi’.


And the flood was forty days upon the earth and the waters increased and bare up the ark and it was lifted above the earth.  And, the waters prevailed and were increased greatly upon the earth and the ark went upon the face of the waters. And the waters prevailed exceedingly upon the earth and all the high hills that were under the whole heaven were covered. Fifteen cubits upward did the waters prevail and the mountains were covered. And all flesh died that moved upon the earth, both of the fowl and of the cattle and of the beasts and of every creeping thing that creeps upon the earth and every man.

(Genesis Ch. 7, 17-21)



In Torah Judi is mentioned as Mount Ararat. It is the name of that area, which runs between Euphrates and Tigris from Diar-e- Bakar to Baghdad. Water gradually dried up and the passengers stepped down the ark. Every living thing upon the earth except the passengers of the ark had annihilated and only those, who were saved in that great flood, inhabited the earth.


Second Adam:


For this very reason Noah has been titled as ‘Second Adam’ and ‘Second Father of Mankind’ because the people living on the earth are indebted to him for their existence on the face of the earth. In a saying of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) he has been referred to as ‘the First of the Messengers of God.’


Besides the ancient literatures of Greece, Egypt, India and China, Burma, Malaya, East Indian Isles, Australia, New Genie, America and Europe, legends of a great flood are told. And, in some of them, every sixty years, after the flood, are taken as one unit of time to earmark important events.


For Hindus the period of the Flood of Noah is an event, which they commemorate as Jal Paryan.


            In 1929 during the excavation of the ancient city of Ur near the Bay of Farris, about ten feet thick layer of that soil was found, which, according to the scientists, who were supervising the excavation, was the residue of a great flood. In the Valleys of river of Southern Mesopotamia, same types of layers of soils were unearthed.


Scientists of the previous century were of the view that the water had risen suddenly and even the peaks of the highest mountain were submerged in the waters. The watermarks, which can be observed even today on the Himalayas, Indies, Alps and Mountain Rockies of America, are the proof of this fact that the rise of the water was sudden and quick. Skeletons and the fossils of the skeletons of animals also confirm these observations. Experts tell that the animals found in one piece have signs of agony and pain but no evidence could be found to prove that some superior carnivorous animal had killed them or that flesh had been removed from their bodies.


One of such example is that of an animal, which was found buried in the ice of Siberia. The colossal body of that animal was found in such a perfect condition that even its fur and skin were preserved in the ice. This animal was one of those animals, which had been extinct few thousand years ago. The eyes, skin of the body and the hair on the skin proved that the death of the animal was the result of some sudden accident, as it had the grass, which it had just grazed before its death, in its mouth. And, The grass, which was found in its stomach was surprisingly was the grass, which is found only in hot areas and not in cold climates like Siberia.


The story of the legendary ark is also common amongst all the people of the world. Then most of the books of various religions also mention an ark and the people who were Saved due to that ark continued the mankind. During the exploration of the reality of those legends and the stories so related, scientists came across other things, which were such a discovery that adds a new dimension in the greatness of man.

The Great Flood:


The flood of Noah was indeed a great flood that wiped out the most developed civilization of the world from the face of the earth in such a manner that only a few signs have so far been encountered accidentally. The question, which we are unable to answer, is that how that ship, boat or ark was built which suffered the beating of stormy waves of water and gusty winds, nor its collisions with rocks could damage it nor any fault occurred therein and all the passengers in that boat survived. Any disease did also not affect them during their ride nor did they hurt one another despite their differences of genres, species and opinions.




According to the Old Testament, at the time of flood, age of Noah was six hundred years and after the flood he lived for three hundred years. But it does not give us any clue as to where and how did he spend all that time.


Muslim scholars are of the opinion that the word Sabine appearing in the Holy Quran is used for the followers of Noah Shah Waliullah viewed that Arians are the Sabine. Singh Agarwal in his book about Arians says: Arians, Whom father Manu brought with them, did not worship ldols.


  Books of Hindu Religion give us this story:


            Vishnu (God) told one of His ardent worshippers that a flood would come in seven days that would kill all those who disgrace  Him and that he should ride a boat with seven selected people of  faith (Rashies) and take animals of all types, too.



According to Arianology, this prophecy was fulfilled to every word of it. The worshipper, as Hindus call him was Mahanuvu: where Mahan meaning great and Nuvu is Noah.




According to the researchers Vedas were revealed upon Noah. Vedas comprises of four books; namely Rig-Veda, Sama- Veda, Yajur-Veda and Anu or Athar-Veda.


            There are many verses in the Vedas that contain the predictions about the Holy Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). He has been named a Narashis (Much Praised) and Agni (Mohammedan Reality) in the Vedas.


“O people! Listen! Narashis will be sent for the people. This migrated would be taken into our refuge and saved from sixty thousand and ninety opponents and he would ride a camel that would accompany three she-camels. Heavens would bow for him and he would be given 100 gold coins, 10 necklaces, 300 horses and ten thousand cows. ”

(Athar-Veda; Ganda 20, Sakt 127)


“Oh Agni! (Mohammad) Manu Woah) testifies thy prophethood.” (Veda)


  “O Dear Narashis, with sweet tongue, very sacrificing, I beseech through thy sacrifices.”   (Veda) 


             "O people! Listen! Narashis would be much praised among the people.  (Veda)


"O Agni! (Mohammad) We know you are a preacher and a religious leader, preacher, teacher of religious knowledge and a man of wisdom like Manu (Noah)”



Regarding the event, which is related in the History Portion  of the Holy Quran, God had told us that thousands of year ago people insisted upon disobedience of God and rejected the message sent by Him through His messenger; Noah. And, when acceptance of right thing was denied and it was rejected just to remain covered with the wrong, the law-enforcing agencies of God came into action and the rebellious arrogant were wiped out of the face of the earth.


This has also been stated in this event that in spite of such a ferocious and horrifying flood and storm, which changed the geography of the earth, on small group of people survived honorably only because they were rich in their faith and belief.


An Old Snare Redecorated:


Discovery of atomic energy, Space traveling, Man’s stepping upon the moon, Transplantation of body parts and ever-new scientific inventions of today are making us to believe that man of today has reached the pinnacle of progress and advancement and for this reason he has the right to consider the present age as the greatest of all times. Let us examine carefully whether it is true that man never progressed this far ever before?


For the last two centuries scientists are endeavoring to establish that man is passing through phases of evolution and has reached this far in millions of years. Homosapien; the most superior creature of today was merely a creeping insect on the surface of water, which evolved itself into an ape hanging upon the branches of the trees.



This all is based upon hypotheses and is conjectural suppositions because man has only a record of hardly five thousand years of his past, which has been claimed to be the foundation of the history of mankind. The advancement and progress about which man is trumpeting today is nothing more than an illusive supposition.


We are not left with much time; the spell of this so-called progress and development is about to be over. Man would soon come across such evidences, which would enable him to realize the factual reality and know that the present progress, advancement and development is merely a snare that has been spread by the worshippers of the wealth and riches.


Point to note:


The holy Quran, by telling us the story of Noah, invites us to ponder upon these points:


·        God is All-Powerful, He may bestow honor and respect upon whomsoever He wills or disgrace and humiliate whomsoever He may wills.



·        God likes humbleness and dislikes haughtiness, disobedience and bigheaded pride. And when the disliked acts, deeds and attitude surpass the limit, the law enforcing agencies of nature come into action and the disobedient are exterminated.



·        Everyone is responsible for his own acts and deeds therefore grace of the father cannot be the remedy of the disobedience of the son nor can the good fortune of the son can be a compensation for the acts of the father.


·        Dependency and trust upon God does not purport to quit the action and become inactive. The true definition of dependency upon God is that one must not fault in ones endeavors and leave the results upon God Almighty after doing what humanly possible can be done. Building of the ark for the sake of one’s safety during the stormy floods is a remarkable example of struggling practically and pragmatically.



·        Denial of the blessings and ungratefulness are ignorance of such a degree, which keeps the secrets of God obscure from the sight and the people go astray from the path of cognition of reality and their arrogance and haughtiness cause them to fall in the pit of destruction and they are made an example for the others by infliction of disastrous penalty upon them.



·        Water, one of the components of the Universe, plays a key role in up-keeping life of every type. It also has the power to destroy besides having ability of nurturing and maintaining life.


Now once again mankind has turned away from the nature and has associated itself with material resources and this has brought it once again at the brink of destruction. lf man failed in fulfilling his obligations of making use of his mind sensibly and continued trudging along the paths of transgression and disobedience like the people of Noah and did not follow the monotheistic path practically and pragmatically, then he is not very far away from the day when the seas would come out of their limits, the earth would start gushing out springs and the down pour from skies would cause even the highest peaks of the mountains to submerge and all the buildings, skyscrapers, palaces and the entire hustle and bustle of the earth would be washed  away for the good.


Do they see nothing in earth and that entire God hat the government of the heavens and the God hath created? Do they not see that it may well be that their term is nigh drawing to an end? In what message after this will they then believe?

(S: 7, V: 185)


Rise and fall of tides in the ocean result because of the gravitational pull exerted between the sun and the moon. Black Holes have so much gravity that even the light cannot escape their gravity and gets absorbed in them. It has been hypothesized that if a Black Hole would pass close to the earth, it will exert such a gravitation pull upon the earth that a tide would be produced in the magma of the earth and on that side of the earth facing the Black Hole, the earth would swell and rise in the form of a ring, causing dry land to emerge from the Sea and the areas around that ring like space would cave in and the dry land would thus turn into ocean. The oceans would be in a state of a turmoil throwing mountain high tides and the earth would be affected from the storms like it had never seen before and entire population of that side of the earth would extinct leaving few submerged signs of their existence behind. All these gigantic machines of today would crumble to dust.



In Atlanta, the area in the ocean near Italy, traces of a continent have been found. It is said that the people of this area were very developed in their industry.


Mythological stories of Hindus also give us clues that the people of remote past were very advanced in using technology. They had the developed arsenals and they were versed with the use of airborne machines, rockets and missiles. They had such weapons of mass destruction that their bombs, instead of exploding after hitting the ground, showered fire from the sky upon the enemies and it melted all that would come under it.


Ice is melting:


Environmental scientists, after analyzing about one hundred sixty thousands samples of ice from the poles, and compounds of Oxygen, Nitrogen, Carbon dioxide and the compounds of Sulfur and Oxygen, have observed that after every ten thousand years, the quantity of these elements after reaching its maximum limit drops suddenly. And, this cycle completes once in a ten thousand years.


Level of these gases in the atmosphere rises to its optimum level because of the industrial growth. When there was no modern industry, or to say, man was in Stone Age, these gases were at the minimum level. The more world progressed in industrialization, the more is the ratio of these gases in the atmosphere.


Scientists are of the opinion that sudden changes after every ten thousand years are signs of the beginning of the Ice Age. According to them, after every ten thousand years, the earth experiences a time, which they term as Ice Age; in this Age, emission of these gases from the earth drops almost to zero.

 Environmentalists have this assumption that this change is expected to take place within next thirty years, which means that the previous Ice Age had taken place ten thousand years ago.


According to the Spiritual Scientists, the earth experiences after every ten thousand years such changes and the oceans are replaced by dry land and the land is converted into oceans. Now the year 2006 would mark the completion of the cycle of ten thousand years, or to say, Ten thousand years would be completed in 2006 since the Flood of Noah. And, after 2006, gradually, the situation would develop for another Flood like that of Noah’s times and all the industrial development of world would come to an end. The population of man on the earth would reduce to one fourth of the present day population and once again the Stone Age would set in.



Black Hole:



After every ten thousand years, a Black Hole passes from a distance that it does not pulls the planets of solar system towards itself but it does induces changes in altering the seasons of these planets.



The great spiritual scholar of this age, His DiViI1€ Grace Qalander Baba Auliya told his disciple (the author) that after every ten thousand years the earth is submerged under water and these ten thousand years are completing around in 2006. After 2006, man would witness such incidents and event that the surging of Flood like Noah’s time would be verified. The earth would have intermittent floods at various places; land sliding would level many mountains, water will be everywhere. Seas and floods would swallow up three quarter population and those who would survive will begin from the scratch and man would live in caves.



Before the times of the Flood of Noah, mankind had revolted against the Creator of the Worlds, worshipping of wealth had become the norm of their life, certitude was obscured in thousands of veils and uncertainty was prevailing like the sunlight.



In those times of Noah, like today, man had started interfering in the affairs of the Nature; peace had become alien for man. Selfishness reigned, sincerity had died away, courtesy was only for those who were of any use, if they had no interest they were not even courteous to others, people wanted others to do things for them at no cost, powerful had a nuisance value. Terrify others and make them slaves and subjects was a common practice. Clever people had enslaved other for amassing wealth and riches, In the name of peace wars were waged upon people, diseases of all kind had become common. One would burst in anger if his obeyed. Love meant that others be doing one or the other thing for them because they loved them.



Cry of the earth:



The situation today is much worse than it was before the Noah’s Flood. Nobody was heedful to the cry of the earth then and now again the earth is crying. The earth is not ready to suffer the penalty of greed, selfishness, hunger, and self-interest any more and wants to purge itself from the rotten bodies.



It is said that so far earth has witnessed 17 or 18 Floods like those of Noah and is once again ready to have one.



The only way to avoid this is that man should come out of his shell of self-centered and selfish approach and consider others a human being like himself. Should liberate himself from the clutches of greed and lusts, must put an end to the curse of Usury, leaving the path of animosity of God, befriend with God and the culture of sincerity and sacrifice be restored. Worshipping of the wealth, which is the worst form of infidelity, is abandoned. Besides asking forgiveness of God, God alone must be considered Provider of the sustenance. Nudity, brazenness, prostitution and disgracing attitude are avoided. We all should, after ordaining ourselves with prophetic approach of thinking, trudge along the right path step by step.



All this seems to be a pleasant dream coming true, Renaissance appear to be forgotten dream because everyone considers himself duty bound to correct others but is oblivious of one’s own correction.




The scientist of today, who, indeed, is an individual of the mankind, has become an enemy of the mankind. Each and ever bomb invented and prepared by him can kill thousands of people There are not as many cities on the face of the earth as many atomic bombs have been amassed. It is one of the laws of nature that when a thing comes into existence, its usage becomes unavoidable. When all these bombs will explode and shower destruction, the earth would burn and become barren Isn’t it true that in order to satiate the burning desire of ruling others, construction of the hidden infernos is another name of suicide and a wish to go to the Hell?






Just consider this one question, if there won’t be any population in the world, upon whom the rule would be exercised?



Scientists and the people at the helm of affairs are required to have mercy in the heart of their hearts and they should strive to arrange to live. in unison, love and fraternity. Just as the people of a city, which despite having many colonies of many houses and each house containing many people, causes people to live together in harmony, similarly, all the countries remaining within their limits strive for the progress and prosperous living of their citizens and avoid interference in the‘ affairs of other countries.